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  1. Edna from "Edna & Harvey" was a very nice girl. Anyway, I tried "Thimbleweed park" recently and understood I'm too old to put up with adventure game's patent "Try everything with everything" bullsh†t. Their devs could at least offer some commentary for like trying to use lipstick on an old shoe, but so far only aforesaid Edna & Harvey first game had something to say for every possible combination. Playing "Outer wolds" now and loving everything so far, though I'd complain it's way, waaaaaay too much loot in this game, to the point I feel like OCD serial cleaner.
  2. Dragon Age Inquisition. "Hurr, Warden Bob, our Warden brains are being scrambled by signal telling us we're all about to die. Mayhaps we should research it in our vast archives, or pool our centuries-spanning knowledge, or maybe just ask around if, incidentally, some of our ancient prisons recently lost a very dangerous prisoner WHO COULD DO EXACT SAME THING WE'RE EXPERIENCING NOW? "Durr, Warden Billy, that's a stupid idea. Better we 100% trust this slimy douchebag who even looks like a cartoon villain and do this extremely stupid and out of character thing he says!"
  3. Nah, don't have this one. Is it much different from XCOM 1 and 2? I settled for "Stirring Abyss" for now. Much smaller game and way simpler combat, but good cthulhy atmosphere.
  4. Finished Dvinity OS2. Whoever said that the first map was the best when I complained it sucked -- you were right. The last map was the string of bullsh†t gimmick fights, so I eventually stopped trying to figure out their bullsh†t gimmicks on my own and went straight to 'pedia every time. The final boss fight was, while not gimmicky, but double bullsh†t. And the game put two inane puzzle dungeons before it. Oh, and apparently the best ending happens when you bend over for the same horrible, completely irredeemable **** you've been fighting all the time, I guess that's what passes for "plot twist" in Larian's brand of "storytelling". I'd probably be pissed at that if I took any of story stuff seriously; fortunately, the game warned me early not to do so by gluing the squirrel "knight" riding cat's skeleton (I'm totally serious here) to the party. I did like combat a lot, though, even that armor system grew on me eventually. Made another party to try different builds and it was fun for while, but upon reaching the second map I realized I really don't want to go through all the annoyances (abysmal inventory system, sucky orientation and map, slow speed, shallow pointless story) again just because of nice combat. Kind of want to play something else turn-based now, though. Xcom maybe? Anyway, at least now I don't worry about Baldur's Gate 3 -- that is, I'll be getting its definitive edition goty redux whatever final version when it's least 60% discounted.
  5. So it appears Trump has a personal rapper, and she's...not that bad! \m/
  6. I don't know, therapists aren't cheap for what they do. You might think about alternatives...an emotional support animal, perhaps? Something fluffy so nice to touch, and pocket sized so that you could carry it around in case for urgent emotional support or for when you just want to talk.
  7. Could've dropped the link, I don't want "Romancelvania" in my search history. Also, romaNCELvania? Romancevania for incels?
  8. Every time i try to replay it I descend to the prison and nope out, and it's not even the scariest level. Maybe one day, though you cannot brown the same pants twice and so the big portion of first time experience's primal dread will likely be lost and all that.
  9. What's wrong with French accent? Also, poor Skarpen, living in the parallel universe where the majority of characters throughout all games are queer nonwhite disabled ladies after abortion or other such types that are considered "minorities" in our here universe; so deep and grievous is his tragedy that he bends the laws of existence itself to cross into the alternate world just for entertainment dominated by white perma-stubbled dudes in their thirties. My thoughts and prayers are with this defiant rebel fighting against most horrible injustices in the distant, cruel world.
  10. https://www.gog.com/news/coming_soon_the_outer_worlds Good things come to those who wait.
