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  1. I guess it's not related to the cave, I am trying to reproduce the bug to send you a save but I am having trouble getting it to happen again. It happened twice though, and I searched very thoroughly for the icon. I am positive it was not there both times.
  2. I reported this bug about a month ago but it is still in the game. I am playing a new game, on a different computer, and still encountering this issue (game breaking for trial of iron). After going to ori o koiki and meeting the the ranga, I agree to hunt the slavers. Then I exit through the cave in the back, and there is no compass icon where i came in to go back to the world map. When I use the main entrance, and take the lift down, there IS a world map exit so the bug is related to the back entrance cave.
  3. Ah ok, I will test and try to see if that is the case. The description is pretty unclear, when you hover over engaged, it sounds like it should proc if there are enemies in melee range attacking you but that is just not the case most of time.
  4. It seems to give +2 per enemy, not +3 like the description says. But it doesn't work very reliably, in another encounter it is giving my +10 for 5 engaged enemies but it doesn't work in every encounter for some reason.
  5. Entonia Signet Ring does not work properly, the description says it gives +3 all defenses for each enemy engaged stacking up to 5 times. When Engaging 6 enemies (+1 shield, +3 defensive stance, +1 persistent distraction, +1 hold the line) I am getting only +2, as you can see from my screenshots. (the buff is called inviolate) I hovered over deflection in the screen, but the buff gives the same +2 for each other defensive stat. As you can see, the buff does not show up in active effects for some reason, but it does appear when hovering over defenses.
  6. When I attempt to split stacks of food/ drink, I double click on the item, select the amount to split, and then the game selects an incorrect item from my inventory. For example, when I double click ale, it asks how much ale I would like to split. I select a number (let's say 50 ale), and click ok. After the window closes, my cursor is holding 50 water or something else from my inventory instead of the ale.
  7. That's Firebrand, a summoned weapon. As I said in the original post, I think the summoned weapons look quite nice, and I wish some other uniques looked similar, Hmn, thought it was gonna be a unique flaming sword since it says "burning lash" in that vid. I think "burning lash" is an enchantment that does %burn damage, but I have used several burning lash weapons and have never seen any weapon with a fire visual effect like that aside from firebrand.
  8. That's Firebrand, a summoned weapon. As I said in the original post, I think the summoned weapons look quite nice, and I wish some other uniques looked similar,
  9. With high Int it lasts pretty long. Make sure to max out Int, get Int gear, and use Int inspirations (like disciplined/ tactical barrage). I have had a good experience on solo potd playing battlemage that uses summoned weapons, as well as a battlemage that uses a soulbound weapon. They are both strong but I think the citzal's build may be the better of the 2. If the cast time feels really long, make sure you have concentration when you start the cast. You may be getting interrupted which can extend the cast time quite a bit.
  10. You can't actually change the colors on some of the uniques, which is kind of sad. Deltro's Cage plate armor for example looks much cooler when you are standing in the shadows because it turns black and blue, instead of the bronze look it has in the light, which you are unable to change.
  11. I agree, I'm not interested in giant unrealistic anime style aesthetics. I'd just like to see some particle effects and more variety for the base models.
  12. I was replaying the first PoE recently, as a refresher for deadfire, and I noticed there were many more interesting item appearances in the original than in the sequel. The Whispers of Yenwood sword is a good example, it has a nice red glow effect in the original game, but looks pretty bleh in the sequel.
  13. Hi, I love this game and have very few complaints so far but with that being said there are a couple things that could be improved. I would be ecstatic if the models for unique items were updated to make them look a little cooler. Even just a few magic glowy effects here and there would be awesome. I love the appearance for summoned weapons, and the 1 or 2 unique items that have detailed custom models with particle effects (like Aeldys' saber). I just wish there were more items like that, often I find a unique badass weapon that is probably the best in slot for a character and it just looks li
  14. When I try to download the dlc through steam, it opens the game. When I then try to download the dlc through the game, it opens the steam in game browser. At that point my in game steam browser seems to think steam is not installed on my pc, and clicking "steam is installed" does not do anything. Am I doing something wrong here?
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