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  1. For some reason in most RPGs gold is not a problem. In PoE it is also easy - just sell all the loot, kill things and get more loot, so then you will be rich. I would like it if gold was an issue here, makes the game more challenging.
  2. Ahahahaha ! Well, just how did you decide all people here have no social life ?
  3. Yeah, to be a great bard, I imagine you'd have to be charismatic and have lots of musical talent. On the other hand, I imagine that you could become a Chanter just through study and practice, regardless of your crowd-pleasing ability. It's probably just because Kana is the chanter we know best, but I see them as singing history nerds. +1 This is it. Also, chanters are kind of archaic while wizards are kind of new-age chanters in my view.
  4. What you say is true BUT it is not a BAD thing , it makes the game interesting. Do not count on healing but BE SMART AND AVOID being close to death which requires healing. High defences and team work along with crowd control is the way here. So that is why I like the battles in PoE. Of course you can rely on kiting, too
  5. The creator of this topic wrote: "Chanters suck" OK, I am closing the page now.
  6. Today I watched THE GREAT WALL with M.Damon. More of a shooter than a movie in fact, Damon was scoring crits all the time I liked it !
  7. If someone is stupid or does not like RPGs he might hate RPGs or have bad experience with them even if he is 39, age is not so important. Ofc 4 year olds will not enjoy PoE. I am 30 myself. Truth is most people believe gaming is for kids up to 17-18. My wife also asks why I play games at this age and does not like it. I showed my amazing wife what The Witcher is and then she understood why I love RPGs. ))
  8. I never used figurines so much, although the adra beetle absorbs damage and blocks the enemy sometimes, and this is useful. I used shades for fun.
  9. What you say might be true but why is it negative in you eyes ?? The same Gods in different regions unifies the world and makes in more lore- friendly. You cant expect to have 39 gods who just have names no one cares about in other places. The Gods are in fact a coordination tool in the world of the game, if you look at the script you will see it. I really had the feeling that they are stitching some of the story together, so it does not fall apart. Same thing was in Mass Effect where everywhere you encounter indoctrination and reaper presence - indirect or direct.
  10. Truth is it is not possible to make all gamers happy with a solution. It is better to keep a system than change it, cause changes might lead to other problems. Not to mention my Diablo 3 experience - changes and patching all the time and still people cry non-stop. All the time in every game someone will cry about something.
  11. The PoE pantheon is NOT small, it is just full enough ... And the Gods here are kind of unusual, so they are interesting. I just wish priests could have more god-related skills. And I wish I could play a Rymrgand priest who freezes people.
  12. I have played different RPGs and I will tell you this. There are 4 common ways to manage health in RPGs: 1. rely mostly on potion abuse and ability spam to heal characters - I played dragon age like this. 2. use high life steal to stay alive if you are a melee character OR alternatively do not get hit at all like bow amazons did in Diablo 2 or life steal barbs....... 3. the mass effect system where you regen fully [the shield I mean] if you do not get hit at all for several seconds. 4. looking at HP points but in fact relying on armor more + high resistances cause it matters how much dmg you reduce. Now in PoE we got a system than is a bit different. It uses Endurance as a second type of health which is like the common health but not exactly, so this is a better system for me. It is kind of original to have such a system as it says: OK, we want players to be smart and to follow a playstyle where they can allow a certain amount of max damage, i.e. not losing more than 90% of your endurance in a battle. Such thinking means you have to take precautions and use combinations of spells from different classes. It forces you to be smarter, otherwise you rest all the time which sucks. I do not see a logical reason to change a system which works so well. PoE uses the 4. option - you mostly care about deflection and the other types of def, having in mind you can waste some endurance points BUT NOT ALL OF THEM IN A SINGLE FIGHT. I think it is a great system. I always had the feeling that healing spells are kind of weak in this game and this is OK. I also think that using mostrly life steal is also not cool, like an agility crit based hero in dota could heal most a lot of HP in a single crit or a series of fast hits. WE GOT A GREAT HEALTH SYSTEM NOW. Why change it ? Injuries are injuries, they make the game more realistic and I like them as they are presented right now.
  13. ZAHUA has a great personal quest and when I completed it I got a nice text in the end, that seemed cooler than I expected.
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