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Found 22 results

  1. Hi guys, it's a bit of a weird one but is there a mod out there, which lets you change the multiclass UI (where your skills and abilities are grouped into your resource icons) to a single class UI, where they are expanded on the ability bar? I don't like the hot keys function, since it feels like you're duplicating UI elements (I know OCD much) . I have some programming experience, but wouldn't even know where to start. Just posting this on the slight chance someone has looked at this already.
  2. welcome thoughts, comments, feedback. I love em though!! Templar [MC]: Hand of Bërath Priest (Berath) Paladin (Shield bearers) Race (Nature Godlike) Primary role (Tank) Additional roles (Healer, buffer, DPS magic with scrolls) Weapon style (Sword and shield) Primary mid-game weapon (Sword: Min's Fortune) Primary end-game weapon (Flail: Magran's Favor) Small Shield (Xoti's Lantern for thrashing aura) Active (Arcana 20+) Passive (Religion 20+) Hunter: Flavio del Maricón Ranger (Sharpshooter) Cipher (Beguiler) Race (Orlan) Primary role (DPS ranged) Additional roles (Crowd control) Weapon style (Two-handed) Primary mid-game weapon (Arquebus: Red hand, for 2 shots per turn) Animal companion: Boar Active (Mechanics 20+) Passive (Bluff, Survival, Streetwise) Sage: Tama Pièdmont Monk (Shatterpillar) Wizard (No subclass) Race (Aumaua) Primary role (DPS melee) Additional roles (None) Weapon style (Two-handed) Primary early-game weapon (Summoned staff) Primary late-game weapon (Summoned lance) Headgear (Thaos Headdress) Active (Alchemy 20+) Passive (History, Insight, Diplomacy) Swashbuckler: Jack Spãrrow Rogue (Streetfighter) Fighter (Unbroken) Race (Human) Primary role (Tank) Additional roles (DPS melee, debuffer) Weapon style (Sword and shield) Primary late-game weapon (Sabre: Aldris Blade of Captain Crow) Medium shield (Lethandria's Devotion) Medium armor (Casità de Samilta) Headgear (Fair favor) Active (Sneak 10+, Sleight 10+) Passive (Intimidate 20+) Theurge: Saruwūman the Blue Chanter (Troubadour) Druid (Fury) Race (Moon godlike) Primary role (DPS magic) Additional roles (Healer, summoner, debuffer, buffer) Role (DPS magic, summons, buffing) Weapon style (Sword and shield) Primary early-game weapon (Scepter: Any, for modal) Primary late-game weapon (Wand: A Whale of a Wand) Large Shield (Cadhu Scalth, for scaling buffs) Active (Athletics 20+) Passive (Metaphysics 20+)
  3. Hey fellas, I haven't been playing Deadfire in years, last time I have completed it with a pure monk and it was fun. Now I want to try a multi class with a Paladin, and although I know it is quite hard, but I would like to make a tanky Paladin with a magic flavor. My first option is a Bleak Walker/Fury Liberator, as I would love to cast lightning on foes. My question is: is there anything else the Paladin would benefit from in the Fury class (other than spells)? Second option is a Templar, but I remember the priests being kind of underpowered in the game. So far this is the one I like the most in terms of roleplaying, but I wouldn't really know how to build it. Last but not least, I have read everywhere that the Herald (Paladin/Chanter) is a crazy OP multiclass, but the whole concept doesn't sound convincing. Also, what races would you suggest for this builds? Thanks!
  4. [This post has been edited do to accidentally posting before it was completed] Most of the time when I play an Rpg I just try to get a balance of Attack and Defense. This normally means I play as rogues, barbarians, fighters, and any other close range fighter. As of late though I’ve felt yearning to do something different, so I’m going to do a ranged build. Ranger, of course, is my first choice. And I would like to multiclass. But if there is any other ideas I want to hear them.
  5. Decided to try a dual wield cipher, thought multiclassing it with a rouge and creating a begulier/assasin or begulier/vanilla rouge. They obviously have great synergy, begulier and rouge but with assasin? I cannot decide, mainly because I don't believe having an increased stealth attack won't help me much since imstead entering into stealth and repositioning my character then doing a an enhanced attack, I can use all that time attacking and using my spells. Which is arguably a better way to deal damage to the enemy party. Also taking %15 more damage is a big deal but nearly everyone were saying otherwise in the other threads I read, so I am a bit confused.
