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  1. I would instantly picked evoker if combusting wounds was not locked for the subclass, its kinda sad that wizards are so gutted by subclasses and not having their own editable grimoire, truly no fun allowed eh Also I got some questions about barbarian abilities interacting with spells : Blood Frenzy would add bleed effect from spell crits ? Lion spring accuracy "next attack" works with spells ?
  2. Well strictly from RP perspective if there is invisible enemy near you are kinda flanked? Kappa I guess just usual obsidian error anyway you should do ultimate like this and get yourself on that board
  3. This.... this is something I should have read before installing this game, I actually spent half of last night reading it thank you for pointing it out and especially thank you @thelee for making it, all that info in one place is invaluable! Some parts of that FAQ should be really accessible from the main menu of Deadfire! Also special thanks to @Boeroer for always giving answers to all kinds of questions based on his own in game experience which otherwise would take me days of play time to figure out, really appreciate it! Anyway I'm still in tough spot deciding between Evoker and Blood Mage because honestly these would be 2 very similar builds that would probably work just well enough to not have troubles on potd with a party while not getting bored with it really fast The character I am looking to build is Warlock spell caster who spams spells with all the barbarian action speed buffs also getting some on hit passive from improved frenzy and skip recovery on spells after you score a kill which should happen quite often, in my recent play trough I played Witch Ascendant/Furry Shaper and all that spamming by frenzied caster was really fun for a while until it got old because : after early thunderous report and instant ascension this character would just Finnish 99% of the fights by itself with either AI spamming Silent Scream or me queuing 20 amplified waves on a tank while priest casts salvation of time twice. I think its safe to assume that playing Warlock instead of Witch would be more exciting than cipher spamming one spell until the fight is over. I guess when I say spamming spells it should automatically be blood mage but since Boeroer shared that tip with double Fireball necklaces well I can get 8 additional fireballs per encounter on evoker, which is why I cant make up my mind
  4. How reliable is blood sacrifice btw? I remember I tried single class blood mage on some SSS fights and he was not able to restore high level spells reliably ( I would use only 1 spell from highest tier and try to restore it with blood sacrifice only worked once in 5 tries or so other tries going blank but dealing self damage) I assume I would need to concentrate on lower tier spells(also this probably means I cant spam all the self buffs at beginning), im multi classing this time anyway so last 2 tiers won't be there anyway. I wonder if using Voidward and reducing raw damage taken interferes with spell level I can restore
  5. The double cast bonus seems to be tempting but thats basically all you get compared to blood mage ( who also gets power level boost after using blood sacrifice ) and then you lose access to half of wizard spells when going with evoker, and in prolonged fights blood mage will be able to cast more of the same spells than evoker with double cast, losing access to combusting wounds arcane dampener etc. is really painful I could see evoker being superior if I had another wizard in the party but I just don't want to do that really
  6. Apparently Cape of Falling Star is one, my game keeps crashing when I try to open inventory or character screen where it shows my characters model. I found some posts where people had similar issues while using this item, lost all of my progress on this save , are there any other items like this ?
  7. i guess it depends how you are using AC if you keep him in the back waiting for enemies to rush your backline - AC wont die but then you gain nothing from him for half of the combat second option is use him the way he is supposed to be used - once your tank engages and enemies settle in place you send your AC to enemy back line and your ranger starts sniping enemy back line - your ac will die and will do it often unless you dedicate a healer to follow him arround
  8. Thats the biggest issue with DOT builds half of games enemies are immune to poison and disease
  9. People neglect AC and go for GhostHeart for the very reasons u described as you have to pick 5 talents to even make AC do anything and its also additional character to micro as it will die very easy on AI and ranger companion usually causes a lot of body blocking issues and cant find their path to targets ,you can takedown combo with ghost hearts AC whenever it suits you without investing 5-10 ability points in to AC. Other similar option is to play Maia or use mod that unlocks Gunhawk class , bird AC can be played without any AC passives and just spam takedown combo when needed and Gunhawk subclass has no penalties and the bird is basically another bonus compared to other subclasses. Melee Rangers are kinda liked by the community and can be built to be very strong but honestly if I want to play ranger I want it to be ranged as there are plenty of other interesting melee classes. Arcane archer is just massive derp by obsidian but community patch fixes some of the problems and then you can build that one multi class build with paladin by Boeroer and its kinda fun, however any martial class is fun when played with paladin because you can spam FoD once you ran out of your other class resources and flames hits so hard that enemies explode into little pieces of meat Basically for me biggest issue about ranger is the AC and that it feels incomplete if you neglect AC , AC causes more trouble than good in long run and are too weak in general unless you dump more than half of your talent points into making AC useful but then you end up with weaker ranger.
  10. Chanter has some decent DOT effects from his chants also if you make him tanky he can add some retaliation effects who will function as a dot when he is being attacked , can have 2 damaging chants up all the time with troubadour , also rogue can do some DOTS in AOE when using Riposte , Deep Wounds with spears that have dot effects, I'm currently playing priest druid - healer/buffer/debuffer and only dot spell I ever use is Plague of Insects , other than that I find it more useful to debuff enemies so my dpsers kill them faster or buff/heal my allies instead of casting more dots, however Plague of Insects cast at the beginning of the encounter is still really good Next play trough im thinking to go with Oracle(Psion/x) as my support character as playing priest/druid Lifegiver is just too easy, oracle will probably have more time to cast some additional dots Autumn Decay seems really decent spell to use except that half of the games enemies are immune to decay
  11. Every ability should have separate files within the mod like in community patch for example , in case you dont like some changes you can remove them one by one . Also modding nerfs onto single player game might not be the best idea
  12. So just to be clear if I play Fighter/x character and use Devil of Caroc Armor 35% base recovery of medium armors -10% recovery enchant on the armor -25% recovery from armoured grace I would not have Armor with 0% recovery right ? it would still slow my character down?
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