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  1. "DIsco Elysium" predictably didn't have any. I'd say New Vegas count too, since Lanius isn't boss-bloat difficult? Did Fallout 3 have the end boss fight? Can't remember moments before the ending, its sublime stupidity trumps everything. And that's all I can remember. "Prey" and "Dishonored" aren't exactly RPGs, but I remember how pleasantly surprised I was at the absence of end bosses in either of them.
  2. You expected to get a second personality and then everyone decide she's way cooler than you?
  3. How do I get meself through multiple playthroughs? With ease, but then I'm one of those people who re-read favorite books and re-watch favorite films multiple times. So what if I know how it ends - life's a journey, not a destination, and so is entertainment!
  4. He's my favourite POE companion. I always beeline for him straight outta gates of Defiance Bay before doing anything there.
  5. TBH, she is kind of boring, just as most more or less believable, realistic characters are. People usually favor larger-than-life hams such as Minsc over them.
  6. I kind of like that "monsters" look like toys and spill sparkly things instead of intestines when you hit them, sometimes one needs respite from all the gore. It's certain other anime tropes that rub me wrong way.
  7. Wasteland 3. Thanks GOG for timely discount, I really need to cleanse palate from JRPG-y things and play grizzled, jaded combat veterans who are not 14 year old girls in miniskirts.
  8. Things I hate about JRPGs, entry No. 17: When you finally down the boss, and then there's a cutscene where he's "LOL nope, you didn't actually win, ta-ta, suckers, ciao arrivederci!" Happened multiple times in one game so far. Now I understand that Kai Leng (ptui!) gets called a JRPG villain not just because of how stupid he looks.
  9. I'm talking to them. It's just that the majority of them say really boring stuff like "I'm on a shopping spree wooooooo!" or "My hubs and kid never help me wash the dishes, what jerks". So after some time you just stop clicking on random NPCs lest they babble about their boring chores again. I do like how exposition is paced, though. No huge infodumps, just appropriate bits and pieces as you progress. And I like the world itself, way more interesting than ye olde high fantasy cliche.
  10. Just those? No request for toilet breaks, trench feet, STD treatments, haggling with shopkeepers and searching for fences because normal shopkeepers only sell things rather than buy trash, darning socks, hauling the canary cage into the caves with you to prevent gas poisoning, spending a week in shackles pelted with rotten taters because the local noble took offense to how you barged into his dining hall uninvited, things like that, no? Pfffft. Some hardcore grog you are.
  11. Told ya. TBH I'm a bit more positive about the game, even did the second playthrough, though cheated and was drunk for the sh!thouse at the end. Truth be told I'm not against yet another run some day, but only if I culled the majority of unfun bullsh!t like encumbrance, bloated stats, permanent debuffs, webs and greases you cannot unsummon, "Help I am crossing a field of molasses" movement speed, etc, etc, etc. It's not even cheating if GM is a griefing ****, it's just DIY QoL. And yet, Kingmaker has one unique trait among my RPGs - I reveled being evil in it. Like, I'm normally one
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