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  1. @Waski I tracked down your attribute point spread on another thread. My question is, how much more could this be min/maxed you think with a full party (PoTD + upscaled)? Your old post: "@up I don't remember what gear I had then( I switch a lot), but Str: 10+2BB+2bonus from bog+15monk+1gift+1Rabunya boon Con:10+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1belt(and +5 with infuse) Dex:15+2BB+2bonus from bog+5monk+1ring+1shoes+1 Rabunya boon Per:18+2BB+3Bonus from bog+1sagani+5eldrich aim(+1maybe background or kuaru prize) Int:15+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1ring+10 monk+2 necklace + 1maybe kuaru prize Res: 8+2BB +2bonus from the bog +2shoes+2Rabunya +2 Nature resolve"
  2. @Boeroer What exactly is the Grimoire switch that allows you to keep DT? NVM, I found one of your explanations regarding it. Is this an exploit, bug, etc? So putting this all together a full attack like stunning surge with this would be pretty awesome because as you said earlier with HBD/SF it can crit multiple times. Then throw in Helm of the White Void like @Waski and @dgray62 are discussing plus SoD we are talking some good damage. To quote you from another post regarding a spell blade: "Concelhaut's Draining Touch (do not learn it, use it from a grimoire and switch the grimoire after summoning in order to keep it for the whole fight) has the highest base damage of any one handed weapon afaik and targets Will instead of Deflection. It also weakens the enemy and drains health. Give Aloth a club + modal in the offhand, summon Draining Touch and switch grimoire, cast Miasma, then attack the debuffed enemy with Full Attacks like Crippling Strikes. He will have absurdly low Will and Draining Touch will nearly always crit, doing very high damage. "
  3. @Boeroer Thanks for the recommendations and advice. I definitely did not think about the possibility of using draining touch like that, although I feel like I saw this in a video somewhere, maybe on YouTube. @Waski, @thelee, and @Boeroer what would you guys recommend as far as race/species? I know the Nature Godlike is probably optimal but I don't really like the look of them/their portraits. My MC in POE1 is a wood elf but I almost feel like a Pale Elf or even a human may be better for this class/playstyle. Human for the fighting spirit, or pale elf getting the DR ?
  4. @thelee thanks for the feedback. That's kind of what I was thinking but wasn't sure. I will definitely test it out. I've read, what I think is, your FAQ also and just wanted to say it's very good, thanks for the work on it.
  5. BLUF: Hung up on the decision to go Vaniila Wiz/Helwalker or Blood Mage/Helwalker and optimization choices (POTD, all DLC content, with a story companion party) I've looked at some of Cyrus_Blackfeather's and Whimper's builds on the list but they are somewhat dated so don't know if they are viable. I have also seen Waski's solo mega boss fights with a Sage (BM/HW) but don't know if that will work with a party or if it's better to just go vanilla wizard with a party. ***I understand the different playstyles and have messed around with them in some old saves.*** Context: I played through POE 1 a long time ago as a Cipher and recently revisited it as a Wizard. I am now looking to play through Deadfire on PoTD as a similar character with a full party of my team from POE1, plus extras (Eder, Pallegina, Xoti, and Ydwin) . I've played through on Veteran difficulty and PoTD with other classes to include Votary, Arcane Knight, SC Wizard, and Transcendent (with other party combinations), but never as a Sage. I found some of the Paladin multi-classes fun, but "safe" and I tend to like the higher risk/reward play-style better. I also am a big fan of versatility and typically gravitate to casters, but fast paced melee is also appealing. With that said, and after reading through many of the topics on these boards I am finding it difficult to decide between between blood mage or vanilla mage for the xxx/Helwalker as the optimal choice. From what I understand for Solo runs the Blood Mage is optimal but would it still be fun and viable with a party or would vanilla wiz end up more powerful with party support? Any other tips or advice regarding race, culture, etc are also welcome. Thanks in advance!
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