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  1. What would you play as see it as if u got to play a 5 man party in wow by yourself or a moba. 5 characters one controller namely you!
  2. SSS is my favorite dlc by far. Mainly because you get some creative fights(especially when entering underlvled). But a thing I love is the themed parties or packs you face in the contest of Seeker etc. Like 5 ciphers named the quiet five. If you had to make a 5 man party with a common theme and name. How would you name each individual, how would you name each team, and how would you build them? I know there are a lot of creative people on here, so I'm curious what you can come up with. Builds can be just for fun stuff you enjoy. Also I know there will at least be one 5x Herald comment so there you go.
  3. So I am currently playing a playthrough with only single class party members. and everyone has 4 empower except my eothas priest. She has 3 can someone explain to me why?
  4. Honestly I have an entire detailed document dedicated to self analysis. Trying to understand and be aware of both strengths and weaknesses and to accentuate the strengths ofcourse.
  5. Haha well we wouldn't want you to run out of likes now would we. Anyways i was just being polite i guess? Thanks for always helping me out with builds btw i appreciate it mate!
  6. Facts don't lie and i think its important to admit one's own ignorance and mistakes when faced with them, it seperates us from the stubborn racism, sexism etc. Also it's important to set the right example, especially since certain gaming communities moba, shooters etc have a rather toxic attitude and atmosphere.
  7. You two have definately given me a huge update and a lot to read to confront my own ignorance perhaps. Thank you to the both of you for enlightening me on this subject. I will definately look into the matter more closely.
  8. I can not always control them fully but the parts prefer different things like ocd side likes math and anything number related(hencewhy i rarely ever forget an important number). I don't think that this harsh world will ever make not need a mode to turn off emotions to protect myself. Too much bad in this world mate. All 5 parts of my personality are needed and work in unison kind of on a rotating wheel. Sometimes they start on themselves because of tasks I need to do or sometimes I can initiate them by starting to do something that suits the personality parts talents. I find schizophrenia more believable than multiple personality disorder since in the psychological circles the original "proof" is still a bit vague and being regarded as a therapist and a patient teaming up to make money while it not actually being true. Also I find it hard to prove and hard to believe that someone can split into sometimes up to 20 different personalities. How would you ever prove that? If you know some facts that I don't do tell me. I can be sold on schizophrenia but not on multiple personality disorder. I studied psychology for 1,5 year so I know a little bit about some facts but by far not all. Would love to hear anything I missed though?
  9. I'd like to think it has made me stronger it made part of me a survivor that blocks out own feelings and emotions so that I can be strong for others when they need me. Especially useful in tough situations like the death of a relative etc. I think trauma has divided my personality in 5 parts (modes more like it I don't believe schizophrenia is a real thing) all with their own uses and in every game I always try to reproduce the same 5 just different races genders etc.(to make it more RPG like). This might be why i've probably annoyed most of you with my spamming of starting threads int his forum.
  10. OCD is for one character. And Impulsiveness for another. So that I can feel familiar with an entire party and without them all being the same exact character.
  11. Hello, I always like to RP more than finding the most effective build or builds. I can't enjoy the game unless I at least see shades of what I would do in Eora in all of my created characters. I'll give an example, I have a case of so far undiagnosed OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder with a lot of peculiar things) for example I must know where all parts are of a certain puzzle or something and I need to count them daily or that I need to have things in a certain order or fitting a certain type(hencewhy the specific builds I request). Anyway this fits with the goldpact Paladin. Then I can become a bit extremely hyper so that I just charge at whatever my impulses tell me this fits a berserker barbarian. Also i've been bullied about 10 years straight and this made me a bit sad and depressed so whenever I feel sad I become quiet as a rogue for example. Do any of you have something like this? I am also fond of picking voices that fit the character my favorites are Male: Stoic, Noble & Smooth Female: Sinister & Kind.
  12. Oh well this is why i start so many threads on this forum for new builds to try to get me more into the game. Since I don't like the whole companion thing at all (not obsidian's fault i just generally like to create my own group like family from scratch) everyone here helps me immensely with every comment and idea they share.
  13. Thank you my lovelies, it must be bugged then. What reward do you get for completing this in my case bugged little puzzle? An item or? I had a bug once where i couldn't summon the floating hangman either I hope all bugs will be fixed soon so I can enjoy my game. It already caused me to quit one playthrough it will not deter me from finishing another!
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