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  1. By the way, here's a thought experiment that I think illustrates the way in which Obsidian's system is slightly odd. Play Aloth as a fighter, or play your PC as a wizard who behaves like a fighter. In other words, give them a sword and heavy gear, never once use spells or any other wizard abilities, play them as if they are a melee fighter. I believe this will work quite well, although probably not on PotD. You will never have any combat abilities, but you won't need them, either, because of the general balance of the gameplay. Just use your heavy armor and shield and sword and you will d
  2. What you say is fairly accurate, stats don't matter all that much (although you can fail, if you really try), but what @asnjas says still doesn't really make sense. I don't see in what way Obsidian could have dug its own grave, and as the OP of this thread is a newbie, it's perfectly reasonable that they are asking for assistance with stats. I also believe that @Boeroer is slightly exaggerating the problems of the D&D system, although they are undeniably there. A beginner's choices can be "complete trash" from a powergaming perspective, i.e. in relation to what is optimal when you kno
  3. Great game, no question. And yes, the improvements made after PoE are just stunning. One absolute biggie for me: the fact that so much filler combat has been removed.
  4. He is not a troll, though, and his response to your original post was quite justified, even if it was harsh. If you read your original post again, you should be able to notice that it is not particularly reasonable: it is petulant, right down to the vocabulary you use (feces, grey and boring, boring weakling, etc.). You can be mightily dissatisfied with Obsidian's approach, and there's nothing wrong with that, but if you choose the tone you chose, you can't really complain if others think you're quite childish.
  5. Ok, seems I was just wrong there, then. Apologies. I didn't know anything about those novels (not interested in that side, only in the games), etc.
  6. My answer: none. Nothing further will be made, the story of Eora is told as fully as it ever will be. There will be no sequels or other material.
  7. This is quite literally true. Turn-based was a late addition to the game, it was patched in, so basically nothing was designed for turn-based.
  8. @Dfess: It appears that although @asnjashas been told (at least twice) that this forum is not about Pathfinder: Kingmaker, he still behaves as if it is.
  9. What does the game gain, in your opinion, from this real world interpretation? I am honestly curious, please do not take this as a criticism. Somehow this reminds of the time when people were extremely interested in seeing the real world in the Lord of the Rings. You know, Sauron being Stalin and all that.
  10. Yep, wrong forum altogether, no question. He's talking about Pathfinder: Kingmaker, which is not an Obsidian game at all.
  11. Hello everybody, I thought of giving the game another go (corona and all), but I'm really not into the endless trash fights that plague the game. I did some searches for mods around this problem, and it appears that there are none. I didn't really expect anything, but I wanted to check anyway. Am I correct in saying that there essentially is no "remove trash mobs" mod for the game? My sense is that there's nothing like that around.
  12. What's the matter with you? The OP is new to the forums and he's been asking perfectly valid questions. There's no need to get snarky with him. Your life may be very tough, who knows, and I can appreciate that, but you're constantly being an a-hole to everybody, and it doesn't improve things one bit.
  13. I wonder how long this would take with one of the megabosses. Heck, maybe someone has the experiment going on right now, and the answer is: "I don't know yet, it's only been bleeding for a couple of weeks now."
  14. It does seem like that, yes. Some time ago he said that "you guys are not giving me much of a chance", or something along those lines, referring to us other users on these forums. But that's just not true. Everybody everywhere and the whole universe is constantly giving him the chance of not being deliberately unpleasant to other people. He just chooses not to take it.
  15. This sounds very odd, and something appears to be bugged with your setup. Are you playing on a console or a computer? What you are describing has never happened to me. I have also never heard of this before.
  16. But he asked a genuine question and received some genuine answers. There's no need to get prickly about it.
  17. Absolutely. A little of this goes a long way. For example, you can have a very small discussion about Durance with Eld Engrim (I think) at Vilario's Rest, right at the beginning of the game. There's nothing more to it and it doesn't lead anywhere, but boy it's good. There's an instant continuity there. But with this god thing, it never exists.
  18. I don't disagree with this. However, given the nature of the world the game is set in, can you think of any hard evidence, even in theory? What would or could it be like? Also, I fully agree with thelee: even a small mention of the god fakeness thing would have improved Deadfire quite a lot.
  19. By the way, the whole PoE / Deadfire saga brilliantly exemplifies something that is often apparent in fantasy, science fiction and mystery writing: extremely interesting starting points are not difficult to create. And here, again, we have a marvelous starting point: the beginning of PoE is incredibly good, there is so much in there that's just superb. But then, it's often extremely difficult to conclude all the storylines that are suggested by or begun at that wonderful starting point. It's like: in the beginning, you can throw all these balls into the air, and it looks great, but being able
  20. This is interesting to read, and I really enjoy it, but I'm inclined to agree with Boeroer in the sense that I'm not sure at all whether all the pieces are going to fit together. We're not talking about world-building at the Tolkien level. I enjoyed the lore, certainly, in the games, but it wasn't entirely clear or logical. Skaen, for instance, was a problematic figure through and through.
  21. Really? Interesting. Thanks for that. As I said, the trap also fires if you return to the area after triggering it and leaving.
  22. Ahh, this was a classic in Baldur's Gate II as well. An enemy mage casts a spell with a range of 30 feet. You are within range, moving swiftly away with boots of speed on. The spell ends up hitting you approximately 150 feet away from where it was cast. Deadfire also had an equivalent of sorts, but with traps. I saw it happen to me in the Undercity, twice. One of your characters triggers a trap when you're very close to exiting that particular map. There is no time for anything to happen. You return to the same map an hour, a week or three months later, and one of your characters is immed
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