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  1. Hi, Is anyone able to explain how one might be able to "swap" armor graphics? Meaning 3d models not just the icon (that i have managed somehow). I've tried messing around with it after tese two tutorials (https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86034-tutorial-making-potions-usable-outside-of-combat/, https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/86074-tutorial-editing-abilities-talents-and-items/). But because they don't really cover this matter, unfortunately I can't get it to work no matter what I try with swapping seamingly coresponding game object assets. Any help would be most welcome.
  2. Hi folks. Long-time lurker here who’s benefited enormously from all the builds and advice on this board. After ~400 hours in Deadfire I recently completed my first Triple Crown (on the 4th attempt) and thought I’d share my approach for other pretty-good-but-not-great players who may be intimidated by that achievement (I certainly was!). Nothing here is particularly innovative and shouldn’t be surprising for veterans, but I haven’t found a complete guide like this anywhere. Cheers! General approach Stealthing solo through the whole game is possible and probably the quickest/easiest way to get the achievement, but I wanted to feel like I “earned it”. I don’t mind cheesing a bit (see Gaining XP below) but I did want to build a serious party and take on at least some of the tougher fights (dragons, high-level bounties, etc.). I didn’t attempt the DLCs or megabosses on my successful run because I was anxious about finishing, but I’d like to try that on a subsequent attempt. The hardest part of the Triple Crown is the Trial of Iron (permadeath). As an unabashed scum saver this really forced me to change how I play and basically everything below is how I adapted to it. Party composition Any build that works for a normal upscaled POTD playthrough can theoretically work here. However, if you’re a pretty-good-but-not-great player like me you want to err on the side of caution and build a party that’s as low-risk as possible. That means at least one dedicated tank plus a dedicated healer. At least two characters need revives so that if your healer goes down you’re not screwed. It’s worth equipping every member of your party with a Luminous Adra Potion as further insurance. Renewable resources should also be a priority. With a full party, fights don’t often last long enough to need them, but you can’t risk ending up in a long fight without abilities/spells. Alternatively, have a few get-out-of-jail free cards like invisibility that allow you to reset combat in a pinch. Inspired by this post, the party I used for my successful run were all multiclassed Fighters (Tacticians) that can reliably trigger Brilliant. Specifically I used: Watcher: Fighter (Tactician) / Wizard (Blood Mage) → damage, crowd control, debuffs or whatever else is needed in each fight (micro-intensive) Fighter (Tactician) / Wizard (Blood Mage) → wizard buffs + Citzal’s Spirit Lance + Cleaving Stance + Clear Out = main damage dealer Fighter (Tactician) / Cipher (Beguiler) → keeps all enemies flanked with Phantom Foes; additional buffs/debuffs as needed; uses The Red Hand for supplementary DPS Fighter (Tactician) / Paladin (Shieldbearers of St. Elcga) → main tank and backup healer, stacked engagement to hold down the front line (Kapana Taga for flank immune) Fighter (Tactician) / Priest (Eothas) → main healer, buffer and off-tank (Squid’s Grasp for flank immune) Yes, it’s a cheesy OP party, but sometimes you need to pull out all the stops! Happy to provide specific build details if anyone’s interested. Gaining XP In a normal run I enjoy grinding through the low levels, but with permadeath looming I had to adapt by rushing to a relatively high level before getting into any real fights. Here’s my strategy (requires Berath’s Blessings for Level 4 + 50,000 gold + Stormwind Sails + veteran sailors): Make Edér a Rogue and put all points into Stealth (and Smoke Veil to be safe, though you shouldn’t need it). He can easily sneak through the Sea Cave to rescue Beodul and through the digsite to get Oderisi’s notes. Go to Maje and remove all companions from your party at the Kraken’s Eye. You gain experience 40% faster when solo and you won’t need any help for a while. Might as well do the other quick Maje quests while you’re here (can’t sail anywhere without my boy Riggere!). Sail to Nekataka, complete The Shipwright's Plight, then buy a Dhow. Sail to Sayuka and buy three Royal Bronzers. Equip your hull/sails from Berath. Hire/recruit the finest sailors the Deadfire has to offer… or whatever you can afford. At this point you can comfortably win every single naval combat on the map (see this thread on naval combat tips). If in doubt (e.g., if your hull health is low or a ship starts sailing toward you to board), just retreat and try again. With Dhow + Stormwind Sails you almost always have the initiative. Sail around sinking all the named ships and visiting all the named map features for additional XP. You should also collect any freebies relevant to your planned build (e.g., Nalvi pet, Lord Darryn's Voulge). Cash in those bounties! Specifically, go to Aenia (Queen’s Berth), Barati (Kahanga Palace), Fleet Master Wakoyo (Brass Citadel) and Udita (Dunnage) who have all the ship bounties. At this point you should be around level 13 and that’s without doing any of the non-combat quests in Nekataka! You can tackle those now if you want (see these threads for suggested quest order) to gain another level or two. Once you’re ready to actually fight stuff (and ideally right after your Watcher has hit a new level), go ahead and hire/recruit your companions who will be one level behind. You can then circle back to low-level combat quests/bounties. Make sure to prioritize whatever gear you need for your builds before taking on any harder fights. By my 4th Triple Crown attempt, I was able to make it to level 13 in about 2.5 hours realtime. Since I was prepared for my runs to end at any moment, I didn’t want to waste any more time than necessary getting up to speed. Dealing with Expert Mode If you’re not used to playing in Expert Mode (where lots of useful UI features are missing), there are a couple things you need to get used to. The biggest one is not being able to see area of effect indicators. I died on one of my attempts because I accidentally aggroed the Nekataka city guards with a fireball while fighting Katrenn. For my successful run, I switched my main grimoire from Ninagauth’s Teachings to the Dusty Black Grimoire which has more single-target and Foe-only spells. Not having combat tooltips was also tricky, mainly for determining enemy AC and defenses at a glance. However, you still get most of that information in the combat log. In general, having the wiki open in the background is helpful to fill in gaps, especially for dialogue options. Also, the AI is your best tool for minimizing human error (e.g., you can set up your AI to use/avoid abilities based on enemy immunities that you can’t immediately see as a player). The More Custom AI Conditions mod is a true blessing, but mods certainly aren't necessary. Final thoughts By the time you’re level ~15 with all your core abilities and gear, your Triple Crown run shouldn’t feel fundamentally different from a normal POTD playthrough. By that point a solid party composition should be pretty resilient in any fights below your level (even with upscaling). You just can’t afford to make any dumb mistakes. Often I play with a podcast or movie running in the background, but for my Triple Crown runs I really had to be paying attention to avoid silly mistakes (forgetting to rest off injuries before a tough fight, picking a wrong dialogue option that triggers combat, etc.). It may help to actually write out a plan before you start your run. I know it sounds like homework, but I promise it’ll take less time than restarting after you get killed by Ateira (like I did on my first attempt). Knowing which quests and gear to prioritize (and in which order) will reduce the likelihood of a game-ending error. Final tip: when you do inevitably fail an attempt, I suggest sticking with the same party concept for the next run (with any necessary tweaks) so you can reuse your AI scripts and quest order. You’ll save time and you’re less likely to make the same dumb mistake twice. As I said above, I’m no expert at this game. Just an enthusiast happy to achieve this milestone. I hope this advice is helpful to others, and maybe even encourages other long-time players to attempt the Triple Crown for the first time. Next stop: The Ultimate!
  3. Here's a very rough guide on how to add a new voice to Pillars of Eternity 2, without replacing an existing one. From the code side of things it's not too complicated, you'll just need 2 blocks of code. The main complication lies in creating the audio files and naming them correctly so that the game will know what to do with them. Go to the PillarsOfEternityII_Data directory, you can find this by default: Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\ GOG: C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Games\Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\ Inside the override folder (if this doesn't exist, create it) create a new folder, give it the name of your mod (E.g. Something like “Custom Voice”, “Zealous Voice”, something along those lines but it's really up to you). Inside this folder right-click and create a new notepad file. Give it the name of your mod and put .gamedatabundle (no .txt) at the end. Open it with Notepad (or your choice of code editor) and paste the following template: { "GameDataObjects": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.SpeakerGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "DEBUG_NAME_1", "ID": "GUID_1", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.SpeakerComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "Gender": "GENDER", "ChatterFile": "936c726d-d219-4771-80bb-83dd61c16cce", "ExternalChatterVOID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "ChatterPrefix": "FILE_PREFIX", "WwiseChatterEventOverride": "", "WwiseChatterVoiceOverride": "" } ] }, { "$type": "Game.GameData.PlayerVoiceGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "DEBUG_NAME_2", "ID": "GUID_2", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.PlayerVoiceComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "DisplayName": 465, "SpeakerReferenceID": "GUID_1", "Conditionals": { "Operator": 0, "Components": [] } } ] } ] } Change the following: DEBUG_NAME_1: change to something distinctive to your mod. This way if something isn't working, you can easily search for errors in the output.log. e.g. “DebugName”: “SPK_Player_Custom_F” GUID_1: Generate a GUID and paste it over GUID_1 (inside the quotes). e.g. "ID" : GENDER: Put Male or Female inside the quotes depending on which gender you want the voice to be available for. e.g. “Gender”: “Female” FILE_PREFIX: Change to something short, something easy to retype and remember. You will use this later as the name of the folder for your audio and as a prefix on all your audiofiles. Don't use spaces in the name. Use_underscores_ instead_to_separate_words. e.g. “ChatterPrefix”: “player_custom_f” DEBUG_NAME_2: same idea as DEBUG_NAME_1 but make sure they aren’t exactly the same. e.g. “DebugName”: “Voice_Custom_Female” GUID_2: Generate another different GUID and paste it over GUID_2 (inside the quotes). e.g. For “SpeakerReferenceID” paste the first GUID you generated over GUID_1 again. e.g. "SpeakerReferenceID": Finally: Make sure everything you've replaced still has quotes around it. Make sure there are no spaces inside of the “quotes”. Save your file. Your finished code should look something like this: Setting up your Audio files: Now go to: PillarsOfEternityII_Data\StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US)\ and create a new folder there naming it the same as what you have put in place of FILE_PREFIX. This is where all your audio files will go once they are converted to .wem and have the correct names. The naming of audio files goes like this: ch_FILE_PREFIX_USE_NODE.wem E.g. ch_player_custom_f_confirm_0025.wem , ch_player_custom_f_battlecry_0028.wem There are 121 audio files that'll make up this voice. I've attached a .txt file that contains all the file names. For your convenience use Find & Replace (crtl+h) to change all the lines with FILE_PREFIX to that of your ChatterPrefix. I would strongly suggest that you create a work files type folder for your project outside of the game's directory. And that you build your voice in stages, so as to avoid burning yourself out. The voice should still work if there are less than 121 files, but there will be silence for actions where there is no corresponding audio file or if there is additional line. E.g. if there is only one audio clip for when you clicking on the character there will be gaps in-between the character repeating that line. You can test the voice at any time by going into character creation, creating an adventurer at an Inn, or by opening the customization menu on an existing character. When loading it is worth clicking on your character a few times till they say something before going into the customization menu as voices don't always immediately load. Finishing touches: Create a mod manifest as described by BMac. The versions that support this mod should be: "Min" : "", "Max" : "" Currently your voice slot has the name “Test” when you look at it in game. Adding a piece of custom text to serve as your voice's name is a little finicky as it requires adding an entry to the gui.stringtable file. You can find some information on to do this in a few places. Once you have done this open up the .gamedatabundle file you made and replace 465 with the numbers that point to your text entry. Custom Voice Lines.txt
  4. Welcome novice, so, this guide is focused on introducing you to the very basics of Pillars of Eternity. It will give you an overview of what all the important numbers are, what they do and how you should handle them. I hope I can make you more familliar with the nature of the game and help you start off. If you have a question, please check if it is already answered here before opening a thread. Thanks Health and endurance: Attacks and defenses: Damage types and damage reduction (DR): Types of melee weapons and fighting styles: Types of ranged weapons: Attack speed and speed boni: The atrributes and what they do: Races: Cultures: Backgrounds: Skills: An short introduction into the classes: heavy WIP CLASSIC CASTERS: Introduction Wizard: Druid: Priest: THE "NEW" CASTERS Chanter Cipher Stacking rules: A sidenote on summons and traps: Why no detailed build guides for the classes?
  5. Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading! A quick intro. I’m a huge Infinity Engine enthusiast. Baldur’s Gate 2: SoA+ToB is pretty much my favorite game of all time (read best game of all time). Playing as a mage and blasting through everything like Irenicus on speed is probably the greatest feeling I can get from dancing pixels on a screen and I wanted to re-create that feeling in Pillars of Eternity. There have been plenty of posts on soloing the game, but the information is not standardized and consolidated. Also, there isn’t much for mages in the way of target gear and tips for expansion content. This guide aims to help with those issues. I’m sure plenty of people have some better ideas than what I’ve written. Please feel free to comment and I will update the guide as we progress. A few things that should be known before reading This is a NORMAL DIFFICULTY solo guide. Should work for hard mode as well. I’m hoping to make a TCS guide in the future. This is a completionist playthrough. All quests have been done (to my knowledge) and all battles have been fought. Both expansions have been cleared entirely. The only encounters that have been skipped are a few bounties that I couldn’t be bothered to do. They shouldn’t be too difficult at max level. This guide allows for picking your favorite race and lifestyle. I played through as an Aedyran Human. Obviously this isn’t ideal in any way, shape, or form. The most optimized race for this would be Wood Elf as their attribute bonuses (Dex & Per) are amazing for wizard and they get a ranged damage buff which benefits a blaster mage incredibly. The most optimal culture is really personal preference but I would go Rauatai for the much needed constitution bonus. This is a casual guide. I don’t care about the solo achievement so I randomly picked up followers to grab their quests and to throw them in my keep to work. That being said, every battle was fought solo and every quest was done solo. If you care about the achievement you can just simply not do this. Picking up followers here and there doesn’t really give you any advantage except a bit more money from keep adventures and a bit more experience from the follower quests. It’s pretty negligible in the grand scheme of things. You’ll be level capped in act 3/WM1 regardless. This guide is for a “blaster” type wizard. What’s the point of being a mage if you can’t nuke throngs of enemies? :D Be patient. Just like in the infinity engine games, the early levels as a wizard solo are a bit tough. You’ll have to rest a lot. It will pay off in the later levels when you’re blasting everything into oblivion. If you’re having too much trouble on one fight, come back to it later. The main plot quests (critical path) are easy as hell (bar white march 2) so you should be fine there. My advice is to leave the main plot for last and then blast through it when you’re insanely overqualified. It’s really fun seeing things melt. Have both expansions installed at all times. This will ensure that every experience point is used. Complete the entire vanilla game up until the point of no return (end of act 3). Before you jump into the pit for the final phase of the main plot, head over to complete expansion content. You’ll be level 14 (WM1 cap) by act 3 and level 16 (WM 2 cap) by early WM1. I never scale the difficulty when given the option. You should be rewarded for being prepared and overqualified, not penalized. My opinion of course. J Now that that’s done, without further ado, allow me to present the guide. I’ll update as I find more out. Race: Elf (Much needed bonus to Dex & Per) Sub-Race: Wood Elf (Amazing damage buff for ranged spells and shots) Culture: Rauatai (Much needed bonus to Con) Background: Aristocrat (Lore bonus will allow using powerful scrolls in early game) Attributes This is a blaster build and we are not intending on getting beaten down. Therefore, I’ve chosen to ditch resolve and constitution in favor of boosting the power and accuracy of our spells. Make sure you loot the barbarians in Cilant Lis and equip your hatchet and shield right away. It helps a ton. If you’re dying too much in the early game, you can take a point out of Perception and 2 out of Intelligence and pump them into constitution. You can respec later when you get tougher. Might: 18 Constitution: Dump Dexterity: 18 Perception: 17 Intelligence: 18 Resolve: Dump Skills Your endgame skills should look as below. They don’t have to be base, these include static buffs. For example my Aristocrat Bonus + Hylea’s Boon + Wizard Bonus gave me 5 Lore points, and I put 5 through level ups for a total of 10. You’ll want your lore to be 10 to use all useful scrolls including but not limited to Maelstrom, Paralysis, Confusion, Prayer Against Fear, etc. Mechanics is great for obvious reasons (detecting and removing traps, finding secret items, etc.). Stealth is pretty much optional (less so in the early game). Eventually you’ll be strong enough to not need to sneak around anymore. It’s still nice to have though for the purpose of getting the drop on harder trash mobs. Survival can also be useful for the campsite resting buffs, although you probably won’t need any for trash mobs. Don’t worry if you botch up the point spread. You can always respec and it’s more about personal preference anyway. Lore: 10 Mechanics: 10 Stealth: 8 Talents You’ll get a talent choice every second level. I like to keep them primarily defensive and utility based as your offensive capabilities will never be an issue. Arcane Veil + Hardened Veil is also very useful in the early game. If you’re having trouble surviving, you can take it and respec later. Level 2: Weapon & Shield Style Level 4: Fast Runner Level 6: Secrets of Rime Level 8: Superior Deflection Level 10: Deep Pockets Level 12: Bear’s Fortitude Level 14: Snake’s Reflexes Level 16: Bull’s Will Spells This pretty much covers every spell I used in the game. I’ll update if I forgot anything. More than 4 are listed in some levels, just switch them out as you need them. Level 2 is a trump card of amazing buffs and debuffs. I would only take Necrotic Lance in longer fights where you are in danger of running out of spells. Bewildering Spectacle is great until you get Confusion. Your end game trump card spells that make things melt are “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst”, “Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake” and the single target “Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt”. Ninagauth’s takes time to cast so make sure you’re not in danger before you cast it. Finish enemies off with “Minoletta’s Concussive Missiles” if you run out of powerful spells. I’ve put a star next to all of the absolute essential spells. Level 1 - Chill Fog * - Fan of Flames * - Eldritch Aim * - Arkmyr’s Dazzling Lights * Level 2 - Concelhaut’s Corrosive Siphon* - Curse of Blackened Sight - Miasma of Dull-Mindedness * - Bulwark Against The Elements * - Necrotic Lance - Bewildering Spectacle Level 3 - Lengrath’s Displaced Image* - Fireball - Deleterious Alacrity of Motion * - Expose Vulnerabilities Level 4 - Confusion * - Essential Phantom * - Ironskin * - Minoletta’s Concussive Missiles * - Wall of Flame Level 5 - Blast of Frost - Malignant Cloud * - Nanagauth’s Bitter Mooring * - Ryngrim’s Enervating Terror * - Wall of Force * Level 6 - Arkemyr’s Capricious Hex - Gaze of The Adragon - Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst * - Ninagauth’s Freezing Pillar * Level 7 - Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt * - Wall of Draining - Substantial Phantom - Concelhaut’s Crushing Doom Level 8 - Wilting Wind - Llengrath’s Superior Elemental Bulwark * - Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake * - Minoletta’s Piercing Sigil Spell Mastery Unfortunately with the 3.0 patch, wizards got a massive nerf with the removal of per-encounter spell levels. This has raised massive quality of life issues for soloing as we can no longer ignore resting for the longer dungeons and quests in the game. The per-encounter spell levels have been replaced with “Spell Mastery”. Essentially at the level that you would normally get all spells in a certain spell level as per-encounter, you now only get to choose 1. By the level cap, you will have 4 per encounter spells castable only once/encounter. The spells I chose are essentially my main buffs and the best trash mob spell in our grimoire; Chill Fog. Spells are as follows: - Chill Fog - Bulwark Against The Elements - Llengrath’s Displaced Image - Eldritch Aim Pre-Fight Buffs Consumables Unlike in the infinity engine games, our spell buffs can only be used in battle. Apparently spell casters in Eora are on some kind of honor system. That being said, we can still acquire extremely powerful pre-fight buffs. These come in the form of consumables. There are all kinds of consumable buffs including food, drink, and drugs. I tend to stay away from drugs because they usually cause a debuff after the main buff expires. There is no need to use these consumables for trash mobs. You’ll only need them for boss fights and other major encounters. To use these consumables, simply click the crafting button in your inventory screen, and pick the desired dish. If you don’t have the ingredients, you can buy them in various marketplaces. Most food ingredients are fairly cheap (except dragon meat which will break your bank at 3000 gold/serving). Once the food is crafted, simply drag and drop it on to your character in the inventory screen and you will see the buff on your portrait when you return to the game screen. They usually last roughly few minutes. You should have a full stack of the following consumables for major encounters: - Dragon Meat Dish - Rauatai Sweet Pie - Farmer’s Spread - Ixamitl Ricepan - Pearlwood Chicken - Casita Casserole - Ale Resting Buffs In addition to your consumable buffs, you can also acquire a passive rest bonus by staying at inns or from your campfire if you have skill points in survival (they do not stack). Arguably the best rest bonus comes from a tavern in Dyrford Village called “Dracogen Inn”. The highest end room in this inn (Dragon’s Lair) grants a massive attribute boost (+2 