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  1. Hi, thx much @SChin, @Boeroer and @Runestaff for replying and helping out! For some reason, the Tekahu's +10 Constitution bonus for Bear's Fortitude is now working! The only thing I really did was to Quit to Desktop, reboot my PC, reload Deadfire and go back to the last saved game. The issue probably had something to do with the fact that I was leveling up Tekahu and saving each time in btwn levels-up. Thx again!
  2. Hi Everyone, First, I'm totally enjoying PoE2 and I hope everyone else is. I'm giving Aloth a rest period and adding Tekehu the Watershaper Druid to my party. My party is all at Level 9, so I'm in the process of levelling him up. Tekehu's Constitution is 10 (+0 Health and +0 Fortitude) As I was levelling up Tekehu, I gave him the Bear's Fortitude skill (+10 Fortitude) to help beef him up a little. I noticed that the +10 Fortitude bonus was not taking effect. I reloaded, leveled him up to 5 and gave him Bear's Fortitude again. I saved and re-loaded, and the +10 Fortitude bonus f
  3. Hi Everyone, Within my Steam Library, the Scalawag's DLC shows as being installed. Within my PoE2 main title screen, the Scalawag's DLC appears in the list of extra stuff that's installed, albiet with no checkmark next to it. All of the other DLCs I have installed appear with a checkmark next to it. Also, there's an additional entry, named ''GODANDAG'' underneath the Scalawag's DLC in my main title screen....not sure what that's referring to. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post a screenshot of my PoE2 main title screen. Thx!
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