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  1. Haha! Sorry for the imprecision I'm new to modding POE2, so I may need a bit of a hand with balancing the summons. I'm going to do it right at the end. There is in principle only one 'new' summon to balance for this mod (Avian Familiars), because the others are vanilla summons (that are covered by your mod Elric) - The Hylea incarnate is the chanter sky dragon summon, and the Aybdon incarnate is the chanter 'Instruments' summon. 'Avian Familiars' seems to summon three birds that are quite fragile. They provide a perception and power level bonus. I'd be happy to change this however we see
  2. Yes! This makes sense Eothas is getting sacred immolation for sure! Its a great idea - very fitting. The Hylean Familiars are those from Nocturnal's mod at the moment. On this point - I really want to give Hylea as much Wind keyworded stuff as possible. I know what you mean about the spell feeling perhaps 'too dark' (especially if we compare it to its DnD counterpart). But note the spell is bound to Amira's Wing in vanilla and seems to be Hylean in that sense. I still need to think more on Hylea
  3. Nice one on the changes above. Adopted basically all of them. Agree on 'Marked for the Hunt' and good spot with Abydon's missing L2 spell. Indeed Spiritual Weapon should not count. Current status is then: Abydon Galawain Hylea Ondra Lv1 Flames of the White Forge Nature's Mark Talon's Reach Ondra's Whip Lv2 Blades of the White Forge Taste of the Hunt Winter Wind The Moon's Light Lv3 Twin
  4. Thanks for keeping the suggestions coming @Elric Galad - this is helpful, I think we're getting there. I've moved Crushing Doom to PL8 for Woedica and Added Bitter Mooring at PL6 (Its called 'Never Far From the Queen' which I think works well!). I've reworked Abydon exactly as you suggest as well. I've moved 'Bow of Galawain' and 'Avenging Storm' back up to PL8 since you suggest they're too abusable for multi-classes. (I just wanted to float the idea since I know in the past @Boeroerhas suggested that multi-classes losing Avenging Storm limits some build variety). The current status is th
  5. Hey @Elric Galad- thanks so much for the suggestions I'm kind of nervous because it's my first time modding POE2... I had actually intended to add the additional priest subclasses as you suggest. Was gonna be a surprise Very kindly, @NocturnalTrance agreed to let me use the content and assets of his/her excellent 'More Priest Subclasses' mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/159) as a basis for Abydon, Hylea and Ondra. I've made quite a few changes to them to fit my interpretation, but some (e.g. Abydon) remain similar. I should hopefully have a first version of ev
  6. Hey - understood on Eothas (moon)well, will sort that out. I also really like your suggestions for Magran having some non-fire picks. Quick question @Elric Galadand others. What do people think on the topic of Rymrgand getting access to Fire spells (and I guess also Magran ice - but somewhat to a lesser degree)? On some level it feels like Rymrgand priests should lose all fire keyworded spells - but this seems potentially very harsh...
  7. Thanks all - this is great I think we're gradually converging on something that I think we can broadly all agree on! So the latest set of priest subclass skills is then: BERATH (2 Standard Priest spells in Lv 1-7) Touch of Rot Holy Meditation Spreading Plague Plague of Insects Rot Skulls Salvation of Time (@Noqn - if you're unhappy with this one, what would you consider a good alternative? This choice is growing on me for Berath) Rusted Armor Symbol of Berath Hand of Berath MAGRAN (2 Standard Priest spells in Lv 1-7) Fa
  8. Thanks so much for your comments @Noqn and @thelee If you let me play devil's advocate for just a moment @thelee - I think its a bit too restrictive to say that 'Ciphers are the dominators' and that no other class whatsoever should have access to that. Agree that we don't want a 'Pathfinder situation' - where there is a great deal of bloat and redundancy/overlap, but surely its fine to give a single Priest subclass one dominate ability. I would agree that it would be wrong to add it to the core Priest spell tree for sure - but this is just one specific subclass of Priest. It also shares i
  9. @Boeroer Yeah I totally get what you mean about not wanting to blur class lines too much in a class-based system. I guess my view though is that it's fine to break that rule in the one case of Druids vs Priests. Worth noting that some of your trinkets definitely blur the line and I think this is great. For instance giving Priests access to the Moons Light and Moonwell suddenly gives them the opportunity to be very strong healers - something normally exclusively restricted to Druids in Deadfire. I definitely don't think we should make the classes totally redundant with each other - but I
  10. Wow congratulations Eric Galad that's fantastic news! Hope all goes great! Cheers for your thoughts as well - I still reckon there are good reasons to give Xoti that Incarnate (will try justify below) Thanks to everyone for the responses on this thread. I have to say - those trinkets look absolutely amazing @Boeroer - some really creative stuff in there! What would it take to make these? I'd be keen to get involved - I think it would be such a cool addition! Were you thinking of having one shared set of trinkets for druids/priests - that either class could equip? I think it could potent
  11. Hey! First and foremost I just wanted to say thanks to Eric Galad for this awesome mod (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/438?tab=images) that builds on the community patch. Those two mods are basically essential (along with the UI mod) in my opinion. I just wanted to start this thread to ask for some clarifications on priests (with this mod + community patch) and make a feature request 1) I noticed Xoti doesn't have the Tier 9 'Summon Incarnate' spell. I checked without mods and this remains true. Maybe I'm misremembering - but I could have sworn this was not always
  12. I would like to keep the Illusion PL bonus and we can play around with the penalties. I might consider changing the holy power. In keeping with defensive illusions I am planning on implementing a buffed Mirrored Image and Wondrous Torment. Here is a potential compromise: 1. Miasma 2. Displaced Image 3. Confusion 4. Buffed Mirror Image 5. Gaze of the Adragon 6. Brilliant Departure 7. Buffed Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment 8. Your new Symbol of Wael 9. Your new Blessing of Wael, Chosen of Wael +2 PL Illusion, -20 Will Penalty, -2 Strength I might swap out a
  13. I reckon releasing one at a time is a great way to catch bugs and keep getting feedback Thanks for the hard work Some thoughts on the new Priest of Wael. (Some of my comments apply to the original mod version of this priest). I know you mention in the mod description that you're leaning slightly in favour of interesting design/concepts over game balance - but I do think this character is far too strong now. In particular, it treads too much into Wizard territory. (It certainly makes being an illusionist redundant - although you could argue that is because wizard subclasses are too weak ou
  14. In terms of modding options, as I've said before - I don't think this should be regarded as a reason not to implement this feature both since it won't be an option on consoles, but also because I've found e.g. the unity console to have various instabilities (e.g. removing empower, removing starting abilities etc) This thread however might be a good place to post a short tutorial on how to alter companion subclasses if anyone would be willing to do so?
  15. I don't think anybody disagrees that you shouldn't be allowed to make Eder an illusionist (nothing wrong with Aloth being a bloodmage however). As discussed at length above in this thread, there are lore friendly ways to implement this feature. Strongly agree. More options is the name of the game here. Some subclasses radically alter gameplay and as it stands, you lose a lot by using many of the story companions.
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