Con, +2 Mig, +2 Int). Unfortunately it only lasts one day. For a longer 3-day bonus, your keep’s rest bonuses are excellent as well and let you choose a single attribute for a +3 buff. Make sure you upgrade your keep! Prostitute Bonus In Defiance Bay’s Ondra’s Gift district, you will find a tavern/brothel called “The Salty Mast”. It contains various prostitutes that confer great bonuses for their “services”. The greatest thing about the prostitute bonus is that it will stack with your inn/campsite bonus making for a great attribute buff. Obviously, you can only benefit from one prostitute’s buffs at a time. For even more good news and hilarity, if you have at least 19 dexterity (which should be easy with buffs or gear), the prostitutes will be so impressed with your performance in bed that they will give you back your money resulting in a free buff! There are great prostitutes for both major sexual preferences, listed below are the best of each gender. - Lyrina – Female Prostitute (+2 Con, +2 Mig, +1 Athletics) - Aldwyn – Male Prostitute (+2 Per, +2 Int, +1 Lore). Quick Slot Items Like most RPG’s of this nature, Pillars of Eternity allows you to put on-use or consumable items in your quick slot for use during battle. With the “Deep Pockets” talent, you’ll have 6 slots in total. Your standard layout should be: - 5 Scroll of Maelstrom - 5 Scroll of Paralysis - 5 Scroll of Prayer Against Fear - 5 Scroll of Prayer Against Imprisonment - 5 Endurance Potions - Obsidian Figurine You can change these as you need to. Some of the more difficult fights require certain approaches. You’ll want extra accuracy during any dragon fight so you can replace “prayer against imprisonment” with a “flask of war paint” for the great accuracy buff. Scrolls of Confusion are also indispensable for tricky fights. But this set-up should do you for the overwhelming majority of the game. In the early game you can switch out maelstrom and paralysis for more figurines as you won’t have high enough lore to use them yet. Best In Slot Gear & Enchantments This gear set up worked wonders for me. I made a point to explore every map and get every item (to my knowledge). The main point of your gear set up is to get as high a buff as you can on every major attribute and every major save. Usually the highest attribute buff is +3 until you hit White March. At that point you will begin to uncover +4 items. Keep in mind that many of these drops are random and certain items/enchantments are dependant on what you have equipped. For example, if your random belt drop was the +3 constitution belt, you won’t be putting a constitution enchantment on your chest armor. Gear buffs do not stack and you can only have 1 of every attribute. If I missed anything too good to ignore, please post and I will update. Until you get the items posted below, use anything you find following the rules above. For example, until you get the “Mantle of The Excavator”, a great alternative is “Lillith’s Shawl” found in the Lighthouse of Ondra’s Gift, Defiance Bay. You can check various sites with item databases to map out what you need. By the end of the game, I was wearing the following pieces: Gear Item: Garodh’s Chorus Slot: Helm Notable Stats: +3 Might, Retaliation (Variable depending on your choices during quest) Game: White March 1 Location: Reward from quest. You’ll need to gather the 3 parts of the helm from Russetwood, Stalwart Village, and Durgan’s Battery Main Floor. Item: Starlit Garb Slot: Chest (Robe) Notable Stats: DR: 9, +10 vs. Spells, +2 Athletics Game: Vanilla Location: Part of a quest in act 3. Robe can be found in a hidden stash in one of the dwellings in Elms Reach, Twin Elms. You’ll need to follow the quest until you get the map for it. Item: Ring of Protection Slot: Ring 1 Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +9 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will Location: Random drop in various locations. You can also buy them from one of the merchants in Copperlane, Defiance Bay. Item: Ring of Deflection Slot: Ring 2 Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +9 Deflection Location: Same as above. Item: Boots of Speed Slot: Feet Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +3 Movement Speed Location: Random drop in various locations. Item: Girdle of Eoten Constitution Slot: Waist Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +3 Constitution Location: Random drop in various locations. Item: Mantle of The Excavator Slot: Cloak/Neck Game: White March 2 Notable Stats: +25 vs. Poison, +2 Survival, +4 Perception Location: West Tower, Durgan’s Battery Item: Bracers of Spiritual Power Slot: Gloves Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +10% Spell Damage Location: Random drop in various locations Item: Hearth Harvest Slot: Weapon Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +5 Deflection, +25% Burn Damage Location: Corpse in Woodend Plains Item: Little Savior Slot: Shield Game: Vanilla Notable Stats: +5 to all defenses, +50 Defense while stunned, +50 Defense while prone Location: Adra Dragon’s treasure horde. Enchantments You can enchant your weapon, shield, and chest armor. They should all have the highest quality enchant while still making room for the amazingly powerful “White Forge” enchant from White March 1. On your chest armor, the +2 attribute enchantment should be whatever you need based on what’s dropped. Remember to not overlap attribute bonuses, they don’t stack. Strategy & Rotation Positioning Proper positioning is absolutely imperative in solo play. Whenever possible, you must pick your battlefield. Some of the hardest fights in the game are the ones that plop you in the middle of a field surrounded by a bunch of strong enemies. The most ideal position is to bottleneck your opponents through any narrow space such as a doorway or a corner whereby only 1 or 2 of them will be able to hit you. In some of the trickier fights, this will be the difference between succeeding and dying. If there aren’t any good bottlenecks around just make sure your back is against a wall of some sort. If the enemy manages to get the flank debuff on you it will seriously effect your defenses. Trash Mob Rotation A “trash mob” is identified as any non-boss or major encounter fight. They’re essentially just the regular inept minions you fight in the wilderness or in dungeons. They’re mostly just fairly weak annoyances with the exception of perma-stun mobs like vampires and some ghosts. The White March 2 mobs are also pretty tough. You’ll have quite a time in the “Stalwart Mines”. That said, you could take out nearly every trash mob in the game with the following rotation: 1. Chill Fog (Make sure to cover as many enemies as possible) 2. Bulwark Against The Elements (Buff) 3. Llengrath’s Displaced Image (Buff) 4. Ironskin (Buff) 5. Eldritch Aim (Buff) 6. Concelhaut’s Corrosive Siphon (Again, hit as many as possible) 7. AoE mobs until dead (Use any area of effect spell) This is the full version of the rotation. Obviously you won’t need to go this crazy for most of the trash mobs. For example, in the early game you wont have access to Ironskin (level 4 spell) and you might not want to waste your few level 2 casts on buffs that aren’t needed. You also won’t need concelhaut’s regeneration because mobs won’t lay a finger on you when blinded by chill fog and you won’t need the accuracy bonus from eldritch aim. Therefore, you’ll be able to skip steps 2-5 and go right to nuking the enemy down with either Fan of Flames or Arcane Assault. Remember to cast Chill Fog in such a way that you are enveloped by the yellow part of the spell radius. This ensures that if enemies get behind you they will still be blinded and damaged by the spell. Concelhaut’s Corrosive Siphon will leech health from the enemy, which is great to have in any fight. Understanding the concept of divide and conquer is of pinnacle importance to success as a solo mage. Often times you will be surrounded by a group of powerful enemies. Confusion! Confusion! Confusion! While confused, the enemies will waste no time beating on each other while you cast buffs on yourself and blast them into oblivion. Have it in your spellbook as well as scrolls in your quick slot. This is huge for dragon fights as you can keep them friendly while you blast them to death. Make sure to buff your accuracy (Eldritch Aim/Flask of War Paint) and Miasma them first! Dragons have insane saves so even with your high perception you will miss constantly if you don’t buff yourself and debuff them. Extremely Difficult Fights These are a few encounters I had trouble with and how I ended up beating them. It goes without saying that you should be fully buffed for all of these fights (except the Eyeless and Cragholdt mobs, they’re just tough trash). Minoletta’s Burst, Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt and Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake are your end game can opener spells. They hit like a truck and can down the toughest bosses in the game quickly. The problem is surviving while you buff yourself, debuff them, and take care of their annoying minions. When in doubt, before you start blasting them, keep your enemies confused or paralyzed and make sure your accuracy is buffed (Eldritch Aim/Flask of War Paint) and they are debuffed (Miasma). For dragon fights add “ Scroll of Protection from Fear” to the mix as their terrify aura will cancel out your accuracy buff. Undead Raedric (Act 3: Vanilla) If you happened to put the psychotic lord of Gilded Vale down in act 1, you’ll be “thrilled” to know that you’ll see him again in act 3, freshly raised as a Vampire. If that isn’t bad enough, he’s got an entire coven of bloodsuckers backing him up. This fight puts Bodhi (Baldur’s Gate 2) to absolute shame. This guy is tough and hits like a truck. Make sure you run down the stairs and into a corner so they can’t flank you. Make liberal use of confuse. At this point you won’t have enough spells to take this walking corpse down so make sure you have some Maelstrom scrolls (if you can use them) or other AoE scrolls. If I remember correctly, they have a pretty significant cold resistance, so Freezing Pillar might not be as effective. Go with Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst. Don’t waste it if they’re confused into friendliness, it’s a foe AoE. This quest gives an insane amount of EXP so make sure you do it! Adra Dragon (Od Nua Level 15, Caed Nua: Vanilla) The one and only “Master Below”, Adra Dragon is a seriously tough fight and you’ll probably have to load the game a bunch of times before offing her. There are a few strategies for dealing with this one. You can see them all being executed to perfection at MANoob100’s youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MANoob100/videos?shelf_id=0&view=0&sort=dd My favorite method is the “Barrier Strategy”. Be sure that you talk the dragon into telling you about the dragon slayer that is after her. She will offer you a deal to leave your keep if you kill the slayer for her. After you tell the dragon slayer of her plans, you will be taught the “Scalebreaker” ability. This will do wonders for every dragon fight in the game. Go back to the dragon and prepare for a fight. Your rotation is as follows: - Run to the far left of the map - Cast energy barrier where the dragon will be coming - Essential Phantom - Prayer of Protection from Fear (on you and your phantom) - Llengrath’s Displaced Image - Eldritch Aim - Scalebreaker - Arkemyr’s Dazzling Lights - Miasma of Dull Mindedness - Ninagauth’s Freezing Pillar - Ryngrim’s Enervating Terror - Ninagauth’s Freezing Pillar (X2) - Malignant Cloud (X2) - Finish dragon off. Remember that all of these AoE spells should be hitting the dragon and any of his minions that break through. They’ll be a pain. You can also make use of confusion to make this fight even easier. Alpine Dragon (Cave, Longwatch Falls: White March 1) Arguably the hardest fight in the game. After about 50 tries, I finally put the little bastard down without a scratch on me. I pretty much followed Kaylon’s awesome strategy shown here with a few minor changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBPgwipx3OM As for all of these encounters, you’ll need all pre-fight buffs on you for this fight. Make sure you hit up Dracogen Inn and The Salty Mast. Grab your food buffs right before engaging, and make sure you equip anywhere from 10-15 scrolls of confusion. One full stack of scroll against fear is essential as well. Try not to hit any of the dragon’s minions, you’ll be using them for their weak saves to confuse and distract the dragon. Quickly run to the bottom left corner when the encounter begins. If one of the creatures is on to you, confuse it immediately. If they’re lagging behind and not yet in your view, use the opportunity to thrown a protection from fear scroll on yourself. Accuracy is a must in this fight and the dragon’s terrify aura is as good as being blinded. You’ll need all of your high damage spells to take this guy down. Personally, my 2 “I win” spells are Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst and Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt. They do insane damage and high saves are worthless against them. It’s important to understand however, that Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt will constantly miss unless you are immune to terrify (scroll), have an accuracy buff (Eldritch Aim/Flask of War Paint), and the dragon is debuffed (Miasma of Dull Mindedness). So remember that in between confusing the minions to distract the dragon, make sure all buffs and debuffs are up. Keep confusing to buy yourself time to cast if they aren’t. It helps a lot if the dragon itself is confused. When the dragon is friendly, you can hit it with Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt. When it isn’t friendly, run up behind it while it’s attacking its own confused minions and spam your Minoletta’s. Use “Scalebreaker” at your own discretion. When it dies, clean up the surviving trash mobs and claim victory! Concelhaut (Cragholdt Bluffs: White March 1) One of my favorite quests in the game, Cragholdt Castle is a really cool zone filled with epic mage battles that are just challenging enough to be fun, but not annoyingly hard. The first thing you’ll have to do is take care of the mercenaries laying siege to the castle. They’re insanely annoying trash mobs that are going to take some patience to deal with. Use your trump card spells like “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst” and “Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake”. “Confusion” is also your friend here. When you finally reach the castle (a much more lax atmosphere), you’ll find that the first thing you have to do is knock off Concelhaut’s 4 apprentices. You can also make a deal with them, but I chose to slaughter them all. The fights are fun and fairly easy, be sure to make use of the amazingly convenient doorways. The vithrak apprentice is a bit of a pain, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble. Eventually you’ll reach the liche lord Concelhaut, archmage of Cragholdt. The good news is you’ll pound him one on one, the bad news is he has a hefty little undead army with him. Make sure you’re fully buffed as opening the door to his quarters will make you fatigued. You might as well run back to Dyrwood Village and Ondra’s gift to get your bonuses before you walk in. Try to lure out Concelhaut’s minions before engaging the mage himself. It’s important to take out that nasty death guard separately. If you get him and Concelhaut together, your chances of survival are low. Once you lure out and kill the death guard, you can safely engage the rest of them (although luring out and killing as many as you can is recommended). Cast your buffs, make sure you’re immune to fear, and spam “Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake” to clear the minions. Concelhaut himself is immune to ice, so as soon as you kill the minions; buff your accuracy, try to “Miasma” him, and spam your “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst” until he falls. You’ll need to be immune to fear for this whole fight so make sure you’re using scrolls. Llengrath (Mowrghek Ien: White March 2) After taking out Concelhaut, make your way back to Stalwart to finally find out who was behind the siege of his castle. It is none other than the archmage Llengrath. There aren’t many encounters before you fight her, go to the zone that unlocks once you get the quest in Stalwart and make your way to the Northwest of the map. You’ll run into a few packs of her druid minions, you should stomp them fairly easily. They’re way easier than the mercenaries in Cragholdt. Before you enter the forest clearing, make sure you’re fully buffed with food and inn/prostitute bonuses. It’s worth noting that if you give Llengrath Concelhaut’s little Kangaxx head and choose your words right, she’ll let you off with a nice permanent buff to your attributes. To hell with that jazz I say, WE FIGHT! As is impossible to miss, Llengrath is accompanied by 2 young Bog Dragons and one inept druid apprentice. Just like the Concelhaut fight, they’re all manageable on their own but become a nuisance due to the fact that they’re ganging you. As soon as the fight starts, run the far right corner. Buff yourself up while they’re still coming to you. - Bulwark Against The Elements - Llengrath’s Displace Image (How ironic) - Ironskin - Scroll of Prayer Against Fear - Scroll of Defense - Eldritch Aim As soon as all you buffs are up, spam “Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake”. You’ll need to get all 4 of them within the AoE radius. After your third and last rake, Llengrath and her apprentice will be dead. Now for the 2 lizards. These 2 hit pretty hard so you wont survive by just standing your ground and casting. Thankfully, unlike Llengrath, they aren’t immune to paralyze. Whip out a scroll and incapacitate them both. Re-buff your accuracy and “Miasma” them. After that just keep re-paralyzing them before they break free and spam “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst”. One should survive after the 4th cast, finish him with “Ninagauth’s Killing Bolt”. This fight is actually pretty easy, might take a few tries though. You have now officially destroyed the 2 (formerly) most powerful mages in Dyrwood. You may now proudly proclaim yourself Archmage! Llengrath and Concelhaut’s grimoire contain never before seen exclusive spells that only you will have. They’re amazing, make sure you read through them and try them out. Radiant Spore (Stalwart Mines, Stalwart: White March 2 This one is another doozy. In fact, this entire quest is quite difficult. The cavern you will have to navigate to find this optional boss contains arguably the hardest trash mobs in the game. Massive packs of Vithraks (Obsidian’s answer to D&D’s Mind Flayers) and their slaves will charge at you with a vengeance. Paralyze scrolls work wonders against them, and they’re quite soft so they’ll die with minimal effort. The challenge is pretty much surviving their onslaught and constant stunning. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. Use summons to distract them and use Confusion on the slaves. Eventually you’ll reach this massive annoyance of an encounter. It’s essentially a giant boss level spore (Obsidian’s answer to D&D’s Myconids). Upon engagement, the spore will try to interact with you. Unfortunately you won’t have the constitution or resolve to make this fight easier, so just choose to attack it or you’ll get a debuff. As you might expect, this boss is pretty soft and will die quickly. What makes things incredibly complicated is that it’s tentacles hit like a truck and it’s accompanied by an army of charmed Vithraks. The first thing to do is run to the rightmost part of the screen. You’ll see an area that will block the spore’s line of sight to you allowing you to deal with the vithrak’s first. Spam “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst” to take care of the vithrak warriors and sporelings. The lone vithrak caster should be easy to deal with using some mid level damage spells like “Malignant Cloud” and Minoletta's Concussive Missiles.. Once you kill the caster and it’s summons, run back behind the cover, heal and buff yourself. A “Scroll of Defense” will help a lot here. Have summons get the spore’s attention, buff your accuracy, debuff the spore with “Miasma”, and slam it with 4 Killing Bolts. If it’s still alive, finish it off with Malignant Cloud or Minoletta's Concussive Missiles and make sure to run back behind the cover to heal if you need to. The Eyeless (Various Areas: White March 2) Technically a trash mob, but insanely difficult if you don’t know how to fight them. They can kill you almost instantly, they’re immune to confuse and blind, and they have a load of hit points. One thing they can’t resist however is our trusty old “Scroll of Paralysis”. Paralyze them before they get off the insta-kill eye laser move. Then just blast them with anything until they’re dead. It only gets tough when you’re fighting 2 or 3 of them at a time. You’ll have to paralyze all of them at once or you’re dead. “Kalakoth’s Freezing Rake” is amazing for these encounters as it does a load of AoE damage and is cast almost instantly. Keep re-paralyzing them before they break out of their current paralysis. If they knock you on your arse you’re pretty much gone. Again, you’ll get the hang of them after a few encounters. The Kraken (Final Boss: White March 2) Ondra’s little pet will be the last thing keeping you from the expansion’s final objective. This is actually one of the easier boss fights in the game, but you’ll be vaporized quickly if you don’t know how to approach it. This thing has a bunch of tentacles that will assist it in trying to kill you. Don’t waste spells on them. If the Kraken dies, they die too. Run right up to the Kraken’s head and spam “Minoletta’s Precisely Piercing Burst”. This encounter would be easy as pie if 2 Eyeless mobs weren’t triggered when the Kraken is at about half-life. Make sure to get a paralyze off to disable the 2 Eyeless before they start hitting. If anything is going to kill you here, it’s going to be them. I actually managed to paralyze them and the Kraken at the same time. Finish off the Kraken first to get he and his tentacles off of you, and then keep re-paralyzing and blasting the 2 Eyeless using my Eyeless strategy above. Overall this fight isn’t that hard, you’ll understand what to do when you’re there. Conclusion I think that pretty much covers it. If anyone thinks of anything else, please do not hesitate to post. I’ll be putting this guide up on the PoE forums as well as Reddit. Thanks again for reading and a really special thanks to everyone who is supporting this genre of gaming. I can’t wait for the next Pillars of Eternity. Take care! - Bathory 2016 Game Version: 3.01
  6. Multiclass Miscibility Guide This guide is intended to help people navigate the multiclass system in PoEII and give insight on what makes a strong multiclass character. If you’ve exhausted the builds created by other users stickied at the top of the forum, this guide should give you some fresh ideas on how to create the perfect character for your playstyle. This guide was last updated for patch 2.0. Why Multiclass? How to use this guide: There are two general approaches to creating a strong multiclass character. One approach is to focus on maximizing the strengths of one class with another. A good example would be the Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard). The Paladin class has sky-high defenses that can be boosted to astronomical levels by Wizard spells like Mirrored Image and Llengrath’s Displaced Image. The other approach is to try and round out a character by eliminating or minimizing its weaknesses. As an example, the Berserker subclass is a super powerful melee combatant, but is vulnerable due to the lower deflection during Frenzy, lack of healing and the Confusion debuff making her hit friend and foe alike. Make the Barbarian a Fanatic (Barb/Paladin), and Faith and Conviction, Lay on Hands, and Mental Fortress remove all the downsides of playing a Berserker. With that in mind, for each class I’m going to focus on four subjects: 1) Why would you want to multiclass into this class? What are the best things the class brings to a character? 2) What is this class missing? What weaknesses could the other half of your multiclass character shore up? 3) What do the subclasses add to a multiclass character? 4) Does this class have anti-synergy with anything? I have put each of the classes in spoiler tags below to make this post more manageable. Barbarian Chanter Cipher Druid Fighter Monk Paladin Priest Ranger Rogue Wizard I hope this guide can be a community resource that people can look at to find inspiration. What else should I add in here? I'm considering a brief section on build-defining items. Did I make any mistakes? Let me know!
