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  1. @Waski I tracked down your attribute point spread on another thread. My question is, how much more could this be min/maxed you think with a full party (PoTD + upscaled)? Your old post: "@up I don't remember what gear I had then( I switch a lot), but Str: 10+2BB+2bonus from bog+15monk+1gift+1Rabunya boon Con:10+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1belt(and +5 with infuse) Dex:15+2BB+2bonus from bog+5monk+1ring+1shoes+1 Rabunya boon Per:18+2BB+3Bonus from bog+1sagani+5eldrich aim(+1maybe background or kuaru prize) Int:15+2BB+2bonus from the bog+1ring+10 monk+2 necklace
  2. @Boeroer What exactly is the Grimoire switch that allows you to keep DT? NVM, I found one of your explanations regarding it. Is this an exploit, bug, etc? So putting this all together a full attack like stunning surge with this would be pretty awesome because as you said earlier with HBD/SF it can crit multiple times. Then throw in Helm of the White Void like @Waski and @dgray62 are discussing plus SoD we are talking some good damage. To quote you from another post regarding a spell blade: "Concelhaut's Draining Touch (do not learn it, use it from a grimoire a
  3. @Boeroer Thanks for the recommendations and advice. I definitely did not think about the possibility of using draining touch like that, although I feel like I saw this in a video somewhere, maybe on YouTube. @Waski, @thelee, and @Boeroer what would you guys recommend as far as race/species? I know the Nature Godlike is probably optimal but I don't really like the look of them/their portraits. My MC in POE1 is a wood elf but I almost feel like a Pale Elf or even a human may be better for this class/playstyle. Human for the fighting spirit, or pale elf getting the DR ?
  4. @thelee thanks for the feedback. That's kind of what I was thinking but wasn't sure. I will definitely test it out. I've read, what I think is, your FAQ also and just wanted to say it's very good, thanks for the work on it.
  5. BLUF: Hung up on the decision to go Vaniila Wiz/Helwalker or Blood Mage/Helwalker and optimization choices (POTD, all DLC content, with a story companion party) I've looked at some of Cyrus_Blackfeather's and Whimper's builds on the list but they are somewhat dated so don't know if they are viable. I have also seen Waski's solo mega boss fights with a Sage (BM/HW) but don't know if that will work with a party or if it's better to just go vanilla wizard with a party. ***I understand the different playstyles and have messed around with them in some old saves.*** Context: I played thro
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