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  1. Question to the Pathfinder system experts if I may: say I want to tell gods to stuff it and go Legend. What class has best passives to go with the grenadier? Does ranger's favored enemy or slayer's study target benefit bombs any? Or should I just pick bard, open with "tralala" and then bombs as usual? Google tells me nothing.
  2. Yeaaaah...I remember quite vividly this memorable fighting encounter when Val, Amiri and giant lizard kept missing each other for more than half a hour of real time. Or when some bullsh†t nereid kept spamming endless charm while Val was slowly chipping away her health and party dudes uselessly stood there drooling at blue scaly boobs. Or Wild Hunt copypasta fights through the House at the end of fun...though nope, those weren't that memorable because I hazed my memory with ample amounts of beer to help me through that cowpie of a dungeon. I also remember that time I blew all my camping supplies in the kraken cave in WM so I couldn't rest, but couldn't slink back to town either as I sneaked past by a big nasty group on my way there that I couldn't avoid on the way back, so I had to make do with whatever I could scramble from assorted trash ingredients I had and what do you think, I did beat the big guy. Guess what kind of memories I prefer, eh. Sawyer was right.
  3. I'm still in Chapter 1. Took a few more characters through the tutorial dungeon so that I'll never have to deal with it again, tossed a couple of them into that broken square of annoying pathfinding to see how's the fighting, but I'm not particularly motivated to find out what happens next. All that angel-devil yadda yadda Christian mythology associates not with adventures, but churches, sermons and tiny but combative old ladies, being a crusader has negative connotations (though not as bad as being in the Inquisition - thanks, Dragon Age ) and I already know I'll win in the end, being a Chosen One and all. Someone in the thread mentioned it's more like Icewind Dale than Baldur's Gate and I agree (IWD1 that is. IWD2, while being combat-oriented game, still managed to have much better writing). I can't believe I'm saying this, but I liked Kingmaker better.
  4. I am serious, and do you mean the part in the very end of the last episode? It's not new, it was in the book. Agreed about both Walston and Sinise. I'd say I mostly prefer the old cast save for Lloyd, though some, like Harold, are both good I think. Miguel Ferrer looked too intelligent, this new douchebag dudebro (douchebro?) was much easier to be disgusted at.
  5. Watched new King's "The Stand". Somehow it was even cheesier than the nineties version, though just as mediocre.
  6. Found a funny bug - after rescpeccing the character appeared in his deity list and as an evil god no less. Too bad the game would not allow me to pick myself. I wonder, if I worshiped the evil me and then took all the good, nice choices all the time, would the character just poof out of existence?
  7. I'm still in "Kenshi". Turns out I didn't hate open-world do-whatever games, I just haven't had found the right one for me. Well, now I have and it appears this is going to be a long-term relationship. Made a bunch of different parties in different corners of the world because the world is huge, levelling is slow and it would take loads o'time to explore it all with just one party, also this way I can try different challenges such as no minimal very little thieving. Funny how slow levelling infuriates me in, e.g., "Baldur's Gate", but feels just right in "Kenshi". Gives me time to elaborate plans I have for those people-shooting nobles as I discover new things. Like beak things.
  8. I thought the first game was too hipstery, twee, precious and cringey and for the entirety of whole game I itched to stuff main characters face-first into Trainspotting-esque toilet bowl of reality. So If this sequel is ever on GOG, I'm certainly buying it to hateplay.
  9. I took a couple character around for, I think, mid chapter 1? And have thoughts: † Tutorial dungeon is so tedious, Chateau d'Irenicus is trip to Disneyland as a five year old compared to it, I hope it gets modded out; † Glaives are new longswords, game drops them by dozens. I thought maybe there's some demonic connection, but no, it's a favored weapon of a LG deity, paladin order and all; † Alignments. I expected Evil = Stupid, but didn't really expect Lawful = Evil. So many "(Lawful): Die, lawbreaker!" options. Like, I'm so much not a fan of those law abiding stick-in-a-muds that I ever only play Lawful Evils, but even I think it's really unfair; † Was struggling and not having fun on modified core difficulty, dropped to normal and suddenly the archer who I don't think landed a hit on core is exploding everything? Kinda same on the difficulty between. The most significant difference between those are weakened vs regular critical hits, and it got me thinking. Call me paranoid, but I have a suspicion the game plays with the loaded dice because it knows that mostly crit-stacking, min-maxing munchkins will play those difficulties and adjusts accordingly. That, or I had a stretch of exceptionally bad luck throughout multiple characters because everyone and their dog were constantly critting against me. † The first chapter has a bloody hidden timer which is not the same as "this quest will fail when chapter ends" warning, oh hell no, it's f*ing hidden. So it's entirely possible to go out and explore in different order than the game wants you to and lose support for the chapter end fight and even companions. † Companions are in average 3.6 roentgen. Paladin's likeable if unremarkable, I don't know who other than Extremely Chaotic Stupid would pick Facehugger Woman over half-Mystique archer, benched Little Miss Gets-Off-Murder as soon as I could, not because she's a creepy Creeperella McCreep but because I've no idea how to play her class, elf kid is poor man's Grieving Mother, prettyboy is Jubilost but tw*ttier, weirdo mage tries way too hard and tiefling, him I like. Kind of like male Neeshka with some mannerisms of Morte, also feels a bit like a family because of "It's all your fault!" cry when he goes down. † Not as many bugs as I expected. Some visuals, no auto-attack selection, touch stuff refuses to work in turn-based for no apparent reason, trait mysteriously vanished (I've read that some mythic traits or feats can be dispelled with Dispel Magic, maybe same case), but nothing too horrible and there's even a positive bug, "Heal Wounds" cast getting doubled. † The story, while cheesy, but not as much as Drakensang or D:OS levels of abomination I expected based on comments. Serviceable but uninspired and since there's unlikely "A slave obeys" moment farther in the story, I can now put the game away and wait for a year or half of bugfixin'. Meh. Average fun.