  7. Hello guys, These past few weeks I worked on a Crafting Guide for Grounded. It is a work in progress as information is limited, but I think it can help all of us as new players. Other things I am working on and may be of interest: Game Review (will be ready after 25 hours of gameplay) Grounded Gallery (will be adding new things as Obsidian publish) And if you want to take a look at the future projects, here is the link. Have fun #tinies!
  8. Overview: This list is based on my personal opinion and I haven't tested them all. Quite possible I haven't taken into account all possible synergies so some might be undervalued. A lot of them will be weaker if they are used with a class that doesn't synergize with their effects. All values are ingame values. The wiki is outdated since the 1.2 nerfs. Weapons are listed randomly within any Tier. Might change that at some point but it will require some work. I am also comparing weapons at max enchants. I haven't taken into account that some weapons will be very useful early on in the game if they start out with high weapon quality, forgoing the need to upgrade them. I will update it for Beast of Winter when I have the time. Channel links: Twitch Channel Youtube Channel Donate via Streamlabs Reddit Discussion Steam Guide S - Tier. Exceptionally Strong weapons with powerful effects. Whispers of the Endless Paths (Great Sword) Attacks in a cone +1 Pen (can proc Ability Effects in AoE that are normally single target (for instance knockdowns) 15% dmg as crush. Offensive Parry: +4 Deflection against Melee weapons, Counterattack enemy when Missed in Melee (inflicts Dazed). Run Through: Grants Run Through: Impale a target, knock them down, and cause bleeding (1/encounter). Especially strong on a Riposte build like my (Riposte tank) or with classes with single target stuns Wahai Poraga (Pollaxe) Standard attack is AoE that hits target +3 additional target friend or foe. -20% Melee Damage Received for 2s on launching attack. 25% damage reflected at attacker for 2 sec after attacking. Very strong AoE damage but needs good positioning to not cleave allies. Extremly strong on certain builds like my Reaper of Souls build, but not as strong on standard builds. Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff (Quarterstaff) For Melee: 1 All Acid Power Levels, +1 All Electricity Power Levels, +1 Fire Acid Power Levels, +1 Frost Acid Power Levels, Soul Storm Launches Raw Damage area of effect attack after scoring five consecutive hits on target, +5% Action Speed and Damage (scales with Metaphysics 15% at 20 metaphysics). +3% Burn, Corrode, Freeze, and Shock Damage. 15% action speed/dmg and combined 12% Lash makes it very strong for dps. The Spine of Thicket Green (Quarterstaff) +2 All Plant/Restoration/Rejuvination PL's. +10 Defense vs Poison/Disease. 20% dmg +5 acc vs vessels. Strong Stat stick for Priest/Druid The Twin Eels (Great Sword) Breath of Life: Restores 0 Health to all nearby allies on kill (scales with religion). 5% hit to crit chance with weapons (scales with religion). Grants Renewal: When knocked unconcious Revive with X Health (Scales with Religion. 10.3 Health at 0 Religion - 216 at 20 Religion). This thread discusses the weapons scaling. The Renewal and Breath of Life seems to scale quite nicely with Religion giving you a lot of sustain. If the hit to crit conversion turns out to be absolutely terrible then the weapon might be a lot weaker, but it's abit hard to know without extensive testing. Assuming the hit to crit conversion is around 0.5% per point of religion, it would mean you would get 15% hit to crit at 20 religion and a ton of sustain making it easily S - Tier. Even if the crit scaling is terrible the weapon should atleast be mid A - Tier at the bare minimum. Oathbreaker's End (2 Handed Battle Axe) Executioner's Axe: Requires 2 hands to wield, but deals increased damage.Scales of Justice: Scoring a Critical Hit on an enemy causes them to take Raw Damage over time. Whenever that enemy deals damage, the duration increases. Enemies killed under the effects of Scales of Justice deal 0 Raw damage to nearby enemies. Weapon deals equivalent damage to a Great Sword of its weapon quality, and gets the +20% bonus crit dmg battle axes get. This Thread discusses the weapons effects. The Raw dot isnt all that strong (ticks for about 5-6 dmg at legendary quality every 2 sec) but killing a target under the effect of Scales of Justice will trigger a weapon attack just like a normal weapon swing in AoE, except it deals raw damage. These attacks can again proc other on hit effects. Very powerful on builds with AoE attacks that proc on hit effects like Barbarians Heart of Fury or Fighters Clear Out. In addition it has the Battle Axes 20% bonus crit dmg making it work nicely with crit builds. It needs more testing but is possibly a S - Tier weapon. A lot weaker on builds that doesn't have access to AoE attacks. Link to wiki seems to bug out when i link it to the weapon name. Click here instead https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Oathbreaker's+End ​ ​ A - Tier. Mostly very good dps stats but not quite as ridicoulous as some S - Tier weps. Blade of the Endless Paths (Estoc) -15% Recovery time, 15% crit dmg, +1 Melee accuracy per 6s (10 stacks) Strong dps stats. Eager Blade (Estoc) 10% chance to instantly recover on hit. +2 and acc and 5% action speed on crit (4 stacks). Kaul's Stance: Randomly chosen: +1 AR, +10% melee dmg, +8 deflection. Strong dps stats. Engoliero do Espirs (Estoc) 10% dmg as Raw. Cast Ghost Blades on kill. Ravenous Soul Hunger: -3 Mig/Con/Dex -> On kill: +3 Mig/Con/Dex https. Probably the highest potential single target dmg of any 2h but the penalty before a kill is very painful. Voidwheel (Great Sword) 10% dmg as Raw, 10% dmg as Raw to self. 25% chance to cast Necrotic Lance on crit, -3 Corrode AR. Lots of dmg but deals dmg to self. The Willbreaker (Morning Star) 25% miss to graze, 10% hit to crit. 25% chance Shaken (Rank 2 Resolve Affliction) on target on hit.-3 will on target for 30s on hit (stacks 5 times), 10% action speed). Decent to debuff Will so spells targeting Will has higher chance to hit. Weapon Modal + Barbarians Brute Force + Mig/Con affliction can give Barbarians VERY high crit chance. A-tier for Brute force Barb B - Tier for others. Chromoprismatic Quarterstaff (Quarterstaff) As stat stick: 1 All Acid Power Levels, +1 All Electricity Power Levels, +1 Fire Acid Power Levels, +1 Frost Acid Power Levels. Elemental Induction +15% Damage for 10 sec when hit with Acid, Fire, Frost, or Electricity attacks. 1% Damage reduction for 10 sec when Hit (stacks 5 times, scales with Metaphysics) Soul Charge: +5% Staff Damage (Increases with Metaphysics skill 15% at 20 metaphysics), +5% Action Speed Saru-Sichr (Morning Star) 3 Corrode dmg åer 12 sec on hit: Dot ticks have 5% chance to instantly kill enemies with <25% Health Both enchants are meh but this synergizes with on kill effects. Weapon Modal + Barbarians Brute Force + Mig/Con affliction can give Barbarians VERY high crit chance. A-tier for Brute force Barb C - Tier for others. ​ ​ B - Tier. Suboptimal stats but still good. Sanguine Great Sword (Great Sword) Blood Gift: +5 health restored per 3s for 6s on crits. 10% hit to crit. 20% of Misses converted to Grazes. Prepare the offering: -15 Deflection vs melee, -2 slash AR for 20s (1/encounter). Decent sustain and dmg buffs Lord Darryn's Voulge (Pollaxe) Bolting Strikes: 10% Chance on Hit with weapons to activate Lightning Strikes. Static Thunder: On Hit, applies a stacking effect to an enemy. On Crit, all enemies in an AoE will lose all stacks and take +10 Shock damage for every stack. Minor Spellbind: Ball Lightning: Grants Ball Lightning (Druid spell) (1 per rest). Soulbound only upgrading to Superb holds it back. Can get +3 Storm Power levels making it a very strong stat stick for Fury (Druid). C - Tier. Weak stats. Effort (Great Sword) Critical Hits can Hobble or Sicken enemies for 10 sec. Immune to Resolve afflictions while under 25% health, cannot be interrupted, Couragous(Rank 3 Resolve Inspiration). Ok debuffs and defense. Wicked Beast (Pike) 10% chance to deal pierce dmg to self or ally on attack. Hounding: Chance to inflict hobbled knockdown, raw dmg for 12s, or -25% action speed on target on crit. 5% dmg with melee wep, +4 deflection vs melee weps. Cry Havoc: Foe Aoe 20-30 dmg, 3m push, Frighten for 15s (1/rest). Decent debuffs and dmg, strong 1/rest active. Can instead be upgraded to +2 Beast PLs but that doesn't seem useful. D - Tier. Terrible stats or too conditional Queen's Rule (Great Sword) Checkmate: Swap position with enemy. Stunned for 8 sec, Full attack (2/rest). Even if Check mate was 2 per encounter it would still be meh. Street Sweeper (Quarterstaff) 15% chance to confuse on hit. -10s duration of hostile effects, -5s duration of benefitial effects on hit. Might be better then i give it credit for. Getting rid of debuffs is nice but thats about it. Distraho (Great Sword) Chance to Shaken AoE on crit. Red Tear: +35 (1/rest). Weak heal and shaken is one of the weakest afflictions in the game. Lance of the Midwood Stag (Pike) On bloodied Casts: Woodskin (+5 Pierce/Burn/Shock AR for 15s (1.5m AoE) and Lord of the Forest: +2 All PLs. Would be S - Tier stat stick if Lord of the Forest didn't require bloodied.
  9. This is an armor tier list i threw together. It's just my opinion based on reading their ingame description. Most of them i've never worn. Some can go up or down a tier depending if you use them in a specific build. List will be updated for Beast of Winter when I have time. Channel links: Twitch Channel Youtube Channel Donate via Streamlabs Reddit Discussion Steam Guide S - tier: Best in Slot Miscreant's Leathers: Hands down the best armor for dps due to the reduced recovery time Sharpshooter's Garb: Best Armor for Arbalest/Arquebus/Crossbow users. Reduces reload time. Devil of Caroc Breastplate: Reduced Recovery time and +2 Power Pool. Especially good on Multi class since both classes benefit from the increased Power Pool Reckless Brigandine: Increased Action speed per engaged target. Best armor for tanks with a lot of engagement slots A - tier: Very strong but is probably either situational or outperformed by a similar armor The Bloody Links: Exceptionally strong on Streetfighter/Humans due to proccs on bloodied Swift Hunter's Garb: Reduced Recovery Time. Outperformed by Miscreant's Leathers. Pale Hide: Very good on dps off tank. Incoming hit to grazes conversion and low recovery time. AoE fear Hearth Defender's Scale: Bonuses if good Relations with the Watcher, Penalties if bad. Very strong on a frontline support. Casità Samelia's Legacy: Deflection scaling with Intimidate. Very strong if stacking Intimidate & Deflection Patinated Plate: Chance to Stun attackers when hit with melee weapon. +armor against melee attacks. Strong on a pure tank but makes you super slow. Very good on chanter tanks, less useful on builds that care more about recovery. Deltro's Cage: +2 All Electricity Power Levels could have been great on Fury (Druid subclass) but 55% recovery time makes it garbage. Apparently you can make some very powerful builds with this armor. 55% recovery time keeps it out of beeing S - Tier. Sidenote, outside those synergies the armor is fairly useless. B - Tier: For when all your other good armors are taken Fleshmender: Health/sec and Incoming hit to grazes conversion Very good on dps off tank. Effigy's Husk: Decent on a Ranged Streetfighter but Bloody Links is way better. Does have 0% Recovery though Furrante's Breastplate: Reduces damage taken by party memebers and increases healing. Grants Concentration. Good for frontline Casters Blackened Plate Armor - Grants damage or heal over time aura. Random Mind Inspiration when bloodied. Second Aura deals damage over time and reduces armor by 1. Gipon Prudensco: +25 defense vs disengagement attacks. +1 deflection/+2 reflex when hit in combat (stacks 10x). Immunity to Flanked. Can get Immunity to disengagement attacks instead. Good if you want to rush past frontline to get into backline with your frontliner or to retreat with your backliner. Imo best used as a defensive option for a squishy frontliner. C - Tier: Decent to wear before you get the good armors. Can be situationally good Garari Cuirass: Incoming hit to grazes conversion. Reduced damage from weapons. Cabalist's Gambeson: Very good against spellcasters. Spider Silk Robe: Immune to Dexterity afflictions and Grants Binding Web. Magnera's Chain: Increases recovery time on attacker when getting crit with melee weapons. Resistant to Might affliction. Ok for tank. Iridescent Scale: Can be enchanted to be exceptionally strong vs a specific dmg type. Conjure Greater Blight. Saint's War Armor: Revives the wearer when they get knocked unconcious 1/per combat. Decent but with correct play they shouldn't be knocked unconcious in the first place Desgraza Breastplate: Reduced Damage the lower health the wearer has. Ok for tanking Five Suns Breastplate: See above Honor Guard Breastplate: See above Humility: 20% Resist Slash/Pierce attacks. Not bad on a backliner just not very good either D - Tier: Don't waste your money on enchants Nomad's Brigandine: Can get Immunity to disengagement attacks but if you are a dedicated tank you probably dont care about that. Too much recovery for an offtank Edit: Moved Patinated Plate into tier A. More useful on chanter tanks or builds that doesn't care about recovery then i gave it credit for. Moved Humility to Tier C. Slash/Pierce attacks are rather common in the game. Moved Casita Samelia's Legacy into tier A. Moved Deltro's Cage up to Tier A based on siggestions for build synergies. Moved Gipon Prudensco to Tier B
  10. Overview: To get the most up to date stats (Patch 2.0) i've used a mix of the Official wiki, Fexxtra's Wiki, and ingame stats. There are certain item synergies I haven't taken account for like the rangers Gunner Passive (20% faster reload), Sharpshooter's garb -20% Reload Time with Arbalest / Arquebus / Crossbow attacks or Blunderbuss weapon modal giving flanked making it must have for Ranged Streetfighter. These types of weapons will be even stronger relatively speaking with these synergies. Eccea Arcane Blaster Pistol is similar to Animancer's Energy Blade that its OP vs moderate/extreme underpenetration but terrible vs normal/overpen targets. Some of the lower rated weapons can be exceptionally strong in very rare scenarios (for instance vs spirits) but I am mostly rating them for their general usefulness. Weapons are listed randomly within any Tier. Might change that at some point but it will require some work. I am also comparing weapons at max enchants. I haven't taken into account that some weapons will be very useful early on in the game if they start out with high weapon quality, forgoing the need to upgrade them. Channel Links: Twitch Channel Youtube Channel Steam Guide Reddit Discussion Donate via Streamlabs God - Tier The Red Hand (Arquebus) - Double Barrel: Fires two shots before reloading, but has a reduced range. Guilty Conscience 2% Damage dealt and received on Kill until Rest (Stacks 20 times). Twin Slugs Knockback target within 4m on scoring Hit. Hands down the most broken item in the game right now. Double Barrel effect is almost doubling your dps by itself and Guilty Conscience stacks up to 40% dmg taken/recived. Very easy to get (12 lock difficulty chest in delvers row) Guilty Conscience buff works for other weapons, so it's possible to stack it up and then swap to another weapon (does reset on rest though). S - Tier Dragon's Dowry (Arquebus) - Runelock upgrade: 15% chance for wielder to suffer 15 Burn Damage on launching attack, +30% Damage as Burn. 1 per rest ability: +40 Action Speed for 20 sec, 5 Burn Damage for wielder per 3 sec for 25 sec. 30% Lash dmg and a very powerful active puts this solidly into tier S. Does make you deal dmg to yourself so use with care. Xefa's Empirical Explication (Blunderbuss) - Multi-Shot: Fires multiple projectiles Transmogrified Shot: +15% Damage as Raw Matter Repulsion: Target knocked back on Crit. +1 Penetration, 15% damage as Slash. -25% Range, +15% Damage. Massive dmg buffs and knockback on crit makes it one of the best ranged 1hs in the game Eccea Arcane Blaster Pistol (Pistol) - deals Raw Damage, Imbued Ammunation deals additional Crush/Corrode Damage & +35% Reload. Bullet Time: 10% chance to reload instantly for a short time. Raw dmg means it is increasingly strong against targets that you would normally underpenetrate (- 25/50/75% dmg) but weak with normal/overpenetration attacks. (Lower dps then a non-unique). Keep it as a backup vs heavily armored targets. The Eye of Wael (Scepter, Caster stat stick) - Obfuscation 10% chance to become Invisible for 8s on scoring Critical Hit. The Hundred Visions +2 all Illusions Power levels Illusive Spell: 5% chance to cast random Illusion spell on target on scoring Hit. 10% chance to cast random affliction on target on crit. Form Phantasmic: Cast random defensive illusion spell when bloodied. Really strong on Illusion Mages. Decent on Illusion Priest/Ranged Trickster Frostseeker (Warbow) - Garland's Tears: Fires multiple projectiles at slightly reduced damage +10% Damage as Freeze. Garland's Rake: Freeze/Slash Damage AoE at target location on scoring Crit. Garland's Breath Deals 15-30 Freeze damage and paralyzes enemies for 8 second in a cone area. Extremly good dps stats. The on use is abit clunky to use since it requires you to flank if you want to hit multiple enemies without hitting your own guys. Watershaper's Focus (Rod, Caster Stat stick) - +3 water PLs, +3 Frost PLs, 15% chance to cash Crush dmg AoE on hit. Very Strong of Frost/Wind Wizard or Druid. S-Tier Stat Stick if you build around it. Watershaper's Focus (Rod, Ranged auto attack) - +3 water PLs, +3 Frost PLs, 15% chance to cash Crush dmg AoE on hit. Some pretty wierd mechanics with Ondra's Wrath enchant. Can proc multiple instances of Ondra's Wrath against targets that are bunched up very close together. Combined with effects like Driving Flight and Twinned Shot from Ranger means you can get some absurd bouncing effects getting in the ballpark of 25 full weapon attacks vs 8 clustered up opponents. Seems really strong for solo play where this effect is easier to reproduce, but less useful (but still strong) for party play. Kitchen Stove (Blunderbuss) - Hurried -25% reload time. Everything and Anything +5% Damage as Slash, +5% Damage as Crush. Wild Barrage(2/rest): -20% reload time, Ranged Attacks bounce 2 times, 10% dmg for 15 sec. 10% Combined Lash, reduced reload time and a very strong active. Multi shot proccs on hit effects in AoE (for instance Stunning Surge from Monks). A - Tier Spearcaster (Arbalest) - Forceful Impact: 50% chance to Knockback and Daze target on Hit Elemental Bolts +5 Ranged Accuracy (Increases with Arcana skill, 0,5 Accuracy/point), +3% Damage as Burn, +3% Damage as Corrode, +3% Damage as Freeze, +3% Damage as Shock. Pinning 20% chance to Immobilize target on scoring Hit. Combined 12% lash effect and additional accuracy with arcana skill gives this crossbow very high dps. You have to invest heavily into arcana to make it worthwhile forgoing other useful active skills like athleticism, so if you are not planning on making the wielder a scroll user it is probably not worth picking. The Eye of Wael Obfuscation (Scepter, Martial) - 10% chance to become Invisible for 8s on scoring Critical Hit. Illusive Spell: 5% chance to cast random Illusion spell on target on scoring Hit. 10% chance to cast random affliction on target on crit. Form Phantasmic: Cast random defensive illusion spell when bloodied. A Whale of a Wand (Wand, Caster stat stick) - Beasts Imagined: Hits with this weapon have an 5% chance to cast Form of the Helpless Beast on their target Sea Stories: Spell Hits have a 5% chance to Charm targets. Fantastic Friends Summons a pair of drakes to fight for the caster. Tall Tales 5% chance to cast Arkemyr's Dazzling Lights on target. Useful stat stick for casters. Sea Stories proc is very nice with AoE spells. Ok proccs and a very strong active summon ability. Fleetbreaker (Arbalest) - +8 accuracy. 30% miss to graze. Can be enchanted with either +4 accuracy, +1 pen, 10% dmg against targets 8 or more meters away or +8 accuracy, +2 pen, 20% dmg against targets 4m or closer. The 4m or closer is probably strongest since in a lot of fights (except for some bossfights with massive aoe) you want to keep your party close to hit with AoE heals/buffs. Probably B/C-Tier if going with the 4m or further away enchant Fire in the Hole (Blunderbuss) - Basic attacks deal best of Pierce or Slash Damage in small Radius- Ranged attacks bounce +1 times, -15% damage, +15% reload time. Ranged attack bouncing is very strong but has pretty strong penalty to make up for that. Multi shot proccs on hit effects in AoE (for instance Stunning Surge from Monks). Scordeo's Trophy (Pistol) - Obliterating Crit +25% Crit damage. Opening Barrage Scoring Hits with this weapon grants a stacking -5 Recovery time for 30.0 sec. I think going for the melee/ranged synergy for the alternative enchants is too much of a hassle and not powerful enough. The reduced recovery time stacks infinitely but the stacks fall off one at a time when their 30 sec are up. I havent done much testing but its possible that you can make a very good one handed style ranged build with this weapon. Apparently you can get multiple stacks from AoE effects. This means the weapon by itself much stronger, and the synergy between the ranged/melee weapon is also stronger. Might be deserving of Tier S. Essence Interrupter (Hunting bow) - Experimental Souls: Critical Hits with this weapon transfer experimental soul energy into the target, morphing them into a sentient creature when the target dies. Soul Diplomacy Modifies Experimental Souls effect: now creatures are always allies. Charged Copper: Deals Best of Pierce/Shock. Either +5% Damage as Shock or 5% as Burn(Increases with Metaphysics). After some quick testing the proc seems very terrible. The summons lasts for about 20 seconds. It can proc pets (maybe they give you pet buffs?, but they don't do anything in combat), young boars or some lower lvl mobs. I only tried it in the tavern The Hole, so the spawns might scale with enemy levels making it stronger. The summons scales with creature level making the summon effect very powerful. B - Tier Blightheart (Arquebus) - Living Wood: 20% chance to cast Corrode Damage cone AoE from self and Hobble target on attack. Additional effects based on Class/soulbound level. Soulbound only upgrading to superb holds it back. Very useful early game because you can get it early and its easy to get max soulbound level. Aamiina's Legacy (Hunting Bow) - 15% dmg as crush, 5% dmg as slash. Grants Precision Impact (5% chance to daze, 10% if wielder is dwarf). Grants Warning of Blue Water (1/rest). AoE Resolute/Shaken(Rank 2/1 Inspiration/Affliction). 20% Lash dmg makes it a decent choice for dps. Hand Mortar - Deals best of Slash and Pierce in small AoE. Point Blank +20% Ranged Damage at ranges below 2.5. The damage is addative not multiplicative making it not that strong of an effect. Can make it work on a ranged rogue with Backstab passive but otherwise not very good. Multi Shot effect proccs on hit effect in AoE (like Stunning Surge for Monks). C - Tier Thundercrack Pistol (Pistol) - Veil Piercing (50% dmg vs spirits), 15% dmg as Shock, Paralyze target for 2s on crit, Storm Rune Shot (1/rest) Pulsing AoE shock dmg. Very strong vs spirits. 15% Lash makes it ok. Current's Rush (Scepter, Beast of Winter)- 1% hit to crit every 1s (resets on crit), 20% chance to AoE crush/Immobilize on crit. +10% crit dmg. Havent tested but unless the AoE is absolutely massive this scepter doesn't seem that useful. You even get it so late in the game (Beast of Winter) that you should have picked up multiple strong options before then. Veilpiercer (Warbow) - 10% dmg as Raw, Veil Piercing (bonus dmg vs spirits),15 accuracy vs spirits. 50% chance to recover immidietaly on crit. -10% duration of beneficial effecs on hit. Grants Purging Volley (1/rest) Removes all hostile and beneficial effects in an AoE. 10% dmg as Raw and 50% chance to recover immediately on crit is decent for dmg. Veil Piercing makes it great vs spirits. Saint Omaku's Mercy (Warbow) - -10% action speed, 5% dmg (Increases with survival skill, 0,5% per point), +1 pen. Resotre +10 health to nearby allies on Kill (Increases with Religion). 50% chance to recover immediatly on crit. Saints Grace (10m Aura). +15% action speed (increases as wielder loses health, Scales UP to 15%, starts at 0%). At 20 survival its only 15% dmg. 50% chance to recover immediately on crit is nice. Action speed as wearer loses health is pretty meh since it seems to be inversely proportional to the health you have (so 15% action speed at 0 health, 0% at max health) D - Tier Three Bells Through (Arquebus) - Unstoppable Shot: Reduced base Damage (Only 50%), Attacks in a line (mxximum 3 targets), +1 Penetration. 10% dmg. Attacks interrupt on crit. Reduced base dmg makes it terrible for single target dps and attacking 3 targets in a line is awkward. Cone is very small. Amira's Wing (Rod) - +15 defenses vs wind attacks, +1 Wind PL. 5% chance to interrupt and prone on hit. Grants Hylean Squall (1/rest,) AoE crush, -65% stride for 10s, 4m push. Grants Wilting Wind (1/rest, PL 8 Wizard spell!) AoE raw dmg, Weakend for 12s. The weapon itself is pretty terrible but beeing able to cast Wilting Wind (1/rest) is very nice. Rod of the Deep Hunter (Rod) - -1 Deflection & +3% recovery time for 45s on hit (stacks, doesnt include grazes). Grants Crashing Surf (1/rest) AoE Crush and knock prone. Requires to flank to not hit allies. The proc takes way too long to stack up and would only be useful against bosses. Amaliorra (Scepter) - +10 accuracy vs vessels. Frighten attack on Kith/Wilder on crit. Grants Claim the Husk (1/rest) Dominates a Vessel. Pretty terrible unless fighting Vessels. Keybreaker Scepter (Scepter) - +10 defenses except for deflection for 30s on scoring kill with keybreaker. Frighten Kith on crit. Misotheist (5m Aura) 20% chance to Reflect Punishment/Condemnation attacks. Pretty weak. Edit: Moved Kitchen Stove into tier S, Fire in the Hole to Tier A and Hand Mortar into Tier B after learning that Multi Shot effect proccs on hit effect in AoE (like Stunning Surge for Monks). Moved Essence Interrupter into Tier A, due to the summon effect beeing way more powerful then my initial assessment. Added Watershaper's Focus alternative usage (Ranged dps) as a different classification.
