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  1. When crafted it is referred as crown in the name, in the text with the NPC and in its description. But the game treats it as a necklace. Kinda weird.
  2. Specs: Mac Pro mid 2010, High Sierra (10.12.6), 6-core Intel Xeon 3,46 GHz, 24GB RAM, Radeon RX 560 4GB Well, just like described in the title there is no voice for the specific sanctum DLC slides at the end.
  3. Specs: Mac Pro mid 2010, High Sierra (10.12.6), 6-core Intel Xeon 3,46 GHz, 24GB RAM, Radeon RX 560 4GB Save game file: Dorudugan (Group is ready for engage.) 1. Terrain See screenshot: Dorudugan_terrainbug The orange squares contain the normal blocked pathing. Big stones in the way, legit. And at first it works fine. Over the course of the fight however for some reason the pathing got blocked far beyond the stones. (see red circle) I often had trouble ordering my group through the upper terrain cause of it. They took longer routes around it and time is of the essence. Reminded me a bit of the sudden path blocking I experienced with the Ooze mega boss. (See topic) 2. Spells - Visibility, hitbox and performance Since I forgot the spell names I refer to them as Mortar and Volcano ^^ These two spells are AOEs and have quiet a big animation. But also they seem to have a slightly bigger hitbox than the animation indicates. I had my people suddenly getting hit for no apparent reason, thinking they should've been safe. That was pretty frustrating. The problem extends due to the angled view. Depending on where your group members stay the Mortar explosions can completely obscure the view making it even harder to react accordingly. On top of that, these spells tend to slow down the game a lot. When the explosions go off the game is sorta slow-motion/laggy. We can always pause and give orders but its still an issue I think. What I would like to see: Smaller explosions (in height) to decrease obscured view. Or some see-through. Re-checking hitboxes of both spells to match the animations. Performance increase of explosions. 3. Fight - Tactics, randomness and duration See screenshot: Dorudugan_tactics I'm probably just bad at the game but it took me 3 1/2 hours to beat Dorudugan. No, not in total. Thats just ONE try. Don't ask me about the failed ones ... Is it a mega boss just because it takes forever to beat it? The overall tactic seems to be: Outrange his abilities. Being able to negate every single one of his spells just by going outside their range is the only way to deal with him. This is due to the complete randomness of Mortar and Volcano. They appear everywhere (thats fine) but leave no free spot (thats not fine) and also suffer from the hitbox problem mentioned above. Keeping that in mind, the only person taking damage EVER should be the tank. Who can't take potions cause he gets interrupted nonstop though. Which is annoying. Even more so since interrupts destroy the flasks. Fair to say that there are windows of opportunity to take them without harm but thats never when its actually needed. With that tactic, while dealing low damage and burning everything I had, the fight was just tedious and it felt not very fun. He randomly healed for 300 hp on self-crits (in my case it must be around 1500-1800 hp in total), which timed very fortunate for him especially when he was down to <5% life. The first handful of tries (NOT using the tactic described above) took me around 1 to 2 hours each and then some random spell or a slight mistake brought a severe end to my attempts. It felt immensely punishing and frustrating. Not because I shouldn't fail and take multiple tries to achieve victory, but I failed after such a big time investment due to randomness. So? Instead of finding ways to cheese the encounter there should be a fair chance of beating him face to face. Running out of his spell range feels not good and mutates the fight into a dance choreography that just takes too damn long in regards to the fact that nothing new happens over the course of the fight at some point. In the end its a test of our endurance sitting in front of the screen moving people around the exact same paths and watching them do minimal damage for hours, while hoping that there will be no random situation happening that ruins all efforts. What I would like to see: Less clustered Volcano, with actual options to maneuver into safety spots. A slight change of how Mortar and Volcano are cast, since if both spells get cast in a row it means probably just a party kill and thats a purely random component of frustration due to lack of counterplay. (Had that before.) Maybe a slight reduction of interrupts by melee attacks. (I might just be extremely bad at this game, so treat this slightly salty comment with caution ^^) ​(See the save game file if you want to inspect my party - I'm also open for tips and hints.) 4. The final moment ... was underwhelming, to say the least. After the final try and straight up 3 1/2 hours of fighting it just ... fell down on its back. I didn't even realized winning the fight at first and felt quiet empty inside afterwards. What I would like to see: Believe it or not, but an exploding head and a slow falling body with some extended creaking noises would've changed my perception and feelings a lot.
