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  1. Thanks for posting @jakubcjusz, there was definitely something a bit off with some skus on the back-end, I believe that issue has since been corrected. If you are personally having the issue still, please let me know and we can look into it further.
  2. Hello @Mr682 & @Reveroman, I'm sorry to hear that the DLC isn't automatically updating for you. Did you both purchase the Season Pass via Steam? And if so have you already tried restarting the client to trigger the update? -David
  3. Correct this sub-forum is intended for catching things unique/new to the v4.0 beta. https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/132-patch-beta-bugs-and-support/ You can report persistent issues in this forum (there may already be a thread on it!): https://forums.obsidian.net/forum/130-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire-technical-support-spoiler-warning/
  4. Thanks Lord Brunitius. We still have a bit of Localization going in and these strings are part of it. We expect these will be in for the final v4.0 build. Thank you for bringing them up! We've also passed along your suggestion to our Localization QA Team.
  5. Queue the Micheal Jackson music! JK, but if you could send us your Pillars II save file (or even the Pillars I file) that would help us greatly to see which wires are getting crossed in this permutation. (if it's too big for the forum attachments, you can also email us at bugs@obsidian.net and reference this forum thread).
  6. Thank you Jodah! We think we discovered the cause of this, we'll be looking to correct this in a future build.
  7. v4.0 Beta is now available on GOG as well, sorry about the delay!! (Updating original Post to reflect this as well)
  8. Hello Watchers! We come to you today with a new DLC, some new features for the Base Game, and a collection of fixes to some issues the community has reported. Please see below for the full patch notes of version 3.0.0 This patch is now live on Steam, GoG, and Origin! Build will go live on the Apple Store pending Apple approval. Patch Notes for 3.0.0 New Features & Updates Seeker, Slayer, SurvivorThe second DLC has the Watcher journey to the island to Kazuwari in search for some answers to a mysterious package... New Berath's Blessings - New and exciting blessing come in to add some interesting replayability to the Deadfire: Loaded Pockets - NPC pockets are filled with more and rarer items. Legendary Crew - 3 Veteran Sailors become available in the Kraken's Eye tavern, they are better than normal and cheaper than normal. Discount Craftsman - Crafting and enchanting costs are reduced. Mythical Discovery - Start with a Mythical Adra Stone in the prologue armoire (free upgrade from Legendary → Mythic Quality) New Ranger Abilities - Five new Ranger abilities have been added to the Ranger's arsenal of skills: Hunter's Claw - 2 Bond Full Attack, The first target hit with this grants +1 Accuracy vs the target's Race until Rest. Subsequent hits against the same race will increase stacks (up to +20). Resting clears all stacks and allows a different race to be chosen. Hunter's Fang - Same as Hunter's Claw, but also grants +1% Damage per stack. Beast's Claw - Same as Hunter's Claw, but also grants +1 Defense per stack. Bonded Fury - 3 Bond, Grants the Ranger's Animal Companion all 6 Tier 2 Inspirations, for 30s. Heart Seeker - 4 Bond, Primary Attack (Ranged Only) Fires an unerring ranged attack that strikes all characters in a line, dealing +100% Damage with +4 Penetration and Enfeebling for 20s. Megaboss Battles - Megabosses make their debut with the first to make their way into the game with the first boss included in the patch; The Crystal Empress! Test your mettle against one the toughest fights within the game.Location: Kill Camera - A new feature has been added to allow for some excitement to combat! Kill Cam will exemplify combat with key events! This feature will include options to customize how it works and can be found in the new Camera Tab of the Options Menu. Eothas and Galawain's Challenge - Two New exciting Challenges will be coming in with this patch from Eothas and Galawain: Eothas- The player must complete crit-path quests within a set game time or be met with a Game Over. Galawain - Beasts now contain random buffs that are defined at the start of the game, for the duration of the game! Can you survive these dangerous new changes? List of Buffs: New Community Pet - You all voted and the tallies are in! Nebula the Astral Bat is now available in game!Location: Recently Used Spells - Frequently used spells are now remembered and displayed in the UI, so searching through your high list of spells should be a little easier to manage. Resolved Major Issues Characters no longer get stuck in an endless animation loop when using certain abilities with Two-handed weapons. AI Options for Ghost Animal Companions now work as expected. Many older saves that were not working previously due to conversation bundles now load as expected. Various frame-rate fixes for players that experience drops during extended play. The Enchanting Menu does not display when the Crafting Menu is opened. User Interface Mod Manager displays correctly in the Options Menu. The Producer's Sword shows up correctly for Mac Users. Alcoholic Beverages no longer display missing strings. Consumed resources for ships are displayed correctly. Galawain timers fixed to the correct time in early sections of the game. Adventurers in towns now show the correct data. The conversation window is no longer obscured if opened with the ESC button during a dialog. All interface layouts now display the UI notifications correctly. TEMP text no longer displays for Magran's Challenge. Menus no longer overlap in Ship Combat. Quests Director Castol has had his conversation fixed for typos. Systems Updates Full Attacks with recovery-based weapons and a firearm in offhand no longer have a 0 recovery time Rods now deal the correct type of damage when attacking with them. Attacking destructibles from stealth now properly removes stealth from the attacker. Auto-Attack As Default Action toggle has been implemented to AI Behavior. The Crookspur Vessel will no longer continuously attempt to engage retreating ships. Druid Shift forms no longer crash the game when inventory items are moved. Art & Visual Updates Portraits display correct images when playing the game in Linux. All Pets use the correct model that is expected. Spiritual Weapon VFX now properly aligns with the model. Orlans ears display correctly when wearing the Acorn Helm. Miscellaneous Data is no longer carried over from previous DLC playthroughs. Performance no longer drops when viewing Spiritshift model forms in the Inventory Screen. Crew member models no longer spawn at the same point simultaneously. Ikiuq Crew member now displays his correct model in game. Loading a save after a character dies in combat no longer results in an infinite load screen for Mac users. The default text box displays in the selected language at launch. Combat Log displays in the language selected when changed in game.
