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  1. The easiest way to simplify pet management for a ranger is to go Ghost Heart. That makes your pet into a summon, with a very fast cast time, a very long duration, and a moderate summon targeting range, for 1 bond. This is so, so much better than it sounds. You get, starting from level 1 and requiring no ability point investment, the ability to effectively short-range teleport your pet, while simultaneously healing and dispel all CC from it, even bringing it back from death if it had died, just for 1 bond. At lower levels, the bond cost is a little painful, but eventually it gets trivial in comparison to what you get for it. There are a couple of very minor downsides to Ghost Heart. It combines poorly with summoning classes because a given character can only have one summon out at a time (so a regular ranger could have their animal companion and another summon, but the Ghost Heart pet counts as the summon itself). There are a couple of metagame things where a meat pet is handy but those are hard to describe to a new player. And the summon duration is very long but not infinite. In a very long fight, an animal companion might keep going after the point you ran out of Bond to keep the summon up. But that’s almost more theoretical than practical, because that’s a VERY long fight indeed, and it would be exactly the kind of fight that a regular animal companion might easily die early in.
  2. Minor chime-in, my cipher mod buffs the otherwise-a-bit-sad Psychovampiric Shield to give +20 Deflection along with Steadfast. The old PoE1 Vamp Shield gave +25 Deflection which definitely made it a real defensive tool. Being +Deflection specifically means it can stack with Borrowed Instincts’s +20 All, although in practice I think it will be challenging trying to keep too many transfer buff/debuffs going at the same time (probably also want Body Attunement too!) while still getting any DPS done. When I publish the mod, I would greatly appreciate playtesting of things like tank/cipher solo builds. Trying to find time to work on it has been challenging lately.
  3. If this little lash trick works the same against Nagas, it would work GREAT because of that low Burn AR issue (which suckered me in the first time too- IT’S A TRAP!). If the lash doesn’t get converted, it’s going to instead get the +30% Overpen bonus. That doesn’t apply to Dorudugan, because his Burn AR is sky-high like most of his other AR, instead of baiting you with a feinted weakness.
  4. That’s a keyword vs damage type issue. Nothing does “Fire” damage. Only “Burn” damage. The damage-to-healing effect that Dorudugan has operates against Burn damage, not Fire keywords. But it sounds like that status effect is only applied against the direct damage of an attack, not lashes. This is interesting because this loophole probably applies to Flames of Devotion, Turning Wheel, and Mith Fyr as well, all of which I was expecting to be worse than useless against Dorudugan. If those abilities are not affected by this loophole, that’s also interesting in itself because it reveals a difference in code path between a weapon’s inherent lash and an additional ability lash. Also, what about Magran’s Spiritual Weapons? You’d probably see the inverse effect at play with Boiling Spray, which does Burn damage but does NOT have the Fire keyword. I would expect Dorudugan to convert that to healing normally.