  4. Specs: Mac Pro mid 2010, High Sierra (10.12.6), 6-core Intel Xeon 3,46 GHz, 24GB RAM, Radeon RX 560 4GB One of the polyps (upper left corner) can't be attacked. For whatever reason no melee, ranged or magic attack will happen. The ordered person just runs up to the polyp and does nothing. Sadly you can't see my cursor in the screenshot - it has the icon for not being able to see the target location. EDIT: I also just realize the polyp got my group-wide buff of the summoned beast by the changelings mantle. It was neutral though.
  5. So last night I went out to find and kill the Ooze mega boss. Found it, and killed it after like 2 hours of fight. Ridiculous long. But thats not the issue. We have a serious pathing issue with the area/boss. Let me elaborate on that. Positioning is the key to win this fight and so I had to shuffle my people around a lot. Trying to stop the Ooze from merging again - at times just by blocking its path. But when the repositioning was ordered my heroes got blocked themselves by invisible forces that seem to be around the Ooze. Stretching far beyond their own bodies. Imagine you have a tank at one Ooze (Pic 1) and want that tank to adjust its positioning (Pic 2). But all of a sudden then he runs all the way around the Ooze to the other side (Pic 3) and not responding to any other input you give. The brown stripes represent the "no-go zone". Also when the Ooze is close to each other but still have enough distance to fit at least 2 heroes between them, the heroes path is completely blocked for some reason. Not being able to get in between (Pic 4). This was extremely frustrating. Since my group members were running to places I never ordered them to quiet often. One time even ruining the whole fight due to the pathfinding bug. I hope you get what I'm trying to describe. Wish I had a video of it to show it to you. Maybe my epic drawing skills (deviantart, here I come) can be a little help.
  6. The only save game I have from around that time is right after the kill of Belranga. You will probably be able to revive her via the console if needed. I uploaded the file to my webspace: PoE2_Savegame.zip
  7. Additionally I found this (see screenshot). Obviously Serafen is a god. He dealt infinite damage to Belranga. Somethings odd here. (I'm using no mods.)
  8. Just defeated the Crystal Empress on my 5th try. To me it seemed like a game of endurance. Keeping a tank alive on her while the rest of the team gets the spider caves down. When the caves were destroyed my team was barely able to do anything anymore. They burned all their abilities and consumables - except for 2-3 things. Belranga was at around 60-65% of life at the time. It didn't look like I could manage to kill her that way. At any given point in time she could easily kill my tank (thanks to her stacking buffs and me being out of heals) and then lay waste to the rest of the adventurers. Had a bunch of summoned shadows to my aid. They were teleporting all over the place – from her front to her rear and back again. Xoti got Veilpiercer with the enchantment to be able to cleanse an area. I used the cleansing on Belranga, hit her and got additional effects. The next thing that came to the combat log was "Serafen killed Belranga". He had Disintegration on her and just finished casting Defensive Mindweb. Her death came sudden. And I have no clue what exactly happened. It first looked like she was going to jump or something like that, then her big spider body just disappeared and a loot bag dropped. Disintegration might've just ... disintegrated her. But as far as I could see it she wasn't low on health. Nothing close to dying. So, I'm left irritated about the kill and wondering if it may have been a bug. The attached screens from the combat log are in german, sorry. But maybe still worth to have a look at it.
  9. Remembers me of my own rant, which is a bit different though since I wanted something specific to be of impact. (If you want to read it: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100071-spoilers-end-game-slides-actionsreactions-logic-issues/) But overall I'm completely with you win this pjotroos. Many missed opportunities and lack of main plot. Not a bad game, but a lackluster story.
  10. I'm a bit confused. Because I never stated to have not done the faction quests – it was more a thing about doing everything except the final quest for each of the factions and still have no impact on the outcome just like someone who did no faction related quests at all.