  11. Hi, i noticed the lack of a vanilla wizard guide in this section and here it is! The build is very simple and straightforward, Wizard is a super strong class and doesnt require any gimmicks to deal a lot of damage and control the field. This guide is POTD/Upscaling party oriented but its completely viable for solo which i will give some insights. My experience comes mostly from full-party play, but i provided and some tests in solo runs. If you are looking for an advanced solo run check Sintee's triple crown solo guide for for a complete walkthrough. His guide helped improve this build, so thanks a lot. Check it here. Character Creation Wizard (No subclass) Nature Godlike The solid choice for the wizard's race: Infuse with vital essence provides us an easy +1 power level. This is not mandatory, so feel free to change it if you want. Elf is also is an optimal choice for +1 perception if you want to wear a mask. Culture The white that ends, Deadfire Archipelago and The Livings Lands are the best choices. White that ends is the most optimal choice being the best for solo play. Perception is our most important stat. Deadfire Archipelago is the best choice for the dialogues and +1 dex is great. The living lands is decent because more damage is always good, but its not optimal. Skills & Background This is up to you. I recommend Alchemy for active skills, but a few points in Atletics can help. Invest your points in Alchemy and you can take Laborer as background so you can be Eora's working class hero. For passive its your call. Later in the game you will want to respec to max History for Giftbearer's Cloak. Tip: If you are playing Huana, you will want 9 points in Metaphysics (with party assist) for an important check. Party oriented atributes Might 18 Con 5 Dex 19 Per 18 Int 14 Res 3 We want to maximize our damage output by boosting perception, dexerity and might. Intellect is important, but 14 is ok. If you are going to solo, i suggest not dumping any stat, so lowering your might and dex to get at least 8 in res and con. Always max perception in this case. Grimoire: Ninagauth's Teachings (found at Archemyr's Manor). Weapon specialization: Medium shield, Flail and Pistol. Choosing your abilities Passives (they are NOT in picking order) Snake's Reflexes Scion of Flame Secrets of Rime Weapon and Shield Style Farcasting Rapid Casting Tough Uncanny Luck Improved Critical Accurate Empower Potent Empower Accurate Empower Prestige Active spells (does not include from Grimoire neither are in order) PL1 Chill Fog Spirit Shield Wizard's Double PL 2 Combusting Wounds Infuse with Vital Essence PL 3 DAOM (Deleterious Alacrity of Motion) Llengrath's Displaced Image PL 4 Minolettas Concusive Missiles PL 5 Ryngrims Enervating Terror Llengrath's Safeguard PL 6 Minolettas Precisely Piercing Burst PL 7 Skip PL 8 Minolettas Piercing Sigil Wall of Many Colors PL 9 Minoletta's Missile Salvo Important spells and strategy: Early Game: Chill fog, Weapon & Shield. These two will help you make it. Port Maje in POTD is really hard and the chill fog is the key to survive it. Weapon & shield style + medium shield modal boost your survival a lot and will be useful the whole game in some situations. Your DPS bread and butter: Combusting Wounds: Doesnt look that much strong? Combine it with with your damage over time spells and this spell is one the most important DPS spells for wizards. High accuracy and fire power level helps to land this awesome ability. Ninagauths Death Ray: Works with C. Wounds. The raw damage works versus high armor enemies. You will use it less later in the game because PL3 will be taken by Displaced Image and DAOM when you get Ninas Bitter Mooring, but until that its one of your most important sources of damage. Nina's Shadowflame: Stronger fireball with paralyze chance and greater ranger. Nina's Freezing Pillar: Works with C.Wounds. Colossal damage. Wall of Flame: Clunky to land but combined with C. Wounds its one of the strongest sources of damage versus big guys that dont move around. Minolettas: Pick every kind of Minoletta's Spells except for the level 1. They work with C.Wounds (especially PL9 Salvo). So good its hard to talk about. Meteor shower: Works with C.Wounds too. Its clunky and Salvo is better, buts can come in handy. Other very good skills used often: Wilting Wind, Delayed Fireball, Nina's Killing Bolt, Fireball, Wall of Many Colors. Empowered fireball + Fireball as stealth opener is a cheap strategy, but it works...a bit too much. Buffs Spirit shield: Always use it. +AR and most importantly: Concentration. Wizards Double: This skill is not that great, i know. But Mirrored Image and Arcane Veil are PL2 skills, which our resources are used by Infuse V.E and C.Wounds. We dont use Chill Fog that much later in the game and we get 3 resources for PL1 spells (+1 from Nemnok). DAOM: Action speed. You will use it more and more later in the game when you have more resources. Infuse with Vital Essence: ALWAYS use this buff first, the Intellect bones will make your following inspirations last longer. Llengrath's Displaced Image: +Reflex, convert to grazes. Your reflex will be very high so you dont get hit by AoEs. Llengrath's Safeguard: Very good but situational, PL5 gives us Enervating Terror and Bitter Mooring which we use more often. Gear Chest: Miscreant's Leather or Garari’s Cuirass (if are you solo or you want Exchange DPS for survival) Miscreants he best choice for DPS. You get it very early in the game by killing Benweth. Good stats with very low recovery and +8 reflex. Uncanny luck and Kidney Gyard can come in handy. Garari's Cuirass provides Hits to Grazes and Damage reduction from weapons, very good for a light armor with 20% recovery. Necklace: Stone of power +1 power level per rest. Rings: Ring of focused flame and Kuaru's Prize. You get ring of focused flame very early in the Dark Cupboard (Periki's Outlook shop at Neketaka). Kuaru’s prize you will get later but its good to skip. Gloves: Firethrower's gloves. You can buy it very early at the shop activated with Berath's blessings (5 points) in Port Maje. If you dont activate it, you get it later in the game. Use accuracy gloves until that. Boots: Bounding Boots Leap grants us a lot of mobility, works for positioning and escape. Waist:The Maker’s Own Power There's a lot of good viable options early game, but this is my final choice which saved me quite a few times. Cape: There's a lot of good early game options which include Cloak of Greater Deflection, Cloak of Greater Protection and the Magnificent Escape Cape. But my final choice is the Giftbearear's Cloth which is obtained later in the game and increases with History skills. Pet: Otto Starcat provides +1 Fire Power level which is insanely good and is obtained early in the game. Nemnok is another great option if want +1 resource for level 1 spells. Mask: If you dont pick Nature godlike, Whitewitch mask is great and is obtained early in Delvers Row. Weapons: There's a lot good choices for wizard weapon. But some standout: - Sun and Moon (Flail). +2 Fire PL during the day +2 Ice PL during the night. 5% chance to repeat Fire attacks: This flail is a beast and is easy to obtain. Its around 25-30k in the Shop at Radiant Court in Dunnage. You can start with +50k gold with Beraths Blessing. - Magran's Favor (Axe): +2 Fire PL and looks really cool. Notice that when the description says "kills with Magran's favor" it means that you need to kill WITH THE WEAPON, so spells dont work for Living Pyre stacking, but Enduring Flame does. If this has changed, let me know. - Nerian's Ward (Medium Shield). Weapon damage reduced as health is lost and 15% Hits to Grazes. Very good choice for early-mid game. Wizards starts very frail and you get a lot of enemies attenton, and this will help you a lot. Get Weapon and Shield specialization as soon as possible. Considerations: Sun and Moon + Nerian's is your primary kit. You will get them quite fast and will stay with you. Later you replace Nerians with Magran's Favor for increased Fire Power Level, but keep Nerian in your secondary kit if **** goes down. Some other great options: - Griffins sword. +10% spell damage/+5 will. You will probably get it first than S&M and it one of best weapons for wizard. - Eccea's Arcane Blaster (Fractured Bullet + Elemental Shot Fire) Really good if you run out of spells in longer fights and against Enemies with high armor. ____ - Fire in the Hole & Hand Mortar (COMPANION). I havent tested much but these 2 hand cannons have a lot of sinergy with Combusting Wounds. I recommend a Ranged DPS companion use them. You can use them yourself with DAOM and your high dex but its not optimal because you are already busy casting your spells. And thats it. If i missed anything let me know. Please, share your thoughts!
  12. This list is based on my personal opinion and I haven't tested them all. Quite possible I haven't taken into account all possible synergies so some might be undervalued. A lot of them will be weaker if they are used with a class that doesn't synergize with their effects. All values are ingame values. The wiki is outdated since the 1.2 nerfs. Some of the lower rated weapons can be exceptionally strong in very rare scenarios (for instance vs spirits) but I am mostly rating them for their general usefulness. To clarify, Weapons are listed randomly within any Tier. Might change that at some point but it will require some work. I am also comparing weapons at max enchants. I haven't taken into account that some weapons will be very useful early on in the game if they start out with high weapon quality, forgoing the need to upgrade them. I will update this list with Beast of Winter Weapons when I have the time. Channel Links: Twitch Channel Youtube Channel Donate via Streamlabs Steam Guide Reddit Discussion S - Tier: Best in Slot. Usually has very good build/class synergies Pukestabber (Dagger) - 20% action speed and 20% dmg with dagger attacks while Drunk. Combined with the ring Drunkard's Regret which makes you immune to hangover this is an exceptionally strong dagger. (see u/teesinz Mirke guide) Does start to lose out a lot of bonuses when your party has access to "Incredible Food" over Alcohol. If you want tankiness over damage its possible to grab the Numb enchant (-10% melee dmg recvieced) and combine it with Arrack (-15% dmg recieved). Magran's Favor (Battle Axe) - 2 All Fire Power Levels and can get either heal or dmg on melee kills/attacks. Exceptionally strong as a stat stick for an Evocation Wizard or Priest of Magran. Can also make some melee builds around it with for instance Paladins (Flames of Devotion) Kapana Taga (Club) Deals best of Crush or Slash dmg. +1 Engagement slot and Melee dmg/Accuracy for each Engaged Target. Pretty bonkers in combination with Reckless Brigandine for a tank. Rannig's Wrath (Rapier) - 10% action speed, +4 melee accuracy. 10% dmg vs Flanked. +1 Penetration for 5 sec on crit. The other optional enchants are also extremly good but more situational. +20 accuracy weapon modal. Only downside is single damage type. Sasha's Singing Scimitar (Sabre) 2% stacking action speed Aura for each held chanter phrase. Empowering an Invocation fills Chanter's Phrase Count to Max. Exceptionally strong on a Devoted/Skald or melee Troubadour. Stalker's Patience (Spear) - +10% Damage to Flanked targets (increases with Stealth skill), Hits with this weapon cause 15% Damage as Raw Damage over time. 20% chance to recover immediately on Crit. Still an exceptionally strong wep after 1.2 nerfs. Modwyr (Sword) 20% damage dealt as burn when above 50% health and and +20% damage dealt as freeze when below 50% health. 2% action speed on hit (stacks 10 times) Immunity to Intellect Afflictions. Bottom's Up 1/encounter: Primary Attack. Stun, +25% dmg dealt as Crush/Shock. Can be upgraded to Legendary after beeing released from previous owner. Animancer's Energy Blade (Sabre) - Deals Raw Damage and attacks more quickly than a standard blade. Deals less damage then other sabres but raw damage doesn't get mitigated by armor. Weapon modal is useless. Did some very rough math. Against targets that has normal penetration The dps should be a tiny bit lower then a standard legendary sabre. Since it deals Raw damage it Will be God - Tier against targets who would normally be severely under penned (-75%), easily S - Tier against moderatly underpenned (-50%), A - Tier against Slight under pen (-25%), E - Tier against Normal penetration. (Gets outperformed by a non unique legendary saber), and obviously even worse against overpen (+30%). Keep it as a backup weapon for moderate/severe underpen situations. Xoti's Sickle (Hatchet) 5% dmg when scoring kill (stacks 4 times), 15% action speed for 10 sec when near slain enemy. Both effects scales with Religion. Pre 1.2 Nerfs you could probably have made a build around it but now investion max in religion is just enough to make it a viable weapon not OP. Did some testing and at 20 religion each kill increases the damage by roughtly 15% and the action speed after killing a target is 25%. Plus I didnt notice it had dual damage types. Incredible on any class that scores kills easily like Rogue with finishing blow or Barbarians with bloody slaughter. Obviously very weak if there are very few mobs in the encounter. If you like my guides subscribe to me on Youtube or Follow me on Twitch. A - Tier: Very Strong but usually lacks the little extra to bring it to S-tier Lovers Embrace (Dagger)- 8 Raw dmg per 6 sec on stealth attacks plus 33% chance to get Frenzy when critting a male target (or female but im guessing there are fewer females in the game) Really strong on a single class rogue that can access a lot of the lategame stealth abilities. Move up a tier if used with Pukestabber. Not very good if you have easy access to tier 1 Might/Con Inspiration. Sun and Moon (Flail) - +2 Fire Power level during day +2 Frost Power during Night. Would be a S - Tier stat stick if the buffs applied for the entire day. If you can bother to rest so you only fight during the day it is an S-tier stat stick on Evocation Wizard. Golden Sun (Eothas) enchant 25% Burn damage from weapon returns Health. Haven't checked but if it applies from the Burn damage from for instance Flames of Devotion then it's S-tier. Aldris Blade of Capain Crow (Sabre). 10% hit to crit. +10 shock damage on crit. +8 health on crit. 15% dmg as shock. +2 Pen weapon modal. Decent defensive option for crit based dps frontliner Kahua Hozi (Spear) - Best of Pierce/Slash damage. 10% action speed. 15% damage. +25 defense against disengagement attacks. +1 engage weapon modal. Dual damage types make this a very strong alternative for a dps frontline. Rust's Poignard (Stiletto) - Bring Low: 30% chance to knock target prone and lower defense by -10 for 6 sec on crit. 35% dmg to targets affected by Bring Low. 3 Raw dmg per 3s for 9s on hit vs flanked. 3% action speed against flanked on hit (stacks 5 times). +2 pen weapon modal. Single damage type and combat mechanics favoring slower weapons keeps it out of S-tier. Probably Low Tier A/High Tier B. Griffin's Blade (Sword) Steadfast AoE when wearer is bloodied. 50% chance to Daze target and nearby enemies on crit. +10% dmg with Spells, +5 Will makes it a very competitive stat stick for a dps caster. Alternatively go for 10% action speed, +5 Reflex if going melee. Watcher's Blade (Sword) . 15% dmg as Raw. Due to how lash and Raw mechanics work this is extremly effective against a heavy armor target that you are under penetrating. Weaker against targets you overpenetrate, so have other weapons to swap to when needed. St. Drogga's Skull (Sabre) - 20% damage as burn. 20% chance to do AoE burn damage. Not exactly sure how the damage is rolled for the AoE burn proc but after some testing it seems rather strong. This weapon might be S - Tier depending on how that proc is calculated but it is A - Tier at the very least. Scordeo's Edge (Sabre) - Bit hesitant to rate this because I don't know how good the melee/range Scordeo's Edge/trophy swapping synergy would play out. You can enchant it in to pure melee weapon making it C-tier. Possibly better when going One-handed style but doubt it. - 5% chance to ignore recovery for 5 sec on hit. Buff duration does scale with int but procc is too RNG to be consistent (statistically its 1/20 attacks). +2 Accuracy with all weapons for 30s on scoring Hit (stacks 10 times). Apparently you can get multiple stacks if used in combination with AoE effects, making it a lot easier to stack then my initial assessment. Squid's Grasp (Rapier) Cannot be Flanked. +20% Action Speed when threatened by 3 or more enemies. If defeated within 10 seconds of using Squid's Escape, revive and become Invisible. +20 Accuracy Weapon modal. Decent defensive option for dps frontliner. Very useful in solo play, bit less useful in party play. Acolyte's Frostbite (Hatchet) Concentration + AoE frost cone when crit when no allies around. 10% chance to paralyze on crit. 15% dmg as Freeze. Depending on how near the allies have to be for the buff to proc you might have to use it on sole frontliner making it very unflexible. Very useful for solo play. Less useful for party play. Glacierbane (War Hammer) Serrated: +10% Damage as Raw. +1 Pen after taking Freeze dmg (3 stacks). Quite useful during BoW content since the mobs have a lot of freeze damage, but not that useful outside of it. You can gain the stacks from friendly fire, which means you could potentially proc it yourself. It starts at Superb so you could potentially just pick up the Penetration enchant, use it for BoW content and forgo upgrading it to legendary. Frostfall (Mace, stat stick) - Forged in Ice: Deals best of Crush/Freeze. Blessed by the void: 25% chance to apply Tier 1 Affliction to a nearby target when hit by an affliction. Encroaching Frost: Critical Hits have a 10% chance to freeze the enemy for 4s. Dispersed Suffering: On kill, the duration of Hostile Status Effects on nearby enemies are increased by 20%. Weapon is discussed in this thread. This weapon is really hard to rate. Both Encroaching Frost and Dispersed suffering proccs on spells, making it a potentially powerful stat stick. Atm it seems to be bugged and Status effects are increased by 50% instead of 20% (Patch 2.0). Best used on a spellcaster with a party that applies a lot of status effects on the enemies. Needs more testing after it is bug fixed to determine its true value. ​ ​ ​ ​ B - Tier: Mostly good proccs or good stats. Not enough build/class synergy to bring it higher. Marux Amanth (Dagger) - 10% Chance to deal Burn AoE on Hit, Quick to Slaughter +2 Penetration for a duration per combat at the start of the encounter, Grants Worthy Sacrifice. I haven't tested it myself but soulbound not beeing upgraded to legendary hurts a lot. Move up a tier if used with Pukestabber. Endre's Flog of Obedience (Flail) - 10% chance to apply Frightened on hit, +2 Pen against Mind affliction targets. Decent on a melee Cipher to lower Will. Sungrazer (Flail) - 10% chance to recover instantly on Hit, 2 sec Stun on hit, 25% dmg as burn and -1 Crush Armor Rating on Critical Hit. Decent for a Crit oriented build. Bardatto's Luxury (Mace) - 10% chance to Sicken target for 10 sec on hit, 10% chance Fit for 10 sec on self on scoring hit. Immunity to Con afflictions when above 50%. -1 armor for 10 sec weapon modal- Fairly decent for a tank Beza's Toothed Blade (Sabre) - 2 Armour Rating for 30s on Critical Hit. Can help setup overpen for your entire party Min's Fortune (Sabre) Stacking +2% Crit chance on Hit (stacks 50 times and resets on Crit). +15% crit dmg. Fairly good on a high crit build. Single damage type keeps it from beeing A-tier on Devoted. Tarn's Respite (Sabre) +1 Penetration, +15% Damage as Freeze, -1 target Deflection for 60 sec on Hit (stacks 10 times). Takes too long to stack deflection debuff for it to be rated higher. Mohora Tanga (Spear) - +1 Pen, 5% melee dmg (increases with Survival Skill) 5 raw bleed per 3s for 9s on crit, plus decent 1/rest active. Was very strong pre 1.2 now just decent. Duskfall (Sword) - +1 pen when attacking same target as ally, 10% action speed, 10% crit dmg or 25% misses to grazes (high acc favors crit, low acc miss to graze). 15 acc, 10% dmg to first attack made in combat. Decent weapon for Soul Blades to try to get a crit so they can dump focus into Soul Annilation, or for Assassin's to increase their burst from stealth. Last Word - (Warhammer) +1 Enemies Engaged. 5% weapon dmg per engaged enemy. Target cannot use active abilities for 3 sec on crit. Good Synergy with Reckless Brigandine C - Tier: Decent Weapons. Usually Suboptimal stat/procs or poor synergy Shattered Vengeance (Club) 33% chance to apply a stacking curse on the target, increasing their damage received by 5%. Assuming it stacks forever It's probably decent in boss fights but for the most part pretty meh. Ball and Chain (Flail) Knockdown target on crit, 10% chance to recover immediately when crit and free self/allies from dex/ might affliction (once per encounter) Decent 1h for tanks just much better alternatives. Skullcrusher (Flail) 10% chance to Daze for 10 sec and Prone on Hit. Empowered abilities apply Injury on target. Decent on tanks. Assuming the Injury applies on bosses it can be very powerful in those instances. Gladiator Sword (Sword) - 10% melee dmg, +5 deflection when worn with a shield. +1 Pen. Ok for a 1h/shield tank but rather have increased defenses since tanks doesn't really deal much damage anyways. Good on certain 1h& shield dps builds like my Barbarian/Hellwalker. Resounding Call (Warhammer) - 50% chance to cast random mind affliction for 8 sec on crit. Bell Ringer 2/rest (upgraded version of Rogue Strike the bell) Mind affliction can be Rank 1-3 so its a pretty decent debuff. If resting between every fight this can be considered atleast A-tier at low levels when you dont have many Ability Uses since Bell Ringer is a fairly strong active ability. D - Tier: Too Conditional (only good against specific enemy types) Can be A-tier against that specific type though. Magistrate's Cudgel (Mace) - 3 sec stun on crit. Random Tier 1 inspiration when afflicted. Low lvl Kith instakilled on crits. Pretty useless if played on upscaling bump up a tier otherwise. Soulbound not getting legendary makes this fairly bad. Grave Calling (Sabre) - +2% Freeze damage for 60.0 sec on Hit (stacks 15 times). Takes way too long to stack up to be very useful. 15 accuracy against Vessles makes it good vs them. There is also some strong chanter synergy where you can summon creatures and kill them off with the weapons alternative enchant, to create infinite adds. Example build here. Azure Blade (Stiletto) - +15 Accuracy when 3 or more allies are within 2 m. Very unreliable and have to build a frontline heavy team just to make it work Hel Beckoning (Sword) - Stacking corrode dot and accuracy vs Spirits. Veil Piercing means it's extremly strong vs spirits. There is also some strong chanter synergy where you can summon creatures and kill them off with the weapons alternative enchant, to create infinite adds. Example build here. Whispers of Yenwood (Sword) - 25% miss to graze, 10% hit to crit. +20% Damage against Spirits, +15 Accuracy against Spirits. Very strong vs spirits Not very good otherwise. E - Tier: Just no. Pretty Sure Matakau/St. Drogga's Skull aren't real uniques since they are preorder bonuses. Matakau (Battle Axe) +1 Penetration against Vessel targets. Not even that great against Vessels. Vion-ceth (Hatchet) +20% Melee Damage to Plant targets and targets with Plant status effect. C-tier in combination with a Druid/Ranger to set it up for you. Useless without. ​ Edit: Moved Scordeo's Edge into Tier A. Wasn't aware that AoE abilities could give multiple stacks. Moved Squid's Grasp and Acolyte's Frostbite into Tier A to reflect that they are stronger for solo play then party play.
