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  1. And not a moment to soon... Dzięki @Frykas Looks very promising can't wait to give it a go. My only concern is whether or not using bonus abilities won't make my MC too overpowered for veteran difficulty?
  2. Prospects of multi classes (in most cases) are just tempting Whispers of the Wind are tier IX ability. By the time you get there the game is basically over. Flagellants Path is tier VI (which is also the "upper half"), consumes Mortification and, in my opinion, starts making sense after upgrade... sooo tier VIII . What many years playing RPGs taught me, is that you never plan your build/character for endgame, rather for your way to get there But that's just my experience. All in all, I think that multiclasses were nicely handled in Deadfire. Monks and rogues abilities greatly complement each other providing some interesting early to mid game options and potential power spikes later on.
  3. I am aware of Berath's Blessing. As far as now I avoided using Bonus Attributes. I thought that this one is dedicated for going solo/ PotD and would make game too easy on vet. But if it doesn't change difficulty curve that much I am all for it. I never use +4 lvl either. From what I've heard - upward scaling of enemies works only to a certain degree (like 4 levels or so). So I don't want to outlevel those poor bastards too quickly. But yeah shopping in Port Maje is pretty much mandatory for some early Boots of Stone or +2 DEX Gloves
  4. I figured that maxing PER is a no brainer. I have more trouble with DEX though. I stacked it up on my last character like toilet-paper supplies during corona outbreak. I am not really sure was it worth it. My preliminary analysis indicate, that the difference between 15 and 20 DEX is 0,3 sec. recovery time. Depending on armor encumbrance it sometimes translates to 0,1 sec. difference in casting time/ attack animation. (and btw strongly suggests that yet again I'll fall into caring embraces of Devil of Caroc...). Are those whooping numbers - 0,1/0,3 really worth it? Seems to me like investing in DEX carries diminishing returns. But if so, what is the optimal score?
  5. Thanks for your insight and especially in depth analysis of game mechanics. All things considered, I am gonna make Shadowdancer MC - with Swift Flurry, as apparently it is more fun Continuing the topic of game mechanics, which stats would you considered worth investing in - and to what degree, which one to dump? I am not going to min-max but I like efficiency and don`t wat to overinvest, needlessly waisting points that schould be distributed otherways.
  6. Well @Boeroer, you raised some very compelling arguments. I will admit, that at first I was more interested in Shadowdancer. Especially, the mobility aspect was a big selling point for me. What I am afraid though, is that between Escape and Mirror Image I will burn through my resources too soon. Besides, I don't know which of rogues active abilities are worth using (if any), and how it further impact resource economics. More so, I think that up until the very end of the road (Deathblows), Soul Whip is far superior than Sneak Attack. Thus being said, my knowledge in that regard is superficial at best. I have a romantic vision of Shadow Dancer jumping around entire battlefind with escape, kicking ass and taking names, riposteing from time to time. The more I was reading in various threads, the more I was sold on theory that Transcendent provides better DPS and more varied playstyle with interesting active abilities. Plus Transcendent not being reliant on finite resources provides nice incentive to use some other armors than Devils of Caroc for once. Which sounds awesome but it would suck to invest dozens of hours only to realise that only ability I use is Soul Annihilation and I spend majority of time waltzing around mobs cause god forbid ever being enganed. (though Force of Anguish and Blade Turning should provide some survivalibility). Regarding Swift Flurry - I am not by any means hell-bent on it. I was theorycrafting that Mirror Image allowed me to sustain Dance of Death for longer thus accumulate more ACC hence proc Swift Flurry more often. If Lightning Strikes is more efficient I am all for it.
  7. @Boeroer Thanks for insightful answer. If I remember correctly, you were an author of amazing build for priest of Berath in first Pillars. I had a blast playing him. Nevertheless (and given that I am going to spend most of my time on veteran difficulty) which one of them would you recomend as more fun to play? Transcendent or Shadowdancer?
  8. Hi guys, I am going to revisite Deadfire. I was thinking about Transcendent (Nalpazca+Soul Blade) or Shadowdancer (Nalpazca+Trickster) . I have no experience in playing neither rogue, monk nor cipher (as MC). I have read some interesting builds but got no enough experience and game knowledge to properly evaluate them. At first glance, Shadowdancer with Mirror Image provides nice synergy with Dance of Death and thus (potentially) Swift Flurry, Stunning Surge, Heartbeat Drumming. I seems to me that he also got better defence, mobility and lash dmg - at cost of finite resources and underpenetration. On the other hand, Transcendent can tweak his crit chance with Mental Binding and has access to some great abilities. Most of them comes to play rather late: Borrowed Instinct, Body Attunement, Disintegration. Which basically means that up until level 13 (tier V) is rather a glass cannon. Nevertheless: Valorous Echoes, Iron Will, Mental Binding, Draining Whip and Hammering Thoughts should be very useful throughout entire game. But that are just my insinuations and I would be much obliged for any piece of advice. Thanks for your attention and stay healthy
  9. Hello all, I would like to start my first post by tipping hat to all you Watchers out there. I` ve been reading various topics regarding Deadfire mechanics in preparation for my first playthrough and I noticed that most of builds were created in earlier iterations of the game. Plus, some ideas and skills looks good on paper but in game are broken or just dull. For those reasons, I would like to ask you guys for your opinions about my build and overall experience with this game. [Bear in mind that I`m going to use several mods i.e. Caelum`s Godlike Rebalance and Vanilla Wizard Rebalance] My idea is: [veteran difficulty] Nature Godlike Wizard [evoker] + Devoted [DW swords] or Assassin STR: 16 CON: 7 DEX: 15 PER: 20 INT: 16 RES: 6 I`m not min/max fanatic and I don`t want to get stuck in a single approch to all fights. I would like this jolly green fellow to be able to withstand in melee [wizard buffs] but also outmaneuver enemies [fighters charge or rogue escape, smoke veil] and pack a nice spell punch from a distance. My questions are - is that doable? Which of these classes provides better versitality or just more fun? Is my statline applicable for this approach or some stats are over/under invested. Especially, isn`t 20 PER a little over the top, given that acc is also scaled by Power and Ability levels. Thanks in advance for anyone that took time to read this obnoxiously long post Have a great day, BR
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