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  1. Hey, it was cool. Like, eighties + comradeYELLOW + sweaty hell outside =
  2. It's not even Stockholm, just plain sunk cost fallacy.
  3. Yeah I snickered at this too. Like, aren't they supposed to be covert from-the-shadows operators? Gotta be tricky to ambush someone when your dress is screaming "LOOK AT ME, I AM FROM THE ASSASSINS GUILD!!!!!" Anyway, years after and all they have is concept art.
  4. LOL the market thing's gone insane. I had some stuff taking space in my cargo hold forever because it was selling for peanuts before, I looked it up "just in case", saw that the full set was selling for 10 mil, put up the chest piece for 5 mil and what do you know, it actually got bought! BRB, flipping through alts looking for more trash to sell
  5. Nah, no new client. Overall it doesn't look anything moar special than the last expansion - five levels, teeny tiny drip of story + raid + flashpoint + some new mechanics, just wrapped into shiny but empty "Yay decade anniversary" hype, which was enough for simple souls on reddit to rejoice, mind you. Oh well. Will have to buy month's worth of sub now since they killed my click-a-link, get-a-weeks-worth scheme, that's...how many beers...no matter, I'm trying to reduce'em anyway.
  6. Kaidan bot would just endlessly whine, complain and drone on in his dull voice so the only challenge would be staying awake. Humanoid bots are boring anyway, tell your friend to opt in for the non-humanoid line and go for, i.e., Hanar.
  7. Just as I was about to go about 5$ for a cuppa coffee I remembered that local hipsta joints charge even more outrageous prices and now am all . Anyway. Andromeda. If DA:I failed to interest you, chances are Andromeda will too, because it's kind of like reskinned DA:I that's less stupid but blander. Big boring worlds with collect-a-thon crap, respawning MMO-like trash mobs, underwhelming Big Bad, etc., yawn. Can't complain about romance though, it's Bruce's own fault if he goes for the boring, because I romanced the manipulative crime lord who probably started to cheat before Ryder's ship even left the atmosphere and the whole thing was totally engrossing.
  8. I'm playing stuff that doesn't add more heat to what's already there (f†ck heatwaves). Like "Spellcaster University", sort of management sim / draw-a-card game that's not as casual as it wants to seem. You got to build a magic school using cards, the school then generates resources to get new cards, then the evil forces come and knock your school over so you have to start anew though with benefits from your previous school...er, it's more fun than it sounds and is a one-more-turner despite of not being a turn-based game.
  9. And those years were spent on sport managers and mobile games aka Microtransaction Central. (Where's that emoji with $ for eyes when you need it?)
  10. Outer Worlds 2 best trailer I also appreciate the choice of crystal rock thingies shape:
  11. You're the second person who I hear saying LSD melts fridges. It kind of makes it...boring. Compared to the dragon anyway. Also, is Shaggy the great dane's owner? Having only seen, like, 30 minutes of Scooby in total while flipping channels - that guy is totally the pot dealer.
  12. You probably hear that about the sequel, Baldur's Gate 2, back then it was considered to be way, way ahead of other games in the story/character department. Not sure it holds that well for someone playing it only now with all the competition and sans nostalgia-tinted glasses to boot, but IMO it aged alright and still is entertaining in a cheesy way. First game's story, well...it will get better a little when you're out of dreary wilderness and into the eponymous city, but the characters remain bare bones.
  13. Better - it's a teleport! You have to tweak some .ini file at first to enable command console, google has the instructions, and then just point your cursor somewhere, press Ctrl key and then J key and voila -- your character or your entire party if selected transfers there instantly, no slow crawl across the map. None of characters are story important and they don't have much personality anyway, so ditch whoever, whenever you find an upgrade. There's a goofy looking ranged fighter/thief somewhere not too far from the starting point, you might want to hold onto him and his very good stat distribution, there's also a mopey ranger moping about nearby, not half bad stats too and a very good shot, out of mages the best is one called Edwin and the town of Beregost, I think, has a good, tanky dorf. Also the majority of those schmucks have timed quests attached to them so you might want to pay attention to their babbling lest they leave in a huff mid-dungeon because their timer ran off.
  14. Stop iiiiiiiiiiiit!!! Anyway, enabling console and travelling everywhere via way of Ctrl+J immensely helps with enjoying BG series. I even made another character with the intent to eventually don that human skin armor in BG2 one day and I'm playing with appropriate attitude, i.e. if someone dies then they die, no reload for you, berk. So far the funniest moments were Xan dying to a stray spell before I even talked to him, Dorn croaking during his own recruitment mission and Ajantis's suicide by Charname because of Drizzt murder. I developed a soft spot for Xzar though (playing with that expanded NPC mod and his writing is not bad at all), so if he dies I'm gonna break that rule, but for nobody else. Gotta love these (re)loading times too, works well with brief sessions between doing other things.
  15. Hey don't diss Verka, that video is like Eurovision concentrated. I used to send it to clueless souls on other continents who'd ask just what tf is this Eurovision thing with saying "Watch this and you've seen all of Eurovision". Speaking of Ukraine, they're my favourites of this year. Way better than Led Zeppelin's homeopathic solution in Rammstein's drag that won. And here be my all time Euro bestest best song. The lyrics really speaks to me.
  16. Daud did nothing for me on several levels - I knew how he'd end up (either stealth knocked out or stealth shanked by Corvo), I don't like "assassin suddenly develops conscience" trope, his abilities IMO were less interesting than Corvo's, save for the pull, corrupt cynical politicians were better foil than mystic bullsh!t ladies, stuff adds up and this way unlikeable protagonist affects the whole experience. Voice was definitely better though and not just because Corvo didn't have any.
  17. Speaking of "Arkane", I just replayed "Dishonored" before playing the sequel. As fun as before, chaos playthrough especially, and still main game is so much better than the DLC (methinks it's because I don't care much for that arsehole Daud, as DLC's set pieces and lore were great and IMO oft better than main game's). ...and then I decided not to play D2 after all, since it's gonna be years until "Deathloop" ends on GOG (if ever) so it's nice to know I have something to fall back onto as I seem to have developed Arcane addiction. So now I'm replaying Deus EX HR before the sequel. I remember some things (take typhoon for bosses and forget other combat stuff, also lifting heavy objects will be very useful), forgot other things (why the IT guy is so belligerent??? And there are so many locked doors and computers I have to break into and rob, I hardly have time for the story) , and then there are things that muscle memory absolutely must forget after "Dishonored", like jumping down.
  18. Never play JRPGs. That's, like, bloody customary for every enemy ever, every time, everywhere. Haven't logged into SWTOR for...more than a year, methinks? More, probably. Still checking on what's new from time to time, but always find new content lacking and can't be arsed to see for myself.
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