  5. It's shorter compared to many wizard tanking buffs, which are additionally much faster to get stacked up due to zero recovery on most of them. Admittedly it also comes with a target debuff which makes it a little more worthwhile, but for these powers the real point is that of the buff, because the debuffs are single-target and not particularly overwhelming. If it were possible to do within the cipher "unwritten rules of flavor", the cipher would generally be better served with a no-recovery buff-only spell instead of a buff which is chained to the baggage of a mediocre debuff. But the game fluff of ciphers needing to anchor every power invocation on the mind of somebody else forbids simple self-buffs, and it would be an extremely bad idea to remove recovery from a spell that also inflicts a debuff, otherwise an Ascended cipher (for instance) could debuff the entire board in just a couple of seconds. A tank-oriented wizard can get fully spun up in the first few seconds of a fight, compared to a tank-oriented cipher who is going to have recovery between each cast, and on top of that has to build up focus to get anything more than one or two of the cheapest things going. That's pretty damning for a tank, because tanks generally need to be focused on the job of tanking from the very instant that the fight begins, and need their defenses the very most at the very start of the fight, when they are getting pounded on by the most enemies. Admittedly the wizard tank would have to figure out how to get his spell slots back if he wanted to do this trick multiple times in a fight, while the cipher is going to be getting focus from attacks along the way, but that should be discounted by the tank role rapidly fading in importance as the fight gets underway, the enemy alpha-strike gets absorbed, and the enemies under management dwindle as they get taken out in turn. I consider the tank's job to be important for roughly the first third of the fight, after that the tank is useful but not essential except when there are REALLY tough hard-hitters that need long term management. I'm not sure it's possible to make a cipher-powered tank work well enough to succeed at the tank role without either significantly changing the flavor of the class (like by letting them outright self-buff), making them ridiculously overpowered for other uses, or both. But it's a design goal I'm trying to meet. I suspect I'm going to fail here, but I'm doing the due diligence to find out. An additional wrinkle is that after testing, it appears that you can't even overlap these buffs to achieve redundancy. If you Vamp Shield a second target while the first is still active, the second target gets the debuff, but the buff side gets totally ignored, and the cipher still only has the original buff attached to the first target, even if the time remaining on that effect is shorter than it would be if the second cast's transfer buff overwrote the first cast. The vamp shield buff is tied exclusively to that first target. I'm going to experiment with this a bit. Ideally I would like the caster buffs to both appear alongside each other, each with their own duration attached to their own debuff, but not actually stack in terms of bonus effects (i.e. you could have two Borrowed Instincts buffs on you, originating from different targets, and get the benefit as long as at least one of those targets is still affected, but you'd only get the +20 defenses and +20 accuracy once even while both debuffs were live). If I can make that behavior happen via standard mod configuration, I'll do that and call it a day with respect to these powers.
  6. Right? I noticed it when I was specifically testing these effects for other reasons (the ongoing work for my cipher mod), and it was a very obvious and strange thing to see. It’s a bit limiting that the cipher’s best survivability buffs are attached to this mechanic, which 1) makes them impossible to extend via standard SoT style shenanigans, and 2) makes them easy to lose prematurely in combination with one of the cipher’s best DPS abilities (Disintegration). I don’t have any immediate plans to address this particular weakness, but time and testing will tell if such a weakness is severe enough to prevent cipher-power-oriented tank/solo builds. I still need to test how things work with multiples of the same transfer effect work when one target expires or drops the effect. The standard longer-replaces-shorter behavior doesn’t seem to apply for transfer effects, or rather the only such duration checking applies on the debuff side only.
  7. There are a few effects in the game, mostly Cipher powers, which inflict a debuff on an enemy or enemies, and a corresponding transfer buff onto the caster which is linked to the enemy debuff. I thought that in addition to the buff disappearing when the debuff expires, the buff would also immediately disappear when the targeted enemy dies. Turns out it doesn't, unless the enemy is gibbed (but anybody with sense turns gibs off of course), or destroyed via Disintegrate or other such body-destroying effects. I haven't tested it specifically, but I suspect that eating the corpse with Flesh Communion or other such after-the-fact body destroying effects would also prematurely end the buff. I don't know where I got the idea that the buff would disappear with the death of the enemy, but I suspect maybe I noticed such a buff disappearing long ago when I started playing the game but didn't realize I wanted to have gibs turned off. But having corrected that misunderstanding, I thought I'd mention it in case others had somehow also gotten the same wrong idea. It certainly made the transfer-mechanic abilities seem a lot less appealing to me for a long time (with exceptions such as Borrowed Instinct or Time Parasite, which are so good as to override such minor concerns). I still don't entirely approve of them from a min-max point of view, because they can't be extended with SoT. I assume they could be extended by debuff-extending mechanics against the source of the transfer, but there aren't nearly so many of those.
