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  1. I must admit, having the same WotEP buff mod, it put me at ease to see that others have the same problem. Although I'm sorry for you as well. ^^ Cheers!
  2. Hi, any chance you could explain how you got it done? Was going to try and meddle with this myself.
  3. Ok, it IS possible, without cheesing. Turns out that arcane damepner on Deadfire Ilusionists makes it far easier as they can't use either Ceadebald's Blackbow or Citzal's Martial Power and even cancels out arcane reflection. And here is how it went down:
  4. Thanks for the replies guys! Much appreciated :D I decided to first take care of Llengrath while waiting on this info and it went perfectly. Because it worked beautifuly (gonna upload soon) now I can't stop trying to do Brynlod fight in one pull (ego got a little bit too big). ^^ Aside from that I must admit that my "in head canon" loved Your argument Hulk'O'Saurus so I'd probably go the separating way if not for recent ego boost.
  5. Hello folks! I have gotten almost to the end with my The Ultimate run with a wizard and I have a question because with my scouting char I can't seem to defeat Brynlod. This might be due to upscaling being on but I maneged it once and I wanted to know if getting the enemy separated and picking them off in smaller groups should be considered cheesing? Because I really want to make this a clean win but I can't seem to pull it of without resting through one encounter. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, I've stumbled here looking for a way to change either the stats of the item or swap appearance of two helmets. And this toutorial here is by far the best i've found. Still as I'm a bit green I can't seem to get my thing done with it. Any chcance someone can explain how to do any of the two above? Thanks in advance ^^
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