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  1. Also, I would like to think that the person "forgotten by the world" should be someone rather more important, shall we say, than Grieving Mother. Nearly everyone who has ever lived (in fantasy or real life) is forgotten by the world, so to say that would imply that the person used to be someone notable at some point.
  2. Who is in your party, then? I doubt it has to do with spells available, because it is quite rare that I (have to) use healing spells. What are the enemy types that cause you problems with poison? This seems to be more interesting than I thought. I am not a particularly good player, but I honestly never struggle with poison.
  3. You lost me there -- perhaps I'm just a bit thick now. What abilities? Abilities to make the world forget them? (The last two words in what you wrote.)
  4. I don't think anyone else can properly answer that; go ahead and try, I think that's the only way you can know. Turn-based is definitely not for me, it takes away most of the magic of the game, but that's just the way I see it. You are in a good position to try the other way now: you have not done much, but you have done enough to make a good call, once you've tried the other way, too.
  5. Yeah, I checked what it does. And it is really lame, you are quite right. Heck, PoE had the same: it was a drag collecting the pieces for the Blade of the Endless Paths and then putting it together. And then, I never used it once. I already had a better sword, which I found just lying around...
  6. Wow. This has not happened to me. @Boeroer: Doesn't that ("which nobody needs") apply to essentially all loot in the game?
  7. Fair enough. I have no interest in the megabosses, though. They are a wall of hit points, and you gain nothing from winning them. I understand the challenge, as a battle, but that's not enough for me.
  8. Ha -- I never use drugs, either. Also scrolls very rarely. It's funny how much stuff there is in the game, stuff that you can just forget about. It's also slightly odd...
  9. Yeah, there are maybe two potions that are good (Miraculous healing and... some other healing). Well, maybe a few more, if you really stretch it. But you can clearly just ignore all potions, and it won't hurt you much. That's weird, because there's an awful lot of potions around.
  10. Due to corona, I'm replaying the game on a higher difficulty, and I remain puzzled by the antidote potion. It seems to be the most common, but tell me: is there ever any use for it? I have never been seriously troubled by poisons in combat, and since nasty effects never remain in place after combat, I can't see how the antidote potion could ever really be useful. Mind you, I find most potions useless (which is one of things that went somewhat wrong in the game design), but the antidote is the most obviously useless one to me. Do you people have different opinions?
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't do that, either. But I've learned in recent years that there are many ways to play these games, many ways I wouldn't even have thought of.
  12. So, keeping in mind that the first island is difficult, a very easy abuse would be to go solo immediately after finding Oderisi's notes. Simply going to Neketaka and walking around would then net you a fair amount of "free" levels, I think. This is predicated on the idea that you can't handle the game solo but wish to abuse the system where you can.
  13. Apart from the xp earned, no difference that I know of. The only point is that some people prefer to use smaller parties or no party at all (i.e. to play solo all the way). The game allows for all possibilities. Some are harder than others, but some players prefer the hard way.
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