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  1. I really don't know what RPG you could've played lately that has better writing and world-building than POE. And don't say dos, lol, their writing and world-building is a joke. The game itself is elementary and casualized to the point anyone can play it and win.
  2. Oh yeah, the digsite is really one of the first tests on whether your party is any good, at least from my experience. I was expecting a huge, difficult fight when I went to it on my current playthrough, but it was surprisingly easy to win. I set myself (swashbuckler) and my paladin on the ramp to keep the enemy from getting up to my musketeer and priestess, and summoned a ghost-heart wolf to run around and bite the dragon while my musketeer and priestess shot it to death from afar. I think I must've just gotten lucky though, because every other time that I've fought at the digsite, it was a rough, grueling battle. I always kill everyone on Gorecci street. I can't deny myself the opportunity to potentially get more good stuff.
  3. One thing that should have been retained is reputation. In POE1 I was renowned for my cruelty, and it's taken some time, but I've built it back up to max level in POE2.
  4. On my current playthrough (since I sacrificed eder in POE1 and robbed/murdered xoti lol), I fought on Gorecci Street with my own swashbuckler, a custom made musketeer and a wael priestess and paladin that I hired at the tavern. It was pretty hard with a party of three until I created the musketeer, but he made the fight a lot easier. The hardest fight I've had on my second play through has been obtaining a certain piece of awesome looking armor in the Forgotten Sanctum at level 11 - it took 3 or 4 tries and some coral snuff to win the battle.
  5. *sigh* I just watched the game awards and Disco Elysium got two awards and tons of attention. I watched the Xbox game show and saw Wasteland 3 getting tons of attention. Does anyone else feel disappointed with how these and other cRPGs are getting all of this attention, yet such a master at the genre - Obsidian - isn't showing anything? Erhmm... well, uh, there's Grounded, of course... I feel like Obsidian could stomp the competition straight into the dirt, especially in what seems to be a significant reemergence and spotlight on the genre.
  6. I mean, 500k-1m sounds pretty damn good, at least theoretically, for a CRPG. On gog as well it's pretty much always doing pretty decent and is always at the top of the list (by this is mean top 3 and sometimes literally #1) when sales come up. When I check the max player count it's had on steam charts vs Pathfinder Kingmaker, POE2 has had more max players, so if Pathfinder did so much better - which seems sketchy, given its mixed rating with pages of complaints - it certainly isn't visible on steam charts. Someone else said on this discussion that you can't really expect casuals to get into cRPGs, it's just not the right target audience. Make no mistake about it, I've beaten POE1, 2 and numerous other cRPGs and I still have to look up almost everything when it comes to stats and leveling up in my second playthrough of POE 2 after beating it a few months ago. Most casuals aren't up for that.
  7. Does anyone have any info on how many copies POE II has sold up until around this point?
  8. I mean... judging by a lot of the gaming culture nowadays, I couldn't imagine the flack Obsidian would get if a fifth of the female characters in the game had beards. Just saying.
  9. Hi everyone, I was wondering what dialogue choices I need to pick in POE I in order to get the Devil of caroc breast plate in POE II? I've met with Harmke and read his soul, but all of the options that let him live from what I've seen amount to lying rather than being benevolent, per say. Does any option that allows him to live result in this armor being available in part 2?
  10. Well, there aren't a lot of enemy types and the way that they're placed on the maps seems more reminiscent of an MMORPG more than anything. There isn't a very big incentive to explore compared to any bethesda (I hate them, but still) game or Fallout NV because there aren't a lot of unique and intriguing sets of armor and weapons; I remember in Fallout NV I went through a whole f*** fest in order to get this one unique M4 style carbine assault rifle, and a lot of other unique items too just to boost up my character and make her look awesome. I'd spend hours upon hours doing this. The game feels more systematic, as in I'm knocking off quests according to some checklist of quests in order to progress, rather than progressing on my own time and in my own way (this might be a weak point in hub games compared to open world). For instance, in Oblivion, I barely even did quests for my first few characters and instead I basically just ransacked the map looking for cool items, exploring unique places, and doing random quests here and there. It seems like your companions in Outer Worlds have a personality, until you recruit them and then that personally just seems to slip away with a random response here or there when talking to someone, as opposed to that sniper guy in the dinosaur town in Fallout NV, for instance, where he had an entire, I'd say meaningful backstory and was really fleshed out, and his is presence on the team was always very apparent - he had skills that really meant something. The majority of perks are, bleh. Skill checks, because of how you place points into one tree and it adds to all of the skills in it, are vacuous and way too easy to master. In any Fallout game, I have to decide which gun skill I'm going to under develop in order to boost up my speech skill, while in Outer Worlds, it matters significantly less, comparatively. I like the story in Outer Worlds, but the way that it's delivered and by whom isn't nearly as effective as I believe it could be - a certain rebel leader, for example hardly seems very passionate about his cause. Then, of course, there's no 3rd person which makes customization of looks virtually meaningless. I think that the main problem that irks me about the Outer Worlds is how it's consistently compared to Fallout, when it reality it should not be compared to Fallout. It's just not up to that level. I think that there was excellent marketing for Outer Worlds to be honest, and it gave me the impression that the game would be loaded with personality, quirkiness, comedy, etc., and if those elements were stronger I'd probably overlook the majority of the aspects that I laid out (as long as it's not compared to Fallout). THERE ARE PEOPLE SAYING THAT THIS IS BETTER THAN FALLOUT NEW VEGAS and that's insane, completely absurd.
  11. The two biggest problems with Supernova are DEFINITELY the sleeping and the companions. I play with companions and have to trudge along throughout the maps, wary of any encounters because if I run in, they'll probably die. If I don't have any companions, I can just go in and slaughter everything. I noticed that after I let the two companions that I had with me die, I was ransacking the map rather than carefully trudging through. I don't think that fast travel should be included in hardcore modes though, and I don't know if simply drinking water from rivers and streams on an alien world without first altering the water would be safe.
  12. Yeah, I completely agree. I don't see how, in any way, this is being compared to any Fallout game. I wasn't really ever excited for Outer Worlds, but I thought that it'd be booming with personality and comedy and RPG elements similar to Fallout NV, yet it seems surprisingly devoid of that; in fact, it seems pretty devoid of a lot of things. I think that the best word to sum it up with - as I noted, surprisingly - is Lacklustre. It seems like a game with a lot of potential that was never really expounded upon. I give it approximately a 4/10 as well - it just seems like there's less to it than a game of it's type made by a reputable, or even in many cases, "reputable," company.
  13. Exactly. I'm quite optimistic about the acquisition.
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