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  1. One interesting thing in my first playthrough was that I suppose I gave her mixed messages throughout, but then at the end, since I wanted her light, I told her to keep the souls, knowing she would do the opposite. She released the souls and when I directly talk to her, she's all happy and relieved that the souls are gone. But when we are walking around and fighting, she sounds like some sadistic lunatic (cackling and moaning with pleasure). So somehow, she's light when directly confronted and then passively dark when walking around. Really strange.
  2. This is all for Maia, and she seems way more deadly with the arquebus than the arbalest. But maybe I'm just seeing big numbers and being impressed. She seems to get more kills than anyone else in my party.
  3. I wish it would show reload time. I have no idea how long each weapon takes for that./
  4. So in looking at the stats and such, how is the arqubus not the clear winner between the two? Except for the knockdown modal, I can't see why anyone would choose the arbalest.
  5. Nice, thanks. Now I feel a little better about just choosing whatever strikes my fancy in the moment, without worrying about missing out.
  6. I was trying to figure out whether I should be sinking or boarding ships and I read one post that said ships are now spawning infinitely. Any truth to this? I tried scouring all the patchnotes but I didn't see that mentioned.
  7. Okay. Whatever you guys want to think. It was foolish of me to bring it up in the first place, I suppose.
  8. I do find it odd that suddenly every medieval fantasy setting has totally-accepted gay people running around. Sort of spits in the face of the actual struggles people went through back then. But whatever. I think my final party is going to be Me (Swashbuckler DPS), Eder (Swashbuckler tank), Xoti (Priest), Serafen (I guess ranged Cipher? No idea here), Maia (Ranger or Scout, suggestions?). And I can switch out Maia for other people to do their personal missions.
  9. Yeah I like Serafen as a character, was leaning towards him. Tekehu I'm very wary of. I just picked him up in the game I'm about to ditch to start over and he has a horrible introduction and seems like a joke of a character (like Prince Charming from Shrek or something). I was leaning toward Maia because she seems pretty cool (a chill sniper lady). But if she doesn't talk much, I guess I can sub her out. In thinking more about it, I'm still iffy about Pallegina but I'm sure Aloth is out. I never really liked him in PoE 1 (I was only really curious what was wrong with his brain). And his prickliness with everyone is an even bigger turn off. So at least I can firmly cross one person off the list
  10. Also, has Serafen been changed since launch? As in, is his Wild Mind nonsense toned down so he isn't completely worthless (as seemingly all past forum threads maintain)?
  11. I'm someone that doesn't care as much about min/maxing combat abilities in games like these and I care most about having a good party to experience the game with from a personality/dialogue standpoint. Without being too spoilery, what would you all suggest for that? I've been playing a pirate character since PoE 1 (just got lucky that PoE 2 was all pirate-themed!). So I'm a swashbuckler. I'm thinking having Eder the whole time makes sense (both for combat and for roleplay). I like Xoti a lot (plan to romance her...I think that's an option in this game?). So the last 2 spots are in high contention. I don't really like Aloth very much (especially since he scoffs at everyone else's personality all the damn time). It feels weird not to have a wizard in the party, but it probably is fine not to, right? And while I did have Pallegina for much of the first game, her irritated stoicism starts to grate. Unless she has a ton to say throughout the game, I'm thinking not her either. Feel free to tell me why I'm wrong about her or Aloth, though. Also I plan on playing on veteran. I'm sure all party configurations are "viable", but that might factor in a little.
  12. Well that’s weird because when I go into the game, it says the mods are in fact installed. And they seem to be working (at least the visible ones). Including the missing text on the Sabre special ability
  13. Okay but even still, I give up a lot of sneak attack damage for it. I don't want to give up DPS for parlor tricks Edit: Oh wait, it's only 10% less. Hmmmmmm. Well if I'm going to play real time now, spells on top of watcher abilities AND switching weapons all the time is going to get too micro-managey.
  14. Well that brings up a whole other topic - maybe I should just play it real time? I would prefer to play turn based but I'm worried that because it was a post-production add-on, it's not as balanced as the real time. (Though I don't really want to play a trickster because my guy in PoE 1 certainly didn't have magical abilities and I want to keep it true to the same guy).
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