  13. Overview:​ For the full list of accesories head over to the Official Wiki. The intention of the list is to make it easier for players to hunt for the accessories they are most likely to need in their playthrough, and to know at which point in the game they can aquire them. The List is ordered by what catagory the accessory belongs to (head, amulet etc) and within the catagories they are ordered after when you can expect to get them (early,mid, lategame). ​ Used ingame stats to get the most correct values (patch 2.0). I haven't added all of the accessories because that would take a long time. There are several more accessories that can be useful in particular instances. The majority of accessories in this game can atleast be conditionally useful, but this is the list of accessories I would look to grab almost every playthrough or use on specific builds. Just because an item is recived later in the game doesn't necessarily make it more powerful. Some might be abit more powerful then their counterparts, but it is very rare they have to compete with other items of that particular slot. Most of these are only strong for a particular role (Tank, Ranged dps, Melee dps, Caster, Healer etc). In the cases where they do compete you can most of the time hand it over to another party member. Most of the items are pretty self explanatory, but I added a small note to all of them explaining what uses they have. List does not include trinkets. ​ Youtube/Twitch/Donation Links: Youtube channel Twitch channel Donate via Streamlabs ​Steam Guide Headgear: ​ Defiant Apparel (Pre-Order Bonus): Not that great but you get it for free if you preordered the game. As of 2.0 it still gives -5 deflection while flanked even though it's not stated in the description. Not sure if its intended. Perception afflictions downgraded by 1 tier Thaos' Headdress (Worn by Aloth if Leaden key Grandmaster): Great for any dps as long as you have away of setting up flanked status. Authority: +1 Intellect Grants Mantle of Authority (+5 Will vs Mind attacks aura). Conspirator: +5 Accuracy and +5% Damage to Flanked targets. Acina's Tricorn (Sold at Tikawara): Great for Ranged Physical dps Shootist: +5 Ranged Accuracy, -10% Reload Time Rekvu's Fractured Casque (Sold in Delver's Row): Makes it so you don't get interrupted when injured. Great in combination with Grimoire of Vaporous Wizardry for non godlike Wizards. Whitewitch Mask (Sold by The Spindle Man, Can also kill him in a quest): 2 Strong Illusion actives and +1 Illusion PL makes this great for Illusion Wizard/Trickster/Priest of Wael. Gaze and Despair: Ability activated when wearer becomes Bloodied Grants Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage Look Not Upon: Grants Ryngrim's Enervating Terror Fearful Geometries: +1 All Illusion Power Levels. Heaven's Cacophony (Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika): 2 Powerful 1/rest actives makes this very strong for any physical dps. Divine Knowledge: +2 Intellect, +1 Religion Shout of Hosts: Grants Shout of Hosts Heaven's Wrath: Grants Avenging Storm. Helm of the Falcon (Sold in Crookspur): Great for Two handed wielders. Falcon's Wings: 15% of incoming Hits converted to Grazes from Ranged weapons.Raptor's Grip: -10% Recovery Time with two-handed Melee weapons. Cap of the Laughingstock (Deck of Many Things): This is a very interesting item since it gives immunity to Resolve afflictions and -10 deflection in a 2.5m aura to both FRIEND AND FOE! Can probably make a build involving it. Village Fool: Immune to Resolve afflictions, -10 Deflection Belled: -1 to Stealth Blackblade's Hood (Midgame quest reward): Great for phyiscal dps that uses the listed weapons. Hawk-eye: +1 Perception, 5% of Hits converted to Crits with Ranged weapons Duelist: +10% Action Speed with Daggers, Rapiers, and Stilettos. Fair Favor (Serafen lvl 2 loyalty): Great for phyiscal dps that uses listed weapons. Swashbuckling: 10% Hit to Crit chance and 10% Crit Damage with Daggers, Rapiers, Sabres, Stilettos, and Swords. Blackened Plate Helm (Splintered Reef, Mid-lategame): Great for tanks. Pallid Countenance: +1 enemies Engaged, +1 Intellect, +1 Perception. Horns of the Aurochs (Harbingers' Watch) Very good for frontline dps. When hit or crit, wearer's next successful attack does additional freeze damage (10%). Immune to Push and Pull effects. Serpent Crown (Lategame faction questline reward): Pretty decent on a dps frontline. Not bad on a tank but + accuracy is more important for dps. Royal Plumage: +1 Intellect, +1 Perception Serpent's Strike: +10 Accuracy, -10% Recovery Time for 15s when critically hit. ​ ​ ​ ​ Amulets: ​ Protective Eothasian Charm (bucket in Gorecci Street, Port Maje) Great for tank/dps frontline. Darkest Before Dawn(1/rest): +1 Perception. At <25% Health, restores +5 Health per 3 sec over 12 sec and reduces damage taken by -25% for 12 sec. Cipher's Shackle (Serafen loyalty lvl 1): Useful for dps until you get better an easily obtained. Of Constitution: +1 Constitution Shattered Chains: Dexterity afflictions downgraded one level Dragon Pendant (Randomly found on world map ship wrecks.) Very powerful summon 1/rest and an ok active. Breath of Flames: Grants Breath of Flames Call the Clutch: Grants Call the Clutch: Spawns a desert wurm, young drake, and a regular wurm Dragon Scales: +1 Burn Armour Rating, +1 Slash Armour Rating Claim and Refusal (Sayuka: Obtained from Marofeto Liano, requires Intimidate 6 or Bluff/Diplomacy 6.) Great for a dps frontline or tank depending which modal you use. Faces of the Pendant: Grants Claim , Refusal Claim: Modal Ability; +10% Damage taken from Melee attacks, +10% Damage with Melee attacks Refusal: Modal Ability; -10% Damage from Melee attacks, -10% Damage with Melee attacks Sisyfo's Stone (Delvers' Row: Sold by The Spindle Man) Decent for tanks. Futility: -2% action speed to attacker for 35 sec when wearer hit in melee Neriscrylas’ Hope (Drops off of Neriscrylas): The awesomeness is: it also works when summons go down. Hence it's the perfect necklace if you have a summoner in the party. Unlimited Stacking. +1 RES and +1 MIG for every party member that goes down. ​ Cloaks: ​ Cloak of greater protection (Beraths Blessing vendor or in Arkemyrs Vault): Decent defensive option for both frontline and backline +10 to all non-deflection defenses. Cloak of greater deflection (Beraths Blessing vendor): Great early game tank cloak. +7 deflection. Badrwn's Cover (Queen's Berth: Sold by Rebero.) Combined +5 resolve/10 stealth makes this a super stat efficient cloak. Steeled in Darkness: +2 Stealth, +1 Resolve to allies in 5m radius (excluding wearer). The Magnificent Escape Cape (The Sacred Stair: Sold by the temple vendor). Extremly useful for a squishy backliner. Fairly cheap and almost always my highest priority to buy early game. Escape Artist: The Magnificent Escape: When Bloodied or Near Death, receive immunity to engagement and +50 Deflection (1 per encounter) Neither Here Nor There: +10 Deflection against disengagement attacks Three Trolls Stitched (Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook): Decent tank cloak. Trollskin: +5 Health restored per 12 sec, -2 Burn and Corrode Armor Rating Cape of the Falling Star (Deck of Many Things): Great on sole frontline tank. Lone Traveler: +7 to All Defenses when not near allies. Fiery Descent: Deals Crush and Burn damage to nearby enemies on knock-out Ragged Cloak (killing Lueva Alvari in the vailian trading co headquarters). Good for frontliners. Vestment of Skaen: +1 Resolve, Raw Damage retaliation Attack when Critically Hit in Melee. Rekvu's Scorched Cloak ( Kohopa's Fang at 7'30" 47'3") If you are injured it turns burn damage into 10% healing. Isn't mentioned in the item description but it also makes you immune to fire damage. Possible to make high fire dmg builds around it for sustain. Nemnok's Cloak (Drowned Barrows) With the +15% dmg taken this Cloak is best used for survivability on a non-tank, probably a squishy backliner. Life of Suffering: 15% Damage taken. Blessed in Spirit: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 75% Health. Grants Spirit Shield Built for Pain: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 50% Health. Grants Ironskin Cursed to Endure: Ability triggers when wearer falls to 25% Health. Grants Barring Death's Door Ajamuut's Stalking Cloak (looted from a coin pile next to Jadaferlas the Ancient): Great for Rogues especially Assassins/builds with a lot of invisibility resets. +1 Perception, +2 Stealth Bushwack: +5% Damage to weapon attacks made from stealth, +5 Accuracy to weapon attacks made from stealth, Attacks made from stealth Stun the target. The Giftbearer's Cloth (Cave of Threshing) One of the best accessories in the game, lots of tank stats scaling with History. Very hard to get since you have to kill a bunch of Fampyrs to get it. Hidden Depths: +1 Quick Item slots, +1 Weapon Sets. Steward of Memories: +5 All Defenses except Deflection (Increases with the History skill). The Giftbearer's Cloth is very easy to get. It is in an unlocked container and a sneaking character can get to it without having to fight with the ancient fampyrs just by hugging the right wall. Violet Redemption (Ukaizo, kill Director Castol's or Governor Alvari's if you sided against them. Possible to get sooner?). Great for a dps frontline but you get it past the point of no return making it unobtainable for most of the game. When Critically Hit in melee, 15% chance to negate wearer's next Recovery Pernicious Retribution: While stationary, receiving melee weapon Hits grants 2% melee Damage (Stacks 5 times), While stationary, melee weapon Hits grant a stacking 2% melee Action Speed bonus (Stacks 5 times). ​ ​ ​ ​ Gloves: ​ Gauntlets of Ogre Might (Beraths Blessing vendor) Great for anyone relying on Might. +2 Might. Healing Hands (Beraths Blessing vendor) Helps out with healing in early game. Grants Lesser Lay on Hands (1/encounter). Firethrower's Gloves (Beraths Blessing vendor or in the Jagged Keep) Must have for Evoker Wizards. Artificer's Precision: +2 Dexterity, +2 Explosives Spellbending: +1 Arcana, +1 All Evocation Power Levels Gauntlets of Greater Reliability (Dropped by Master Kua in the Crookspur fort.) 25% miss to graze makes it decent for dps. Burglar's Gloves (Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook) Grabbing these early helps a ton with opening different chests in Nekataka/Dunnage for more loot. Lithe Hands: +1 Dexterity, +2 Mechanics Second-story Work: +2 Athletics Gatecrashers (Queen's Berth: Sold by Wanika.) Very strong for melee. Slugger: +1 Might, 15% chance to perform knock down attacks against target with Critical Hits in melee Reeling Blow: Cone attack that pushes and stuns target (2 per rest) Rekvu's Stained Grasps (Sold by Dimesa in The Treasure Trove in the Radiant Court district of Dunnage.) Good if you are already wearing Rekvu's Fractured Casque or Scorched Cloak, but not that strong on its own. Immunity to Constitution afflictions when having at least 1 injury. Rokowa's Fingers (Get them of Bertenno (either buy after or keep yourself, Dark Cupboard quest) Sparkcrackers have many uses for instance luring guards away from chests or luring enemies to a Gunpowder barrel for then to explode it dealing strong aoe dmg. Grants Sparkcrackers. Skillful Dodger: +1 Dexterity, +1 Sleight of Hand Woedica's Strangling Grasp (Found on an old Battleground) Basically a Better Gauntlets of Ogre Might. Strength of the Oathbound: +2 Might Choking Vengeance: Grants Garrote (1/rest Paralyze) Twice Burned: +2 Burn Armor Rating Boltcatchers ( Bounty - The Steel Preacher): Very good on melee dps and decent active. Lightning Wrangler: Grants Crackling Bolt Shock Repulsion: 33% chance to reflect Electricity attacks. Storm Blows: Shock Damage attack on target on scoring Crit in Melee Aegor's Swift Touch ( top of the map, to the left of Kohopa's Fang, on a Plagued Ship) Great mix between dps/survival. Bullet Catch: While above 50% Health, 5% chance incoming Ranged weapon attacks inflict 0% Damage. Rapidity: +1 Dexterity, +5% Action Speed with weapons. Onepahua's Strength (Killing Prince Prince Aruihi). Basically a Better Gauntlets of Ogre Might. Iron Fist: +2 Might Royal Blood: +2 Intimidate Bracers of Greater Deflection (Unsure). Great tank gloves. +7 Deflection. ​ ​ ​ ​ Rings: ​ Gaun's Pledge (For people who own PoE 1) Basically Grants the Priest Spell Restore. Very useful. Gaun's Pledge: Grants Gaun's Pledge (2 per rest) Chameleon's Touch (Looted from Bounty - Nomu the Marauder.) Easy to get. Multi class gets +1 attribute from each class making it extra good for them. List of stats per class in the link. Versatile: Gives +1 to an Attribute and a Skill determined by the User's class. Drunkard's Regret (Drops of/Given by Oswald, Oathbinder's Sanctum) Really Great in combination with Pukestabber Lush: Immune to hangovers from alcohol, if worn while drinking. Entonia Signet Ring (Fort Deadlight: In the shrine to Skaen.) Great tank ring. Inviolate: +2 Defenses per engagement (stacks 5 times), +2 Diplomacy Halgot's Warmth (Quest reward for finishing Harsh Medicine). Very easy to get early game. Makes your Priest heals stronger. +1 Priest Restoration Power Level. +2 Burn Armor Rating. Ring of Overseeing (Sold by Tiabo Sacred Stairs and in hidden stash in Crookspur Fort): Decent on high INT characters with lots of AoE. Overseeing: +10% Area of Effect Kuaru's Prize (Ori o Koiki: Sold by Kipeha.) Great for caster dps. Sonorous: +5% Damage with Spells. Jewel of Clarity: +1 Intellect, +1 Perception Ring of Focused Flame (The Dark Cupboard, Can be stolen): Very strong for Evoker Wizards or Paladins (Flames of Devotion). Focused Flame: +10 Accuracy with fire attacks. Ring of Prosperity's Fortune (Deck of Many Things) 15% hit to crit at 200k gold makes this super good for dps when you are rich but very bad when you are poor (3% at 10k). This thread to see breakpoints. The Power of Money: wearer's Hit to Crit chance increased proportional to the party's current wealth. Ring of Reset (Deck of Many Things) Very useful on Magran's Fires Challenge. Saving Fate: Allows for instant revival without any injuries. Three charges. Ring of Greater Regeneration (The Brass Citadel: Sold by the Orlan peddler or Boot-suck Bog: Dropped by the Bog Warden.) Great sustain for frontliners. Greater Regeneration: +3 Health restored per 6 sec Ring of the Marksman (Queens Berth, Dropped by sailors during A Bigger Fish) Great for physical ranged dps. Marksmanship: +4 Ranged Accuracy with Ranged weapons, +1 Penetration with Ranged weapons Ring of the Solitary Wanderer (Looted from Bounty - Purakau) Great for solitary frontline tank/solo play. Lone Wolf: When there are no allies nearby, gain Self: -35% Hostile effect duration. ​ ​ ​ ​Boots: ​ Bounding Boots (Fort Deadlight, room on the left side of the Command Quarters) Useful for frontliners to gap close/mobility. Grants Leap. Boots of the Stone (Beraths Blessing vendor, Eamund the Fox in Dunnage) Great on all dps but resolve is slightly more useful on a frontliner. 1 Dex, 1 Resolve, Resistance to Might affliction. Slippers of the Assassin (Deck of Many Things): Very strong on Ranged and Melee Assassins (especially Two handed). Melee Rogues have Persistant Distraction so for them the drawback is negated. Untrustworthy: Enemies attacked by the wearer require one additional ally to flank Shadow Form: Grants Shadow Form,1 per encounter (kills turn character invisible briefly) Footprints of Ahu Taka (Scripted event in Whenura Cleft) Divine Inspiration: Good for any healer, especially Priest. +1 Casts with Level 2 Priest Spells Graceful Motion: +2 Dexterity Path of Mercy: +15% Healing done Pathfinder's Boots (Unsure) Good for both frontline and backliners. +5 Reflex, +1 Dex, +1 Athletics. Rakhan Field Boots (Mercenary Paladin on the Spire of the Soul-Seers rooftop during the quest Skipping Ahead): 5m-Charge with Full Attack on anybody in between (1/encounter) Good on frontliners. On Sodden Peat: +3 Corrode Armor Rating. No Quarter: Grants No Quarter Boots of the White (Harbingers' Watch) The Freeze Armor rating comes in really handy in Beast of Winter Content. +2 Freeze armor rating. +1 Resolve; resistance to Dexterity afflictions. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Belts: ​ Upright Captain's Belt (Early game Quest Reward) Very good for any caster because of concentration and beeing immune to beeing pulled into the fight. Buttressed: Immune to Push and Pull effects Hold Fast (Concentration at start of combat). +1 Constitution. Physicker's Belt (Port Maje: Sold by Henric): Good for healers. +10% Healing done, +1 Alchemy. Girdle of Eoten Constitution (Bounty - Beina, also random drop?) Great fir tanks +3 Constitution https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Girdle_of_Eoten_Constitution_(Deadfire) Ngati's Girdle (Can be looted/bought in Iolfr's Raiments in Periki's Overlook) Not the best belt but Hey! Its free! Against the Tide: +1 Athletics Fathoms' Redress: 10% chance to cast interrupting Crush damage AoE when critically hit in melee Wavebreaker: +1 Crush Armor Rating The Undying Burden (Delvers' Row: Sold by Imuani.) Having a Second Charge of Second Wind makes this super strong on anyone skilling up athletics. Grants Second Wind. Dig Deep: +1 Athletics Grit: Incoming weapon damage reduced by 10% (stacks three times as health is lost, for a max of-10% to damage) Of Constitution: +2 Constitution <a data-ipb="nomediaparse" data-cke-saved-href="https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Belt+of+Magran"href="https://pillarsofeternity2.wiki.fextralife.com/Belt+of+Magran" s+chosen"=""> Belt of Magran's Chosen (Deck of Many Things): The Flame Blight is hostile TOWARDS YOU. Not sure if it's worth it because of this, especially on Iron Man. Linked in Flames: +3% damage dealt as Burn (all allies in 2.5m radius) Ire of Magran: small chance to summon a hostile Fire Blight on hit. Sash of Judgment (Deck of Many Things): Taking 10% more dmg isn't a big deal for a backline dps. Probably not worth it for a frontliner. Also good on Streetfighters/Humans because they want to get bloodied (below 50% hp). Balance in All Things: Enemies take +10% damage while above 50% health, while the wearer takes +10% damage while above 50% health. Girdle of Mortal Protection (Midgame quest) Of Constitution: Great for tanks, +2 Constitution Mortal Protection: 15% of incoming Crits converted to Hits The Maker's Own Power (Dropped during Bounty - Torkar) The King of Belts. Really good to prevent the wearer from dying. Absolutely insane with Paladins Sacred Immolation. Grants Reforge the Flesh upon becoming Near Death (1/rest) Reforge the Flesh: Paralyzed, +10 Health Restored per 1.0 sec, -85% Damage taken for 12.0 sec Wrought : +1 Might. Shaped by the Hammer: +1 Crush Armor Rating. Edit: Made some changes based on feedback. WIll do more when I have time.