  9. Hello all! I just wanted to say thank you so much for reporting all of these. I believe we have corrected everything mentioned in this thread in the v3.0.0 patch (now available on the Beta Branch). However if we missed any or you find more, please let us know!
  10. Hello Watchers! Today, at 10 AM we are launching our v2.1 Patch on Steam, GOG, Origin, and The Apple Store. Below are the new features, updates, and fixes for this patch. A special thank you to all our patch beta testers for helping us get this update out to you all! New Features & Updates Shroud of the Phantasm - A new community-designed cape, the Shroud of the Phantasm seems to grant the wielder the favor of Wael, though the will of the God of Secrets is all but impossible to discern for certain. Wearers gain the ability to manifest illusory duplicates and are rarely, if the God of Secrets is watching, struck with bolts of understanding capable of turning the tide of battle. You can find this magical item hidden within Berkana's Observatory. Ability Tree Preview - Thanks to our programming team, the Class Ability Tree can now be viewed outside of the level up screen! This can be done from the Inventory/Character Sheet UI, or when recruiting a new companion. New Magran's Fires Challenges added - New challenges and old favorites have been added for players that want a difficult experience with a twist. These challenges can be found by clicking the head of Magran at the bottom of the Title Menu. Skaen's Challenge The Fog of War is greatly reduced around the Player's Character. Torches can help increase the vision area. Abydon's Challenge Weapons and Armor now degrade during adventuring. Weapons and Armor can be repaired for a price through the Enchanting Menu. Enchanting UI UpdateThe Enchanting Menu has received a visual re-work. Enchantment progression paths are now much clearer, and it should be easy to tell if a new enchantment will replace or rework an old enchantment. Steam Workshop Mod Support - Mods will now be supported through the Steam Workshop page. Check it out to see what unique changes the community is bringing to the world of Eora! Audio Combat Remixing - Our audio team has remastered in-game combat sounds, resolving a suite of bugs and generally improving the game as per community feedback: Combat Chatter now provides more critical feedback and is easier to understand during combat. Creatures have been tuned to spam sounds less Ability audio has been tuned to react to other sounds (i.e. gets softer when combat chatter is playing) And much more! New Backer Items and Pets - Additional Backer Pets and Backer Items have been implemented to the game including: 5 Backer items added (Locations in spoilers): Amra (Battle Axe) Karaboru (Great Sword) Outworn Buckler (Small Shield) Harmony (Ring) The Mung Bean's Mouth Organ (Neck) 14 Backer Pets added:Names and Locations in Spoiler The following were added last patch, but missed the patch notes: Items Cog of Cohh Magran's Blessing Spells Jernaugh's Equalizing Burst Zahndethus' Draconic Fury Resolved Major Issues FPS degradation over time that was introduced in v2.0.1 no longer occurs. Party companion portraits are now saved after restarting the game. Items are no longer duplicated when using the Quickload feature during item transactions. Modals appear when a weapon is copied into a character's main hand. Pillars of Eternity 1 saves are now recognized across all supported languages. AI/UI Changes Auto-attack and Swap Weapon set AI actions now properly adhere to the cooldown value set in the Behavior Editor. Auto-Pause feature for Spell Cast no longer triggers for Passive or Modal abilities. The Behavior Editor no longer displays two different layers at once. "Daily Wages lost" will no longer appear multiple times after a game load. Money qualifiers are now always displayed in dialogue choices. Ornaments will no longer shift when looking at UI Menus. Fixed scrolling issues when selecting abilities and conditionals in the AI Behavior Editor UI. World Map and Ship Changes Extra unusable ship supplies will no longer show up in personal inventory. Crew members no longer spawn in the same space in the scene. Hitting Cancel when naming an island will no longer set the island name to default. General Changes The correct Hollowborn choices from Pillars of Eternity will be reflected if the player chose to return the souls. Ranger Pets no longer teleport next to their owner on loading a save. Having higher intellect no longer penalizes effects that apply over time. Spearcaster displays correctly in German tooltip. Berath Blessing skill with Rogues now properly grants Sleight of Hand. Quests Beast of Winter