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  1. I checked file integrity, to no avail. It's not a major bug though. Thanks for clearing that up !
  2. I loaded up the complete community patch and I noticed a small bug with Thaos' Headdress. The ability description seems to have disappeared, along with the associated bonuses. Could the patch have anything to do with it ? Apart from that amazing work with the patch, I'm looking forward to the additional trinkets for priests and druids.
  3. Some little feedback concerning the basic community patch: - deep pockets does not appear as a PL 5 passive for barbarians. The talent's wording is also rogue specific for other classes, as it mentions the correct one slot in the description but two in the text. Keep up the good work !
  4. Superb work to all involved. Looking forward to the final version. Question: do you expect any issues between the community patch and current saved games ? Thanks !
  5. This is fantastic stuff... Really looking forward to the community patch. Do you have a rough estimate for release ? Thx !
  6. I would highly suggest using Woedica's Challenge, it helped make fights a lot more interesting for me. I still prefer the Vancian system better (sue me) but the challenge helps bridge that gap.
  7. Obsidian could probably find inspiration in the old wall placement systems of rts games like Age of Empire.
  8. Glad I still have my dictionary from 1790 otherwise I would have trouble knowing what you want! A circular wall would be useful Lol, I MIGHT have bastardised a French word... Then again : https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ameliorate
  9. Hi ! Love the game, almost 600 hours recorded. One thing though: I really dislike the wall placement system, its often hard to properly place one. Any way to ameliorate this ? Thanks
  10. I like the mod that reduces xp by 30 %. It has really made my games much more enjoyable, along with the obligatory UI mod. That last one is heaven
  11. I've experienced this too in my current playthrough. Maia left and Konstanten died (ok I gave his body for my survival), so I needed to pick up another companion. I guess I saw it has a challenge and it's turned out ok. Not a fan of leveling up from the start, I added the mod to slow it.
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