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  1. The "verify" process usually takes ages, but this one never finishes. I don't use the Galaxy client and don't want to start now.
  2. I am playing a solo character (3.0) and I cannot complete the Nomu bounty. The game freezes when one of the druids in his group casts the spell "the Moon's light", which they seem scripted to do.
  3. Maybe I am misunderstanding something, but the progression of challenges seems to be broken after defeating the Naga, when Humaire gives me the obsidian knife. When I click on the pool, the knife is in the artifact box but the only challenges listed are the two I have already completed. I fought the Naga again, trying to advance the quest that way, but it seems like I cannot progress as intended. I added Maia to my party at the "inn" after fighting the Naga and before talking to Humaire.
  4. There are at least two items - "exceptional dagger" and "exceptional plate armor" that seem to be ordinary (and used to be exceptional) in the loot I got on deck after fighting Malnaj (3.0). Edit: reading further in the bug reports this seems to be a more general problem with items downgrading.
  5. I have done a half a dozen playthroughs with imported characters from PoE 1, some with and some without Effigy's Resentment, and none of them have regained Gift from the Machine in Hasongo. All the ones with Effigy's Resentment have regained that bonus, however. Is this a common occurrence? It seems impossible to regain Gift from the Machine, but I see that other players have gotten it. I am currently playing 2.0 on a Mac, but it has been this way in every version so far for me.
  6. In my current game, after waking up in the Palace and choosing one reply the scene halts. Aeldys and the pirates won't walk into the room from their spot by the door and no-one but the Queen will talk to me. The Queen will offer me the Powderhouse Bomb quest, but I don't think the main Ukaizo (sp?) quest appeared in my list. I blew up the powderhouse and went back to the throne room - everyone was still there (except maybe Aeldys) from the former scene and the VTC director had some dialogue from the scene that halted, but then the post-powderhouse scene ensued, with the prisoner by the thro
  7. On my Barbarian/Priest of Wael character the Arcane Veil (which I hoped would help offset the rage penalty) appears to do nothing. With Arcane Veil and rage active at level 2 she had a deflection of 7.
  8. This issue is very annoying. I am also experiencing it on my iMac (10.11) 3.2 Ghz 8MB RAM Radeon R9 M380 2048 MB. I wonder if this is part of the reason the game is so sluggish
  9. I am on an iMac 3.2 Ghz 8 GB RAM Radeon R9 M380 2048 and never had any problems with the original game, which always ran smoothly. Deadfire is always sluggish and often becomes nearly unplayable (ship to ship combat in particular). I am using Mid quality graphics. Any advice on improving playability would be welcomed. PS I would much rather have playability than a beautiful game (though the game is beautiful).
  10. I abandoned my solo Chanter and started a solo Barbarian, hoping I would have a less buggy experience, but I am now having the same issues. It took some time, and I have been maxed out for a while, but in the bounty fight at Madhmr bridge I am now getting stunned and dazed afflictions that do not have a timer and marked afflictions that remain after combat ends. This kind of bug makes the game essentially unplayable. I have no appetite for loading the same encounter multiple times and hoping I won't end up with a permanent affliction or debuff. Since no-one has responded to the origin
  11. I am also playing a solo game (3.7 Mac) as Chanter and it has become essentially unplayable at the end. In the high level encounters I am continually finding myself with prone afflictions that do not go away and prevent all actions except movement, usually thanks to Clear Out and the Eyeless kicks. Similarly, permanent Deprive the Unworthy suppressions in the Abbey battles. Eyeless javelin stabs give a permanent dazed affliction, etc. I bought the game when it was released and I can't believe that after all the patches and countless downloads of the game from Gog, it is still basically
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