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  1. It's kind of hard not to encounter her in PoE1 unless you avoid half of Ondra's gift. My solo runner met her but never recruited; she can be hired in the Palace and later in the Embassy and acts really cold, like there's bad blood between her and the Watcher. But it's probably the same like with Aloth and Eder -- if you never met them in PoE1, you don't meet them in Deadfire.
  2. Agreed on both counts. Lovecraft country was so good, but Egypt wore me down at the end so much I didn't even get to Uberwald.
  3. You get to be sorry cop if you apologize a lot. So it seems that your US cop has been replaced with Canadian cop.
  4. Replace Heineken with Stella Artois when in Belgium. Also, "Avoid tourist traps and find where locals drink/eat" is generally great advice. Majestic's bit too harsh on German beers IMO, I had some nice ones and Franziskaner is legit great. Lambics >>> lagers and I so miss gueuze.
  5. And here I am lamenting the fact that no Star Wars game would allow me to play as a Hutt.
  6. I imagine this is how my Hell will look like -- eternity of doing DS boss fights. Sometimes devils would grant me a reprieve with a pivot table or two in MS Excel on dependency between climate and agriculture in Faroe Islands, just so that going back to DS was more painful.
  7. You say it as if it is a bad thing. Anyway. I played LOTRO a little years ago and starter areas were all fun, but as soon as you leave them it's ten bear arses quests all the way down. SWTOR, my choice of lowbrow gaming, is much better about that.
  8. That's a good idea. Also, if you replace clear spirit with brandy, lemon peels with cherries and sugar with, well, a bit less sugar, you can get a different yet delicious kind of adult lemonade. Well, cherryade.
  9. Tried it once. It tasted of lemon so unnatural that even dishwashing liquid manufacturers wouldn't add it to their stuff on account of being too artificial. Vile, vile concoction.
  10. While the thread denizens wait with baited breath for AL's examples, I remembered v. similar kerfuffle re: Dragon Age 2. In that game if you went with Doormat personality type, you could eventually corner oneself into the situation where you had either accept playersexual NPC's advances or tell him to f*ck off in quite rude manner. So those completely secure in their sexuality types had a meltdown A) tearing that NPC a new one for daring to hit on them first, B) complaining that they had to be, like, so rude to said NPC to let him down. Good times.
  11. Ooooh, and then you could go on tours with Nanowar of Steel! P.S.: video very tangentially related.
  12. Me, I like how game designers do not bother with overthinking sexuality as they obviously are aware that for machines to successfully simulate something as nuanced and complex as human mating rituals they need to pass the Turing test first, and when they do that, they probably will be busy doing more important things, like taking over the world.
  13. I think it's very appropriate to feed the troll with lots and lots of Rocks.
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