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  1. I still am unable to load any of my saves and get zero response to my comments and emails from tech support about it. Anyone have any tricks or info?
  2. Has the new patch fixed any of your mentioned problems? I still can't load any of my saves to find out what the patch did.
  3. So the patch came out today and did nothing for me not being able to load any saves...
  4. Same here on regular Ps4, and zero correspondence from any tec support. Basically at this point I'm feeling we got scammed. I mean, lie to me and tell me you are working on a patch at least.
  5. 15 hours in and ALL of my saves a fuc#$%.... I can live with the small glitches but wtf man? How in the hell. Did this game get through testing???? This could be a great game but it's not complete... Another refund fest like Blizzard had to do for turning out garbage.
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