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  1. Well, there go last molecules of my already thin, lukewarm enthusiasm. I guess BG3 gonna be 75%, not 50% discount off GOTY purchase, and that's only because of that blowjob diagram.
  2. Trying to get into Divinities again. Well, the second one to be clear, first one I loaded up, concluded I don't care about anything in there and uninstalled it for good. Managed to leave that dreadful tutorial island in the second one, I do hope the game gets more interesting after it. Or at least cuts the annoying backtracking and even more annoying annoyances that fancy themselves puzzles.
  3. Nah, stick with the purple, like in the userpic, lest Bruce not recognize you
  4. Casual gaming news. Currently playing "Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game", or should I say, it plays itself while I do chores while taking occasional peeks at it to see if I leveled up enough to come up with new recipes or add new deco. Currently running three builds - snobby expensive seafood restaurant "R'Lyeh", where I try combine quality and optimization, "Grease & Starch" canteen for the working class where I'm experimenting with how gross and revolting I can make grub for it still to sell (as long as its cheap), and "Have I told you lately I'm a vegan?" joint where I'm going to see if I can overcharge plant connoisseurs just as outrageously as IRL. So far so good, only pity that I cannot run alternative business like in "Pizza Tycoon", where I used my mafia money to fund my hobby of creating and serving horrible food and could go wild, here I have to make profit and unfortunately cannot make things too atrocious. So far at least, here's hoping to find a way.
  5. Her second most-used bark in BG1 is "You're a queer fellow" which is something you say to the stranger you met just yesterday and not someone you supposedly know from childhood. Like, come on Imoen, if you were true old friend you would know Charname was weird before they started stealing and hoarding and volunteering to help random strangers with their spider problems. So that "close friendship" is either one-sided or plain fraud.
  6. I never even heard of official potato vodka before. There's potato moonshine obviously but even then grain 'shiners in my parts used to look down on tater 'shiners for being cheapskate philistines of booze...or so I heard.
  7. What do you mean, tech advances? Hardware did not change that drastically since Dark Descent, or are you about that VR nonsense and such? In any way, this be my Day 1 purchase, as fear does not come from hardware, but from the heart.
  8. I love mushroom season almost as much as I love King Boletes baked in butter with cream sauce
  9. In the second and for the whole length of tutorial dungeon. And later, whatever she can do, Jan Jansen can do better.
  10. Aaaah yes, the girl I go to "save" when there are no sidequests left anymore and who has to hike home through Underdark, because no way I'm dropping someone useful for her. This is my way to go since the very first playthrough, as if I knew about "Heya it's me, Imoen!!!1"x1000 even though I haven't played BG1 (which sucks) until much later.
  11. Never played it, looked up the fight on the 'tube. Seems to be of similar awfulness.
  12. Finished "Bound by flame". Well, kind of. Lost to boss a couple of times, decided I'm too old for this and watched the ending on youtube because, a) worst boss fight ever, worse even than "Two worlds 2", b) I wasn't that invested in the story anyway. Anyway, the game really wanted me to do all that parrying and dodging crap which probably is no big deal with a controller but really annoying on the keyboard unless you're a centipede; fortunately, it also gave me fireballs so I could eventually ignore all that dancing with swords nonsense, still -- since I primed myself for not totally hating hack and slash -- I'm having a go at Witcher 2 again. Lessee if I get farther than tutorial this time. Also, someone on the writing team was reaaalllly into "Black company". Also², Keyrock, you were right, it was indeed so, so edgy mcedgelordy. I still liked the setting though, I'm a sucker for "The world is doomed but we still fight because what else is there to do?" thing.
  13. I liked him when I played the game for the first time years ago, but found his shtick quite tiresome on the recent playthrough. And even then it's not exactly Minsc who's annoying, it's that disgusting little squeaky pest of his. Wish the game had some cat I could save from a tree and feed it that furry annoyance, so at least in death it would be of some use.
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