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  1. Obsidian lacks talent in both writing and programming to stomp anyone.
  2. DOS2 sells 4 times as much as pillars I guess thats not a fact just an opinion right it is a fact for 99% of people out there excluding 50 guys in this forum same guys who think book of Woedica is worthy addition to the game and that pillars 3 should be turn based anyway to end this discussion : reality is that pillars has nothing going for it except the RTWP combat other than that is completely outclassed by actually good games and its even getting outclassed by other RTWP games (PFKM) P.S. 99% of posts written on internet are peoples opinion just like all your posts above.
  3. Well DoS2 is superior turn based game compared to turn based pillars deadfire no other way to say it
  4. But it has nothing to do with me liking or not liking TB as in that scenario i already picked to play TB game now its a choice between dos2 and deadfire both tb , why would i play pillars over dos in tb ? Dos is superrior game in all aspects( not my opinion but a fact just look at the sale numbers, players or critic receptions or whatever way u want to compare these tb games dos2 is just better) To boeroer : Being the biggest rtwp release in decade is what sells pillars games, naturally they got additional sales after releasing TB that was the whole point of doing it but you somehow miss the point that sales were bad in the first place and they were bad because game is a mess even after so many patches. And releasing another messy mode just to grab some quick cash is horrible business practice.
  5. Answer this to me : Why would I play turn based pillars when there are actually good games with TB like DOS 2 for example P.S. Cake is superior to pie - come fight me
  6. My intention was never to discuss whats better RTWP or TB and I played way more TB games than RTWP ones ( not that there is a choice tho ) . Anyway my point was that Pillars started as rtwp game and should end that way, and my problem with TB mode being implemented into Deadfire and possibly upcoming game is that : obsidian cant even polish their rtwp combat or character skills/abilities and even some fundamental game mechanics and adding another combat mode on top of other unpolished parts of the game is just not the brightest idea, they easily could have spent all that post production time on polishing the game instead of adding TB mode and Woedicas crap dialogue.
  7. Thats the point TB will always be easier than rtwp and because of that it will always be less exciting in the end. I never played any TB game more than twice first time you just explore the game second time you go trough it on hardest difficulty and big chance is that you will never open the game again, on the other hand RTWP games I can play over and over again because the combat gameplay is different with every new char you make meanwhile in TB they are all just standing there and you use different animations to finnish encounters TB is actually a lot like all the console games where you need to press X and cool **** which you cant control happens on the screen, rtwp combat has way more depth compared to TB, however good rtwp combat is way harder to make for developers compared to TB thats why we barely if ever see rtwp games and those usually have same issues again and again but considering this would be 3rd attempt for obsidian on basically same game I just hope to finally see a game with polished rtwp combat obsidian is definitely going in right direction just they somehow never manage to polish their games, thats a problem that might be in the past now with Microsoft involved
  8. And thats why they should focus on improving RTWP combat making it more tactical and challenging instead of spending time and resources on TB, sadly obsidians understanding of challenging combat is spawning more enemies and giving them more defences but maybe that can improve on 3rd try
  9. Pillars is RTWP game, going for TB on PoE3 would be admitting that they spent decade developing rtwp franchise and failed miserably I strongly believe they not gonna do that they might go with both RTWP and TB from the start for PoE3 but there will always be rtwp combat if they decide to make direct isometric sequel. TB combat in general is very boring and gets even worse while game progresses there are plenty of games with TB and the only ones worth playing are good for others things and not their TB combat
  10. I actually found a mod that does something similar just not sure how compatible it is with current version and others mods , will try after im done with current play trough
  11. I hope they not gonna waste time and resources on Turn Based and just polish the RTWP combat something they haven't done in first two games so then there is no need for turn based. Maybe now with Microsofts foot on their neck they gonna have to polish the games before releasing last patch and dropping them for good, one can only hope.
  12. Nothing better than your rogue turning enemy wizard into meat balls but if I decide to use any of those ill turn it off then I think I tried white worms on my first play trough and could not cast it most of the time that I remember haha
  13. Blood Mage with Three trolls stitched, Flesh mender, troll skin belt(I know it sux but still +1 Regenerate )Ring of greater regeneration, voidward and bathhouse buff can spam shadow flame spell like there is no tomorrow perma paralysing pretty much anything that is not immune I thought I will use fire or pulsing spells with this character but I never do anymore as there is no point in casting anything else than wizards double and shadow flame
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