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Save Pallegina from Promenade fight [SPOILERS duh]

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So, I wanted to ask if anyone knows how to prevent Pallegina from showing up with Nirro, Canta Nicese on the last fight on the Promenade fight on Ukaizo. 

My ending plans are to: 
1. Side with Aeldys in honor amongst thieves, have the Floating Hangman and after getting it 
2. Side with Huana
3. Go to Dunnage and Kill Aeldys (if she's killed right after getting it, somehow she's resurrected and shows up on Ukaizo, so this is the only way to get Pim as a leader of Principi)
4. VTC is main rival
5. I kill Hazanui by when she attacks when I reject her offer to keep Maia with me
6. Other arcs are unimportatnt for this I think so I'll skip them 

Now when I show up on Promenade for a secon time she's there and want's to die. So my question is, can I somehow stop her from being there? Maybe make her quests and have +2 rep with her? 
Or do I have to make RDC the main rival and use to trick with killing hazanui to keep Maia? Would that even work, meaning, can they be the strongest rival after killing hazanui?

Thanks in advance.

Per aspera ad astra

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14 hours ago, AeonsLegend said:

I say kill her. Win.

Hahah, honestly that crossed my mind as she's extremally bitchy in Deadfire. And she was one of my favourites in PoE.

Per aspera ad astra

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Haha, yea she's really annoying. I think if you want to keep her alive you should stay on the VTCs good side and have another rival. Not sure how that works. The wiki has no actual information on it other than stating "the faction you slighted the most". I love it when people edit these things with texts that only hint at what you're supposed to do rather than simply explaining a,b,c and d. I can only surmise to be in good standing with the VTC and finish their quests in their favor and then do the opposite for either the Principi or the RDC. If you side with the Huana you default to having the RDC as their main enemy so that would coincide with your faction choice.

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Aaaand again I made some nice discoveries while searching the files. There is a simple string value attached to some quests. They increase the n_faction_strength by 1, -1 or for one RDC quest 2. That's it, nothing too convoluted about it. As I have exams coming up it might take me a moment to write it all but there are basically 24 quest with this string attached. I'll mine it and put it up here and on wiki. Finally it will be solved. Soon. 

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Per aspera ad astra

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