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  1. It's not as simple as this. Sales were poor right from the start, which indicates that a lot of people were not interested in the game in the first place. The reviews did not really suggest that the game was in a very bad shape. (It could be argued that it wasn't.) Also, they did not redo the Intro. They gave the option to skip it. Two totally different things.
  2. I just had two battles in quick succession. My main group was me, Eder, Serafen, Maia and Aloth. I have recruited all the companions. Of those not in my party, Fassina and Xoti didn't appear in either battle. In one of the battles, I also had Mirke, Rekke and Ydwin with me, and in the other, I also had Tekehu and Konstanten. This is either exactly how it went, or at least very close. I didn't write notes. So this does change. I don't know the logic, but it definitely does change. (I don't mind.)
  3. Because of this thread, I have paid some attention to this in recent days when playing the game (which I haven't had much time for). It appears that things to indeed change around, and in a way that is difficult to pin down, like Yefo suggests in his comment right above mine. I am inclined to say that you do *not* get everyone who can fight for you, at least not all of the time, although I wouldn't want to claim this in court without checking it further. Anyway, I do believe Yefo is right in saying that "In a given ship battle, the number of companions actually assisting me was not consistent". This is my experience as well.
  4. The effect very probably stems from mind blades, you are quite right. However, I did have and did use mind blades in my previous game as well, and I don't remember the invisibility effect. Strange. Either I have forgotten it or there has been something rather peculiar going to with probabilities (not impossible, of course, just peculiar). Anyway, it's obvious now that the header of this thread is in error, for which I hold my hand up.
  5. Oh yes, I did have him as a cipher. I don't understand the second question, though. I played him as a regular cipher -- and of course I did notice that every once in a while there was a random effect, but I don't think enemies ever turned invisible. The best random effect was when suddenly got an awful lot of focus, like, 100 points or more.
  6. Wow! So it could be that, and not a bug. Thank you. Here's something really interesting: I had Serafen with me nearly all the time in my first playthrough, and I don't think this ever happened once. This time, it's already happened four or five times. A strange thing, chance.
  7. To my surprise (and with corona and all), I started replaying the game, and I stumbled on a new and hugely annoying bug. Every once in a while, for reasons I really am not sure about, enemies turn invisible. The only way they become visible again is when they hit you. This is very, very strange. I have now had this bug about five times in my game, and I just entered Hasongo and did some battle on the battlements (d'oh). Either Serafen's cipher skills or Aloth's spells may be the main trigger for this sudden turning invisible, but I'm not sure. It could be anything. Heck, just now I entered a battle, gave my first commands (melee, paralysis from Serafen and a spell from Aloth), and once something hit those naga, they all just turned invisible. It doesn't matter who the enemies are, I think I've even seen it with xaurips. Knock on wood, though: I haven't seen the endless combat loop bug once in this particular start of a playthrough. But anyone else seen, or rather not seen, these invisible enemies?
  8. Yep, PoE/Deadfire is right up there with BG2. I don't think these two have any serious rivals in this genre. P:K is slightly but clearly below.
  9. Precisely. And yes, good point: it's a bit unfair to put so much blame on NWN. It was the whole change that was the problem, not that one game.
  10. PoE2 is gorgeous, my gosh it looks good. It is wonderful indeed. The problem with 3D visuals and NWN in particular was that no matter how interesting your tileset is, at the start, it is going to get very repetitive very quickly. Just play NWN for ten minutes and you'll see. Whereas in Deadfire, every place looks decidedly different and there is a unique tone to just about everything. I haven't seen anything that would even suggest that this inherent problem in 3D graphics could be solved.
  11. They did, that's true. After all that, I had such high expectations for NWN, but it turned out to be fairly poor. I also couldn't get into IWD2, because the lack of party interaction started to wear me down after the wonderful experience of BG2. Ha, at that point I thought that games like these would be coming out much of the time, but in the end it took a heck of a long time before any did. Meaning PoE, that is.
  12. Plasticky! That's an excellent choice of word. Couldn't agree more with that. I also agree with pretty much everything else you say about D:OS2. It's not a good game, I wouldn't recommend it. As for BG2, I completely understand what you're talking about, because pretty much the same happened to me as well (although I do think that the beginning of PoE is just a little bit better; the biawac is a brilliant device right at the start, absolutely brilliant). The feeling you get when you enter the Promenade and the game world opens up was magnificent. I also went into the game blind, and after finishing ToB I decided to go all the way back to BG1, and I must say I was mightily disappointed. Was barely able to finish the game. Obviously I didn't know it at the time, but BG2 benefited from the fact that most of the dross in BG1 had been cleared away -- one particularly notable example being the monotony of walking around all those maps that were mostly empty and on which essentially nothing worthwhile ever happened. (ToB was way too railroaded, by the way, so it's BG2: Shadows of Amn that is the true masterpiece. Man oh man it's good.)
  13. You didn't ask me this, but I'll answer you anyway. The dialogue system appears really poor, i.e. the manner in which your possible answers are presented differs from the way they are generally given in games like this, and the way it's done just doesn't look good(*). This was a huge downer for me, especially because the writing didn't appear particularly good. The game has no Tab key that highlights stuff in your neighborhood, which, again, was just a bad call in my view. The graphics, although good, are nowhere near as gorgeous and interesting as in Deadfire. But of course the main clincher is the world and the story, and both of them were ordinary enough for me to go "ho hum" in approximately two hours. This was in huge contrast to PoE, whose start was superb, even better than the start of BG2, which is really saying something. (*) You can do a youtube search for "divinity original sin dialogue" and you'll instantly see what I mean.
  14. NetHack and chess are turn-based, and I enjoy both. But in isometric cRPGs, it just doesn't work for me -- so the context and setting are also extremely important. It will be interesting to see how BG3 succeeds. I know very little about D:OS2, because I quit it rather early on, but it didn't give me any impression of great storytelling.
  15. Hey, that was good reading! One of your most pertinent points was this: "Difficulty: I played on POTD with 'all' upscaling and felt that the game was hardest in the beginning and gradually got easier. Maybe the first few battles were almost a little too hard, but I can't complain as it's the hardest difficulty. But doesn't it make more sense for a game to start easier and get harder instead of the opposite?" Yeah, this is a strange one. Gorecci Street and the Engwithian Digsite are (for many) the hardest fights in the game, and they're right at the start. It does feel very odd. But, in the end, I would also rank Deadfire up there with the best of them, ever so slightly below BG2 and Disco Elysium. (BTW, we apparently share the exact same disappointment with Neverwinter Nights and D:OS2. Boy oh boy, they both seemed to promise so much, but...)
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