  14. Riposte Tank - Trickster/Bleak Walker Click the video below for a more detailed look at the build Showcase video Steam Guide Follow me on twitch >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Combat Showcase Timestamp <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Overview: This build is designed to be a resolve based dodge/riposte tank which utilizes the rogue passive Riposte and the enchant ability of the great sword Whispers of the Endless Path to counter attack when an opponent misses you in melee. It relies on a lot of deflection based passives, items and buff+-/debuff spells to mitigate damage taken in melee by making the opponent miss. It has very low constitution and is therefore bit weak to magic and ranged damage compared to other tank builds, but makes up for it by having the added damage from going 2 handed. I haven't tested it yet but the build should be able to solo on PotD. Bleak Walkers favored disposition is Aggressive and Cruel but you can make this build work with other Orders aswell. Update: Trickster recieved some buffs in patch 1.2.0. It shouldnt affect the build path just makes Trickster stronger. Rogue Trickster Gaze of the Adragan Guile Cost 3 -> 2. Trickster Wall of Many Colors Guile Cost 4 -> 3. Trickster Sneak Attack penalty -20% Damage -> -10%. Trickster now also acquires wizard illusion spells at PL 2, 4, 6, and 8. Eliminating Blow only applies Shaken to secondary targets, as suggested by its upgrade string. Attributes: Might 10 Constitution 5 Dexterity 14 Perception 14 Intellect 15 Resolve 19 Role: Main/offtank, Offhealer/buffs, AoE damage dealer The build offers a lot of utility to the party in addition to beeing a tank by buffing and healing your team while debuffing enemies. Race: Human or Hearth Orlan. Both have bonus Resolve and racial passives that increases damage. Level progression: Level 1: Lay on Hands/Crippling strike Level 2: Deep Faith Level 3: Backstab Level 4: Dirty fighting/Zealous Aura Level 5: Two handed style Level 6: Inspiring Triumph Level 7: Riposte/Glorious Beacon Level 8: Hands of Light Level 9: Eternal Devotion Level 10: Finishing blow/Zealous aura upgrade (Exalted charge?) Level 11: Persistent Distraction Level 12: Scion of Flame Level 13: Elimination Blow/Enduring Beacon Level 14: Uncanny Luck Level 15: Deep Wounds Level 16: Improved Critical/Virtous Triumph Level 17: Divine Purpose Level 18: Retribution Level 19: Deathblows/Sacred Immolation Level 20: Stoic Steel Skills: Max intimidate for Casità Samelia's Legacy Passive Mix stealth/Athletics Weapon Proficiencies: Great Sword N/A. Just choose other two handers Pros: High damage for a tank build Can work as an off-healer Buffs/Debuffs High AoE damage Cons: Weak to ranged and magic damage due to low constitution Equipment/Gear: Priority is to max the deflection as high as possible to proc Riposte and Offensive Parry. There is quite a lot of gear you can pickup before endgame but I will list best in slot items Weapons: Whispers of the Endless Path with Offensive Parry enchant Equipment: Helm - Whitewitch Mask : +1 Illusion Power levels, Ryngrim's Enervating Terror, Ryngrim's Repulsive Visage when bloodied Neck - Claim and Refusal Modal ability: +10% damage taken from Melee attacks, +15 damage with Melee attacks Chest - Casità Samelia's Legacy +Deflection that increases with Intimidate skill Ring 1 - Entonia Signet Ring Entonia Signet Ring: +3 All Defenses when Engaged (Stack 5 times) Ring 2 - Ring of Focused Flame 10 accuracy with fire attacks Boots - Boots of the Stone +1 Dexterity, +1 Resolve, Resistance to Might afflictons Belt - The Maker's Own Power Reforge the flesh; The wearer transforms into a stationary pillar of steel, reducing incoming damage and restoring health Gloves - Gatecrashers Slugger: +2 Might, 50% chance to knock targets down on Critical Hit/Reeling Blow: Cone attack that pushes and stuns target (2 per rest) or Onepahua's Strength +2 Might, + 2 Intimidate Cloak - Cloak of Greater Deflection +7 Deflection Pet - Nalvi (Dog): Reduce recover Penalty for armor (varies by type) - Party Wide Consumables: Coral Snuff +10% action speed, +5 Deflection, +5 Reflex for 180 sec Grog (Deadfire) +15% Damage with Melee attacks, -1 Dexterity Potion of Improved Arcane Reflection (Against Casters) Potion of Insubstantial Form (Against Melee) Core Abilities: Faith and Conviction: +All defenses scales with disposition Enduring Beacon: Blind enemies, + Deflection Sacred Immolation: AoE DoT around caster Mirrored Image: + Deflection buff Riposte: Counterattack when opponent misses in melee Offensive Parry (Whispers of the Endless Path enchant): Counterattack when opponent misses in melee
  15. Sword Bearer of Endless Whispers May Berath have mercy on my enemies , I won't !Mild Spoiler! I apologize in advance for the watermark, basically this is an unbuffed (aside from hot razor skewers buff and some passives) solo encounter https://youtu.be/b64hixy86mk Multi-Class Build: Barbarian/Fighter Sub-classes: No sub-class (Recommended for non-solo), Devoted: Great-sword (Optional for theme Purposes) Table of Contents Overview Blessings & Legacy Choices Stats Skills Abilities Equipment Playstyle(TBA) Overview Relentless and unfaltering we bring the story of the great keep upon each swing of our blade- Lyn Col'ien As the build suggests we will focus on the whispers of endless path Make sure you have reforged it it Periki's Overlook you can get the blade via combining the shards of "Whispers of Yenwood" and "Blades of endless paths whilst paying 3000CP to the said blacksmith. Take the upgrades Bladeform and Spinning Assault Respectively Berath's Blessing Required: Champion Stats: +2 to all Stats Bonus Skills: +2 to all Skills Bonus Money: 50,000 & 5,000 respectively Special Merchant (Optional) Others: Optional, but if i my recommend considering you still have achievement point to spare Sails Upgrade: For Naval Combat Surviivability Explored Map: Navigation and strategic Purposes Fine Equipment: its a good Start Pillar's of Eternity Legacy Choices: Effigy's Resentment & Gift of the Machine (Regained at Hasongo according to wiki, for that extra boost.) I did not take these for Diplomatic and role-playing reasons, whether you take these abilities are up to your discretion Race: Island Aumaua (+2 Might and no waddling in some terrain during combat for that relentless drive) Background: Deadfire Archipelago (+1 Dexterity and Unique Dialogue, good pair for Island Aumaua The Prodigal Child returns to the land once called home Base Stats Might: 16 + 2 (Aumaua) Constitution:10 Dexterity: 15 + 1 (Deadfire Archipelago Background) Perception: 16 Intellect: 14 Resolve: 4 Bearing the great-sword with fervor the watcher Strikes with speed, power & accuracy This Distribution is balanced for a relentless and tempered brute, good damage and area of effect. For the low resolve and base Constitution will be discussed below, as for the decent dexterity and perception are for dialogue purposes and for frequent and reliable attacks. Recommended Skills Active Mechanics: Mechanics is GOD Stealth: if you don't have a companion for solo invest some on this skill Alchemy: a few points, it can be temporary to enhance the effects of "Ripple Sponge" for the magistrate's cudgel 15 Resolve Check Paired; +2 Rice Wine, +2 Eviee, + 2 "Token Faith"+2 "Boots of Stone" +1 "Ring of solitary Wanderer" Athletics" SECOND WIND !!! Passive: Diplomacy: if you're one those goody-goodies (like me) or just want to avoid some pointless fights and such Survival: Dialogue checks and for a cape, will be discussed below History: More dialogue checks Metaphysics: a few dialogue checks also if you want a peaceful end to a certain sea dragon, or not "Mestre Dragonslayer" Insight: you have guessed it more dialogue checks or observation skills during conversations Streetwise: always helps in a pinch or two or three wise as she was powerful with the voice of a hundred souls and the skills to show for it Steps you don't have to follow it to the letter, experiment if you want to fit your play style Fighter Ability Tree( Level 16) Barbarian Ability Tree( Level 16) Level I: Core Barbarian: Frenzy Carnage Core Fighter: Constant Recover If Devoted sub-class Great-sword Level II: +1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy Fighter: Disciplined Barrage if you're not on solo run you can focus on Alchemy or Athletics instead Level III: +1 Mechanics, +1 Insight Fast Runner: can be Knockdown early on for crowd control Level IV: +1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy Barbarian: Barbaric Blow: Nothing like a good'ole swing that hit harder with greater Aoe Fighter: Fighter Stances(Cleaving Stance): Barbaric Blow + Near Death Enemy + Cleaving Stance = i let you picture out Two-Handed Style: 15% Damage for 2-Handed Weapons (you can replace this for one of the upper 2 for this level) Level V: +1 Alchemy, +1 Metphysics Two-Handed Style: 15% Damage for 2-Handed Weapons Level VI-VIII: +2 Mechanics, +1 Insight, +1 Metaphysics, +1 Athletics, +1 Diplomacy Fighter: Tactical Barrage: very important for +1 all Power levels and +5 Intellect for carnage AoE and ability duration Confident Aim: not needed if you're confident with your accuracy Rapid Recovery: Because, why not Thick Skinned: +1 Armor Rating against Slash,Pierce & Crush Accurate Carnage: if you want more accuracy for carnage not 100% recommended for now Level IX: +1 Alchemy, +1 Diplomacy Fighter: Determination: Defense against Perception,Intellect and Constitution Afflictions Frisk would be so proud Level X: +1 Stealth, +1 Insight Fighter: Charge: the fun can finally begin Barbarian: Wild Sprint: No engagement, +5 Dexterity & 100% Stride if you don't want to invest in stealth just do the talk while stealth trick does work on solo run considering your alone and such Frenzy + Tactical Barrage + Wild Sprint + Charge on crowd + Empower + Barbaric Blow + Cleaving Stance that is still without the buffs Level XI: +1 Mechanics +1 Metahysics Fighter: Weapons Specialization: 10% Damage for Proficient Weapons Level XII:+1 Alchemy, +1 Diplomacy Fighter: Unstoppable Barbarian: Unflinching Level XIII: +1 Mechanics, +1 Metaphysics Fighter: Mob stance: it is like cleaving stance but with faster action speed for each unfortunate soul to ever cross your path Barbarian: Barbaric Smash: what's that after crushing the enemies with the combo you also regain rage, poor things Or Crushing Blow: an extra move fore every combo kill in play will make your enemies' day, their last that is Level XIV:+1 Mechanics, +1 Diplomacy Fighter: Armored Grace: Every enemy can die if you hit them fast enough, bring out the brigantine Level XV: +1 Alchemy, +1 Insight Situational Uncanny Luck: not much but its something especially with decent perception and tactical Barrage Tough: Die a little slower basically Superior Deflection: a little defense goes a long way if you haven't gotten the other Fighter: Unstoppable Barbarian: Unflinching Level XVI Fighter: Reaping Whirlwind: More Discipline = More Charge Barbarian Ram Sprint: Good CC Proc on Crit Lion Sprint: for good guarantee for Crit with Great Increase is accuracy in Next Attack Triggering Gatecrasher Equipment Equipment: Early Game (Remember the stealth conversation trick to sneak past well guarded non-hostile caches, the Tab button reveal interactibles by default) Credits to @lunattic for well-supplied merchant item info Gloves If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for Gauntlets of Ogre Might(1375 CP): +2 Might, if you want before you head to to the engwithan dig site but i replaced it with the accuracy one Gauntlets of Accuracy: +3 Accuracy, You can get them in the ancient training hall, Ancient Engwithan Dig site on First Map if you took port maje first Swordsman's Bracers: 10% Hits to Grazes taken by melee, you can steal them from the crate behind the merchant Boots If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for Boots of Speed: for fast stride in solo or stealth Boots of Stone: Since you don't have unflinching yet the resistance bonus and a +1 Resolve really Helps Shore-walker Sandals: +1 Resolve & 20%Stride, if you don have the merchant, these are good early boots Belt If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant go for Troll Hide Belt(775 CP): 1 HP Regeneration per 6 Seconds, not much but a welcome bonus for the blank belt slot, you also get via loot early on but still Girdle of Mortal Protection(1775 CP): +2 Constitution, 20% of Crits to Hit taken, Good defensive capabilities but i chose Troll hide Weapon Fine Great Sword: Decent early-game weapon you must get those fragments fixed after going to Neketaka Fine Arquebus/Arbalest/Crossbow: although arquebus is preferred due to damage, if you aren't a devoted fighter sub-class they make for a good opening shot or you can take their regular counterparts if you dot have the corresponding blessing Cape/Cloak If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for Cloak of Greater Deflection(775 CP): +7 Deflection (melee combat damage mitigation by decreasing the state of damage by one level if successful) Cloak of Greater Defense(775 CP): +10 Fortitude,Reflex & Will or you can go with a cloak that you might be able to loot from the Old Battleground or Burial Mound on the first map, luck is needed sometimes in RNG Armor Fine Breastplate Fine Leather Armor or you can take their regular counterparts if you dot have the corresponding blessing Rings: you can loot these early on from the Old Battleground or Burial Mound on the first map, luck is needed sometimes in RNG Ring of Overseeing(400 CP): +10% AOE, better carnage and other aoe dependent skills although there might not be much this early perhaps scrolls (needs 1-3 Arcana) Minor Ring of Deflection Minor Ring of Protection Gaun's Pledge: if you don't have some potions can help with your survivability early on Helmet: if you aren't a God-like Death Maw: being near a killed enemy grants temporary damage reduction, a nice early on bonus Amulet If you have the well-supplied traveling merchant you can go for Amulet of Greater Health(1075): +25 Max Health Wise Teeth Necklace: +1 Intellect, History, Insight from the encounter in the first island located just before the Old Battleground Protective Eothasian Charm: +1 Perception and a really good Regen & DR ability that activates in near death, must rest to recharge skill from the hidden cache in on the well in the middle of Gorecchi Street, Port Maje Equipment: Mid-Game(Neketaka an Beyond) Gloves Gate Crusher Gloves: +2 Might, Knock down on critical hit in melee & grants "Reeling Blows" good crowd control skill 2/2 Per Rest the knockdown procreation of your gloves go really well with you combo and the cc skill with the extra might is an added bonus Sold by Wanika at Queen's Berth Belt The Undying Burden: +1 Athletics, +2 Constitution, Grants Second Wind & a scaling Damage reduction as health decreases 30% Max you really can't have too much second wind, Sold in Delver's Row by Imuani Rings Ring of Solitary: +1 Resolve, -35% debuff duration, Perfect for and independent vanguard or Solo run Looted from Bount-Pirakau, encounter located at 26* 58'S 45* 9' E well its better it you just browse the map especially if you the explored world map blessing Chameleon's Touch: +1 Random Attribute & Skill, Dependent on class Looted from Bounty-Nomu the Marauder, encounter located in the me island as neketaka Ring of Overseeing: +10% Aoe, Still a good choice Amulet Baubles and Fin: +1 Constitution & Intellect, +5% Damage 6.5M Aura A reward for the (Peaceful Preferably) resolution of "Broodmother's Fury" in Tikawara Wise Teeth Necklace: +1 Intellect, History, Insight from the encounter in the first island located just before the Old Battleground Protective Eothasian Charm: +1 Perception and a really good Regen & DR ability that activates in near death, must rest to recharge skill from the hidden cache in on the well in the middle of Gorecchi Street, Port Maje Helmet Heaven's Cacophony: +2 Intellect +1 Religion, also Grants a 2/2 Knockback Stun and Shock Retaliation Skill The extra skills granted are really helpful for situational enemies who are immune to slash and pierce the increase in buff duration and aoe due to the Intellect +2 Bonus does wonders for your build, the +1 Religion is just a little extra to match the theme of the helm Armor: you current fine armor should be good enough if you find/loot/stole an exceptional/ superb Counter part replace it right away but if yo can spare the funds go for Cloak Ruata's Walking Cloak: +1 Diplomacy & Survival, +5 Reflex +20% Stride(Scales with Survival) Obtained as a reward for Eulogy for the Dead Garari Cuirass Sold by Ernezzo in Delver's Row Weapon: The Whispers of endless Paths Equipment: Mid-Late Game found as a drop on the dead guard fanatic in the forgotten catacombs (be careful of Fampyr Charms) sold by the merchant at crookspur Play Style https://youtu.be/chQ-7oOoxIk a bit harder encounter compared to the xaurips, buffed with "lumious adra potion, arcanist balm for +4 Alchemy" Taru-Taru Chew +5 to Might,Dexterity & Constitution higher level encounter with levels higher than that of my current watcher (The Steel Preacher Encounter) https://youtu.be/k55xi8-JraU Start of Combat Tactical Barrage: For concentration,aware and acute Lion Sprint: For nimble, +15 Accuracy, Immunity to Engagement. you can now barbarian Frenzy or retreat to safer distance with speed bonus and apply more buffs Charge the the farthest yet softest enemy if available e.g. Priest etc. pause a moment to let enemies catch up Barbaric Smash the enemy killing it regaining rage whilst also applying cleaving stance and Boosted Carnage to the enemy at this Point us spinning assault then charge to another enemy regardless to keep the momentum flowing Barbaric smash near death enemies and finish them off At this point feel free to use your remaining resources to end the fight, if you lacking health this build focuses on dr reduction and speed yet you will have two "second wind" one from basic athletics and one from " the undying burden" Conclusion: if you find yourself lacking in early game don't be afraid to take on some drug, potions and scrolls until you get the core abilities you need to run enemies through.
