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  1. "However: this is just generally speaking. There are enough special cases and subclasses or items and abilites where this might not apply. " And then even without changing Class you can swing the other way. HelWalker even as a support DPS wants to make sure it doesn't go too low on Con due to it's increased Incoming Damage ( 150% of normal at Max Wounds ) as it want's to be holding Wounds for Damage. It either wants to be stacking for Capped STR ( after abilities and equip/food/POE1 game state this can be as low as 11 base though ), or dumping STR and using the Class Perk to get to mid 20s. Mine runs a whole 11 base STR... but then with GFM/ER ( POE1 stat inherits ) gets +2, one of my slots is +1, Beraths Blessing is another +2, Gloves gives another +2, then food gives +2/+1PL. that's me at 20 for OOC, chuck in Class Perk and thunderous blows? 35 hardcap So generating and holding 10 Wounds is something I want, especially since you then look at Duality ( and especially Turning Wheel ) which throws another +10 INT and a solid fire lash on top. In this game... It's literally going to be Job by Job dependent on Class and loadout. Never mind the case above... I have two ranged Ranger/x DPS in my current team. One has Maxed PER/MIG and because it's what I think of as a "Repeat Alpha/Crit" build focusing on consistent heavy crits and ST damage, the other has PER/INT focus because it's focusing on AOE and also Cipher effects. Then you could get into "Tank?" Sure. Herald Roadblock for lockdown? Unbroken/Trickster Riposte? Crusader DPS Magnet? Templar MT/OH? You can go as deep or light as you want, especially if not on POTD or soloing.
  2. @Boeroer : could that simply be done ( remember not a modder for this game so not sure of mechanics for mods etc ) by working out what the longest AOE animation is that could be abused for this, or if it is easier for DoT reasons check the effect window for the Initial Hit for the AOE and lock the Regain to : Regain balanced amount of guile of Initial Application for the Ability, then lock out any regain for that cast on a GCD to stop AOE/DoT ticks proccing the ability As said, remember I'm not modding here yet so no idea if somethign as simple as a First Hit Check followed by a GCD on Regen via that effect would work. Clarification : First Hit Check the way we used it for TL means it checks all possible hits, and triggers on the first successful application of the effect. So here it would parse through the AOE hits, then trigger the GCD as soon as you get an application to stop any further regen from that cast.
  3. Would that not mean a shield by shield Suitability pass though? My thoughts are that Palm is specifically a "fist" shield if you look at the lore, same way Lantern would not be a suitable Bashing shield even though it's a small shield. So what would define whether a Bashing Shield should benefit from TS/MUT or indeed any QoL pass edits at all? Honestly curious which ones would be suitable as there's a few interesting mechanics out there I've avoided even on non TS/MUT ideas simply due to the lack of scaling vs the few scaling options.
  4. *Cough* Requires either ( Unity Console or CP-Keywords, or both ) and/or Tekehu Deltro plus Voulge ( druid pref ) plus Storm/Shock Spells. I ran the Support Theurge build and don't think I ever saw Tekehu get into melee unless swarmed, and that was pre-CP keywords fix. Unity Console simply allows you to make someone else Stormspeaker or Watershaper if you don't like Tekehu. Turns quite a few of the later game spells into screen wipes.
  5. What about Watchers Blade as another Early Game option due to the lash? Just wondering as I tend to hit the Sanctum early anyway.
  6. Was wondering, and that answers it. Same reason I've had to leave DoD out of my Trickster/HW idea and currently trying to work out what to leave out for Anguish since I don't have a decent renewable Interrrupt in Rogue. And yeah, SP limit hammers me too for ideas.
  7. Yup. Same with many games I tried it with. Endless Legends was he worst. At that point it recognised Zero mods... In Game, everything showed and applied fine.
  8. @Powerotti, I'm curious about how often it takes large damage? If not often then why not HW with Enduring Dance? Or is it taking too much in the way of Melee hits to make the debuff viable?
  9. Yeah, I'd take the Scaling and Acc/Dam plus the Riposte or Deflection ( monk ) options over the choice of +2 or +25% every time then.
  10. You can still get Palm to Legendary/Myhtic. I'd also argue that the possible Enhancements on Palm even before the Monk Exclusive are better than Best Defense since you can grab Damage / Acc / Riposte without even needing MUT never mind Monk class., and you can also get Palm a lot quicker than BD. Also not sure if it's a Wiki issue but BD doesn't seem to to have the ability to scale with Monk/MUT so is just a generic "weapon" in relation to Modal/Passive effects outside of the Binding Block?
  11. @kroonermanblack, no worries. Glad it helped. Combination of having some coding/automation experience and also hitting the same issue myself. Eventually decided easiest way was to force the SE to be on a single target at all times, and strikes got sorted once i spotted the "Has Inspiration" and realised you could just ask it to check that as a "not" option and have it spool up Strikes when no buff. Wait till you start trying to have a Cipher not spamming stuff... that's fun
  12. Vortex says just about everything is incompatible, and not just for POE. I stopped using it for games about 18 months ago. Manual Install works fine for just about everything apart from a niggling issue I have with UC.
  13. Cheers Guys, looks like I need to pop something out to try and fit Force at a minimum in. Attacks are down about the 0.5A/2.0R mark so should hopefully be able to proc off a simple "is spellcaster>Attack:is casting" condition properly like I use for Tranq Shot.
  14. Might spawn via UC and see if I can get it to work with HW, not a big fan of Nalz myself. Looks Solid though, the stalker set always appealed to me.
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