  11. Doubt it's fixable -- for that they'd have to let the janitor back to his job and hire a writer.
  12. Back to Divinity OS2, now on easiest difficulty because of my tendency to set my own party on fire - since everyone else always and everywhere sets me on fire too, that's becoming a tad much. Have I tried not setting everything on fire? Nah, why would I do that? Fire good! Found this dude who travels with me angrily burying his murdered parents, passed persuasion check to make him less vengeful, I think? Anyway, he left and I promptly dug up his mum and dad. Oh, and my skeleton is in relationship with the gruff mercenary guy! Almost smooched in the pub, cannot wait for the further development of the affair, though I suspect this romance gonna be a bit bare-bones.
  13. Methinks it's just what passes for character development in Larian's brand of "storytelling". The character is a jerk and then suddenly they're not (and possibly you can bang). Yay.
  14. Got bored with D:OS2 again, even though I do prefer it over D:OS, annoying armor mechanics and all. So decided to have what I thought was going to be a short detour into the other VN in my library, "The house in Fata Morgana". Short my arse, the thing overstayed its welcome worse than "Return of the king". Also, while I'm a big fan of "Life sucks, people suck worse, now lets bury protagonists under big huge enormous pile of misery and desperation" narrative, there's always this point when "Oh this is so tragic and poignant, sniff" turns into "Oh FFS, get outta here!", and since this novel's every vignette tries to one-up the previous one in despair and misery, the point was reached somewhere around the middle of the novel. Still, I quite liked it even in its ridiculously overblown tragedy phase, the story, while not particularly original, was quite captivating and the characters relatable enough and nowhere near as insufferable as in that other VN I played, "Amnesia". That I didn't have to play the doormat girlfriend to a bunch of jerk dudes to get "The True Ending" was a huge plus as well.
  15. And don't forget slow, sloooooooow crawl from point A to point B both on the world and local maps. And buffing before every fight, good 20% of my Kingmaker time has to be applying buffs alone. This game disrespects player's time as if was some bloody MMO, only without the reason MMOs have (subscription money per time unit).
  16. Agreed with all but 4, because I found them so dull and bland that they couldn't even be annoying. It was like everyone on the team was a Kaidan. Yaaaa---aaaAA---awn. Oh, and someone mentioned Kingmaker, so...ahem. Tristian, you execrable, despicable, sanctimonious, preachy, hypocritic, cowardly imbecile, go choke on Kai Leng's (ptui!) anime katana.
  17. Oi, Seal. That's false advertisin' right there in the title. Like, I expected to see some sort of parade of the hurrest of the durrs, but 'tis just a plain, boring, can-do-it-myself list of "NPC I don't like". Pfffft. Boooring. 'sides, while Kai Leng (ptui!) totally deserves to choke on piss-soaked cornflakes, he is was, fortunately, not a companion.
  18. Well, there go last molecules of my already thin, lukewarm enthusiasm. I guess BG3 gonna be 75%, not 50% discount off GOTY purchase, and that's only because of that blowjob diagram.
  19. Trying to get into Divinities again. Well, the second one to be clear, first one I loaded up, concluded I don't care about anything in there and uninstalled it for good. Managed to leave that dreadful tutorial island in the second one, I do hope the game gets more interesting after it. Or at least cuts the annoying backtracking and even more annoying annoyances that fancy themselves puzzles.
  20. Nah, stick with the purple, like in the userpic, lest Bruce not recognize you
  21. You guys and your D&D edition talks make me want to play "Deadfire" again.
  22. Casual gaming news. Currently playing "Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon Game", or should I say, it plays itself while I do chores while taking occasional peeks at it to see if I leveled up enough to come up with new recipes or add new deco. Currently running three builds - snobby expensive seafood restaurant "R'Lyeh", where I try combine quality and optimization, "Grease & Starch" canteen for the working class where I'm experimenting with how gross and revolting I can make grub for it still to sell (as long as its cheap), and "Have I told you lately I'm a vegan?" joint where I'm going to see if I can overcharge plant connoisseurs just as outrageously as IRL. So far so good, only pity that I cannot run alternative business like in "Pizza Tycoon", where I used my mafia money to fund my hobby of creating and serving horrible food and could go wild, here I have to make profit and unfortunately cannot make things too atrocious. So far at least, here's hoping to find a way.
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