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  1. As title. It's quite obvious that people would be even willing to buy it as new DLC.
  2. I really hope the main story line could be extended. Although the game is quite good with vocal performance. But not only BG2, but NWN2 could also full fill the role play atmosphere when PoE2 couldn't. Please don't make the side quests taking place of main quest, it's just weird if you really enjoy the Role Play.
  3. I think the Main Story Line is just too short.(so fights are few) That's the problem BG2 >> POE2. Although I like POE2's vocal performance, but even NWN2 could full fill the Role Play Atmosphere when POE2 could not (since our main character always has to do some side-quest which does nothing with chasing a god).
  4. Agree with OP. For me. Character build system: POE2 >> BG2 Romance: BG2 >> POE2 Story: BG2 > POE2 (since POE2 got good Vocal for atmosphere building and attractive cultural shock between countries, but just lack of story length.)
  5. Funny. People can't get "really" happy with content that is almost useless, doesn't mean that people can't be happy with anything. We just got different criteria, and please save those stupid cases for yourself.
  6. +1... These crew members even don't join the ship close fighting while I hire all my companions and sidekicks. And I usually won't waste the money to buy a Big Ship capable of free crew members before I'm going to finish the game. New contents are appreciated (whatever if it's free), but this one really do nothing to improve the player experience.
  7. Well, the whole system still seems to be a little stubborn for me. BTW, range summons exist in POE2, you could summon them within 1 hrs.
  8. yea...I don't really expect them to do it. But as I see, this game could be much interesting to do so. All classes could be just more diversified for making system rich. For this topic, my romantic for Ranger (with a pet) is an assistance character with a powerful monster.
  9. And make these Range Pets with different attack ranges. Better give all the Pets different skills which consume infinite resource (something like wound of Monk or concentration of Cipher). By this way to make the character building system. The game would be much more attractive I believe. Just suggestion for your reference.
  10. in my point of view, Cipher is powerful to charm enemy for 20 sec by using first level spell for unlimited times. And yes, Cipher is just so weak in it's most high level spells which are high cost, short duration and low damage.
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