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  1. I would love to see the Living Lands. It sounds like a really wild setting, where you literally might find anything in the next valley. As the wiki puts it: The Living Lands is a frontier island area in the far north; a land of wild weather, strange beasts, and hundreds of difficult-to-reach valleys containing oddities never before seen (according to the people who find them) by mortals. It is a lawless land where communities band together, fall apart, and fight petty wars with each other constantly. The territory has a reputation for breeding oddballs and madmen. @Theonlygarb
  2. Awesome! Thank you so much! I stopped going through the lax folders at around laxd or e.
  3. In what gametable file(s) is the basic class info contained? I would like to mod the Arcane Archer class to remove the -5 Accuracy penalty for non-Imbued attacks. But I cannot find where that is in the Characters, Abilities, or ProgressionTables files. Unless it is in one those and I just don't know what I am looking at?
  4. Nevermind. I spent a while looking at Let's Play videos, and it appears to be normal.
  5. I have done this fight twice in the last few days (went back to an earlier save for other reasons and had to do it again). In one fight the town went hostile against me. In the other some people actually helped me, mainly the James Van der Beek fellow. He casts some Suppress Afflictions and I think some heal spells my way. I think the problem is that the townspeople just get in the way of your AOE spells. You have to be extremely careful not to use them, lest you hurt a bystander. The second time I did it I never used any AOE attacks, and no one went hostile against me. It also took frakking f
  6. I am not sure if this is really an issue or not. For the last few days the items I look at in my inventory look odd when I click on them to view their details. There is a big empty space in the middle of the stats that I don't think was there before. The Defiant Apparel is one of the most blatant. I am pretty sure there was a hyperlink in "Captain's Eye" that is now gone as well. Almost everything else looks the same This is happening to gloves, boots, capes, necklaces, rings, etc... Only armor seems to be unaffected, and their descriptions look normal. Is this how they are
  7. It was a legacy I created rather than imported from a save. I did it so long ago that I don't remember what I put down for Pallegina. I know I did not say she died. I cannot remember if I said she followed orders or not. Or if I said I never met her. I am pretty sure I did say I met her though, because I did want to have her for companion. From the googling I did, there does not seem to be any way to go back and see what choices you made in your saved legacies either. I found the file (I saved the custom legacy) and tried to open it with Notepad++ and a hex editor. But it is all just gibb
  8. I cannot find Pallegina anywhere. When I went to the palace for the first time, I got Maia as a companion. Count Nichese protested, and said he should be able to do the same. Then the Rauatai Hazanui said he'd have plenty of time to insert a spy in my ranks later. Count Nichese said I should come talk to him. The scene ended, and the Vailians, Rauatian's, Queen, etc... all vanished. I went to the Vailian Trade Company HQ in Queen's Berth. The Count was nowhere to be found, nor was Pallegina. I used a custom legacy for this game, and I cannot remember what choices I set for Pallegina. I d
  9. So I looted Arkemyr's Vault and stole liberated the Harapo Epic. Now who do I give it to? From the wiki it looks like I get the same amount of money from either Tumara or Netehe. One is a Rauatai, and I expect that if I give it to her it will give me a bonus to the Deadfire Company's disposition to me. The other is a Huana, and I suppose that will make the Queen more kindly disposed to me. Is that all? Or does going one way or the other close any quests off to me?
  10. TBH, I gave up on the using the AI at all, and turned it off for all the characters. Otherwise they go running straight into every fireball I cast. It means micro-managing. But that way works.
  11. That may well be. But it only took me about two days to figure it out. I talk to other people about my experiences. After the first day some were excited about what I told them. One was pretty much on the verge of buying it. But after the second day I told them about the lack of big dungeons, or large clearable outdoor areas, and they weren't so enthused.
  12. They might mean how in the Enhanced Edition you could create a custom party, rather than use the standard companions. You had to start a multiplayer game to do it though. I never tried it myself. I understand it made it ike the Icewind Dale games were, or like using the hired Adventurers in Pillars.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out. I fiddled with the VFX slider in the graphics settings, and got them to turn off. It does make figuring things out a lot easier.
