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  1. I've just got this game on PS4 and I'm looking for updated builds, any suggestions where I might find them? Thanks.
  2. Caster nuker, or any other build/class that makes me the main damage dealer within my party. I shall make a note of those two spells. I shall fiddle around with spells people recommend me, but ideally I'm looking for a guide to follow. At the moment I just have 3 companions (wizard, priest and a tank). I know I need to fill in the other spots, I just didn't want to hire a mercenary as I wasn't having any trouble before encountering Raedric.
  3. I went into the game blindly, but upon encountering Raedric and being wiped I've started to question if I'll even make it to the end of the game. I've only just realised that AOE spells can damage party members unless specified otherwise. I'm currently a wizard and level 4 - I was hoping to be a caster nuker. I'm in the process of reading through guides, but I think some input would be more insightful. I see, there's a lot of builds but I have no idea what one to follow. I've come across a character development guide on Steam, but I believe it's out of date (2.0 as oppose to 3.0). I'm wondering if I should re-roll - change race, background, and maybe even change class...
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