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  1. I sent in Zahua, after some narration he swam out. After that, a whole lot of narration, repetitive. I dispersed the eyeless souls. I was disappointed. Is that all there is, as someone says?
  2. The battle: easiest encounter in the game. Sounded hard in the narration, but the red circles just stood there, did nothing, my guys wiped them out without a scratch. Not scripted well?
  3. WM 2 and patch: I find the new presentation/ listing of spells confusing. Every time one is cast the screen is covered with a white flash and I can't see what is happening. And when the battle is over a big earthquake. Why?
  4. Yes, that's it! Not being divine I never thought of walking on the water. I let the low tiders live. I got to the reliquary--quite a story. It seems you don't need the keys or the journal, doesn't matter if the Abbot is alive or not. Answering the recitation is easy, but unnecessary. Thanks very much for your advice. Now on to the battle--who has done hat?
  5. OK, went back, have the journal, wave key, abbot key, cracked ornate key. Panels open with flames, tide, barren, flourishing cityBDAC When I reach in, make the sign, waters rise--and that's all, no Ondra's rod, I can't pass the waterfall upstairs. Killing the Abbot is not the way I guess--you have to answer his questions?
  6. I did not find a journal--I found a wave crested key on the floor. By Abbot's chamber did you mean the large room where i first met him? There's a room in back down a corridor which requires mechanics far beyond my abilities, even with a spell. I opened the panels in the Silence, by accident; I think it goes barren, tide, fire, flourishing city (somewhat like the murals outside). I reached in, It said I was following the Abbot's teaching although he never told me anything, water flooded below me. I cannot reopen the panels. Now what? What do I need to pass the water curtain upstairs?
  7. I'm stuck in the Abbey: I killed the Abbot and his guards, went down to the Silence and can't rearrange the panels. Help! Was i not supposed to kill the Abbot? The box says passed the Recitation--is there a peaceful way?
  8. WAlkthroughs are always welcome -- but--I remember an outline, listing what is to be done in each location. It was the first link in a thread here somewhere. Anyone remember? P. S. I heard the same voice in a Skyrim youtube?
  9. Does anyone remember a thorough walkthrough, I think linked to the initial entry in a thread in this forum? Not a walkthrough exactly, a list by location of all the encounters I missed. Thanks!
  10. Send in a victim who runs out, luring them out, is the ticket. But I could not handle all at once (level 12)--I lured one or two at a time, repeated. After they floored the victim I moved a fighter just close enough to catch the eye of one of the enemies, killed that one with my group. Same with the rooms of the apprentices. Steel mages are the hardest. After that Concelhaut alone was easy--again let him pound the victim, had three fighters and two mages pound on him.
  11. I think it's the spirit on the lower right who tells you they reversed the loyalty oath--so you say you hate Od Nua. After that I sailed through 14 and 15, no fighting, just sympathized with spirit and dragon, said I would help them (intellect 15).
  12. I got through the bluffs level 11 as a weak player by luring/funneling the enemies one or two at a time. Took a very long time. (Don't know why I did it.)
  13. Talking to the dragon: it should relent if I give the 17 resolve answer. I have 17, on Aloth, not my main character, but doesn't work. I gave Aloth Sagani's hat and that should be 18, but that doesn't register. What to do?
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