  6. Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx
  7. Hey I've decided to make a tempest multiclass, but I'm having a hard time deciding which barbarian multiclass to go with furyshaper or berserker, I also plan to use lord Darren's voulge in this build and would like some help deciding what other armor and gear to get for the build, I've decided to go with ancient subclass for the druid half of the build as well, I'd also like to know which barbarian passives and skill to take as well as for ancient. Thanks for help .
  8. Multiclass Miscibility Guide This guide is intended to help people navigate the multiclass system in PoEII and give insight on what makes a strong multiclass character. If you’ve exhausted the builds created by other users stickied at the top of the forum, this guide should give you some fresh ideas on how to create the perfect character for your playstyle. This guide was last updated for patch 2.0. Why Multiclass? How to use this guide: There are two general approaches to creating a strong multiclass character. One approach is to focus on maximizing the strengths of one class with another. A good example would be the Arcane Knight (Paladin/Wizard). The Paladin class has sky-high defenses that can be boosted to astronomical levels by Wizard spells like Mirrored Image and Llengrath’s Displaced Image. The other approach is to try and round out a character by eliminating or minimizing its weaknesses. As an example, the Berserker subclass is a super powerful melee combatant, but is vulnerable due to the lower deflection during Frenzy, lack of healing and the Confusion debuff making her hit friend and foe alike. Make the Barbarian a Fanatic (Barb/Paladin), and Faith and Conviction, Lay on Hands, and Mental Fortress remove all the downsides of playing a Berserker. With that in mind, for each class I’m going to focus on four subjects: 1) Why would you want to multiclass into this class? What are the best things the class brings to a character? 2) What is this class missing? What weaknesses could the other half of your multiclass character shore up? 3) What do the subclasses add to a multiclass character? 4) Does this class have anti-synergy with anything? I have put each of the classes in spoiler tags below to make this post more manageable. Barbarian Chanter Cipher Druid Fighter Monk Paladin Priest Ranger Rogue Wizard I hope this guide can be a community resource that people can look at to find inspiration. What else should I add in here? I'm considering a brief section on build-defining items. Did I make any mistakes? Let me know!
  9. im doing a retrain with universalist. is the spell despondent blows worth it? or should i replace it with divine mark after i have devotions of the faithful ? btw , what could be a good definitive build for universalists ? preferably a build for solo character.
  10. Been mucking about on a friends laptop while recovering from a leg injury playing Deadfire, loving it so far as I'm a long term fan of games like BG/IWD/Divinity/Dungeon Siege etc. Planning to pick up the Obsidian Edition for myself via GOG over the weekend and start a full POTD run ( with a split 4 faction run at the obvious point to fill out the achievements unless there's some way to copy them over from my mates machine ? ). I'll also probably be using the Unity Console Mod and More AI Conditions as the only actual Game Affecting Mods beyond the Portrait Packs, and Unity only for bugfixes if needed and possibly later down the line using it for replays to tweak story companions to unusual mixes not allowed by the game engine when you recruit them ( for example I quite fancy making Xoti a Templar Tank at some point POG/Shieldbearer ). Few Queries for the Veterans and TheoryCrafters if anyone can help? Is there any real reason I can't do a full Godlike Party in POTD? And yes, I know I'm missing out on Aconas/HOTF etc. doing so. If no reason why not even on POTD can someone help me thin down the party composition especially as I have a few ideas that I'm not sure on whether they'll work or not. MC - either Trickster/HW Shadowdancer or Dev/HW Brawler, veering more to the SD due to an idea about using Rusts and most likely Marux along with chime; planned to use Death Godlike but wondering if with HW the PL bonus from Nature might be better, also plan to be a crit abuse build Tank - Either Pallegina as Herald or later dump after quest for a Fire Godlike SHB/Unbroken; again looking for advice if there's a better option or if the Nature racial is worth it for the PL 3rd Melee/Support - Either Tekehu using Ascaloth's "Tāwhirimātea, the God of Storms" build or Moon Godlike Troubador/Paladin ( with Focus as Tank will run