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  1. Just to make sure I didn't convolute things more, promenade fight is fix but which faction shows up there and which one tries to stop you at the edge of ondra's mortar is dependant on the strongest rival faction that uses the aformentioned string value. On other note, before, I searched only the quests.gaedatabundle file for n_faction_strength and got nice 24 hits, not that much. But while looking through it today I noticed that VTC was missing. So I checked the whole design folder. And well... 85 hits, man, this is gonna be a lot o work.
  2. Hi all! So, a while ago while trying to find a way to save Pallegina from promenade fight as I tried to make VTC my strongest rival (it worked, but, well...), I realised (using unity console) that it has nothing to do with reputation. There is a separate "mechanic" for that. Actually not mechanic per se, more a string value of 1, -1 or (in one instance) +2 value of eg. n_faction_strength_RDC (or Huana etc.). At a certain point, strongest faction that you are not finishing the Ukaizo quest with, gets to be the rival. That is it. Very straightforward...but (there always seems to
  3. Never knew CoS stacks with itself, that's awesome. As for seeker's fang vs rannig's wrath, I also had a rough time deciding. Rannig's thrusting and flurry make it tempting but ultimately DoT from Seeker's fang is a bit better. I just wish it had a bit better 2ND tier upgrade but that might be a bit OP. But I had fun results with changing RW to Rust's Poignard (even with it's lower base dmg) and then switching to fists when enemy is already low on defences. Of course this is useful for bosses as it would be too tedious for others.
  4. Sooo.... Basically me when realising that this might be even more convoluted and I can't test it properly now, as I'm running on the integrated GPU after my dumb a** broke one of the fans while cleaning. So I think, I'll get back to this mess when I finish with sorting the quests that influence the strength of factions for finall taly of strongest rival. PS. Obsidian, seriously, this is the kind basic thing that really should be documented...
  5. Wait, what? I tested it with full attacks and had different results depending which weapon was in OH.
  6. Finally had a moment to check and reply. Obviously you are right, I'll edit the build. EDIT- forgot that it is too late xD I am really glad you are enjoing it and I'll have to try it with dual sabres.
  7. Yes, you are right. During my play and testing it seemed that it's the MH. Especially when turning on/off the rapier modal.
  8. Aaaand again I made some nice discoveries while searching the files. There is a simple string value attached to some quests. They increase the n_faction_strength by 1, -1 or for one RDC quest 2. That's it, nothing too convoluted about it. As I have exams coming up it might take me a moment to write it all but there are basically 24 quest with this string attached. I'll mine it and put it up here and on wiki. Finally it will be solved. Soon.
  9. Hahah, honestly that crossed my mind as she's extremally bitchy in Deadfire. And she was one of my favourites in PoE.
  10. So, I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to prevent Pallegina from showing up with Nirro, Canta Nicese on the last fight on the Promenade fight on Ukaizo. My ending plans are to: 1. Side with Aeldys in honor amongst thieves, have the Floating Hangman and after getting it 2. Side with Huana 3. Go to Dunnage and Kill Aeldys (if she's killed right after getting it, somehow she's resurrected and shows up on Ukaizo, so this is the only way to get Pim as a leader of Principi) 4. VTC is main rival 5. I kill Hazanui by when she attacks when I reject her offer to keep Maia with me 6.
  11. Ah ok. I would't say very OP but not taking it would definately show more of those min/max aspects and make it a bit more vulnerable so it will require some more assist from teammates. If you don't want a OP MC I'd say that not taking them for Veteran should make some cracks in defences, eg. lower Will and Fortitude. Makes sense RP wise as well.
  12. Good things should be advertised And tarn's respite is a great idea for early game. Full -10 Def malus should be achieved rather fast with speed native to this build. Thanks for that.
  13. What exactly you mean by bonus abilities? Like summoning muatu? Or the blade cascade from SE?
  14. As you can see, puns are back. This one is thanks to my lovely SO. And that "u" in the name is no mistake, just a lovely pun, cause you know...he's a shadowdragon, on drugs right? he he he... Ok, enough about puns. =============================================== Shadowdrugon ===============================================Difficulty: PotD v5.0.0.0040 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Role: High single-target DPS and single-targer disabler-----------------------------------------------------------------Solo: No (maybe if
  15. I have run a Transcendant (nalpazca/soul blade) [build] and now finishing on Shadowdancer (nalpazca/trickster) with swift flurry and stunning surge, both builds on PotD. And I must admit that total damage and crit/hit ratio speak greately for the shadowdancer. The malus from trickster is negligable and the defensive capabilities are really good, so much that you can get semi-passive crowd control help (more then capability) with riposte and rooting pain. Now I thing maybe even turning blade might be helpful. Also rogue's confounding blind let's you amazingly quickly reduce enemy Def
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