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  1. Well that’s weird because when I go into the game, it says the mods are in fact installed. And they seem to be working (at least the visible ones). Including the missing text on the Sabre special ability
  2. Okay but even still, I give up a lot of sneak attack damage for it. I don't want to give up DPS for parlor tricks Edit: Oh wait, it's only 10% less. Hmmmmmm. Well if I'm going to play real time now, spells on top of watcher abilities AND switching weapons all the time is going to get too micro-managey.
  3. Well that brings up a whole other topic - maybe I should just play it real time? I would prefer to play turn based but I'm worried that because it was a post-production add-on, it's not as balanced as the real time. (Though I don't really want to play a trickster because my guy in PoE 1 certainly didn't have magical abilities and I want to keep it true to the same guy).
  4. Okay yeah, that settles it for me then, no streetfighter. Thanks for clarifying that for me Alright, I think I'll just go with what I listed. But I wouldn't have thought of using clubs as a future weapon pick for blunt, so that's cool. I'll just fire off my guns first turn and then go in for melee once my tank(s) are engaged in combat already. That way my swashbuckler hopefully won't be the main target.
  5. So then do you think standard rogue/black jacket is more viable? I didn't realize all of that and now it does seem silly. The more I think about it, the more I think I liked my original concept better -Rogue/Black Jacket with sabers, stillettos and pistols (and also clubs later, as Boemoer said). Then it just becomes a matter of "when should I be using guns vs swords?" Again, it's a fun character concept but I just don't know if there's a gameplay point to doing guns and melee in one character, other than for "cool factor". By the way, I'm playing turn based, so I don't even think the whole "shoot the guns and then go in for melee rather than reloading" thing even works. In turn based, the game doesn't give you back control of your character until your guns are already reloaded, right?
  6. Okay so most of that goes over my head. I can only really understand broad strokes here until I actually get more into the game. I’m gathering you think being an off-tank streetfighter with blunderbuss is preferable to mobile DPS with pistol.
  7. Interesting. Okay so I'll definitely stick with black jacket. Do you think, all things considered, that it's better/more fun to use pistols and stay on the edges of combat or to do the streetfighter thing and use blunderbusses? If PoE 1 was any indication, I'll probably get surrounded often anyway, even if I don't intend that. So maybe just take streetfighter in any case? I don't really see my character as a front-line tank type, but if that's how it's usually going to end up anyway, I guess I shouldn't fight it.
  8. I'm finally read to continue my character's story from PoE 1. I was roleplaying him as a ****y pirate in the first game, and I want his class to reflect that here as well. I'm pretty sure I want him to be a black jacket so that he can start off firing pistols and then close in with sabers and stilettos (depending on the armor of the enemies). I'm unsure if I should just be a regular rogue or if I should also be a streetfighter. Anyone have any thoughts? I know most people seem to prefer Devoted as the swashbuckler spec, but I really hate locking myself into 1 weapon type (in any RPG), and without the guns, it doesn't feel complete. Still, I might be putting "cool factor" over utility here, I'm not sure. I'm also unsure about streetfighter because I don't know if I want him in the thick of battle or if I want to try to keep him on the edges of battle (thus, I'd be using skills like escape). EDIT: Okay, wow, I guess censorship is now the law of the internet these days. The word above is a synonym for "arrogant" *eye roll*
  9. Awesome, thanks for the replies. I’m not sure if I’m past that Hiravas moment or not already, but I will say, I like Hiravas’s persoanlity but I utterly hate druid-y, overly nature-y lore in any fantasy setting. I view tree hugging as primitive and boring So here's hoping Aloth can do the job. And I’m glad I can safely leave Maneha behind. She seems very flat as character’s go (maybe that's why they made her a lesbian...the last recourse when you’re out of character ideas). And she doesn’t seem as deadly as everyone else I use. So I guess my white march team will be Eder, Aloth, Zahua, me, Pallegina (haven’t done much with her yet so now’s a good time), and Devil of Caroc (for now, switching her out ASAP since shes just a lesser copy of my character).
  10. On one hand, that's kind of disappointing. On the other, I guess it's good that I wouldn't be missing out on much by bringing whomever I like the most. So far, Aloth seems to be affected by a few things here and there.
  11. My main party for the base game is me (rogue), Eder, Aloth, Durance, Grieving Mother and Kana. I'm pretty bored by Sagani and haven't really done much with Pallegina or Hiravas. I'm assuming that the new companions added for the White March are intended to be used there. Should I switch out people for the new guys (I'm thinking Grieving Mother, Kana and Durance won't add much to the conversations). Also, do Sagani and Hiravas add anything cool in terms of dialague since they are more "wilderness-y"?
  12. Everyone seems to love priests and at low levels, I just don't understand why. Now, I'm basing this off of Durance only, I've never played the role myself, but his level 1 and 2 spells seem completely underwhelming to the point where he's just a guy with a crossbow in my party. As soon as I get 7 NPCs, he's the first one to get left behind at the keep. Am I missing something? I've looked through all of his spells and they seems like minor and/or situational debuffs and buffs (with a few healing ones). He's weak at damage dealing almost entirely. So except for removing status effects or minoring buffing some team members, he seems pretty useless. Should I just pick him back up again at level 8 or something?
  13. Okay cool thanks all. I can breath easier knowing it's pointless to worry about it.
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