Endurance ); again open to options or suggestion for this slot, plan to make it crit heavy Ranged Crit - Idea is either Dev/SHRP Arquebus user or a pistol using ( no scordeo as see next slot ) Trickster/Sharp; plan is using Nature for PL boost and no idea if i'd need Boar or could go cat companion and again plan is crit abuse Ranged Support - idea is Nature Troubador/Beguiler dedicated to CC and support duties ( afflictions/Res/Reload & Action Speeds ); again open to advice on possible weapons/race/equip. plan is to use Scordeo and another pistol to allow faster Focus generation and cooldowns so I'm able to spam afflictions better if the fight drags out, and also to go crit heavy I'll be using a POE log preferably that has Berath followed and agreed task done, Sangina sacrificed for the PER bonus, and scroll hidden for Wael. If anyone knows what those choices are or has a link to a thread on the POE1 gamestate setup would be appreciated. Planned Equipment MC - unless someone has a better setup then DoC, Fist/Palm and Rust/Marux, Bonesetters ( possibly Falcon torc for 2 per ), Trixie, Ogre gloves swapped eventually to Woedicia Grasp, Burden for 2nd Wind or else Mortal Protection if I'm not using it on the Tank; beyond that no idea for the rest of the slots beyond the trinket that does the Pillar ( petrify/Heal ) effect and Claim/Refusal if not using it again on tank. Had also been considering HW/BW due to soulbind T2 effect with paladin but not sure it fits with the crit/max ST DPS idea i had. Also Tempted by Magrans/Slayers as a pairing on the Shadowdancer due to the Bleed effect and the weapons own uniques Tank - low ability use, Kapana Tagu and probably Devotion or Phalanx, One Dozen Stood, seriously thinking about using Claim/Refusal and also Undying Burden, probably also Gatecrashers. basically just designed to tie up things in melee and punish anything disengaging between fighter stance and ODS 3rd Melee - as said either FishBoy in the funky Ascaloth setup, or a Moon ( unless there's a better support healer option ) Herald using the same basic gear idea with some small tweaks Ranged Crit - still getting used to what classes provide the best Hit to Crit conversions. Either Dev/Shrp or Trick/Shrp using Red Hand and Maia armour plus probably things like Bonesetters, or if there's a better twin pistol setup that doesn't need Trophy possibly that with most likely Miscreants or similar. not sure about rest of equipment and whether Death might be a better option for that one Ranged Support - Beguiler/Troubador with Scordeos Trophy and most likely something like High Tide wand. Plan is to be just throwing out heals, Res, buffs and debuffs and auto attacks for the most. Scordeos to help rip recovery right down to as low as possible to maximise ability to spam Cipher spells as needed. If 5 Godlikes won't work then just let me know, along with suggestions for what race to replace them with. Again if I've picked a massively incorrect pairing or subpar weaponry etc let me know, preferably with an explanation why. Thanks in advance, and thanks already to folk like Ascaloth/Boeroer/AndreaColombo/Voltron/Dunehunter for replies in build threads that have helped me get my head round quite a few ideas and synergies.
  11. I've played through this game 2 or 3 times the entire thing except maybe some DLC here and there and so far I like some builds and some not. I absolutely hate Ranger class I just find the pet or the ghost pet annoying. I prefer Shieldbearer/Unbroken tank. I love the Eothas/Troubadour Support/healer And I really like the Ancient/Wizard no subclass(maybe I should try Blood Mage?) for magic dps and aoe. Now there are 4 unused classes left Monk, Cipher, Barbarian and Rogue. I'd like to build 2 more multiclass builds with these 4 but I am a bit lost. I heard something about a Helwalker/Ascendant Dual wield mortar build? That would leave Rogue and Barbarian are there any good Marauder builds? I've been looking around on the forums but I haven't found more. Any replies would be helpful.
  12. I was wondering if adding more classes with console would lead to being overpowered by versatility. How many effects and damage types does a multiclass have access to? Is there a combination that lets you do almost anything? If it would be much more versatile, how bad would this be considering that the number of abilities and uses would be around the same as a normal multiclass?
  13. Has anyone run a multiclass modwyr berserker? If so, what was your second class? What did you think of it? What would you do differently? Even if you haven't run one, what doth your theorycrafting unveil to thou? I'm curious to hear folks' thoughts on the matter.