  11. Well, I understand what you are saying and I had a similar thought. But then again in games like this we play the hero. The hero makes a difference, changes the world to the better (or worse if this is an option). With stopping Thaos we felt to make it better. And now we have the Deadfire. The main plot is not winnable for us, since we can't stop Eothas anyway. So, we rely on the stuff we might can change: People. The outcome for the population of the Deadfire. Of course we have the means to do so - somewhat - by doing the related quests. By 'somewhat' I mean how it prefers one side over the others. Ok, thats a pretty realistic thing I guess. We can't please everyone. But we might at least spark a small light at the end of the tunnel if we go for a more unconventional solution. Like the 2 I proposed. Its not like I wished the Deadfire to be at harmony. That would be nonsense., illogical But I hoped for a different ending than I got – considering doing nothing at all (see speed run) ended the same way. Thats sorta frustrating. So, my thoughts were more like the people in charge in the Deadfire might have seen whats possible if they work together (to try to stop me or look at the achievements of my representative group) but still have the interests of their factions in the way. As soon as the dust settles they would go over to follow their faction goals again. But maybe for the people having witnessed what happened it would've changed them to be more ... diplomatic. Less brutal fights, more negotiating. Just a glimpse of hope to have things settled in a good way one day. If one slide just had said something like this, allowing for this middle way to be played out, I'd been pleased enough. You think this is too improbable?
  12. Hi everyone, there are already a few topics with rants and concerns about the main plot and its not my intention to come up with redundant stuff. So, I hope it isn't. In this case I want to just go straight for one particular thing that started bothering me after I saw a video on Youtube. The guy in the video did a speed run of PoE2 in about 20 minutes. Pretty nice usage of mechanics and somewhat fun to watch him exploit the game that way. But what struck me were the end game slides. A little explanation what he did (not): He went straight for the main quest (obviously). Did not a single side quest. Did none of the faction quests. Just straight following Eothas. And also bypass every possible fight (even the protector of Ukaizo … duh) So in the end his slides told a pretty obvious story of the Deadfire being as torn as it was before he arrived. Well, actually a bit more since Ukaizo was now open for tourism again and people fought over the best place in the sun. At this point you might ask „Whats your point/problem with that?“. After spending 115 hours into the game. Searching for every quest, every secret, every stone to flip over and trying my best to make the factions start to work together, or at least trying to change things for the better, I found myself in nearly the exact same situation as the guy who did none of this. Beware! Exaggerating heavily now: Basically a 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' feeling. Indi could’ve just stood at home and nothing would’ve changed – the Ark would’ve been found, opened and sealed away afterwards. (Still a good movie ^^) To be more clear: I did everything except the final quest for any of the factions. And in the end I had nearly the same outcome than the guy doing exactly nothing in the Deadfire. Well, ok. Small things did change but I was doing so much more and trying to find ways to make peace between the factions (which seemed of not being intended by the devs anyway). Just 3 strange minor things as examples: - For some mysterious reason the RDC followed me to Ukaizo, being totally pissed – no-one else, which left me in disbelief. Even more so while I had Maia with me and she said nothing when they attacked us and died. No mentioning of that in the slides as well. - Not even a word of the fact I captured the Floating Hangman, but never brought it back to the Principi. (Screw you, Aeldys! ) - And Neketaka was said to be in chaos. Though the Gullet got food from the Queen, the black market allows for some 'wealth' down there too, the Watershapers got stored energy for generations to come – no enslaved drake though, the Wahaki renewed their oath and be there in times of crisis, slavery is gone from the Deadfire, the Dawnstars still helping out and now you tell me Neketaka is in chaos? Politically maybe, but aside from the fighting over Ukaizo the people on Neketaka should be okay-ish. Obviously I got carried away by the 22 intelligence of my wizard and thought I would be smart too. What an epic misjudgment of my abilities. The core of my intentions; and maybe a good way to laugh about my silly actions: The whole idea of ending a quest line for any of the factions seemed very wrong considering all the problems it might cause. The imbalance in power and what it might mean to the Deadfire and its people. There were possibilities and threats which I pondered for hours. Ya, I’m THAT sort of guy. Quiet annoying when you want to play and have to stop constantly for an eternity (pun intended) to think about your actions. My final thought was that they need to work together to build a stable Deadfire (a sturdy roof needs multiple pillars to stay on. Puns flying like Serafen’s bullets.). And if the factions don’t want to work together by themselves I make them ... by force. So I set up everything. Last thing to do was to have a final talk to any of the representatives to choose a side. Which I denied to do. From everything they've said and done they all were just opportunistic dickheads (imo). But there were 2 possible solutions that might make it work for everyone. 