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  1. Not much yet, just started and so far not microing sims hasn't bitten me in the arse.
  2. Stop it, you guys. I have a backlog so huge I'm embarrassed to cough up numbers, last thing I need to play Bloodlines again. ...so. How well dumb muscle clans fare in talky and sneaky bits?
  3. Pretty much that, Bugmaker's pacing is goofy like that. You gotta rush to finish the main event asap because bad things will happen to your kingdom otherwise, and then you just traipse around and spin that counter on kingdom management screen until something happens. As for what I'm playing, got hooked on sci-fi builders, doing "Surviving Mars" now. So relaxing, so easy on eyes and ears. I wonder what will I do next, mayhap foray into space 4xes? Even if I suck at 4X worse than city building, but I miss good ol' space science fiction too much.
  4. There's one already, thinbloods. As for the blanks, my guess would be Ventrue and Nosferatu too, although I'd take Malks over yuppies any day. Sigh. So, so hard to not get hyped about this game.
  5. Eh, I found ME3 sucking from the start so its ending wasn't as much as letdown as logical conclusion. About 0,7 milliLosts and I'm being generous.
  6. I loved Lost and after its finale I started measuring suckitude of finales in Losts. The ending of KOTOR2, the ghastly thing that made me go and whine to my RL non-gamer friends, would be, like, about 8 miliLosts. That's how awful Lost's ending was.
  7. I'm trying to finish Numenera that I abandoned months ago. Seeing similarities with Wasteland 2 now when I finished that and not in a good way. Wasteland 2 could get away with bland ciphers for characters who only communicate in "Tell me about X" nested lists, because it fits the theme of "A group of gun and tech specialists go about doing their jobs", but when you want to do something story-driven such a character is major detriment. Most of my enjoyment from setting and ambiance of Numenera is ruined not even by too many unnecessary words but by the protagonist being no personality bland nothingness. Companions being not that interesting isn't helping either. Still, love the setting even if it's often weird just for being weird with no applied purpose.
  8. Well it's only expected. They're mages, you cannot have a game like that without mages. I wonder what other clans they're going to include. Malks, absolutely, people would not understand if they left out Malks. Nosferatu likely, for the Rogue part in Fighter (Brujah) Mage (Tremere) Rogue trinity. A smooth talker v. likely, either Toreador or Ventrue but since they overlap a little one can get axed in favour of, I dunno, some Sabbat clan or another? Sigh. Every day it's harder and harder for me to resist getting hyped about this game.
  9. I'm playing Wasteland 2. I tried it right after launch and was very much into, but it kept crashing on me all the time so I just postponed...and postponed...and postponed again until 2019. And I'm having a great time with it right now, even if it still crashes from time to time. Also, guns and robots and radio is great palate cleanser after recent fantasy overdose. Also², it gave me the very best reason to reload -- "because nuclear blast incinerated my leather pants". As a zen game du jour I also picked Aven Colony, very beautiful sci-fi city builder with relaxing ambient music. Unfortunately, no matter how pretty or musical, it is a city builder still and does this city builder thing of "I'll just play for half a hour before bed what why how it is 3 in the morning???!!?" so that disqualified it as a zen game.
  10. So PC gamer is fluffing about casting actors for video game characters (or their body parts. Like Steve Buscemi's eyes for Sonic ) and this is perfect:
  11. Thanks everyone. Just happened to me, I forgot how awful Internet is without Adblock.
  12. Is it me or does everyone's signature got significantly bigger? Did Keyrock just recently change their sig to humongous US flag that takes up, like, a third of a page and does not scale when one adjusts window size? Also, down with facebook emojis! Gimme back old ones!
  13. Aaaaand happy leftovers day! Anyone knows any decent recipes for egg-based salads other than good old egg, cheese, garlic and mayo combo?
  14. And set difficulty on "Effortless", then your kingdom cannot die. I did it as soon as I read that stupid minigame's failure means game over. If I want to mismanage something, I can always play "Tropico".
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