  14. I'm not going to be able to play Deadfire right away so I figured I would get some build advice before hand. As the title says I want to make a Bruce Banner/ Incredible Hulk based character with the scientist background and then Transmuter Wizard as my first class. I was hooked on Form of the Fearsome Brute as soon I heard about it. I know I won't turn green like the Hulk but a raging ogre is pretty great. As far as the actual stats I don't need a min maxed build. I'm more interested in the roleplay and having fun smashing stuff. I would like to multiclass. I think it's a really cool feature and I like the added versatility. I'm leaning towards streetfighter rogue because rogue is usually my favorite class in games and streetfighter should help the since I'd be right in the thick of the fight. I'm not set in stone on rogue though and am open to suggestions for other combos. I'd also like to have decent conversations stats if it can work with this build but I'm not sure how stat checks and dialogue work in this game compared to the first one. Thanks in advance.
  15. For Deadfire I'm planning on importing my PoE character, an arquebus-wielding ranger with a bear companion. I found the Apprentice Sneak Attack talent in PoE to be great. My question is two-fold: Firstly, to be dealing out the damage, should I be looking at playing a Scout for the Sneak Attack and other abilites or would a single-class ranger work fine? Secondly, does a Scout play much differently to a Ranger? What's the "feel" of both options? Thanks heaps, TheDogProfessor
  16. Hey Adventures! I was busy playing the Beta over the past weekend and I was having difficulty sorting out my Build. Do I multiclass? do I single class? So I put together a short guide explaining the pros and cons of multiclassing. Many of these things you won't find out if you don't go look, and some are explained by the developers in their Dev Diaries, but if you missed them it can be overwhelming. So, without further ado, here is the guide: https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-multiclassing-guide/ If you prefer video, over reading, here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFUZf1eakBE Feedback is appreciated Cas
  17. Not sure if right now it is planned to be a limitation of is just mentioned as an example when talking about problems with multiclass, but i don't think it have sense to not be able to be a weak priest with a high condemned disposition and a strong paladin with that disposition being favoured, if is apparently contradictory or mechanically problematic should have at most a warning, like in opposition to recommended attributes, not recommended multi-class, but since the priest and paladins are not defined by their disposition, and therefore is not lore impossible to be multi-class subclasses apparently contradictory, someone could come up with a valid explanation of the lore of a character.
  18. The question came up during this Q&A Josh Sawyer and Bobby Null and they mentioned that they aren't currently planning to enable customization for multiclass titles. However, they did mention that they welcome further suggestions (which can be added to Heijoushin's existing thread - http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/91412-care-to-guess-the-names-of-the-other-multiclasses/ - if you're so inclined) and that they might reconsider if there's enough of an outcry against the titles that Obsidian comes up with. I assume that they might also reconsider if forum-goers express enough interest in the feature, so I've decided to dump another poll into these boards and see where that takes us.
  19. As most of you, I have founded annoying the lack of multiclass in PoE, even if maybe it was for the best, given the sickness off dual humans running rampant in some series That said, the most I played PoE the most I enjoyed "hybrid" concept. I'm totally addicted to my skaen stiletto priest, since it benefict so much from being your main due to all those sweet extra talents, and being able to both cast and phisical DPS is an enjable experience. Same goes for druid, I still remember how I was lost at the beginning of the game since this class is not a wonderfull caster like others, but eventually I figured out you can build it to be a nice tank and an aoe chain stunner. Lately, I tried the gunslinger chanter build (thx, jojobobo) and I founded rewarding the idea how having an extra support tank in the ranged department to random holding aggro in fights when bottle necking is impossible or things goes bad. So, I would like to create a 4/5man party with only "hybrid" builds. I have started yet another run and this is what my party looks like atm, but I would like to do some changes to fully commit to this playstile. Main: Skaen Priest 15Mig 6Con 15Dex 16Per 16Int 10Ris My favorite char by a huge margin, the epitome of the hybrid build priests are not balanced , plus this guy delivers early game much better then a full support dude. The stats are a little worst in the end game scenario, but that's a tradeoff that I will happily take for such a nice overall build. not to mention I'm totally addicted at killing the caravan no matter what xD Barb The Golden dragon (see the build on forums!) I love how this guy has gimped CON, since I do like to min/max and I found con the worst attribute by a huge margin. It's counter intuitive but, basically, tankish classes have