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  1. For me on PS3, it was Ace combat Infinity, it destroyed my old PS3 ... But except the PS4 freeze which is avoidable when you are on Poko Kohara island (never open your inventory) Deadfire didn't make the PS4 heat (i never heard the fan turning while on Deadfire, this is a good point for me)... Not like Anthem at his release for example... I never played on PC, or Mac, only on console, i use the mac only to work, at some point, i wanted to get a pc for gaming, but a friend discouraged me by saying "with games on PC you spend more time trying to make a game compatible with your gear drivers...", this frightened me a bit ... but you are right, today, most of the released games are released first on PC, then on console (Eve Online could push me to buy a PC to play ^)...
  2. What would be the best watcher ability (best inspiration) for a chanter (troubadour) which use physical weapons ? after playing with all other classes and I always fear falling out of power resources, so since i understood we could get the watcher ability we want, i tend to go for Intellect inspiration, but would Wit of Dead Herald (Intel inspiration) the best choice for a Chanter (troubadour) or a Cipher ? Any help to decide please ?
  3. Apparently only Monks fists get rewarded by "Prestige" passive, other summoned weapons, and creatures (except chanter summoned weapons may be) don't take Power level in count (only summoner level)... I asked if wizard summons like "Black Bow of Caedebald" take power level in count, and JerekKruger negatively... Anyway, not my team is lv 4, i am far from this... I remember for Fassina, I prefered get +1 penetration for her corrosive spells...
  4. agreed, i tried in the first fight in Gorreci street, my kind wayfarer paladin had one sabre in each hand, and he missed each time (may be because he was one level below us)...
  5. Sorry, I should have said with dual wielding you lose the accuracy bonus of using only one single hand weapon (one sabre only accuracy = 42, one sabre in each hand accuracy =30/30, same as using a two hand weapon (i am at the very beginning of the game, still on Maje island)... Lay on Hands don't work on PS4 (it don't heal), even with last patch 1.05, this is why i created a Kind wayfarer in the very beginning of this NG and the one before... i didn't realized dexterity helped on instantly cast spells/abilities, i thought it helped only with long cast time spells, thanks... Constitution 10 will not a problem for a tank Paladin ?
  6. Hello I started a new game as chanter (Troubadour) and created a Kind wayfarer Paladin (Pale Elf) single class to support and attack, i feel i done some mistakes when i created him... I need him mostly for dual wielding + healing with blue flame and Exalted Endurance... In Game without any gear, his attributes are : Might : 15 Constitution : 12 Dexterity : 12 Perception : 13 Intellect : 15 Resolve : 11 I read somewhere on the forum dexterity must be neglected on Paladin, and because of the loss of accuracy with dual wielding may be I should have put more point in Perception... I have no intention to use any ability which take longer than instantly to launch (Inspired beacon for example) ... Should i remove point Dexterity and add more Perception ? (he will lose reflex and initiative) ... Any tips please ?
  7. Thanks (game released two month ago on PS4 - it explain things)
  8. Will Maia leave us if I kill the RDC Chieftain in Sayuka ? (Maia is not part of the team - she is on the ship)
  9. it make me think to something, two weeks ago may be more, i was using Griffin blade + guardian blade (dual wielding) for a little of time i removed them quickly the +2 penetration -15 reflection was too much for my Cipher watcher, and since this time i still have the two "bonus" (50% chances to stun close enemies on hit, and +10% brut damage on hit) on my watcher status window, i don't know how i can get rid of them ... Edit : sooner i upgraded Thundercrack pistol (it wasn't equipped) and after i get out of the inventory, i found his per rest ability 'Storm Rune Shot' on my watcher in the spell bar...
  10. I am not sure it is working on PS4, i equipped it on Eder, and never noticed any increase to his defenses (in the status window)... Edit : Apparently Etonia signet ring effect don't appear in the status window, but appear on the character defenses ...
  11. Is this normal the phrases area is only 4 meters (saw this on Konstanten) ? lesser than the Paladin aura (5 meters)? Considering healing depend on Might too, how much intelligence should I put in a chanter for his aura be efficient ?
  12. in fact, by keeping the godseed, you can enchant freely 3 weapons (2 to legendary, one to mythic)...
  13. I remember of the earthquake at a point of the game, and later (it was the same in my two game) i was going from Neketaka to Dunnage, and the two time she come to us in the middle of the ocean... (trace a line between Neketaka and Dunnage - she trigger the scripted event at the middle of the line). I remember precisely because just before i done the vampire island (the one with Copperhead), and notified a lot of tentacles on Wael island while i was on the "road/sea", so i done a quick turn on the island to grab the materials before returning to Neketaka and then Dunnage...
  14. Obsidian would be very smart if they add your patch in the PS4 port of Deadfire...
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