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  1. Can someone give a hand for this nice potantial portrait. With some ship and a sea at the background I think it looks really cool.
  2. You can easily avoid all ship battles and board if its necessary. But since their loot is good and your crew's morale force you, my advice is always with the boarding.
  3. A Little Hint: Especially the companions who has a relationship with any faction, could leave your party permanently. In this case, if you do 'bad things' to a Vailian or a Vailian Corporation while you have her in the party; Pallegina may leave. Of course you need to find her first. And pay attention which save you have uploaded, the characters who died in the first game will not return.
  4. Hello and thank you everyone. I know replying your comments now is a bit awkward. But I wanted to share it. I chose the cat form. As a druid, my main character is an aoe caster. And while my perception, int, wise bonuses strengthen my spells, the cat form provides action speed with almost no time. With this I am only wait for casting times and I don't need any of dexterity bonuses. I can definitely say this combo is really useful.
  5. Hi. I played the PoE in normal difficulty and most of my playtrough a bit challenging. But in PoED, even I choose the veteran diffculty; It's strangely easy. The battles are still satisfying, but defenitly easier than previous game. Is it just me, or it's a general idea?
  6. XP is really important as you expect. My advice? Finish quests and gain XP as more as you can. There are tough bosses like Sky Dragon, Counclehut, Adra Dragon and of course final boss. Recommended levels are in order of: 10, 13, 13, 11. Since WM increases your level cap, you can only become 16.
  7. I already played and finished the first PoE. But in my playtrough, Kana died -somehow- early. And I didn't care him, cuz my party did not need a chanter. Even I like his personality, I don't know anything about his story. So, I am curious about him and his background. And his relationship with Maia -his sister in the second game- is a mystery to me. All answers are welcome. Thank you all.
  8. About that... I have already downoaded community patch with vortex. But it seems, its for an older version of game. I tried but it gave me a crash
  9. Thanks. I think perception with cat would be great. As I saw, the missing posibility during combats are higher than the PoE. So, with succesful hits, cat may become the best.
  10. I have finished the PoE, and at the first game my toughts about druid was "meh". What about the PoED? I'm planning to go druid, but I cant decide which form I should pick up. What are your suggestions? Please write down every pros, cons for each form
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