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  1. Ahh, that's a bummer. I'm playing on the steam platform myself, so i guess the bug persists on all platforms. Do you know of any 3rd party fixes for this? since it's weekend now, i will probably have to wait until after before i can get help from support
  2. Hai! I'm not receiving Gift of the Machine after my talk with Eothas in Hasongo, Effigy works fine Playing on windows 10, steam version, with all the Dlc's Save files: Poe 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1DxtVQdjchEQKl5zSPFU3c8KxCfCIxEcf End game save Poe 2: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vXBKMv_eQIhDFHgHAU7g_2Rt_rARca42 Just before interacting with Eothas Poe 2 https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KqcjHIF92lZTQUFyhCQFPUXcM150RqjA After talking to Eothas
  3. Oh and is the Streetfighter, perks difficulty to keep up? they seem really strong, but the downside seem pretty bad as well if you can't do it well
  4. Thanks for all the responses and suggestions <: So far i have tried a Brute with a morning star up to level 8 on potd, and it's strong and pretty fun. I might try something different though since i'm not to keen on the aesthetic when it comes the morning star stalker subclass sounds kinda cool, but i have read a lot of negative comments about the pet's. are they still weak or have it been changed? I might try playing around some with the soulblade subclass as well since the cipher class just seem like a very good fit for the watcher when it comes to rp reasons
  5. Ahh, trickster and streetfighter sounds very interesting, seems like it fits my criteria's well. I'll probably run Eder as a swashbuckler though so i'm slightly leaning towards something else, just to get some more diversity and experience with classes in PoE 2
  6. Thanks! sounds pretty nice, will take a look if anyone else have more suggestions that would be great as well
  7. Hai! Just had a PoE 1 marathon, were i played a ranged glass cannon cipher with a warbow on potd. It was a lot of fun, but running around in some random rags(armor) i found at the start of the game, until i got around to doing white march for durgan steel, wasn't that appealing. hard to feel bad ass standing around in rags So for my first play through of PoE 2, i wanted to try something different My idea was that i would try a melee glass cannon Fighter(devoted) for armored grace and the armor penetration/critical buffs. But i also want to mutliclass it with something since martial seem to benefit a lot from having multiple resource pools and passives My Watcher's main focus would be to deal a lot of single target damage, so i can count on him handling boss-like monsters My question then is, what to multiclass it with, any tips or suggestions would be most welcome!
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