1. What if I choose to have them go after me – together? They had some idea of where Ukaizo lies but needed me to get there and (maybe) stop Eothas. So if I deny to work with any of them, my conclusion was that they might see me as threat to their interests and to the Deadfire – a loose cannon Watcher going solo stealing the secrets of Ukaizo and whispering whatever he wants into Eothas’ ear; they were so paranoid already anyway, maybe they would see me as more dangerous than their neighbors. Collectively do so. And chase me. And we would all have a meet & greet at Ukaizo beach where I would make them wonder about the fact they actually just did work together for a greater good. 2. If that wouldn’t work I had a Plan B set up. Having a representative of every faction being on my team when I get to Ukaizo. Tekehu, Serafen, Maia and Pallegina were at my side when I landed on the Island and met with my bro Eothas. No better way of making a statement than this. The Watcher working with a team of people that includes one of each of the Deadfires factions. Cooperation brought us to Ukaizo and back, stopping the storms and at least giving the Kith an advantage (blessing from Eothas) when trying to go for the next big thing: Repairing the wheel. Ya well, needless to say that didn’t happen. None of it mattered the slightest. I felt dumb. And now you’re going to ask why did I expect anything to change if I’m not going for the final faction quests in the first place? Because I DID change a whole lot of things in the Deadfire. I DID work for the factions all the way up to the great finale. And I DID try to make it work for everyone during the course of the story. But the last mission to Ukaizo was the only thing that mattered to make a real change in the end … And just doing as the guy in the speed run (+ just doing side quests while ignoring the factions) would’ve brought me to the same end. With far less headaches on the way, I say. To be honest this felt like a big let down and made no sense to me. So, thats my lil' story. What are you guys thinking about this? Am I wrong in my thinking or do you feel like me in this regard?
  13. Great the tips were helpful to you You might be right about that. Even with my implementation of the second workaround (since the first isn't doing the job for me) the game still lags when the mouse cursor hits the top corner of the screen. As if its trying to pop up the menu bar. Actually when I let the cursor stay for a few second on the top corner and then go to the bottom corner, the dock appears for some reason. So the workarounds are no real solutions to the problem at all. From my point of view we need a real fullscreen integration to get rid of these sluggish behaviors. Apples fullscreen option is just awful for games and shouldn't be used.
  14. Hi there, this is about a VERY annoying behavior that involves the Full Screen Mode (of macOS) and the option to use Screen Edge Scrolling. Description: When you start the game it will obviously start in Full Screen Mode. Which is to be expected and wished. Sadly macOS handles full screen apps differently for quiet some years now. This involves the fact that moving your mouse to the bottom or top of the screen will trigger the dock or menu bar of macOS. This is absolutely annoying, breaks immersion and not only screws up scrolling but also creates lags/stutters when the systems UI elements appear. Steps to reproduce the issue: 1. Have a Mac 2. Start up PoE2 3. Make sure you are in full screen (and have Screen Edge Scrolling activated in the game options (though you can see the issue even without that being active)) 4. Move your mouse to the top and bottom corners of the screen while being in the main menu of the game 5. Load a game and use the mouse for scrolling around the world at top and bottom corners of the screen Possible workarounds: In my search for a solution I came across quiet a lot of complaints about multiple applications using the Full Screen Mode of macOS. But only two 'workarounds' could've been found. 1. Some people might say the problem can be solved by adding the LSUIPresentationMode key with a value of '3' or '4' to the games .plist file. This does actually work for the dock but NOT for the menu bar. 2. For the menu bar I found this: https://apple.stackexchange.com/questions/70985/make-the-menu-bar-never-show-while-in-full-screen The last entry on the bottom describes a way to get rid of the said behavior by an executable script. I did that and it works just fine - except for the mentioned problem of the application not being shown in the Command+Tab menu. System specs: macOS Sierra (10.12.6) Mac Pro (mid 2010) 2.8 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 8 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 Radeon RX 560 4GB GDDR5 (Ya, that works. Like a charm.) I do really hope you will integrate a solution to this since I can't imagine being the only person thats annoyed by having the menu bar or dock hoping up whenever the mouse cursor hits the top or bottom corner of the screen.
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