  16. Does anyone have good recommendations for grimoires that synergise well with certain subclasses? I am struggeling to find a good book for my illusionist wizard, once I realized she could not use many of the spells in them. (Conjuration and Enchanting) Shows a bit the weak side of the grimoire system. Currently I am using Leofwyn's Grimoire. It has 10x Evocation Spells, 2x Illusion Spells, 2x Transmutation Spells, 2x Enchanting Spells, 2x Conjuration Spells So not optimal because of 4 wasted slots, but other grimoires I've inspected so far seem to have more spells I cannot use. The whole thing is a bit confusing if you ask me. Edit: Found a pretty good one for Illusionist Wizards around lvl 15. (tough quest) Arkemyr's Illuminating Discoveries
  17. Hey, I was wondering if I could get some advice for a possible cleric build, I was thinking about Berath/Devoted or Magran/Evoker, I'm pretty new to the PoE world and was wondering if someone could provide some advice, I will say I don't really care if the this is min/max as for my first playthrough I find myself more interested in learning the game and the story. Please let me know! Thanks!
  18. Hey Adventures! I was busy playing the Beta over the past weekend and I was having difficulty sorting out my Build. Do I multiclass? do I single class? So I put together a short guide explaining the pros and cons of multiclassing. Many of these things you won't find out if you don't go look, and some are explained by the developers in their Dev Diaries, but if you missed them it can be overwhelming. So, without further ado, here is the guide: https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-multiclassing-guide/ If you prefer video, over reading, here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFUZf1eakBE Feedback is appreciated Cas
  19. Cipher: A beginner's guide to GUNMAGE Introduction This guide merely exists as an example on how to build a ranged Cipher, and isn't strictly the only way to build one. As such it may a bit wordy here. This guide is intended for Path of the Damned, but there's no reason why it couldn't work on lower difficulties. Races Personally the race choice doesn't really matter too much, though some races are a lot more useful than others. Wood Elf is the race chosen for this build, it doesn't hurt to explore the other races as some can possibly offer more. Human A ranged Cipher typically want to avoid damage whenever possible, so the Human's racial ability isn't particularly something you want to rely on, and the ability itself is pretty weak compared to what the Godlikes have to offer. On the other hand, unlike Godlikes, you can still wear a hat which may be significant. Wood Elf Typically the race of choice for a ranged Cipher, since just by being 4m away from an enemy you'll gain damage and accuracy bonuses. This does however restrict your power selection a tad bit, as you'll most likely want to avoid powers that move you close to an enemy, such as Ringleader. Pale Elf Resistances to burn and cold damage is never a bad thing. Cold damage resistance in particular is very helpful when dealing with Shades early in the game. Both types are also very useful to have in Cragholdt as the numerous casters in the area favor those two elements. Overall, I'd say its a pretty strong pick. Mountain Dwarf Poison and Disease resistances are alright I guess. Most of these types of attacks usually come from melee attacks, however enemy Druids are very trigger happy with spells of these types. Its not a bad choice for a melee Cipher, but for a ranged I'd probably look at other options. Boreal Dwarf Accuracy bonuses to Wilders and Primordials is actually better than you think, since a lot of the most dangerous enemies in the game are of these types! Adragans and Ogre Druids are among these, and we all know how much of a pain those two are. Coastal Aumua Not too many enemies will be using Prone attacks on a Cipher, assuming you're able to keep them away from melee attackers. Ranged Stuns though can come from Cean Gŵla, Greater Wind Blights and a majority of enemy Druids. Stun however is mostly deadly for frontliners due to their greatly reduced Deflection, though it is an annoying status effect as a whole. Island Aumua An extra weapon set can provide some utility. One strategy is to equip two guns and fire one shot from each to generate a large amount of Focus and then switch to 3rd faster attacking weapon like a War Bow. Obviously if you plan on taking advantage of their weapon sets, you'll want the Quick Switch talent to minimize the amount of time you take swapping weapons around. Overall, this race's usefulness ultimately hinges on your play style; personally I think an extra weapon slot is quite useful. Hearth Orlan An excellent race, Ciphers love crits and this race helps increase your chances of getting them. Not much else to add really, enjoy getting those crits! Wild Orlan Getting a bonus to all defenses upon being hit by a Will attack is pretty good, as enemy casters (In particular other Ciphers) will likely aim their spells at you. This will also work on fear auras which can be very useful when fighting dragons or drakes. Nature Godlike Functionally, their ability is similar to a Human's, though it packs much more of a punch. You do lose the ability to use a helmet though. Death Godlike Death's Usher is a pretty good damage dealing talent when paired up with damage over time effects or AoE. The Cipher however does have a fairly limited number of them available. Its still a pretty good race overall though. Moon Godlike Blah blah Silver Tide. This ability is great on any class and Cipher is no exception. Fire Godlike These make very potent melee Ciphers... but since we're talking about ranged... they're not really an option. Attributes The attribute spread I would recommend is: MIG 18 DEX 18 CON 3 PER 18 INT 18 RES 3 With Deadfire Archipelago - Drifer chosen as the back ground. This is min/maxed of course and isn't always the optimal spread, as such you may choose to add extra CON or RES to help with your squishiness. Just a few guidelines though: Might A primary stat for the Cipher and one of the most important. Might affects all damage you deal, and as Ciphers are designed to primarily deal damage, this is obviously important. Perhaps more important however is that the amount of Focus you gain is directly based on the amount of damage you deal. As such, the higher your Might, the more Focus you'll generate with each attack, making this stat perhaps even more important to the Cipher than it is to any other class. Dexterity Dexterity affects your attack speed and casting speed. With the 3.0 changes, Ciphers don't have as many powerful slow casting powers as they used to, so this stat is slightly less important. Its still however very useful for Focus generation as this will affect your attack speed with your weapons, and faster attacks means quicker Focus generation. Constitution Extra endurance never hurts as damage is ultimately unavoidable. A ranged Cipher though will most likely opt to dump this, as if they're getting swarmed they're gonna die regardless of how much Endurance they have. Perception Accuracy is paramount for a Cipher, as missing or grazing with your weapon is extremely costly as it'll have a powerful effect on your Focus gain. Also a lot of the Cipher's powers have much shorter duration than the spells coming from a Wizard or Druid, as such Ciphers value crits a lot for their duration bonus. With high perception it becomes significantly easier to score crits with your various powers. Keep in mind that the value of this stat decreases as you get further in game; especially if you have a Priest. Intelligence As mentioned above, the duration of powers is a little on the short side compared to spells. Having a high Int though, will make your powers have much longer durations. Int also affects the AoE size, however Ciphers do not have too many AoE powers, and some of them like Mind Lance or Mind Blades, are unaffected by Int. Resolve A lot of what I mentioned in Con also applies to Resolve. It should be noted though that Resolve will have an effect on concentration. If you plan on running low Resolve, consider making Potions of Spirit Shield when fighting enemies that utilize a lot of interrupting effects (Such as the Ogre Druid's Insect Plague). Talents I recommend the following: 2 - Biting Whip 4 - Draining Whip 6 - Penetrating Shot 8 - Weapon Focus: Ruffian 10 - Apprentice's Sneak Attack 12 - Gunner or Outlander's Frenzy 14 - Marksman You can of course take them in any other order you choose. Or even take other talents, just a "quick" rundown on them: Psychic Backlash and Brutal Backlash Enemy Ciphers commonly pack these two, which is part of the reason they're annoying. These two talents though are highly situational, so its hard to recommend giving up a talent slot for these. I am almost certain these do however work on fear auras, which would make them very useful when dealing with dragons and drakes. Biting Whip Probably a given, but being able to hit harder equates to more Focus generated, so you will always want to grab this. Draining Whip Another obvious one to take, as this will increase the amount of Focus you generate with your attacks. Greater Focus The main reason to grab this is the fact that it can increase your starting Focus, which means its possible to use your higher level powers at the start of combat. This is especially useful during early game as your starting Focus pool is very small. Late game however, you'll have much more sizable Focus pool, as such this power may be slightly less useful depending on your playstyle. Weapon Focus Accuracy boosts are always welcome. Once you've decided on the weapon you want for your build, you'll want to grab the appropriate talent. Marksman For ranged Ciphers you get another accuracy boost to play with. Envenomed Strike Not a bad talent actually, the raw damage is very strong. However, its hard to justify picking this over other talents. If you have a free talent slot though, by all means go ahead and grab this. Gunner If you plan on using a firearm (And not swapping weapons) this talent is a must-have. Reloading is the bane of any gun user, and being able to quicken it is always a welcomed ability. Dangerous Implement Implements aren't very good at generating Focus, however you may want to use them when dealing with pierce immunes. One weapon however worth considering is the Golden Gaze, which hits multiple times and generates a solid amount of Focus. If you want to use that, then you'll want this of course. Beast Slayer/Primal Bane/Ghost Hunter/Sanctifier/Wilder Hunter They're not bad talents but they're very situational. You could grab one of these and pair them up with a camping bonus to get a huge bonus against one type of enemy, but still you usually have better choices to pick. If you had to grab one of these though, I would say Ghost Hunter is the best choice, as Spirits are incredibly common and are very dangerous. Interrupting Blows Compared to other classes, Ciphers are actually terrible at generating Interrupts, so I wouldn't recommend this. Penetrating Shot The ability to ignore DR means you'll be able to deal a lot more damage. This is especially important in PotD, as a majority of enemies have good DR values. Bloody Slaughter Not a bad talent actually, typically you use this to power up DoT or AoE effects. You could however fire an attack at a enemy low on endurance and generate a slightly larger amount of Focus. This ability also works with Death's Usher, so a Death Godlike with this ability can be quite fearsome on low Endurance enemies. Snake's Reflexes/Bear's Fortitude/Bull's Will/Superior Deflection A bonus to defenses is always welcomed. Grabbing these if you have talent slots to spare if often a very good idea. Quick Switch Swapping around weapon sets brings a lot of utility to your Cipher. If you plan on swapping around weapons a lot, this talent is a must-have. Otherwise you can probably ignore this. Its worth noting there's also a belt in the game that has this talent on it, which can allow you avoid using this on a talent slot. Apprentice's Sneak Attack An easy way to boost damage. You should ideally be setting up the conditions for this to kick in, especially since a lot of the Ciphers powers are good at doing this. Outlander's Frenzy This is a very potent talent, giving you a damage boost and attack speed boost, which can do wonders with your Focus generation. Keep in mind though that the attack speed boost does not stack with Time Parasite, and if you're using a Gun, this will do nothing to your reloading animation. Powers Finally we hit the section we've been waiting for, the Powers. There's gonna be a lot to cover here, of course first up we have the one my build uses: 1st - Antipathetic Field, Mind Wave, Soul Shock, Whisper of Treason 2nd - Mental Binding, Phantom Foes, Psychovampiric Shield, Recall Agony 3rd - Ectopsychic Echo, Secret Horrors, Soul Ignition 4th - Body Attunement, Pain Block, Silent Scream, Wild Leech 5th - Borrowed Instinct, Tactical Meld, Detonate 6th - Amplified Wave, Disintegrate 7th - Time Parasite 8th - Reaping Knives, Defensive Mindweb And of course I'm gonna sum them all up, hoo boy. Lets get started. 1st-level Powers Antipathetic Field This is a very powerful tether based power, dealing more damage than the Wizard's Ray of Fire! Its does have the limitation of being forced to move around to position it, plus you must avoid getting your allies caught in it as this will destroy them in no time flat. Eyestrike Blind is a very powerful status effect and being able to freely use it in each encounter makes this extremely useful during the early parts of the game. This also affects Will as well, which a lot of enemies during Act 1 have a low value in that area. If you have a Wizard or Druid though, this power does become less useful during a skirmish they may decide to toss out a spell or once Spell Mastery is available, as their sources of blind are much more effective overall. Mind Wave Knocking a group of enemies Prone has a lot of applications, especially if you run a lot of other casters. It can help with being swarmed and it can allow Reflex and Deflection based attacks land much easier. Soul Shock A potent and extremely spammable AoE power. It deals decent damage and has no affect on your own allies. This power alone will decimate a majority of early game encounters. I find myself using it less later in the game, but its still a pretty good AoE attack, especially if you have someone running the Stormcaller. Tenuous Grasp Its very hard to recommend this over Whisper of Treason now, due to its average cast speed and less powerful overall effect. The Frightened effect though has a very long duration, which can really help out with landing a majority of your powers. Whisper of Treason The signature move of a Cipher and with good reason too, as this power is just incredible now. It has a fast cast speed and it also inflicts Charmed which has numerous applications. A Charmed target will distract enemies, and also attack them too. Charm also lowers all defenses by 25 points, which makes them very easy to kill. 2nd-level Powers Amplified Thrust Much like Soul Shock, another early and powerful source of damage. This power though gets outclassed a tad bit quicker than Soul Shock though as you start to get more powerful weapons and powers. Mind Blades A decent AoE power, this move does less damage than Soul Shock however, but it does affect a much broader area. Mental Binding Paralysis is an excellent effect and is a good way to stop a dangerous enemy in its tracks. Paralysed enemies also make the best Focus generation targets. As such an ideal use of this power would be to open with it and then fire a shot at them and generate a huge chunk of Focus in return. Another thing that makes this power really stand out is that any enemies near the paralysed target get inflicted with Stuck, making this useful even for controlling groups. Its duration though is very short, but its still there. Phantom Foes This power has a very long duration and a very large radius. Its very useful for triggering Sneak Attacks, especially in areas where setting up flanks is difficult due to the narrow space, like a lot of indoor battles. However, this does get suppressed by other afflictions that lower Deflection, including Blind. Psychovampiric Shield Oh hey I wrote about this recently. Copy/Paste +25 Deflection is pretty nice, but I've always preferred this Power for its -10 Resolve. -10 Resolve from Psychovampiric Shield is a great way to lower an enemy's deflection and will defense. It also lowers their Concentration as well which great for Interrupting. This also doesn't get suppressed from Miasma of Dull Mindness which means you can get a -16 Resolve on one enemy target. It also doesn't get suppressed by Wild Leech either which could potentially lead to a very tasty -20 Resolve, however Wild Leech does pick a random attribute so it isn't exactly reliable Wild Leech doesn't get suppressed by Miasma either, so in theory you could stack all three and potentially get an incredible -26 Resolve! But I haven't actually tested it, and it would be difficult to test since Wild Leech is so random. Recall Agony The Cipher's equivalent Combusting Wounds, though it unfortunately only affects a single target. Functionally though, you would use this in the same manner as you would use Combusting Wounds by pairing it with a lot quick rapid hitting attacks. This power also stacks with Combusting Wounds, though ticks from Combusting Wounds won't trigger any damage from this and vice versa. 3rd-level Powers Ectopsychic Echo The most famous (infamous?) power in the Cipher's arsenal. Much like Antipathetic Field, this power deals enormous amount of damage, rivaling the likes of the Wizard's Bitter Mooring! However what makes this power even better is that you can tether to an ally with it, and this power has no friendly fire attached, making it much more user friendly. Attaching this to a melee character at the start of a combat and having him move around behind the enemy lines is an effective use of the power, and can potentially make this the Cipher's best source of AoE damage even. Fractured Volition This power is a massive debuff to enemy defenses, making it a pretty ideal power to make use of against major targets. If you have other sources of Hobbled and Weakened though, you may want to pass on this. Pain Link Basically the Fire Godlike's racial ability made into a power. Its pretty underwhelming and generally not worth the Focus to cast unless you're up against a really large group, and they're all targeting one character. Puppet Master Whisper of Treason will usually be a better use of Focus since Charmed does nearly the same thing as Dominate, costs significantly less Focus and has a much longer range. Puppet Master does have a few things going for it though; for one it has longer duration than Whisper of Treason. Dominate also doesn't incur a massive penalty to accuracy and defenses like Charmed does, making a Dominated target much more of a potent threat to their own allies. Secret Horrors This power inflicts Sickened and Frightened in a wide area, which excellent for lowering enemy defences. This power is really good if you're packing a lot of casters as this will make Fort-based spells much easier to use. Frightened is also good since it lowers Will, so this power can also work as an accuracy boost for your Cipher. Soul Ignition Strong DoT affect; though it only affects a single target. 4th-level Powers Body Attunement Lowering enemy DR is always a good to have. This is also gives you sizable boost to your own DR which can be handy in some situations. Mind Lance This is a very damaging AoE attack, it is however a line based AoE so you'll most likely have to adjust your positioning in order to avoid damaging your own allies with this. As a line AoE, this also puts it at slight odds with Ectopsychic Echo and Antipathetic Field. Pain Block This is the Cipher's one and only healing power, its a pretty good one though. It heals for a decent amount and also gives a delicious +10 DR to the affected ally. Silent Scream This power may seem less impressive than Mind Lance until you realize that this baby deals Raw damage. Which means it flat out ignores DR, making this an incredibly deadly AoE attack. It also inflicts Stunned on the primary target as well, which you can also use to gain back the Focus you spent on this power too. Wild Leech This power can seem unreliable since it affects a random attribute so you don't have too much control over it. It is however a -10 to a random attribute so the effects will still be felt regardless of what it affects. This also in turn gives you a +10 bonus to random attribute which can be very powerful since it has a fairly good chance of affecting one of your primary attributes. 5th-level Powers Borrowed Instinct What an incredible power. -8 to Intelligence and Perception is pretty dang good, but to add to it you also get all kinds of accuracy and defensive bonuses as well! Ringleader AoE Charmed and Dominate is as good as it sounds. The range of this is painfully short however, so caution is advised when using it. Detonate Yep, that's a lot of raw damage. It also deals a sizable amount of Crush damage should you kill a target with this, making it an incredible source of AoE damage. This does have friendly fire attached, so make sure your allies are either out of range or well defended. Tactical Meld Fairly unerwhelming since Borrowed Instinct is overall a better use of Focus. It is useful as an opening against some of the toughest fights though, where getting Borrowed Instinct to land isn't guaranteed. 6th-level Powers Amplified Wave This deals a decent amount of Crush damage and affects a wide area. The real reason you want to use this though is the fact this also inflicts Prone. Coupled with its massive AoE, this is an excellent CC tool. It does cost an enormous amount of Focus however. Disintegration Quite possibly the most powerful DoT effect in the game, this power deals colossal amounts of raw damage. Mind Plague AoE confuse is pretty good and this power disperses in a wide area too. However 60 Focus is hard to justify for it, especially when you can just use Scrolls of Confusion or even just a Wizard for similar effects. 7th-level Powers Stasis Shell This power can be used to lock out an enemy from combat, they won't be able to take any damage however. This makes it highly situational, and with a 70 Focus cost, its almost not worth even using. Time Parasite A combination of Deleterious Alacrity of Motion and Arduous Delay of Motion. Not a bad combo by any means but it does cost an enormous 70 Focus; but if you're running a Dex heavy build, the benefits can outweigh its cost. 8th-level Powers Reaping Knives One of the best summoned weapons in the game. It deals excellent damage, can be used by martial classes like Monks and each hit with it gives you Focus. Highly recommended if you have a dual wielder of any kind. Defensive Mindweb The best spell for turtling. This is a game changer, as having a Paladin or Fighter in range makes this into a massive defence boost. Suddenly, now your entire party can tank a dragon (Or at least attempt it). Equipment This I confess is an area I'm not very good at. What I typically run though is: Weapon 1: Scon Mica's Roar Weapon 2: Golden Gaze Head: Helm of Darksee Body: Vengiatta Rugia Neck: Talisman of the Unconquerable Hands: Pilferer's Grip Feet: Glanfathan Stalking Boots Waist: Girdle of Maegfolc Might Ring 1: Ring of Protection Ring 2: Ring of Thorns Which decent but I'm sure many of you can think of better builds then that. I won't really delve into this though, as there's a ton of items and I'll be here forever trying to cover them all. So here's a brief list on some other good choices. Weapon 1: Scon Mica's Roar, Lead Splitter, Dulcanale, Fellstroke, Persistence, Stormcaller, The Rain of Godagh Field, Borresaine, Lenas Êr, Stormcaller Weapon 2: Golden Gaze, Pretty Pretty's Rib Head: Helm of Darksee, Hermit's Hat, Stag Helm, Azalin's Helmet, Tempered Helm Body: Vengiatta Rugia, Starlit Garb, Raiment of Wael's Eyes, Angio's Gambeson, just plain boring enchanted Clothing Neck: Talisman of the Unconquerable Hands: Pilferer's Grip, Bracers of All-Consuming Rage, Gauntlets of Swift Action, Gauntlets of Accuracy, Ryona's Vambraces, Gloves of Manipulation, Rabbit Fur Gloves Feet: Glanfathan Stalking Boots, Boots of Speed, Boot of Stealth, Malina's Boots Waist: Girdle of Maegfolc Might, Broad Belt of Power, Sentinel's Girdle, Belt of Stelgaer, Coil of Resourcefulness Rings: Ring of Protection, Ring of Thorns, Ring of Searing Flames, Ring of Unshackling, Pensiavi mes Rèi, Sigil of the Arcane, Frigid Claim, Bartender's Ring Conclusion I have probably missed a TON of things. So go yell at me for anything I missed or anything I may be unaware of.
