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  1. This isn't a bug. NPC companions accrue injuries when knocked unconscious, whether they are in your active party or not. After enough injuries are accrued, NPC companions will die permanently -- again, whether they are in your active party or not. If you have "[c]ompletely ignored her", then Xoti is very likely at a low level and has poor equipment. Since NPCs do not level up unless added to your party, she has very likely been rendered unconscious in multiple ship battles, particularly as you have engaged higher level crews. Thus, if it happens sufficiently many times, she is gone fo
  2. Yes, it's bugged, at least for some players such as myself. As best I can tell, it's been broken since launch and never fixed in any patch. This bug has been reported at least four times previously: Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 The second post listed also provided a save game, but apparently to no avail. It still hasn't been fixed. It might help to list the platform (GOG, Steam etc.) you're playing on as well as your operating system. Previous posts suggest it happens on both Windows and MacOS, so it may be broken everywhere except perhaps Steam.
  3. At the beginning of the Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC, the first scripted interaction the player has with Galawain contains the typo "hare's breadth" which is obviously intended to be "hair's breadth."
  4. Confirmed, and this is also still happening in the Temple of Decline. It appears that neither of the 3.0.x line of patches have fixed this issue that was first introduced with patch 2.1. @kmbogd: that's not the same bug. The characters in your screenshots aren't spawning beneath the scenery, they are not being rendered properly. Please consider editing your post and starting a new thread with that bug to avoid conflating possibly unrelated issues.
  5. This is still an issue with patch 2.1, using a third PoE1 savegame. I don't know if the OP was able to provide savegames or not, but I actually have a pre-Hasongo save available now. Is there a preference regarding whether these should be attached to the forum post or emailed?
  6. I can confirm the same issue. When this occurred for me while resting in Harbinger's Watch, Serafen (in my case) spawned behind the stairs, leaving him with no walkable path to the rest of the party, and he was too far away to be able to area transition.
  7. This is still around in patch 2.1, although I've only experienced it there when loading the autosave on first entering the outcrop summit in BoW (at least, so far). This wiped out about 35,000 cp for me, but having long experience with this bug from previous patches, I was able to simply reload immediately to recover. I'm pretty far into the game in this playthrough (average party level is around 17-18), so although this is an improvement over earlier patches, it's still not completely fixed.
  8. Having played further, it appears that the bug is that Vela does not appear (nor, obviously, have a conversation) with Eld in his initial encounter on the beach. After finishing the crew-gathering quest, exiting the cave and moving to the campfire, Vela magically appears alongside the other companions. She also appears on the ship, albeit with her usual lack of any meaningful dialogue.
  9. I just applied the 2.1 patch and began a new game, importing a PoE1 save in which Vela was taken to Sun in Shadow. Upon reaching the post-shipwreck beach Eld Engrim now shows up alone and Vela is no longer anywhere to be found. Two previous playthroughs on older patches worked fine, so this appears to be a newly introduced bug with patch 2.1.
  10. I'm not sure if this is simply a display bug or an actual in-game effect, but the +5 Will bonus against Mind Afflictions that is granted to party members by Thaos' Headdress persists on the main character (only) even when Aloth is no longer in the party. This appears as both an icon next to the player's portrait in the main HUD as well as a listed effect in the character sheet. Mousing over the "Will" icon in the character sheet does not show this effect, but I don't recall if it ever did since I'm well past the point of having a pre-Aloth save. Resting does not reset the effect or di
  11. I'm getting a slightly different experience with hotfix patch 2.01 installed. The Guardian isn't merely invisible, it doesn't appear in any capacity; i.e., it's dialogue doesn't start, and the party can simply walk up to the gate, fight the pair of Engwithan golems, then waltz into the city. Not to pile on, but I feel it's fair to question the logic behind releasing a hotfix that doesn't actually fix what is the most challenging combat in the base game.
  12. Please post bugs in the Technical Support Forum: https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/130-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-technical-support-spoiler-warning/
  13. I've had this identical problem with two complete games, each importing a different PoE1 savegame. Effigy's Resentment is regained, but not Gift from the Machine. I'm on Windows 7 and using the GoG standalone versions of both PoE1 and PoE2, so this is not a Mac-specific issue.
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