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  1. That's a really good question! My guess -- and mind you, without knowing anything for sure -- is almost zero. Practically none at all.
  2. But I have not accused you of anything. My rationale for keeping this within the cRPG world is that genres are different, and what works in one may not work in another. Or may be entirely superfluous, etc. Also, I am not sure whether it's necessary to pick up the youngsters. Sure, the companies would rather have them than not, but it would be actually be interesting to see the age distribution of these games, even the very successful ones. Not sure at all if there are many youngsters involved -- depending on the definitions, of course.
  3. Another question is whether "most customers expect it", as has been claimed in this thread. I do not think this is true at all, within the cRPG genre. For me, conceptually speaking, the most troublesome aspect of full VO is that it effectively ties the writers' hands too early, and this is not a good thing. I know that things can be retrospectively changed (and more material can be added, like was done in Deadfire), but full VO creates unnecessary complications, which, in my view, are probably not worth the financial cost.
  4. So, do I understand this correctly: for you, the experience is something like watching a movie voiced in English and subtitled in German? In other words, both languages are present, one in voice and one in text. Is this correct? I just want to make sure I understand your playing experience right.
  5. But hey, if D:OS2 was the first one to really do it, how many cRPGs actually have full VO? Seriously. Two? How many? Look at these facts: Deadfire had full VO, and it bombed big time. Pathfinder did not, and it sold very well. Its sequel also quickly got over $2M in backer money even if full VO is not forthcoming. So I still don't think you have an argument within the world of cRPGs, at all. Right on this very forum, people were complaining because they couldn't get Deadfire's narrator to shut up.
  6. Of course it matters. It's an extremely significant question for anyone who tries to make these kind of games. If it's a choice between an investment of $0 or $200 000, you can rest assured that it matters. It's a bit funny that you never even try to back up your opinions in any way whatsoever, while many people contributing to these discussions try to take the larger picture into consideration, too.
  7. Also, related to this topic: immediately after Deadfire came out, plenty of customers on this very forum were very unhappy about the fact that they couldn't make the narrator shut up.
  8. Judging by this thread, @uuuhhii might. So apparently there could be one. But yes, I believe your claim is correct.
  9. Your original claim was "Most customers expect it though", which is not something that can be claimed upon the basis of Sawyer's post-mortem, unless he is referring to an exhaustive survey done on this topic. I have watched parts of that post-mortem (not all of it, mind you), and I'm fairly sure that bit at least contained no such reference to any surveys. So, you see individual posts, according to which non-full VO is "unprofessional for some". I have no problem with that, apparently it is. But this "some" can be a very small percentage, and we certainly cannot claim, on that basis, that "Most customers expect it". This is just not how logic or rational thinking works.
  10. I am not sure at all whether you can back up this claim. P:K did not have full VO and it did quite well, thank you very much. So what, exactly, would your evidence be? Also, you should keep in mind that this question is genre-specific, and when I'm questioning your claim, I am explicitly questioning it within the genre of cRPGs. Full VO is NOT necessary. Anecdotally speaking, I can say that I have never known, met or heard of anyone who thinks that full VO is necessary. I have only seen that claim made on the forums, and even on the forums by just one single person, whose comment you can see above.
  11. I am not sure if this is true. It certainly isn't true in comparison to PoE1. There is an awful lot of filler combat in PoE1, most of which was -- thankfully -- removed for PoE2. I agree there's plenty of combat, but "heavy combat focus", in this genre? I am not so certain.
  12. Oh, lovely. Very happy to hear it didn't make a loss. Excellent.
  13. How about elves, dwarves or halflings? Point being, we're just so used to some fantasy races but not others. Myself included, mind you. So I understand what you mean.
  14. I found the world uninteresting, the dialogue remarkably poor and the turn-based combat extremely off-putting. Also, the lizard (?) as a playable race felt simply stupid, a very bad idea. So I also stopped playing very quickly. A shame. I would have liked to like the games.
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