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  1. I'm playing "Kenshi". Sandbox where you do whatever (not my thing) with base building (I hate building bases), very grindy (grinding sucks), janky (that's actually a pro, I'm oddly fond of jank, Euro and otherwise), and yet I'm getting kind of addicted. I like the worldbuilding, but starting as a total nobody weakling I love even more. You raise your skills by doing stuff over and over, kind of like in real file, so my guys scattered around different save states are good at sneaking and breaking & entering, rubbish at fighting and exceptionally good at running away. Another good thing is that sentients in the game are content to beat you up and/or imprison/enslave so losing the fight is merely toughness training and not a game over. Anyway, 20 hrs in and it feels like I only scratched game's surface a little.
  2. Kingdoms of Amalur is the dullest, boringest, uninenteringest game I ever played, and yet I somehow sank ~50 hours into it. Has to be its MMO-typical timesink drug. Mercifully, I didn't finish it, since my proper MMO, SWTOR, have fixed my OCD real fine.
  3. Can I at least hate you for being OK with the ending of "Lost"?
  4. Well I'm positive they're going to squash all those bugs and mend all broken things by launch time which is in Septemb...ahahahaha, no, I can't type this with straight face.
  5. Nice summary. Way deeper than one I had when I finished it.
  6. Wait. Waitwaitwaitwait. The dude who did Utena also did Sailor Moon?
  7. Hey guys, when you're done with the series, plz watch the Utena film as well. It adds more weird AND more squick (of the same AND also different kind than in the series)! Me, I remember really liking it, squick and all (in the context of that bizarro universe it looked artificial and therefore less squicky than in more reality-adjacent stuff). No Satoshi Kon, but quite satisfying nonetheless.
  8. Of course we are, and it's not our fault if developers cannot think like humans. No sympathy from me either.
  9. Eh, I plan to sit on this one for half-a-year at least, though full year wouldn't be a stretch remembering PKM patching history. I'm not fond of what seems to be standard Pathfinder class construction ("take some monk levels always for some crane or something blah blah, dip into paladin yadda yadda, no thanks, I ain't be making no Lawful Anal characters, berk ), so here's hoping Alchemist Bombardier still is fun. I wonder if swarms are allowed to toss bombs. Like, how is it going to hold a bomb anyway? And what if it rolls a 1 and sets itself on fire?
  10. Started watching "Three spec ops ninja pirates musketeers", got instantly and passionately rooting for team Leeloo-Landa-Legolas, had to stop watching because didn't wanna see them lose. Sorry Titus Pullo, love you man but everyone else on your team were insufferable.
  11. Why aren't there more Maori metal bands flooding the scene? Not only their language is naturally metal, so is culture!
  12. The only thing worse than europop-shanties in German is tangos in German. German language should stick to what it's made for -- metal, punk, what's in between those two, and similar muzik to invade Poland to.
  13. Hey, it was cool. Like, eighties + comradeYELLOW + sweaty hell outside =
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