DLC Changes Systems Updates General Enemy rangers will not cast "Marked for the Hunt" indefinitely. Characters with the Blinded affliction are no longer susceptible to gaze attacks. There is no longer an Accuracy vs. Reflex check on the self damaging effect of Sacred Immolation. Characters with max perception cannot detect hidden items in the Fog of War. Allied Chanter Summons will no longer be Charmed if the Watcher is Charmed. Weapons now return to their correct state after Summoned Weapon effects end. Wild Orlans no longer have duplicate racial abilities. Berath's Blessing Skill bonus wording adjusted to mention bonus skills (not double), and Rogue now properly receives Sleight of Hand skill. Triple Crown challenge now explicitly states (albeit redundantly) that Path of the Damned is enabled. Now displays all three states and justifies its name "Triple" Crown. Costs will now show for abilities in level up and AI customization. Damage Shield effects now update their remaining health values when an affected character is damaged. Full Attacks made while dual wielding will now receive a -35% penalty to the damage they deal. Creatures Unique Items Classes Barbarian Barbarian Lion Sprint now properly clears its accuracy bonus after attacking and its effect will display on the portrait. Barbarian Crushing Blow now properly clears recovery on kill when wielding a ranged weapon. Berserker Spirit Frenzy now properly applies the Berserker self-DoT effect. ChanterChanter Dragon Summon now has a proper string description for Tail Lash. CipherCipher's Wild Mind miscast damage per Focus has been halved. Druid Pollen Patch now heals for the correct values Tekehu's Watery Double Spell will now properly copy Tekehu's equipped weapons. Tekehu's Watery Double will now cast watershaper spells in select situations. Fighter Fighter Take The Hit Discipline cost reduced from 2 to 1. Fighter Inspired Discipline Cost from 4 to 3. Fighter Power Strike Bonus Damage increased from +100% to +200%. Black Jacket no longer loses Constant Recovery, but instead receives less healing from Constant Recovery's effect. Fighter Penetrating Strike Bonus Penetration reduced from 4 to 3. MonkBlade Turning only affects hostile spells and does not negate abilities like Greater Lay on Hands. Paladin Paladin Sacred Immolation (and its upgrades) base self-damage reduced from 43 to 32. Paladin Reviving Exhortation (and its upgrades) Health lost reduced from -150 base to -100. Paladin Reviving Exhortation (and its upgrades) reduces from 4 zeal cost to 3. Paladin Hastening Exhortation (and its upgrades) reduced from 3 Zeal cost to 2. Ranger Ranger Revive Companion (and its upgrades) Bond Cost reduced from 3 to 2. Ranger Takedown (and its upgrades) now also receive +25% Bonus Damage. RogueRogue Sap and Perplexing Sap now use the Pommel Strike animation and their interrupt has been upgraded to Prone. Wizard Kalakoths Freezing Rake now has the correct ranged radius at the caster's feet. Llengrath's Safeguard now properly triggers when the caster's HP threshold is below. Wizard Eldritch Aim cast time reduced from Average to Fast. Characters permanently petrified by the 9th level Wizard spell "Petrification" are destroyed when combat ends. Two Unique Backer Spells have been added and are each contained in a unique grimoire: Zahndethus’ Dragonic Fury (PL7) Jernaugh’s Equalizing Burst (PL6)
  11. Hello all, another small update for the beta coming in, please see the changes below: Beta Patch notes for v2.1.0.0034 Fixed partially overridden game data objects getting unloaded with every other bundle reload (affected modded stringtables). Skullcrusher Weapon now only injures 'Uninjured' targets. Loading screen is now displayed correctly upon finishing naval boarding.
  12. Thank you SonyXP. Have you tried verifying your game files? It surprises me that those strings would suddenly be missing. We are working on a mod related bug that may also be the culprit to the mod bug you mentioned.
  13. Hello all! We're pushing out a newer build to the beta patch, below are the changes between build and Beta Patch notes for v2.1.0.0023 Armor Penetraction for Amra backer item has been corrected. Fixed a parsing error with mod manifests that had empty version numbers. Berath Blessing skill with Rogues now properly grants Sleight of Hand.
  14. Done https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/105415-v210-is-now-available-on-the-beta-branch/
  15. Hey all, just a quick note that we are expecting to have a beta up sometime today. Unless we find a blocker, in which case it can always get delayed. QA is working on a candidate now
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