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  1. Disco Elysium. Haven't seen word o'mouth this strong for I dunno how long. This is going to make not playing until sufficiently patched so much easier.
  2. It looks so much my thing, and reviews are pretty good so far. Can't wait for a year of patches and then to play it.
  3. Today I learned that "boring beetle" isn't a beetle that's dull and uninteresting, but the one that drills holes. I was always a little puzzled by the name, but thought it's just a fantasy critter naming scheme. You know, owlbear, displacer, mimic, that kind of stuff. And since they are usually found in the company of bombardier beetles I could see how they'd look boring in comparison. In other words, I'm still traipsing about gates of Baldur.
  4. Stygian dev promised manual saves, so waiting continues. Meanwhile in Athkatla: † Traps are hilarious. R.I.P. Firkraag, you really should have paid attention to dudes installing something right under your soft belly for a couple days in a row; † Totemic druid's shadow bear tanked six greater mummies. Alone. Killed them all. No scratch on him. And that's on level they're supposed to start lagging behind. I should've played this druid in BG, too bad I cannot replay it because, you guessed it, BG sucks. I'm not that far in Siege yet, mayhap I should reroll the character? † And speaking of Siege of Dragonspear, I like it so much more than BG1 it's not even comparable. Everything is better, take that BG cultists who also are BG purists. Goblin companion rocks. † I don't find Aerie annoying anymore, she's like well-behaved but very timid child, I don't have the heart to hate that. Anomen, though, is ten times as insufferable as I remember him. I really should try recruiting him with a party that has Dorn in it and gib that arrogant, bratty blowhard.
  5. Awwww, it cares so much it did not only register, it edited its ragequit post!
  6. That "Breaking Bad" thing reminded me:
  7. I'm postponing Stygian because I love everything about it so far and don't want the impression ruined by jank, which is being fixed daily yet. So back in traipsing about gates of Baldurlikes. Second one is so much better than the first (which sucks) when compared side by side, you'd think it was created by different companies. BG2 is legit good and fun, rich selection of cheeses and all. Here's hoping that none of the party schmucks rats me out to Imoen about that 20K I collected twenty times over before deigning to drag her ass outta prison eventually, but then, she's a strong gal, always finding her way out of that dungeon on her own because I never take her back. Fromage du jour: make a nice circle of traps around the dragon, ooze up to him in jelly form, poke, the rest of team pelts him with spells from behind while he's ineffectually trying to stomp on jello.
  8. I don't think that Numbery Name considers good writing as an advantage, seeing how little attention he pays to readability of his own posts. And thinks DOSes are good, that too.
  9. And I made a RPG protagonist, only old lady instead of young dude because grannies are sorely underrepresented in video games. Though I'm having doubts about first playthrough with frail schmoozer. Maybe I should reroll as some sort of dumb brute?
  10. Awwww, it looks so pretty and I am so torn between "Wanna NAO!" and "Never play a RPG before patch 1.0 at least"
  11. Had a difficult session of "Inventory Tetris" minigame in "Baldur's Gate 2", where I got dragged into encounter a bit...pft, waaaaayyyyy over my low level head, decided to go with it anyway, killed half a party and had to drag their stuff back with minimal losses because it happened in the place of no return. Good bye, my bolts+1 and wand of summon monsters, remaining charge:1, I will never forget you.
  12. Ow. Did the doctor say what's causing this? In any way, my condolences and do get well soon, will you? (And don't forget to wear Arkemyr's robe when he summons you for a little chat) And that beasty down there isn't really that dangerous, he just looks intimidating (and hideous). Gotta say his tactics of being really ugly worked, because I left him alone too on my first playthrough.
  13. I am d†cking about Black isle games right now and have a sneaking suspicion people just miss the incredible fromage of Baldurgate, because while you can play Deadfire's classes in different and varied ways, and some combinations are noticeably more powerful than others, there are no class/item combo that'll turn you into a Minor God of Cheating while BG2 has tons of these. Not gonna deny, there is certain charm in, say, waltzing into some lich's crypt wearing Sanctuary and robbing him blind while he just stands there, but I still prefer Deadfire's approach. I am human therefore will always choose the path of least resistance, and if the game gives me "LOL in your face, beholder" shield then of course I'm going to use it instead of buffing up to wazoo and kiting that thing around in hard way. Deadfire's (POE1's too) "no win button" policy, however, makes me exercise my imagination and I need that in my old age as it unfortunately deteriorates. Oh, and I jumped back into some old saves of Kingmaker to try out that turn-based mod. It's quite good really, and I can finally see and understand how stuff like Magus class works, but hoo boy does the mod put the spotlight on overabundance of trash encounters. (And I would sooner sign up for cleaning public toilets in the city with epidemic dysentery than play through that dreadful endgame house again).
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