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  1. By the way, the whole PoE / Deadfire saga brilliantly exemplifies something that is often apparent in fantasy, science fiction and mystery writing: extremely interesting starting points are not difficult to create. And here, again, we have a marvelous starting point: the beginning of PoE is incredibly good, there is so much in there that's just superb. But then, it's often extremely difficult to conclude all the storylines that are suggested by or begun at that wonderful starting point. It's like: in the beginning, you can throw all these balls into the air, and it looks great, but being able
  2. This is interesting to read, and I really enjoy it, but I'm inclined to agree with Boeroer in the sense that I'm not sure at all whether all the pieces are going to fit together. We're not talking about world-building at the Tolkien level. I enjoyed the lore, certainly, in the games, but it wasn't entirely clear or logical. Skaen, for instance, was a problematic figure through and through.
  3. Really? Interesting. Thanks for that. As I said, the trap also fires if you return to the area after triggering it and leaving.
  4. Ahh, this was a classic in Baldur's Gate II as well. An enemy mage casts a spell with a range of 30 feet. You are within range, moving swiftly away with boots of speed on. The spell ends up hitting you approximately 150 feet away from where it was cast. Deadfire also had an equivalent of sorts, but with traps. I saw it happen to me in the Undercity, twice. One of your characters triggers a trap when you're very close to exiting that particular map. There is no time for anything to happen. You return to the same map an hour, a week or three months later, and one of your characters is immed
  5. It was, indeed, a huge issue. No monster in the game was even close to being as dangerous as bad pathfinding was in combat. I was extremely impressed by how well -- how totally, almost -- it was fixed for Deadfire. I found combat to be a chore for other reasons, though. Combat gave you a very limited amount of XP points: most monsters in most combats gave you nothing in terms of XP. This is why I thought it was completely baffling that there were filler encounters all over the place. You got no XP, you got no loot to speak of, all you got was a huge waste of time. That was some bad planni
  6. You are quite correct. All in all, this is not an easy question to solve.
  7. Yes. But in the specific case of Neriscyrlas: I don't know how many Safeguards that beast can cast, but sure seemed like a lot. Also, in a regular fight, Aloth might be able to cast two Tattered Veils (unless pre-equipped with scrolls[*]), and Neriscyrlas can certainly cast more Safeguards than that. So it was annoying. [*] The fact that inventory is not usable in battles tended to annoy me quite a bit, especially because the number of quickslots was so small. It almost forced metagaming: if a battle is too tough, give up, reload your save, re-equip and return. I only had to do that
  8. Fair point, as far as I've understood the lore. My general sense of the lore in Eora was that it's probably a bit too complex for its own good, i.e. it might not withstand critical scrutiny. I decided just to take everything for granted and not think about it too much.
  9. My experience, having done two playthroughs, is that after the first island, Neriscyrlas is the only difficult fight. Note: I don't play on PotD.
  10. Wow, that's interesting. Where do you buy the hull? I got the impression that the Blackwood Hull is only available if you build it yourself. I also seem to remember that this is a change that was made in a patch, i.e. it used to be possible to buy the hull, but it's not anymore. Again, I may be wrong here. I didn't want to side with any of the factions (heck, Obsidian games are too much into these factions and they should just ditch the idea for a while), and I chose the route where you need to perform a ritual at sea and then win yourself a fairly unusual ship, I'm sure you know what I m
  11. This is true. The lore side of the game has a bit of a problem, in my view, because on the one hand, there's quite a lot of it to read, and on the other hand, it's not always all that clear.
  12. Agreed. And not only that: it positively interrupts the sense of group adventuring (possibly even solo adventuring, for those who prefer that), because once you start a ship battle, both you and your adventurers basically disappear. This does not hold for boarding fights -- which is the way I did my naval fighting -- because your group is there and you command a substantial portion of it. Luckily, it was possible to simply ignore this side of the game, so I did, and I had an awful lot of fun playing the game. Towards the end, I noticed that I had huge amounts of money and I could hav
  13. This is interesting! I thought they were always optional -- but then, I probably started playing only after the game was patched up a bit, because that tends to be a good strategy. You know, buy a game, wait six months.
  14. Yes. The interface was unappealing, the mechanics felt poor, the sound effects were unpleasant, and overall, I didn't think there was anything enjoyable about it. Years ago, I played Sid Meier's Pirates for a while, and that was quite a nice game for its time. Everything in that game was made an awful lot better, when it comes to ship battles. I didn't upgrade my ship because there was no need for it: even if you have extra crew, it makes no difference. When you concentrate on boarding other ships, everything works just fine no matter which ship or what kind of crew you have. If anyo
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