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  1. I came here to ask the same , i cant play in first person for more than 10 min. my head start to hurt , i really hope we have a option to put the game in third person , thats how i paly Fallout 4 and Skyrim , i walk around and explore in 3rd person and only enter 1st person in combat. Anyway , amazing trailer , hope the game is a masterpiece.
  2. Just a minor bug , but sometimes the characters weapons just turn invisible , if you unequip and equip again they show up normal , but its pretty fun seeing my dual blunderbuss watcher shooting and reloading his hands , like a kid pretending to have a gun ....
  3. Yeah i know , i have a post on the Technical fórum about this bug , named Hasongo , you can post there too so the devs will know more players are getting these bugs.
  4. I have the same problem with the naga in Hasongo , the text show he give you something but the neck never show , what you can do to get the neck and end the quest without violence is steal the neck from him before Interact with the adra pillar , just need someone with Sleight of Hand.
  5. If i make a ranger Ghost Heart / Chanter my pet summon interfere on my chanter summons ? Because i know you can only have one summon at time. Sorry for the very basic question , i never tried this combo before.
  6. Yeah so far im getting bugs i never have before , like the blade of endless paths not showing , losing Money on reload and this Hosongo bug ...
  7. In Hasongo , in the Adra Pillar if you take the non violence option Sugaan was supposed to give you Strand of Favor as a reward , you get the text saying he press something into your hands but the neck never show in your bag.
  8. I have the same problem , i tried very very hard to like this games , i have 1 &2 but i just can't get into it , o dont know why , old style rpgs are so rare , really sad i can't like DoS , with POE 1 & 2 was so natural , i just start playing and get invested in the game in the first 2 minutes ....
  9. Im having the same problem and im using a import save , the fragments dont show on my cabin , only the shards of yenwood ...
  10. Sometimes when you reload the game you lost all or almost all your Money , for some reason the game take your daily wages hundred of times and just drain your pockets.
  11. I have the same problem , if you quick save and quick load in front of Eld , she just appear.
  12. Maybe i get it wrong , but the way is described : Loaded Pockets - NPC pockets are filled with more and rarer items ...
  13. So i just got back to the game and there is this new Berath Blessing , Loaded Pockets , i always love to play a thief char , before they rename it to rogue , and i really like pick pocket , sadly in most games is very bad implemented , my question is , this blessing really change something ? It is worth it ? Thanks in Advance.
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