  14. I have been playing PoE2 for about a week now. I love the setting, and how it is a blend of Polynesia and the Caribbean, how the Vailians are half Renaissance Italian, half African, How the Ruatai seem to be big Asian people, and so on. Even the music with its deep drum beats and buzzing didgeridoos, create this very unique feeling that I don't often get from CRPGs. One thing I do not like is the 'watercolor' artwork. I have been replacing it with standard artwork from portrait packs and shrinking them down to size. While doing so I noticed something. There are a lot of people of color in
  15. While I love PoE1, I did have that problem of not being able to see what was happening because of all the special effects going off. I would have thought the answer might be to simply tone down the vfx. Or give you the option of making them invisible with a keypress so you can see, issue orders, and then turn them back on and enjoy the show.
  16. Ok, I must have misread that as meaning they don't count toward the 5 member limit. I was guessing that the whole reason for the 5 member limit was that you could add Sidekicks on top of that.
  17. The wiki says she is a Sidekick. But it also says that Sidekicks do not count toward the 5 member limit in your party. I just recruited Ydwin, with myself and four Companions (Eder, Aloth, Xoti, and Serafen) and the game forced me to boot one of my other Companions to make room for her. So I am wondering if she got upgraded to Companion with the expansions? Or is this a bug? I am using version 5.something, with all the dlcs. This is my first time playing the game.
  18. I just noticed that your character portraits are Thomas Magnum, TC, Rick, and Higgins! As Higgy Baby would say: Oh My God! Brilliant, I loved that show.
  19. I have found that Apprentice's Sneak Attack is excellent for the entire party. My basic tactic is to give every party member a ranged weapon, and have them all sneak until spotting an enemy. They they all open fire on that one target and get the sneak attack bonus for it. It almost always kills that baddie right off the bat. Then the front-liners switch to melee weapons as the rest of the mob comes running in. But that is not the end of the goodness. Apprentice's Sneak also combines wonderfully with the Fighter's knockdown. The sneak attack bonus applies to foes you have knocked down. So t
  20. This sounds disappointing. I vastly preferred the spells per encounter. Once my wizard hit 9th level, she could actually spend all of her time casting spells. Granted, it was mostly Minolleta's Minor Missiles, but she at least felt like a magic user.
  21. The big problem I found in the White March was the Lagerfeths. They paralyze with every hit, even just a graze. You might still defeat them with half your party paralyzed all the time, but it is really annoying. So you need Prayer Against Imprisonment, and have to cast it at the start of every fight. That means you need a 9th level Priest, and have to rest after every two encounters (because you only get two castings of PAI per rest at that level). The area to the east - Longwatch Falls - is filled with them. Stalwart and the western area of Russetwood doesn't have them, so you can clear them
  22. The mine ride just takes you to a secret room with some extra treasure. It is an entirely optional area. Here is a map of the level. There is a seal in Room 1, that you use to open the door to Room 7.
  23. I remember an old Quake 2 Level called Gib Me Liberty. That would be from around 1998 maybe? But I had been hearing the term for years before - back in the Quake 1 days for certain (so 1996).
  24. I just figured it out. It is IEMod. I just removed it, and all the AOE spells work on the Priest. I put it back, and they stopped working again. Edit to add: For anyone else who gets this same issue, I reinstalled patch 2.01 (Gog-10), and then downloaded a newer version of IE Mod - version 5.04. Now the Priest spells work on the Priest with IE Mod.
  25. Because most of mine do not. When one of my priests casts Prayer Against Imprisonment, it works on the entire party, except the priest. The same with Dire Blessing, Armor of Faith, Blessing, Holy Meditation, Prayer Against Infirmity, Suppress Affliction, Prayer Against Restraint, Watchful Presence, Devotions of the Faithful, Prayer Against Bewilderment, Triumph of the Crusaders, Salvation of Time, Shields of the Faithful, Minor Intercession, Prayer Against Treachery, and Spark the Souls of the Righteous. Many of the Healing spells do not work on my Priests as well, but do heal everyone else in
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