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  1. Isn't that a massive flaw, if not an outright inconsistency, in Eothas' plan? He wanted to break the Wheel to force kith to cooperate, and he wanted to expose the artificial nature of the gods to the whole world. But the status quo after PoE 2 seems to be that kithkind (is that a thing? ) will only take notice of the Wheel being broken when massive numbers of Hollowborn start to appear, so when it's already almost too late, and no one seems to know about the nature of the gods either, at least the ending slides do not mention it. The only people who seem to know what's going on are the Watche
  2. Finally finished the game for the first time. While I was mostly okay with the endings I got, it mildly confused me that neither the gods, nor the effects of the Wheel now being broken on the peoples of Eora were mentioned. After the last conversation with the Gods, I expected the ending to mention something like factions being formed and battle lines being drawn between the gods, and their various organizations of fanatics gearing up for war. And regarding the kith and the Wheel: no one seems to panic, and besides animancers and scholars making breakthroughs courtesy of Eothas' insp
  3. I also noticed this on Duskfall and it's +10% Action Speed, which shows up as -9% in the character sheet. So what you're saying is that the item and ability descriptions aren't incorrect, but rather that bonuses to "Action Speed" are applied to a hidden speed coefficient which then in turn is applied to the actual attack and recovery times in the character sheet. Am I understanding this correctly? If yes, what's the hidden speed coefficient?
  4. I'm really sorry for necroing this ancient thread, but I was just familiarizing myself with the deeper mechanics of the game, and I can't figure out how the 17% recovery speed mentioned in the quote were calculated. With Armored Grace, Cutthroat Cosmo and using inversion, the closest I get to it is around 14% recovery speed bonus. Maybe the math has changed? Any of the veterans able to help out?
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a case of an overtuned encounter, but I talked to a few other people on reddit about it and they thought it was worth reporting. I'm currently doing my first real playthrough of the game, on Path of the Damned difficulty with Only Upscaling enabled. During the Sealed Fate quest in Neketaka, after picking up Degnos' satchel in the Bathhouse, while travelling to Queen's Berth, you're confronted by Talfor and his crew. I did not decide to resolve the encounter peacefully, so a fight ensued. My party was level 6 at this point. When checking the enemies, I saw
  6. is the difficulty skulls not being visible while level scaling is enabled fixed with this patch? or is that an intended feature?
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