  8. I wasn't following back then, but the proposal may have foundered if they looked at the same stuff I did and came to the same conclusion that it was fairly difficult to implement. I have distant vague plans of getting something similar to the Community Patch going, but for the more difficult-to-implement stuff that can only be done on the CSharp side. There are some real drawbacks to a CSharp-based thing. I can do those kinds of changes in-place on my own executable by using development tools to edit and recompile the dll (and I've done so, for instance, to allow hiring adventurers equal to the Watcher's level instead of maxing out one level lower), but I would have to figure out how to go about packaging something like that up for release. I know it's POSSIBLE to do, because there are a couple of mods which do it, but the process is SUPER hacky and fragile, and multiple such mods can easily conflict with each other when attempting to patch their changes in. So if it's going to be done, it should be done with a good, solid set of reasonable changes, possibly with exported hooks to allow conventional override mods to enable/disable individual things because otherwise it would be an all-or-nothing deal. The three things off the top of my head that I am certain (or almost certain) would require CSharp changes: - max hired adventurer level - altering max phrase count for Chanters to anything other than "most expensive phrase ability" (like, say, exporting a hook that allows a passive ability to be created which gives the chanter +2 to his max phrase count) - +%healing received per point of Constitution I'm sure there are lots of such things. I had an idea for a cipher spell that caused the enemy target to have +X% incoming miss-to-graze, graze-to-hit, and hit-to-crit, but that's not currently implementable! There is only a tag for enemy hit-to-crit, which is used by the Druid Entropy ability, but the other kinds of hit conversion types are not implemented. Might be possible to implement and export tags that do that, and then override mods could use those tags, but I haven't done the research yet.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if all +%healing received buffs were multiplicative (or, rather, multiplicative with +%healing done, but additive with +%healing received), because it's very likely it gets applied at a subsequent step after the amount healed is calculated, i.e. at the later step when all the targets are being healed in turn, and the code has a chance to apply the +%healing received bonus. One of my mod ideas was to give Constitution a +healing received bonus, because we all know that Con is pretty crap at its job of making you tougher. The size of your health pool is almost irrelevant! What IS relevant is your resistance to damage (either via straight %damage reduction, AR, or defenses), and the amount of healing that the party can deliver to you. So if Con were to grant +3% healing received per point above 10, I think that would be plenty to make it competitive as a statistic again! Although I'm not sure if "again" is the right word, because I don't know if it has ever been worthwhile as a statistic in Deadfire. Alas, unless I can think of a clever way around the problem, it can only be done as a modification to the CSharp-Assembly.dll- I've looked in the code and have a reasonable idea what to do, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort. It might be possible to implement a permanent invisible buff on everybody, which calculates a +%healing buff based on the target's Constitution, but I don't know if that could be made properly dynamic with afflictions/buffs/etc. I guess I'll just throw it on the list of mod ideas, but I really want to get my cipher mod out the door without getting distracted.
  10. Was there any food buff at play? I often use Fresh Fruit as my default food when not going for a specific food buff, and it grants +25% healing received.
  11. Just occurred to me that it's probably possible to use the character export functionality to duplicate Arkemyr's Robe, and then you wouldn't even have to sneak in the back way to steal it. You could just walk in the front door as if you owned the place!
  12. I don't remember offhand, does WoFS replace the base Sworn Enemy, or is it a deal like Escape where the upgrade doesn't replace the original? Because if it DOES replace Sworn Enemy, I think a very modest mod idea would be to change it so that it does NOT replace Sworn Enemy, so you can still use the no-recovery, 1 Zeal "basic" ability when all you want to do is slap the debuff on a target, but still have the upgraded ability for... flavor? I guess? I really don't like it.
  13. It's a completely different situation compared to PoE1, where F&C scaling was excellent, good enough that Obs relented and gave Pallegina some auto-scaling with level so she didn't get entirely stiffed. The benefit of reputation scaling in PoE2 is relatively modest by comparison. I mean, it's a little irritating that you're not getting reputation bonus, but it's hardly the biggest black mark against Pallegina. If I was going to pick something, I'd pick how her Wrath of Five Suns upgrade for Sworn Enemy is pretty much crap compared to either Brand Enemy or Sworn Rival... or even just basic Sworn Enemy for that matter. Again, it's a big change from the excellence of WoFS in PoE1.
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