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  1. Looking for 5 builds that can oneshot mostly mobs but also take down bosses quite well. I can just use the god cheat code so I don't need a healer. Preferably all some multi or soloclass of Rogues. I already know about the Holy Slayer Arquebus build and the Soulblade Build. Are there more sollid ones if so which ones? Thanks in advance.
  2. The Only Build I've tried that is in your list is Seer which was Ascendant/Ghostheart with a wolf pet for AS. I think a bow is recommended the Frostseeker If I remember correctly. It's a sollid ranged dps build.
  3. You mean a Helwalker/Assassin combo? also what skills are good on monk. I'd prefer for a low micromanaging build. Do you have any special weapons to recommend?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for a build that preferably has a sword paired with other weapon perhapse a pickaxe or a mace? I am going to cheat and will have god mode on meaning HP etc. is not an issue, unless there i an effective lifesteal build? I will be using the exact same build for the entire party and I just want to see them swamp through people. Which classes do I combine etc.? Looking for melee weapons here. Also I will just copy the weapons and armor you recommend times five with the cheat engine to make them look like a unit. A cool looking two handed weapon like a sword would also fit if that's easier to come up with. The Race I'll be using are: Mountain Dwarf, Pale Elf, Island Aumaua, Hearth Orlan & Nature Godlike Human. Thanks in advance!
  5. What would you play as see it as if u got to play a 5 man party in wow by yourself or a moba. 5 characters one controller namely you!
  6. SSS is my favorite dlc by far. Mainly because you get some creative fights(especially when entering underlvled). But a thing I love is the themed parties or packs you face in the contest of Seeker etc. Like 5 ciphers named the quiet five. If you had to make a 5 man party with a common theme and name. How would you name each individual, how would you name each team, and how would you build them? I know there are a lot of creative people on here, so I'm curious what you can come up with. Builds can be just for fun stuff you enjoy. Also I know there will at least be one 5x Herald comment so there you go.
  7. So I am currently playing a playthrough with only single class party members. and everyone has 4 empower except my eothas priest. She has 3 can someone explain to me why?
  8. Honestly I have an entire detailed document dedicated to self analysis. Trying to understand and be aware of both strengths and weaknesses and to accentuate the strengths ofcourse.
  9. Haha well we wouldn't want you to run out of likes now would we. Anyways i was just being polite i guess? Thanks for always helping me out with builds btw i appreciate it mate!
  10. Facts don't lie and i think its important to admit one's own ignorance and mistakes when faced with them, it seperates us from the stubborn racism, sexism etc. Also it's important to set the right example, especially since certain gaming communities moba, shooters etc have a rather toxic attitude and atmosphere.
  11. You two have definately given me a huge update and a lot to read to confront my own ignorance perhaps. Thank you to the both of you for enlightening me on this subject. I will definately look into the matter more closely.
  12. I can not always control them fully but the parts prefer different things like ocd side likes math and anything number related(hencewhy i rarely ever forget an important number). I don't think that this harsh world will ever make not need a mode to turn off emotions to protect myself. Too much bad in this world mate. All 5 parts of my personality are needed and work in unison kind of on a rotating wheel. Sometimes they start on themselves because of tasks I need to do or sometimes I can initiate them by starting to do something that suits the personality parts talents. I find schizophrenia more believable than multiple personality disorder since in the psychological circles the original "proof" is still a bit vague and being regarded as a therapist and a patient teaming up to make money while it not actually being true. Also I find it hard to prove and hard to believe that someone can split into sometimes up to 20 different personalities. How would you ever prove that? If you know some facts that I don't do tell me. I can be sold on schizophrenia but not on multiple personality disorder. I studied psychology for 1,5 year so I know a little bit about some facts but by far not all. Would love to hear anything I missed though?
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