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  1. I just noticed that your character portraits are Thomas Magnum, TC, Rick, and Higgins! As Higgy Baby would say: Oh My God! Brilliant, I loved that show.
  2. I have found that Apprentice's Sneak Attack is excellent for the entire party. My basic tactic is to give every party member a ranged weapon, and have them all sneak until spotting an enemy. They they all open fire on that one target and get the sneak attack bonus for it. It almost always kills that baddie right off the bat. Then the front-liners switch to melee weapons as the rest of the mob comes running in. But that is not the end of the goodness. Apprentice's Sneak also combines wonderfully with the Fighter's knockdown. The sneak attack bonus applies to foes you have knocked down. So there is a wonderful synergy there.
  3. This sounds disappointing. I vastly preferred the spells per encounter. Once my wizard hit 9th level, she could actually spend all of her time casting spells. Granted, it was mostly Minolleta's Minor Missiles, but she at least felt like a magic user.
  4. The big problem I found in the White March was the Lagerfeths. They paralyze with every hit, even just a graze. You might still defeat them with half your party paralyzed all the time, but it is really annoying. So you need Prayer Against Imprisonment, and have to cast it at the start of every fight. That means you need a 9th level Priest, and have to rest after every two encounters (because you only get two castings of PAI per rest at that level). The area to the east - Longwatch Falls - is filled with them. Stalwart and the western area of Russetwood doesn't have them, so you can clear them at an earlier level. The final area of Durgan's Battery has more Laugerfeths that you have to fight through to get inside, and even more in one area inside. So I recommend not trying White March until Level 9.
  5. The mine ride just takes you to a secret room with some extra treasure. It is an entirely optional area. Here is a map of the level. There is a seal in Room 1, that you use to open the door to Room 7.
  6. I remember an old Quake 2 Level called Gib Me Liberty. That would be from around 1998 maybe? But I had been hearing the term for years before - back in the Quake 1 days for certain (so 1996).
  7. I just figured it out. It is IEMod. I just removed it, and all the AOE spells work on the Priest. I put it back, and they stopped working again. Edit to add: For anyone else who gets this same issue, I reinstalled patch 2.01 (Gog-10), and then downloaded a newer version of IE Mod - version 5.04. Now the Priest spells work on the Priest with IE Mod.
  8. Because most of mine do not. When one of my priests casts Prayer Against Imprisonment, it works on the entire party, except the priest. The same with Dire Blessing, Armor of Faith, Blessing, Holy Meditation, Prayer Against Infirmity, Suppress Affliction, Prayer Against Restraint, Watchful Presence, Devotions of the Faithful, Prayer Against Bewilderment, Triumph of the Crusaders, Salvation of Time, Shields of the Faithful, Minor Intercession, Prayer Against Treachery, and Spark the Souls of the Righteous. Many of the Healing spells do not work on my Priests as well, but do heal everyone else in the area of effect. That one is not so easy to test, since I have to go looking for a fight and get injured. OTOH, Circle of Protection does work on the priest, as does Prayer Against Fear, Consecrated Ground, Holy Power, and Crowns For The Faithful. Is this how the game is supposed to be? Because these fights against enemies that paralyze with every hit like Laugerfeths leave my Priest useless for the entire fight, because her own Prayer Against Imprisonment spell works on everyone but herself. I tried this with two different priests and get the same result. I even tried taking off all the Priests gear just to make sure something wasn't interfering. The results are always the same. I didn't see this listed in the Technical Issues forum, but I only went back about 10 pages, and a search didn't bring it up.
  9. There is a third companion in Gilded Vale as well. You will find him standing in front of the inn.
  10. You mean Like this? It is a bug. I bought the game a few weeks ago and I have always had it on every player character I create, but never on a companion. Both in version 2.0 and 2.01.
  11. Wasteland 2 also used only one picture, that was scaled down for use in the UI. I found that most of the custom portraits I downloaded were useless because they were so tiny after being scaled down that I couldn't make heads or tails of what they were. In the end I found I could only use portraits that only showed the head and a little bit of shoulder - just like pi2repsion said. With Pillars I always take the large image, and then crop out just the head and upper shoulders, and then resize it down. That gives me a UI pic I can still make sense of. So having separate pics for the UI and the character sheet is really not such a bad thing after all. I feel your pain when it comes to the extra work. That is why the only custom pics I made my self (as opposed to portrait packs I downloaded from the Nexus) are ones I know I am actually going to use.
  12. So far I have tried the following, but only to the end of the 'tutorial' of the Encampment and Cilant Lis: Human Meadow-Folk Fighter, a Human Ocean-Folk Barbarian, a Hearth Orlan Druid, a Moon Elf Wizard, a Wood Elf Ranger, and a Wood Elf Rogue. The Human Fighter I have almost finished Act II with, and the Wood Elf Ranger has finished Act I.
  13. I used to hate coming up with names for characters. Until someone on another forum gave me an idea to use names from Religion and Spirituality. I throw in names from legend and history as well. Now I have a big list of names to use in the future, and I try to match the name to the character's background and personality. For example some are: Persephone = an undead human fighter I first created in Skyrim. She died 4,000 years before the game began, and was reanimated by a necromancer trying to find a way to cheat death. Yes, I am ripping of Mary Shelly. I have since played her in Baldur's Gate 1 & 2, NWN1 & 2, Oblivion, Fallout 3, FONV, and Pillars. Oh, and Links, because even the dead like to golf... Skadi = my current Ranger in POE. Her wolf companion is Fenrir. Mielikki = an old foresty/archer/ranger character from another game. Kalaratri = a dwaven figher in DA:O Durga = an orc fighter in Skyrim. Aurora = a science/energy weapons geek in New Vegas. Oya = is another PoE character, a barbarian fighter from the Isles dual-wielding. I went with speed over power with her as test, and she turned out to be a whirlwind of destruction. Astarte = an Ayleid spellsword I played in Oblivion, the last queen of Silorn, who traveled through time to end up in that tutorial dungeon with the Emperor. Belladona = a mage specializing in poisons. Tomoe Gozen = a samurai in Fallout 3. Annie Ley Oak = a gunwoman in New Vegas. And so on. Now I love coming up with names for characters!
  14. So it is a bug then? I had no idea. I though it was supposed to be there! I just could not figure out why I did not see it on other people's screenshots. Thanks for the reply.
  15. Hi all, I apologize if this has been asked before, but I read through the manual, and have spent hours searching the internets, but to no avail. I finally broke down and bought Pillars from Gog a few days ago when it was on sale. I have noticed that every character I create has a little number 0 down in the right hand corner of their portrait in the UI. I cannot figure out what it means. It is obviously not the Health/Endurance numbers. It is not a buff, since those show up beside the portrait, and don't come in numbers. I don't think it is a keyboard shortcut to select the character, since pressing 0 on the keyboard does seem to do that. If I move the portrait around the same number stays. And if I have companions (so far only Calisca and Heodan, and neither of them have these numbers in their portraits. Here is an example. I circled the 0 in red so it is easy to see Does anyone know what this is? I am sure it is insignificant, but it is driving me crazy!
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