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  1. I'm playing "Regalia", kind of turn-based RPG with resource management about a group of blonde anime people who wanted to reclaim their ancestral home and got slapped with astronomical debt of their ancestors instead. It's really well-written if not too original and Larian could learn a thing or two about how to write comedy that's not just lolrandom llama cheese wacky antics. I'm also v. much appreciative of Polish gamemakers' tendency to make their RPG protagonists not very bright but self-aware (and get zero respect from the world ), this approach is way more interesting than usual Hero McP
  2. Kinda looks like some con of sorts -- neckbeards, cosplayers...
  3. Methinks it's "Ambient Occlusion" aka "The thing that probably fried my last card and aims to fry the current one whenever I forget to limit FPS to 30".
  4. Started "Prey". So far so good, looks intriguing, gives me vibes of Bioshock, new Deus Ex and SOMA. Met a lone monstrosity whom I stun-and-gunned to see what stuff he was guarding, left his two friends sharing the room alone for now, they probably won't go anywhere. Funny how there's a separate skill tree for the wrench alone, I wonder if it is going to be the only friend you will ever need, like in Bioshock?
  5. One of the fighter trees in the DLC had the roll ability that was bugged when I played it (something like 5x damage instead of 5+ and the character was invincible when rolling). So my dragon tactics consisted of retraining my three fighters into that tree and rolling on the dragon until it died. Yeah, okay, that game did have its moments.
  6. I was a bit salty when I finished it for the second time and realized that nothing what you do matters at all (the game is good in creating illusion of possible choice so if you only play once you totes get duped), but liked it way better than this huge dull single player MMORPG, "Inquisition". Like, sure, DA2 had plenty of stupid story bits, but so had "Inquisition", but at least DA2 didn't use that old tired world saving hero formula that "Inquisition" embraced with glee (and singing at the PC. Oh the cringe ), and even with all those waves upon waves of paratrooper mooks DA2 had fewer tras
  7. I'm eyeing "Prey". Things happen in the space station of sorts and I love space sci-fi, lots of raving reviews, by the same guys who made "Dishonored" which I loved, but trailers show you wielding BFGs and going RATATATATAT!!!!! at huge monstrosities, and I'm easily bored with pure shooters even in great settings, so getting mixed signals here. Anyone here played it? Please help me out.
  8. Ah, Drakensang, the game that makes Divinity's and Kingmaker's world building look fresh and iconoclastic and shames the peg-legged-zombie-amble party speed of said two games into Zootopia's sloth oblivion. ...and yet I look at those char sheets and vaguely NWN2-y screenshots and feel tempted to buy it. Sigh.
  9. Well, other tiny cozy forums and boards I used to lurk on gradually died off one by one, so I dusted off my old abandoned account, read around and decided I liked it here.
  10. Edna from "Edna & Harvey" was a very nice girl. Anyway, I tried "Thimbleweed park" recently and understood I'm too old to put up with adventure game's patent "Try everything with everything" bullsh†t. Their devs could at least offer some commentary for like trying to use lipstick on an old shoe, but so far only aforesaid Edna & Harvey first game had something to say for every possible combination. Playing "Outer wolds" now and loving everything so far, though I'd complain it's way, waaaaaay too much loot in this game, to the point I feel like OCD serial cleaner.
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