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  1. The Blunderbuss modal "Powder Burns" is treated as a beneficial effect even though it afflicts the user. That affliction will be lengthened with the character's intellect. Please fix this, it's quite annoying and doesn't make any sense.
  2. In the below photo, you can see that Blunderbuss's Powder Burns modal is categorized as a "beneficial effect". This makes no sense, and means characters with high INT will afflict themselves for very long periods of time. Please fix this as a QoL feature.
  3. Most likely many elements of the game engine weren't properly isolated/decoupled from other elements, which was probably fine before turn-based mode. Adding TB probably shifted many fundamental elements of the game around, causing unforeseeable bugs. This is why when I develop anything I focus on isolating the different moving parts so that changes in A don't cause unexpected changes in B. Usually you see stuff like this because someone did a fast job writing some engine code getting it working in the short term rather than the long term.
  4. I'd really love if they did. I know they're swamped with the bugs caused by the recent updates to the game. Patching this up would make combat cleaner and more logical, in addition to improving Forbidden Fist (which desperately needs improvement) and potentially Blood Mage too.
  5. It's true, the scaling described is consistent. It's also true that no player expects things to work this way because it doesn't make sense. The bottom line is that the game treats self-inflicted effects as both helpful and harmful at the same time. This is the root issue I'm trying to bring to the surface. It's not a logical game mechanic, and was most likely not intended to be this way. It's also not simple because you need to consider more factors when figuring out how much damage you'll end up taking. I'm not arguing that these changes will automatically make Forbidden Fist viable. That class needs a lot of work. This will certainly help, though, in the same way that it will help many other classes and builds.
  6. Will you be looking into just Forbidden Fist or the overall issue with abilities that apply afflictions/damage to the caster? I made a post listing many of these and proposing a solution to the whole thing.
  7. If this is intended, I'll just stop playing the game altogether. Not only does it completely neuter my current team, but it also invalidates my next planned playthrough. Oh well, the DLC looked interesting enough, but there are other games.
  8. Guess I might as well just kill Serafen then and dump his body in the sea along with his weapons... Might this have something to do with Fire in the Hole's +1 ranged bounces? If the game is only applying effects on the initial hit (not the AoE), then it makes sense since attacking the target in back won't bounce to the one in front, but attacking the one in front will bounce to the one in back.
  9. Also INT increases the duration of curse in additional to RES reducing it. It only makes sense that RES would apply here. I made a thread covering many of the other effects that suffer from this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107987-stat-boosts-increasing-the-potency-of-self-harming-effects/. The problem is that increasing the player's helpful stats also increases the potency of self-inflicted harmful effects, which is bad game design, and probably not intended. The player shouldn't ever regret increasing their stats.
  10. I would be interested to know how they rescale time based stats such as recovery time, helpful/harmful ability duration, damage over time, etc. Specifically, characters with lots of recovery time reduction should be able to attack multiple times per turn, otherwise it's just a wasted skill and everyone should simply dump dexterity and wear the heaviest armor.
  11. It seems the issue comes in two parts. First, there's the nonsense mechanic where increasing a beneficial stat makes negative effects stronger. But you're also right when you say the downsides would be negligible at higher levels without the proper scaling. A solution might be to make the damage you take based on your max or current HP so that the damage values have the same impact regardless of level and gear. They would of course have to be rescaled too, to make sure they aren't too strong or too weak.
  12. Increasing a character's stats past the baseline value of 10 should have only positive effects on gameplay and combat. Following this is good game design and makes sense. In PoE, there are many abilities that have drawbacks such as afflicting the character for a duration or forcing them to take damage. In all of those scenarios I've found, the following things happen with regard to self-harming effects: Duration increases with the player's INT, beneficial effect increase (like from Strand of Favor, which contradicts its description), and Power Level (if class ability). Damage the player takes increases with player's MIG, Power Level (if class ability), and all percent damage increases such as the human race bonus when bloodied or near death. Why does INT increase the duration of these harmful effects while RES simultaneously reduces it? Now we have two stats that the player wants to increase, both contradicting each other. INT should have no influence on duration, which will allow RES to do its job properly. The reason it works like this currently is that the game treats self-harming effects as both helpful and harmful. This should not be the case. On the other hand, ability self-damage should scale as the character becomes stronger to keep things balanced. All the abilities I mention below are relatively balanced to Power Level. Because self-damage is almost exclusively raw and all +% bonus damage increases will scale this damage up, it's easy to see that things can very quickly get out of hand. Forcing this self-damage to scale from Power Level only will allow DPS characters to use abilities like Frenzy and Sacred Immolation without having to compensate with high CON. The following abilities should be changed: Monk Forbidden Curse duration. Should be RES only. Monk Forbidden Curse damage tick. Should be PL only. Blood Mage's self-damage should be PL only. It's almost certainly being affected, but there's no tooltip and since it's random damage there's no way to prove it via screenshot. Paladin's Sacred Immolation damage tick. Should be PL only. Barbarian's Frenzy damage tick. Should be PL only. Blunderbuss's Powder Burns duration. Should be RES only. Wizard Spell Deleterious Alacrity of Motion. Should be PL only. Strand of Favor's passive effects both apply to self-inflicted effect duration. Only the Ward of Favor ability should apply. Fixing the scaling issues of harmful self-inflicted effects would be a strong improvement to combat overall. This will make the commonly ignored aspects of some classes and builds competitive, which would enhance the game's variety.
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