  20. Hello fellow GNU/Linux GOGers! As you most probably know GOG does now provide patches for Linux games. Which is great, they’re quick to download and easy to apply so you might think it would be the end of my work on unofficial patches. At least that’s what I thought… As you most probably noticed, especially if you have a poor Internet access, GOG does *not* provide patches for The White March, Part 1, and you’re stuck downloading the whole ~2.8 GiB each time it gets updated. Well, you don’t need to do it anymore Like I did previously with the base game, I’m now building patches for its extension, and I’ll keep doing it until GOG takes care of this themselves. So you just need to go to the following page for download links and instructions: unofficial patches for Pillars of Eternity Your feedback is welcome here, as well as your thanks, calls for help, reminders I’m late for a patch, etc. I hope your bandwidth will like the work I put into these patches
  21. About two years ago, I played Pillars Of Eternity, just as it came out. I did not get very far: I kept dying, the mechanics were obscure, the quests confusing. So I stopped playing. I started again. I am glad I did: the patches have improved the game massively. Send this "guide" to some friends who thought it was nice so here it is: Anything I missed or that is inaccurate? Please let me know. Thus, have some Pillars of Eternity advise… In no order whatsoever. Character build is a min/max exercise. The above guide is good at giving you ideas. Personally, I play ciphers. If I had to chose another class, I'd go Wizard or Paladin. Chanter sounds great but all you do is chant… So, pick races and background that give you bonus to your class. Most state tests are 12+, 16+, and 18+ so getting as many things at 16 is a plus. Don't hesitate to dump state(s) to 3. Look at your companions, you need the following three as they are recurring in the next game: Eder, Aloph, and Pallegina. The first two, are nearly your first companions. The last one, you get after Act I. There are no quest markers but every journal entry for the quest tells you where to go. Read lore. It is a very rich world and you'll get quickly lost without it. All your items can be enchanted. This is the way to True Power. So, look at it all and get the basic ingredients -- even if it means buying them. You can do that at any time from the equipment screen: select an item, it's at the bottom of the description. Feel free to buy magical gear if you have spare cash. I prefer to buy ingredients and enchant. Find/buy raw food, cook it, and use it as a way to get massive bonus. There is a cook book. Literally, a cook book! Fill in your quick use slots with stuff to use during combat. You can set all party members to be AI controller. This is nice if you want to just concentrate on what your character is doing. AI does a good job. In fact, you could put all your party (not just the NPCs) as AI controlled and not worry about combat at all. I do not recommend that, but each to its own. In combat, I tend to concentrate on the biggest threat first and mush it. Then, back to the biggest threat left and so on. You can play combat at half speed as well, giving you more time to think. Or you know, pause it? Camping supplies allow you to regenerate abilities (eight hours sleep) and you can buy a few but you will find some as random loot. Always have lock picking sets, crow bars, and grappling hooks. ALWAYS. You can set a pattern in which your party travel: do so. Make sure the tanks are in the front, casters at the back, and supporter in the middle. You can set two: one for outside, one for inside. Some dialogue will have a marker (like "[Diplomat]" or "[Passionate]" or …) at the end. It is well worth picking the same one (or two) over and over again. You build up a reputation using those and get more out of people. Sneak mode is great but slow but you can speed time up. In sneak mode, you can detect traps and hidden things. Use fast mode to travel from A to B when you know there is nothing to fear. There is no level scaling so if you are getting mushed into a thine paste, you are not high level enough. Go back and do more stuff. You earn XPs by doing quests and exploring, not killing monsters. You make money by finishing quests, raiding everything not nailed down, and selling loot. The latter gets massive but your "treasure chest" is accessible form anywhere so you can just keep piling it and sell it later. In addition, your keep generate taxes revenue every so often although you need some of that to pay for the guards that you eventually get there. On the first map, head southwards and explore things there: you get a gun. Sell it, it is useless unless you play a cipher and can enchant it. In fact, sell as much stuff as you can before doing quest things -- hint: it's to the west. When getting to the first first town, avoid talking to anyone or exploring. In the first town, head to the smith (get quests, sell items), then the inn. You get Aloth (the tourette syndrome mage). In the inn, hire a companion (cheap!) then sleep. Who should you hire? Depends on where your weakness lie. They will level with you and can be left at your keep to protect it. This is the cheapest you will EVER get companions. When you wake up, head to the tree again: talk to the dead dwarf and then Eder (the cheerful fighter). Explore Vale to get a few more easy quests: Do them. Now, head back the way you came and explore: Get XPs and levels. You can explore the ruined temple, it is a nice dungeon and has lots of nice stuff inside. However, I would wait till you get Durance and Kana along with your keep. It will make it easier. On the other hand, finding your keep will be harder. Then head to your keep: you will recruit Durance (the mad priest) and Kana (the joyful chanter). Now, you should have a full party. Once you have you keep, start building! Make sure your value and armour are close to each other or you will lose a lot of taxes. I like to keep the armour over the value. Go back to the smith in Vale and sell stuff. From now on, you should have money coming out of your arse. The endless path is a great way to make money fast. However, at one point you will get pounded into thine dust. This is your clue that you are not high level enough. Go off, do other things, and come back later. This is by design! That should get you started. ☺
  22. Hello fellow Debian users, Ubuntu lovers and Mint freaks! Here you’ll find scripts allowing you to build .deb packages from your GOG-provided MojoSetup installer (.sh) of Pillars of Eternity. You can install them through DPKG and remove them through any APT front-end (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.). Scripts and usage instructions can be found on the following page: Pillars of Eternity I hope you’ll enjoy the comfort provided by these scripts as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them
  23. I have played the Druid in so many other RPG´s that it was quite obvious for me that i will give it a try in Pillars of Eternity too. And i must admit: It´s a lot of fun! My aim for the solo druid was to push the power of his spellcasting while still being tanky enough to survive the difficulty settings of PotD. Lets take a closer look! Which Race should i pick? Moon Godlike is one of the best choices. Thanks to the healing waves you can tank and outlast your opponents much better. Wood Elf is a good choice for the better ranged accuracy. Also gives you a little defence against ranged enemies. Boreal Dwarf +15 Bonus vs. Beasts and Primordals can be very helpful Pale Elf +10 resistance to fire and cold is not to be taken lightly. Adjusting your Stats There is no „best build“ in my opinion so you have a little bit of freedom to choose one build that fits your playstyle most. Some examples: Precision Druid----------Swift Druid----------Defender Druid Might 15--------------------Might 15--------------Might 15 Con 10----------------------Con 10----------------Con 10 Dex 10----------------------Dex 15-----------------Dex 10 Per 15-----------------------Per 10-----------------Per 10 Int 18------------------------Int 18------------------Int 18 Res 10----------------------Res 10-----------------Res 15 High Might and Int are nearly essential. You will not only hit harder but your spell area will increase significantly. If you remember how many AoE-spells the druid has this one is a real nobrainer. Dex, Per and Res are more about taste. Do you want to cast faster, hit more often or get tankier? Your choice! Con at 10 is all it needs especially if you are playing Moon Godlike. Personally i prefer the Precision Druid. The reason is quite simple: Unlike Wizards the druid has no spell to boost his accuracy. Missing spells too often can hurt you a lot. The Beast within: Spirit Form Choice I think anything will work. Personally i prefer the Catform for its high attack speed so i can clean up badly wounded enemies really quickly. If you want more tankiness choose the Bear. Fun note: The Spirit Form works great against some tougher opponents. Do you remember the infamous Shadows in the beginning? The Catform will kill them easily with a few swift strikes. Choose your Talents Weapon + Shield Style / Cautious Attack / Superior Deflection: If you are building tanky like this your deflection will jump over 100 around level 11. Thats not too bad and will save your day more than one time. Bull's Will /Snake's Reflexes / Bear's Fortitude: These too can be lifesavers. Just take a look which defenses are in need of an upgrade most. The numbers will also jump over 100 around level 11. Sounds good. Heart of the Storm /Scion of Flames /Secrets of Rime: Giving your elemental spells a better punch (+20%) always looks good. But after the nerfs to some of the druid spells its a good question wether they are worth the point. Personally i still like the talents a lot. Oh, and dont forget the +5 elemental damage reduction bonus. Bonus Spells: Bonus spells can be quite useful in longer fights where you will need any extra portion of power. Just remember that high Dex Druids will get a little bit more benefit as they can cast their extra spells faster. Wildstrike / Weapon Focus Peasant / Two Weapon Style: You want to play a bit more like a Shapeshifter? In this case you should take a closer look at these talents as they give nice bonuses to your wild form. Thinking about Skills Mechanics should be your primary focus. Opening chests and disarming traps is just too good to pass on. Everything else is quite optional – your choice. Its all about Equpiment As a primary weapon i mainly use Hatchet (+5 deflection) + Small Shield (no accuracy penalty). A Hunting Bow like Lenas Er can be quite handy too. If you have to tank a lot you should definetly use any kind of Plate Armour. If your summons are able to tank all night long than Clothes are the better choice: Faster casts = More Damage. Just be careful. With regards to all your Accessories. Do not think about them too much. Just make sure to find any stuff that buffs your primary attributes Might and Int. And always take a closer look at items like Ring of Deflection or Ring of Protection to boost your defensive power. Shod-in-Faith-Boots can later on be a lifesaver in tougher battles. Boots of Speed are quite funny if you want to play hit and run (works great against Thaos too). The power of summons Thanks to the new immunities your summons are now quite powerful. If you use them smartly they will tank like gods giving you an easy time casting your damage spells. Lets take a look: Earth Blight: Slashing + Corrode Flame Blight: Piercing + Fire Rain Blight: Piercing + Shock Wind Blight: Crushing + Frost As you can cast them only in combat its best to start the battle with a heavy CC like Overwhelming Wave. This gives you time to reposition and summon your Blight. Fun note: Have you ever watched big bad Thaos trying to burn down a Flame Blight? Try it on your own - and laugh! Nerf incoming? Fun Note II: Looking for some easy xp? Just kill your own blights! You will get experience as if killing hostile ones. Which Spells are useful? LEVEL 1 Tanglefoot: Nice engagement tool that can give you time for better positioning and summoning. Worth to remember: If you run away far enough some of the hobbled enemies will cancel their engagement so you can minmize their numbers. Natures Mark: Fine debuff with -1 Deflection, -10 Reflexes in a large area. Cast it first and watch them suffering! Sunbeam: Great debuff and burn damage. Blinded enemies will not only miss you more often but they are even easier targets for your own spells. Charm Beast: A gamechanger. Cast it on beasts and watch them fighting each other! Remember the infamous bear cave at the beginning? Thanks to this spell you can clear it at level 2. Talons Reach: Deals quite okay AoE Slash Damage and - the best - its fast cast. Winterwind: A large cone that will deal frost damage (damn nerf). Works great in corridors with lots of enemies. Fun note: The knockback effect will completly immobilize Blights and Will o Wisps so you can easily kill them. Natures Vigor: Okay healing over time. This spell will also increase your maximum endurance by 15 %. Can work nicely in longer fights as long as your enemies do not have burst damage. LEVEL 2 Autumn´s Decay: Great cone spell that will deal corrode damage over time. As corrode damage isnt resisted that often it will hurt most enemies quite a bit. Blizzard: Large AoE that will deal frost damage and reduce attack speed by 20 %. Works best against large and fast attacking enemy groups. Burst of Summer Flame: This spell will deal AoE burn damage. Works nice for finishing enemy groups thanks to its fast casting speed. Conjure Lesser Blight: Great spell – for more info take a look at the „Summons“ section. Hold Beasts: You are surrounded by a pack of beasts and thinking its over? Dont worry! Cast this spell and watch them freezing. Now you have time to turn the fight around and hurt them badly. Works against dragons too – great! Insect Swarm: Fine AoE spell that will deal piercing damage over time. Works nicely in combination with Autumn´s Decay. The -10 concentration will make it easier to interrupt your enemies. Woodskin: Gives you +6 DR against Piercing, Shock and Burn for 15 seconds. Rarely used but quite okay self buff. LEVEL 3 Beetle Shell: If your summons are desperately in need of a shield this might save them. Absorbs 100 points of damage and gives you time for other healing spells. Infestation of Maggots: A tricky spell. Will deal 10 Damage by percentage of health lost over time. This means the more wounded your enemies are the more damage they take. Works great against groups that are already suffering from spells like Autum´s Decay and Insect Swarm. Natures Balm: The healing over time isnt that great but may help you through longer fights. Rarely used. Returning Storm: Great spell that will deal shock damage and stun. As the lightning will continously strike you may be able to stunlock your opponent. Spreading Plague: This spell leaves the primary target Hobbled and Weakened before jumping to 5 other enemies max. Nice debuff that will make it easier to hit your following spells. Twin Stones: The two boulders will deal Crush Damage to any enemy within their path and explode to deal Pierce Damage to all nearby enemies. Quite okay spell against large enemy groups. LEVEL 4 Boiling Spray: Large Cone that will deal burn damage. Works best against large enemy groups. The knockback will immobilze Blights and Will o Wisps. Calling the World’s Maw: Great CC spell that will deal Pierce Damage to enemies and will knock them down. Just remember that there are several opponents that cannot be knocked down. Conjure Blight: For more info take a look at the „Summons“ section. Hail Storm: This icy storm will deal Crush Damage and 25 % Freeze Damage. The huge (!) radius of this spell can hurt dozens of enemies. Moonwell: Nice healing over time and +10 to all defenses. Will help greatly in tougher battles – if you get the time casting it. Overwhelming Wave: Very powerful engagement tool that will not only deal Crush Damage but will stun enemies in its path. Use this time to start your pain train! LEVEL 5 Embrace the Earth-Talon: Powerful spell that will not only deal Pierce Damage but also petrify enemies. Only downside: The duration isnt that long so you will barely be able to hit your enemies more than one time while being petrified. Relentless Storm: Hands down this is one of the best spells in the game. An AoE stun that will continuously strike your enemies? Cast this at the start of an engagement and use the stuns to follow up with damage spells. Works best against dangerous groups of spellcasters like Adragans so they will never get the chance to petrify you. Plague of Insects: This spell is also great as the insects will deal Raw Damage, reduce Concentration and Sicken enemies. Nice followup after Relentless Storm. Firebug: Deals good amount of burn damage and jumps up to 8 times. Feels weaker than the other spells on this level but is quite okay as a finishing move. LEVEL 6: Conjure Greater Blight: For more info take a look at the „Summons“ section. Garden of Life: The healing is only useful when there are plenty of corpses around. Rarely used. Rot Skull: Will change your weapon and let you throw skulls that will deal crushing and AoE corrode damage. Sounds cool but i rarely used it. Sunlance: Good single target piercing + burn damage that works best against tougher opponents in 1vs1 situations. Venom Bloom: The Weakened and Frightened Debuff is great. Only downside: Its duration is very short. Remember, Remember Do not try to burn down a Flame Blight like Thaos! Always take a look at the resistances of your enemies. Positioning is key. Using bottlenecks like doors can save you from many harm! Debuff your enemies to make sure you will land your spells more often! Use your summons for distraction so you get time for your damage spells! Inns will become your best friends as you will run out of spells quite often! The more you eat, the more you get. Or: The power of food buffs. Why i am not using all those traps i have collected?
  24. Hello All, I am making this post because the other post were kind of ended up as a spam, because the edit time is low and i was forced to repost them. Therefor i am starting a new POST where I will have EVERYTHING in Each Post OF its OWN...ACT 1, ACT 2, ACT 3. Everything will be organized and easy to find. If this Guide Helped Please BUMP it =) T Thank you all again for Enjoying this Wonderful Game. ACT 1 A Moment's Respite ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Saving Heodan ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/lmSEVG_YL9s?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Ruins of Cilant Lis ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Dungeon Guide ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/kOBIbepM2eA?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Vengence from the Grave ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ►Different Outcomes ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/Np3-DOw557Q?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Late for Dinner ► Pillars of Eternity ► Act 1 ► Quest Guide ► Saving the Dwaft ► Inn Discounthttps://youtu.be/NDlBrvbquI8?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Against the Grain ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Act 1 ► Quest Guide ► Walkthroughhttps://youtu.be/wWaZq-yb41U?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Buried Secrets ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Act1 ► Quest Guide ► Walkthroughhttps://youtu.be/4fsfnYsv1E0?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Mother's Plea ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Anslog's Compass ► ACT 1 ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/QPGRUVnJIHI?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Smith's Shipment ► Pillars of Eternity ► Gilded Vale ► Black Meadow ► Act 1 ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/YF7jo8_3vN0?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Whispers and Visions ► Gilded Vale ► Valewood ► Act 1 ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/YIn7XHYwzsQ?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza The Old Watcher ► Maerwald ► Pillars of Eternity ► Endless Path of Od Nua 1 ► Caed Nua ► Quest Guidehttps://youtu.be/GyWweTopND4?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Lord of a Barren Land ► Pillars of Eternity ► Raedric's Hold ► Esternwood ► Act 1 ► The Dungeonhttps://youtu.be/oO2gOyoeyGA?list=PLeusrXH_hwph8tkMqpKRX1njMaRY8gbza Complete Quest Guides - Tutorials/Walkthrough - Pillars of Eternity - Act1 - Full Game Review (BETA and Release) - Playlist
  25. Hello Obsidian! I already have a hardback copy of the Pillars of Eternity walkthrough/guide book. The PDF version that is included in the Royal Edition, has it been updated to keep up with changes introduced by patches + The White March expansions + etc., or is it just an identical copy of the hardback in PDF? A pretty straight up question, the answer to which would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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