enough HP to stand they own, while low HP classes have huge diminishing return investing in this stat. If I run with a pure tank, I gimp it's con, then the avarage of the group has more or less the same hp (investing the less in CON as possible). This usually leaves me with no more then a TOTAL of 20/30 points invested in con in the whole party! I hate CON that much in party play That said, I wanted to try the "debuff" theme on this one, but I think I should replace him with something that feel more hybrid. Like a melee wizard or cipher? Or a melee ranger of some sort? Druid 15Mig 8Con 10Dex 15Per 15Int 15Ris Oh boy, oh boy. Love this class. the spells are not so strong, but still usefull (storm, a bit of regen, a lot of dots) plus it's naturally tankish no matter what. add a kinda empty talent selection and you got all the space to pick all the stuff to make him a really nice frontliner. I love druid, underpowered class but still super rewarding to use and a true jack of all trades! Chanter the gunslinger I know this build was done for solo, but I wanted to try a ranged chanter. Not only guns are kinda nice couz they naturally position this dude between melee and ranged, but they make me play this class more support oriented. Plus, as I said, the possibility of holding quite a punch without too much micro managment was really nice, even if I hate the chanter recovery mechanic. I would probably switch this guy with a gun paladin, running deep into support and utility (scrolls, items with charges) since it's a class the I like much more. Low DPS, but still a good support and a good 2nd liner when needed, feel like a good "multiclass" concept. Mage 19Mig 3Con 19Dex 16Per 18Int 3Ris My standard blast elf. It soack most of the micro, but I found it a wonderfull dps and controller, and it's one of my favorite char overhall. No matter what, this is a really focussed caster, so I need to drop this guy for a nice class concept. To summit, I would like to make a few changes on this 5man run. Keep: Skaen priest Druid tank Guns paladin Drop: Barb tank Blast wizard So I'm looking for 2 new buddies to finish my run with, that respect the whole concept idea. I will need a new tank, so I was thinking to pick a mage since it can be a good tank given a bit of time (help me with this one, without fear to min/max stats or item sinergy) and I'm totally open to the blast wiz replacement, since that slot is the most troublesome and, atm, I dunno what I can pick. Thx for the help! Let's the "multiclass" team rocks
  20. Hi! I am happy both for PoE2 being made as well as multiclassing making the cut. If single class characters were to be treated closer to how multi class characters will work a lot of the balancing issues can be sidestepped. If you were to add a second duplicate of each class which either is only available to main class characters, or as a virtual second class for single class characters. The comparative progression of single versus multi class characters would balance out more nicely. Consider the following example: Class/Power source + Class/Power source ----- Wizard + Fighter -> Battlemage Wizard + Wizard2 -> Wizard Were Wizard2 could contain more horizontal progression for Wizards, and/or unlock a few perks/talents only available to single class characters. (Though this might not be necessary, and is only an additional suggestion.)
  21. As the title says. I'm playing pathfinder with friends but do only have a few months of experience with Dungeons and Dragons. So far I have played as a dragonborn sorcerer and a halfling warlock in two different campaigns. Sadly enough, the dragonborn sorcerer campaign seems dying out (we don't get together as much) and apparently the chance that my halfling warlock dies in the next session is really high. Thus I'm looking at a new character. I am looking to create a necromancer cleric/gunslinger build. I want my character to be able to shoot guns from a distance and raise the dead. I believe because of this I will not be able to heal though (positive energy/negative energy). Within this multiclass I want more focus on the necromancer side of this multiclass build. I need someone who can give me a start, a place to look. Domains, spells, grit, guns, race, how can I best combine these two classes? I am not aiming to create a power play build. Thank you so much!
  22. I like pillars of eternity, i like the story, and the game play. Theirs really is no reason not to have dualclass or multiclass in this game. if their was a multiplayer, dualclass could still be removed from it. Just speaking from a single player point of veiw it should of been put into the game, it worked for the old school games and it would of worked for this one too. It had to have been laziness or short sightedness. I hope they add it to an expantion. If you don't want multiclass then don't multiclass easy enough its an option like alot of other things in the game. This is the arugment IRMA:"why is everybody hatin dual class? you finish the game playin your fav classes, then you can connect them and enjoy it even more! why do you care if mage+fighter is too strong its not mmorpg jesus. it adds more fun and more options to thr game. whats better, 11 options, or 11x11(-11)? do the math" If you don't want multiclass then don't multiclass easy enough its an option like alot of other things in the game.
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