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Hi all!

So, a while ago while trying to find a way to save Pallegina from promenade fight as I tried to make VTC my strongest rival (it worked, but, well...), I realised (using unity console) that it has nothing to do with reputation.

There is a separate "mechanic" for that. Actually not mechanic per se, more a string value of 1, -1 or  (in one instance) +2 value of eg. n_faction_strength_RDC (or Huana etc.). At a certain point, strongest faction that you are not finishing the Ukaizo quest with, gets to be the rival.

That is it. Very straightforward...but (there always seems to be one) it is not easy, at least with my limited knowlege, to indentify them quickly form the quests.gamedatabundle. The alternative it to check proper entry in Unity Console after every, single , quest. So that's a backup. 

The purpose of this post is to give first more concrete info about "How strongest rival is declared?" question, aside form just do stuff for them question. After full list is composed it will be easy to calculate as there is no in-game UI to display this unlike reputation. (Honestly, this really should be there from day one or any of the patches, at least as an optional feature like "over PC lvl skull-indicator") Also, if you are interested in helping out, maybe try to explore quests.gamedatabunde file on your own or pm me so we might coordinate. The ultimate purpose is to make a list of quest that influence this value, add it here and on gamepedia with explanation so it is widely accesible. 

That's it for now, I have an upcoming sailing trip so might be next update from me will be around mid-august. 

All best, lads and lasses.

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Per aspera ad astra

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1 hour ago, thelee said:

Wow I had no idea it was based on anything. I thought it was a fixed fight based on your chosen faction. Good find.

Just to make sure I didn't convolute things more, promenade fight is fix but which faction shows up there and which one tries to stop you at the edge of ondra's mortar is dependant on the strongest rival faction that uses the aformentioned string value. 


On other note, before, I searched only the quests.gaedatabundle file for n_faction_strength and got nice 24 hits, not that much. But while looking through it today I noticed that VTC was missing. So I checked the whole design folder. And well... 85 hits, man, this is gonna be a lot o work. 

Per aspera ad astra

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