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  1. Why not engage the enemies with your party, and approach their backline with an Assassin to start taking them out? My only gripe with this would be having enough Guile to consistently re-hide after a kill and still have some left for an offensive ability on another target.
  2. Are you running your builds together in a party? Because that sounds like it would be cool. Just missing Eder and Watcher now
  3. They have officially killed Baldur's Gate for me. This is just DOS3 that is trying to cash in on BG name. Absolutely disgusting. Fortunately I am not a slave to nostalgia so I'm glad to know in advance that I need to look elsewhere for my gaming needs
  4. They used to be extremely powerful with Set To Their Purpose giving Brilliant and I've been trying to replicate that somehow with Blood Magic, but I start thinking that it's simply not worth the effort. Thanks for the feedback though
  5. Would you say Troubadour/BM is a good multiclass combo? I've been struggling trying to build a powerful Loremaster recently.
  6. How far can you get with that, though? I mean at the start you have a poor ship with weak cannons, even sinking similarly weak ships is a bit of a struggle, and you can't really board at that level
  7. Whoops. Yeah. Eder DOES feel like the best written character in the game by far. Eric Fenstermaker did a great job with him. It is very unfortunate that Chris Avellone did not write anything for Deadfire companions, because his Durance was pretty neat too, but hey at least he wrote Jubilost in Kingmaker
  8. My Cipher was an Ancestral Memory bot as soon as he unlocked it. Impossible not to have? Eder. Carried this guy with me on every single playthrough. Would do so again.
  9. "When you finish the game but Megabosses still kick your arse, here's a solution." This is really nice, congratulations. Could you share your base stats at least?
  10. This build is so effective that I was considering building my whole team around it. 3 of these with immunity to flanked gear, Tactician/Wizard for unlimited nukes and maybe a support in the last slot. Ultimately, I've decided against it since I like variety, but I'm running Eder with this setup and he's a monster tank.
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