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  1. Very happy to hear this ! I knew that crpgs had a long tail for sales, but its good to know that its finally making a profit.
  2. Damn, I missed the last part that it applied to all spells. Sorry Boerer ! I too was impressed about the melee damage of the staff, especially considering I play with Woedica's challenge, so I do have to preserve spells.
  3. I'm playing a nature godlike SC ancient right now, its pretty fun. I'm wondering though why you prefer the Lance to the Spine of Thicket Green, considering crushing damage is a little more flexible i find and the +20 % dmg to vessels comes in real handy.
  4. The Enhanced User Interface mod is a must for me : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1510650230 Also a big fan of the Community Patch and the Deafire Balance Polishing Mod. Finally, i use the 25 % less xp mod, makes for a more interesting playthrough with the DLCs.
  5. This was one of the best critiques of POEII's endgame I've read on this forum. Well said ! (Now I guess I'm going to drop DOS2 and replay Deadfire for the 12th time...)
  6. All this talk is making me want to start ANOTHER playthrough (summoner chanter)... Damn you all !
  7. Your post made me want to finish the game, after dropping it months ago in boredom. It's less than I expected (mechanically) but maybe the story redeems it. I guess I'll have to find out.
  8. I haven't finished the game yet (I'm probably halfway in) but unfortunately, I'm not enjoying TOW as much as I hoped/expected. I saw one review calling it "fun but shallow" and it really hits the mark IMO. No issue with the story, the setting or the writing (the latter being ok), I'm actually more disappointed with the RPG elements (perks especially) and the rather bland enemies and combat... The locations and the quests are also nothing to brag about, all of them being rather safe. To be clear, I have no issue with a shorter, more focused game in terms of story and setting, but I would have hoped that the RPG mechanics would be a bit deeper... The available perks are especially boring. I put the game on pause hoping for a balance patch or DLC. Maybe I'll will have to wait for TOW 2 for something a little more substantive. Or POE 3
  9. I ran my last playthrough with Tekehu as a single class Druid. He was a beast with lightning AOEs and healing (I gave him the conduit plate and Lord Varrin's Voulge, so, yeah). I also liked his backstory albeit if it was not the most engaging. Gave a nice dive into Huana lore. In a maybe unrelated note, I really liked Travis Willingham's voice acting for the character. Top notch and outside of his usual work. I haven't had the same cool moments yet with Serafen, but I didn't bring him on any of the DLCs. Next playthrough
  10. I would like to see one set in the future, where the consequences of the Wheel being broken are starting to become dire. New character, also a Watcher, who could likely find tidbits of the old Watchers soul for added continuity with POE 1&2. As for the villain, it would have to be someone working for Rymrgand or the god himself. Living lands and Yezuda are my choices of setting. In any case, I just really want a POE3
  11. In terms of diversity, function and an intangible "coolness" factor. If memory serves, in DOS (I didn't play the second one), items mostly only add small bonus percentages and are quickly made irrelevant as you level up. In pathfinder, they follow the typical +X bonus, with little added mechanics. I find that the POE series does a much better job with items. They are more interesting (as they often provide abilities that are usually gated behind class), can be enchanted as to remain useful for the whole game and are just cooler (descriptions, lore, imagery, design, etc.) Just my opinion
  12. I have to agree with those saying that FS should not be skipped, it is IMO the best part of Deadfire (with the notable exception of the Bridge Ablaze). I'm currently finishing my second full playthrough and I'm loving going back to the Black Isle. I also strongly agree with @Wormerine about itemization, it is one of the game's major strengths. Comparatively, Pathfinder and Divinity are miles behind in this department (well, in almost every department IMO, but that is more arguable I guess).
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