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  1. I started the game minutes ago and I already love it P.S.: I'm not hurting myself, they have a debuff on them!
  2. Bought "Darkest dungeon" for grimdark, but it's actually funny in slightly darkish way? Not complaining, though. At first it was so addictive I burned my tea kettle twice, later -- when difficulty suddenly rises up outside training wheel dungeons and you notice both need to grind and anti-grind mechanics -- enthusiasm dims a little but it's still fun, only better consumed in bite-sized doses. Initially thought about testing class synergies vs different dungeon critter types via "volunteering" suicide squads, but found out I don't have a heart for throwing those sad sacks of dysfunction into the meat grinder so will have to resort to using wiki. So far so good, lost 75% of a party only once but that's entirely on me (Evil looking idol: "place a torch here to summon unspeakable horror" Me: *places a torch* Unspeakable horror: *materializes, eats the party* Me: "...I wonder what I expected ")
  3. Guys, methinks you are trying to converse with an adbot. There is similar thread started by never-seen-again user with the same naming scheme and there was at least one since deleted doppelganger of that post. Thought it kinda odd that Xbox would need such sneaky tactics, but maybe it really isn't, seeing how too much exposure to them filthy things make people build in-brain adblocks.
  4. Thanks for the tip, I completely ignored riposte in favour of roll/dash. I noticed how OP guns are, armour-eating stasis + guns trivializes everything and I even stunlocked one boss this way. I'm just bit stingy with ammo, because even stunlocked the boss needed, like, 100 bullets with maxed out guns. I also got a very cool bishop for a companion, he's ranged and I'll see how he fares against bosses.
  5. Sigh. I think I just got spoilered about the ending of the game I currently play. Couldn't have picked different screenshot, could ya, Hoonding.
  6. Greedfall. I expected Eurojank, and Eurojank I got. Which is fine by me as I am not that bothered by less than perfect graphhix and other shiny bells and whistles, but one can expect those games to be less tropey than focus group tailored, risk averse multiple A's of yonder. So far I find it indeed much more interesting than Inquisition, starting with the fact that the PC is just some minor royalty sent overseas with specific purpose to kiss ass of potential allies and not some useless schmuck suddenly slapped with the Chosen One title out of the blue. Setting mayhaps not that original (Renaissance + Age of sail, science/technologies vs religious zealots vs noble savages vs merchant princes), but is more interesting just because these are much rarer in RPGs than bog-standard high fantasy schlock. Love little tidbits of lore like tattoos of the Nauts signifying experience of sailors and then seeing few wiggly lines on cabin boys against full face paint of admirals. I like the quests, their writing might be not as professional as, say, Bioware's, but they often make more sense in the context of the world if you can behind not so stellar wording. All in all, love the world a lot so far. Now things I don't love. Backtracking. I realized pretty early there's no point of exploring things before the story sends you that way so it's not as bad as it could be, but it's not fun all the same. Fortunately, areas aren't as vast and empty as in DA:I Fighting. Hate fighting that's obviously meant for console controller. Made myself a pretty decent crowd control/support build that works well enough on trash, but bosses are pain in the arse. Dying a couple of times to figure out their pattern and then applying "roll roll roll roll shoot roll roll, repeat" 300 times is not my idea of fun (could be a good practice for "Witcher 2", though). Companions being uncontrollable isn't helping any, since their AI sends them to headbutt everything and that strat works predictably poorly on bosses. Oh well, I could always drop difficulty and respec into "cheese the bosses" build if the game starts throwing them my way on regular basis. Still, both fighting and backtracking aren't so bad that they'd ruin good things like setting and atmosphere and quests. Here's hoping it stays that way.
  7. Whole two lesser Lennons but not their old man?
  8. Like the statchoo said, it is a DND clone and that's why it's so loved (think BG1 setting with even less cities and more meadows and temperate broadleaf forests a la continental Europe), only with extra owlbears. Great many owlbears. Like, you'll have to dodge like 5 of those googly-eyed goofy schmucks every time you have to go to the outhouse.
  9. Ooooh, someone else who's irritated by PoE's combat muzik and loves Deadfire's. It's really so annoying I want to have a mute toggle on my headset just for it. ...and it just dawned on my why I loathed BG2's intro music since very first accord on my recent playthrough. I also agree with Mr Red Riding Hood on most things except for the setting. Deadfire rules!
  10. Old classic series or that new one? (Only important if you care whether you're my bestest brosephski for lyfe or just a decent dude of culture)
  11. How's Greedfall, by the way? The reviews I've seen around are basically "Like Dragon Age Inquisition but boring", and since I found DA:I boring...
  12. *sigh* Me: OMG how big and scary is my GOG library! I should play this, and that, and this too, and oh this one, I need 10 more lifetimes to play them all! Also me: seems like I haven't visited New Vegas lately, time for moar 100 hours! P.S.: finished that one Baldur's Gate 2 playthrough (ToB was waaaaaayy more boring than I remember, literally had to force myself through) and I'm confused -- Charname can become a god, alright, but...of what exactly? Murder's still in Cyric's portfolio, right, so what are we? Some sort of abstract divine material? Biff the Undergody?
  13. I, too, have a Du Hast cover to share
  14. 200% agree. Cities are where's fun at, down with pastoral Ruritanias! My absolute favourite would be Arcanum's Tarant. When I start the game I might wince a little at UI, at scrolling, speed, turn based vs real time shenanigans etc, but as soon as I arrive in Tarant, every nuisance fades away, imagination takes over and I find myself immersed in the living, breathing, 3D city with sounds and smells and people and everything...it's magical. Other favourites would be Fallout 2's New Reno (so! many! things! to! do!!!) and hub of Bloodlines (ambience, atmo, muzik...mmm)
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