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  1. I played it so many times that the only class that remains (forever) untouched is Barbarian (gave some fighter levels to a Shadowdancer), though I enjoyed it despite of DnD rather than because. I hate Sand 2 (though he had some good lines), and Neeshka romance exists as a mod that is not completely terrible...or so a friend told me. Also, MellowYellow, didn't you have a different moniker before?
  2. I got that spoiler, but it only has 4 uses. So of course I'll be saving them up "for when it gets really bad" and finish the game without spending a single one as it usually goes.
  3. And why I never blatantly copy borrow from builds built around Deltro's Cage. I like the old pwgra and don't wanna hurt her. ...also, what's the difference between pleonasm and tautology?
  4. Well, since enemies respawn I feel compelled to mop them up whenever I re-enter the locale, lest new ones keep spawning on top of previous tenants until I end with a marketplace of them. Still, I'm quite out of ammo and materials to craft it are needed elsewhere (neuromods! MOAR neuromods!), so soon I'll see where lowering the chaos brings me.
  5. Prey. First things first, having to repeat what is essentially werewolf chase from Bloodlines every half-a-hour or so is NOT fun, game! There is a reason Bloodlines had only one! I also don't care for game loop itself because I really hate backtracking and respawning mobs and Prey combines the two, but because exploration is really fun and stealth wouldn't have a point in empty levels anyway, I'm not much bothered by it...or wouldn't be if not for the werewolf. Like, the setting is fantastic. Science fiction + space + alternative timeline. Love this. Exploration and atmosphere is great (esp. space with creaky noises and space beeps, love it). Art direction's great. Story hook in the beginning v. powerful and it remains intriguing, and I'm totally doing the second playthrough because I'm not taking any freaky powers so far and they seem fun. But seriously, that werewolf. Wish so much I could mod out that fokker.
  6. Do places have different setup of critters for different difficulties? 'cause there are no oozes in the dig site on veteran difficulty. A couple or three floaty misty things and some zapballs in the last room before the pillar, shrooms, zapballs and a mini drake in the room before, also roomful of imps with one spider but definitely no oozes. Source: my chronic restartitis.
  7. Speaking of unorthodox metal, here's my new favorite singer. And he needs no makeup to look demonic too!
  8. Arkane's new game's trailer song is really easy on ears, 007 vibes and all
  9. One more reason (next to inevitable bugmess) to sit on the game for a year -- to wait for a guide on how not to lock oneself out of something cool like swarm that walks. Angels and demons are so tacky. I wonder if I can still romance those horny bisexuals as a swarm.
  10. I'm playing "Regalia", kind of turn-based RPG with resource management about a group of blonde anime people who wanted to reclaim their ancestral home and got slapped with astronomical debt of their ancestors instead. It's really well-written if not too original and Larian could learn a thing or two about how to write comedy that's not just lolrandom llama cheese wacky antics. I'm also v. much appreciative of Polish gamemakers' tendency to make their RPG protagonists not very bright but self-aware (and get zero respect from the world ), this approach is way more interesting than usual Hero McPowerfantasy whom everyone reveres just for existing. Combat's a bit slow but fun in this rock-paper-scissory way when you curb stomp with correct party setup and struggle otherwise, but there's time limit and you don't know what awaits in the dungeon before entering and cannot swap party members after entering. Some mobs are a bit bullsh†t though, so is the final boss -- but since he's final you can unload on him all the consumables you've been scrooging all the time, so it's all fine. And the game does not end after that, what is a very good thing -- nothing's more irritating than looting all that powerful stuff from the final boss just to realize you won't be using it.
  11. Kinda looks like some con of sorts -- neckbeards, cosplayers...
  12. Methinks it's "Ambient Occlusion" aka "The thing that probably fried my last card and aims to fry the current one whenever I forget to limit FPS to 30".
  13. Started "Prey". So far so good, looks intriguing, gives me vibes of Bioshock, new Deus Ex and SOMA. Met a lone monstrosity whom I stun-and-gunned to see what stuff he was guarding, left his two friends sharing the room alone for now, they probably won't go anywhere. Funny how there's a separate skill tree for the wrench alone, I wonder if it is going to be the only friend you will ever need, like in Bioshock?
  14. One of the fighter trees in the DLC had the roll ability that was bugged when I played it (something like 5x damage instead of 5+ and the character was invincible when rolling). So my dragon tactics consisted of retraining my three fighters into that tree and rolling on the dragon until it died. Yeah, okay, that game did have its moments.
  15. I was a bit salty when I finished it for the second time and realized that nothing what you do matters at all (the game is good in creating illusion of possible choice so if you only play once you totes get duped), but liked it way better than this huge dull single player MMORPG, "Inquisition". Like, sure, DA2 had plenty of stupid story bits, but so had "Inquisition", but at least DA2 didn't use that old tired world saving hero formula that "Inquisition" embraced with glee (and singing at the PC. Oh the cringe ), and even with all those waves upon waves of paratrooper mooks DA2 had fewer trash fights than DAI. Oh, and to be moar of a contrarian, female Hawke sucks. Dude VA so much better.
  16. I'm eyeing "Prey". Things happen in the space station of sorts and I love space sci-fi, lots of raving reviews, by the same guys who made "Dishonored" which I loved, but trailers show you wielding BFGs and going RATATATATAT!!!!! at huge monstrosities, and I'm easily bored with pure shooters even in great settings, so getting mixed signals here. Anyone here played it? Please help me out.
  17. Ah, Drakensang, the game that makes Divinity's and Kingmaker's world building look fresh and iconoclastic and shames the peg-legged-zombie-amble party speed of said two games into Zootopia's sloth oblivion. ...and yet I look at those char sheets and vaguely NWN2-y screenshots and feel tempted to buy it. Sigh.
  18. Well, other tiny cozy forums and boards I used to lurk on gradually died off one by one, so I dusted off my old abandoned account, read around and decided I liked it here.
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