  10. Well, the lead writer for KOTOR2 was very vocal about his hatred for "Star Wars" themselves, and look how that game turned out. So I'm cheering for this lady.
  11. I played KOTOR1 after KOTOR2 and was thinking, "This exclamation-mark-loving idiot who can't string a sentence longer than six words is that legendary cunning manipulator KOTOR2 gushed about?? " Aaaanyway, why not, everything else is being remade, 'sides, it's not like soulless corporate husk of dev formerly known as Bioware has creative resources to come up with something new.
  12. Once upon the time, some EA representative explained why some content is accessible either via long boring grind OR lootbox purchase with "we wanted to provide our players with a sense or pride and accomplishment". Lets say this explanation failed hard to connect with the audience, just like my joke.
  13. Where's your sense of pride and accomplishment, eh xzar_monty?
  14. Warfare thing surely shapes up to be something that'll annoy me even worse than Kingdom. Oh, and speaking of bugs, reddit reports that if you build 'training grounds' structure that is supposed to give your troups +10% to their attack, it actually gives you 10% of attack in total. As in, -90%.
  15. Guys, stop, you make me want to play the game. Or maybe order a Quattro Formaggi. Or both at the same time, what would be real bad for me old arteries.
  16. How's the bombardier in "Pathfinder: War of the Fromage"? It was v. fun in Kingmaker and I'd just stick with it instead of expected "Take a level of Monk, add a dash of Berserker, sprinkle lightly with some grated Azata etc" nonsense, but I don't trust Owlcat not to make fiends holy bomb-proof or something.
  17. I liked it quite a lot, but then I have a soft spot for "Fallout 2" that "Atom", er, tributes really hard, also I'm an Eurojank connoisseur. World-building is sort of slightly surreal slavpunk, writing is, well, goofy but in charming way to the point of surreal at places to match the world, that's a pro for me but probably not for everyone, it is also very unbalanced, too RNG-dependent and difficulty is all in spikes. But I liked it anyways.
  18. Is that boring chump in red scarf supposed to be our character? The game where you can make a big fat dude, give him green prom queen hair and a goatee and make him run around in Japanese schoolgirl outfit, and they pick "investment banker chic" look for the trailer?
  19. Aw, too bad. One of 'em bobbleheads was the bestest character out there. Anyway, my favorite was Jubilost the gnome because we were in agreement about my barony and setting altogether (it sucked), and second favorite was Reg the orc because we were in agreement in what we wanted to do to the said world (burn).
  20. You mean class or personality? 'cause if personality, sometimes it's tricky to guess just from the picture and info blurb. I had quite a few companions that I was predisposed against before playing then took them about and they turned to be awesome.
  21. I'm playing "Kenshi". Sandbox where you do whatever (not my thing) with base building (I hate building bases), very grindy (grinding sucks), janky (that's actually a pro, I'm oddly fond of jank, Euro and otherwise), and yet I'm getting kind of addicted. I like the worldbuilding, but starting as a total nobody weakling I love even more. You raise your skills by doing stuff over and over, kind of like in real file, so my guys scattered around different save states are good at sneaking and breaking & entering, rubbish at fighting and exceptionally good at running away. Another good thing is that sentients in the game are content to beat you up and/or imprison/enslave so losing the fight is merely toughness training and not a game over. Anyway, 20 hrs in and it feels like I only scratched game's surface a little.
  22. Kingdoms of Amalur is the dullest, boringest, uninenteringest game I ever played, and yet I somehow sank ~50 hours into it. Has to be its MMO-typical timesink drug. Mercifully, I didn't finish it, since my proper MMO, SWTOR, have fixed my OCD real fine.
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