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  1. I would like to keep the Illusion PL bonus and we can play around with the penalties. I might consider changing the holy power. In keeping with defensive illusions I am planning on implementing a buffed Mirrored Image and Wondrous Torment. Here is a potential compromise: 1. Miasma 2. Displaced Image 3. Confusion 4. Buffed Mirror Image 5. Gaze of the Adragon 6. Brilliant Departure 7. Buffed Arkemyr's Wondrous Torment 8. Your new Symbol of Wael 9. Your new Blessing of Wael, Chosen of Wael +2 PL Illusion, -20 Will Penalty, -2 Strength I might swap out a spell or two on the Incarnate as well. This is a great compromise! I like the buffed displaced image and wondrous torment. Glad you agree RE defensive illusions. I think this keeps everything sufficiently distinct from Wizard whilst remaining powerful.
  2. I reckon releasing one at a time is a great way to catch bugs and keep getting feedback Thanks for the hard work Some thoughts on the new Priest of Wael. (Some of my comments apply to the original mod version of this priest). I know you mention in the mod description that you're leaning slightly in favour of interesting design/concepts over game balance - but I do think this character is far too strong now. In particular, it treads too much into Wizard territory. (It certainly makes being an illusionist redundant - although you could argue that is because wizard subclasses are too weak outside of blood mage). My suggestions would be 1) +2 Illusion power level would need to come with a *much* stronger malus than -15 Will. I would remove the power level bonus entirely. Wizards need to ban two whole schools of magic for a similar bonus! 2) I think Frightened + Confused is too much for Holy Radiance (given this is available right from the get-go in a huge AOE). Replace with just confused. (In general for the other priests - I would suggest holy radiance only apply one affliction rather than two). 3) The spell stealing is great thematically - keep it. 4) The treading on a Wizard's toes is the largest issue. I think to resolve this I would observe that the vanilla Waelites focus exclusively on defensive illusion magic with some confusion mixed in (representing the obfuscation aspect of Wael) together with gaze attacks (eyes). I would remove anything to do with fear (so enervating terror is out). As an aside, the screams and echoes in Forgotten Sanctum have nothing to do with Wael - that's entirely the Hand Occult's doing and they don't truly represent Wael of course. Probably most importantly, I think Wall of Many Colours is one of the strongest AL8 abilities in the game - it needs to be exclusive to single class. Allowing Waelites to access it at AL7 (and therefore various multiclasses to access it as well I think is too strong and takes away from wizards too much). 5) The new AL9 abilities are all great. I would consider revising to something like 1. Miasma 2. Blackened Sight 3. Displaced Image 4. Confusion 5. Gaze of the Adragon 6. Brilliant Departure (very thematic) 7. Llengrath's Safeguard (we could call it Wael's safeguard and regard it as an illusion) 8. Your new Symbol of Wael 9. Your new Blessing of Wael, Chosen of Wael This way - you keep the focus on *defensive* illusions + obfuscations that fit with Wael's aspects rather than totally supplanting the entire Wizard illusion school.
  3. In terms of modding options, as I've said before - I don't think this should be regarded as a reason not to implement this feature both since it won't be an option on consoles, but also because I've found e.g. the unity console to have various instabilities (e.g. removing empower, removing starting abilities etc) This thread however might be a good place to post a short tutorial on how to alter companion subclasses if anyone would be willing to do so?
  4. I don't think anybody disagrees that you shouldn't be allowed to make Eder an illusionist (nothing wrong with Aloth being a bloodmage however). As discussed at length above in this thread, there are lore friendly ways to implement this feature. Strongly agree. More options is the name of the game here. Some subclasses radically alter gameplay and as it stands, you lose a lot by using many of the story companions.
  5. I can make it available again but it is very much Beta and I am currently working on a major overhaul in addition to an Underepresented Mods mod. There is a lot to do. If you really want the relatively buggy mod available I can make it visible again. Thanks for the response. I'm completely happy waiting till your next release version. This was more for me to say that you have an audience who are very excited for what you're working on It'd be great if you keep us updated on here when you release it.
  6. To summarise what we've said before - the low cost version of this feature is simply: - Allow the player to choose ANY subclass for a companion on recruitment provided that they don't already have one. If they on the other hand already have a subclass then assume for simplicity that it's locked in for story reasons and therefore the player doesn't get to alter it. As Josh says, its somewhat up to the player then to build wacky out of character options like Trickster Eders or Debonaire Vatnirs that aren't banned by this approach. This is fine in my opinion. - The higher cost implementation would be to refine the above to mitigate the out of character options if the dev team deem them too inappropriate. Ultimately though by preventing the user from altering a companion's subclass if they already have one in the base game you already essentially prevent all the lore-breaking options. To some degree, everything else will just be a matter of debate. Anyway, I'd love to see option (1) in the game. I think it would be a net positive for everyone, with (I think) no downsides. It also makes using the companions more appealing over adventurers which I consider a good thing as well.
  7. I don't agree with this - as others have pointed out there are many choices of subclass that are not at all lore breaking. We all agree changing Xoti's priest subclass or Tekehu's watershaper subclass would be completely inappropriate. On the other hard as Boeroer points out, allowing Eder to be a Streetfighter or Aloth to be an evoker/bloodmage is completely consistent lore-wise and just vastly increases player options, depth and replayability. Provided it's not masses of extra work, I see no reason not to do it and I think it would be a great addition to the game. Also remember modding won't at all be an option on the consoles (particularly Switch) so that shouldn't be regarded as a reason not to do it. Ultimately if its simply too much work, that's a different story.
  8. I agree with Manveru, I don't think the Watcher should have access to subclasses such as Watershaper or Harvester of Gaun. Aside from the fact that I think it's interesting design when companions have unique things that you can't access - it would be very jarring storywise. My view is simply that we should be able to choose subclasses for companions when we meet them and when they do not already have a unique one for story reasons (e.g. Xoti, Tekehu etc). This would be the most simple implementation. A more complex implementation Obsidian could consider would be to only allow selection of 'lore appropriate' subclasses for companions. For example it would be a little ridiculous for Vatnir to take a Debonaire subclass to his rogue, yet Trickster would fit well.
  9. Thanks a lot for looking into my suggestions. I noticed you recently hid the mod on Nexus. Having played with your mod for a while its now actually pretty damn hard to go back to vanilla priests - hence me posting here hoping that the mod files go live again at some point soon
  10. Wait, @thelee does Pallegina's paladin subclass actually change in Deadfire depending on POE1? I've seemingly never been able to get her be a Kind Wayfarer no matter what import choices I choose. She always seems to be Five Suns
  11. Cheers, I'm glad other people feel the same way about this. It would be good to get some more momentum in this thread to increase the chance that the dev team actually see it. In terms of new features to add for the console release - this feels like a very good and tangible one. Does anyone know if there is an 'official' way to submit feature requests - or do we just post here and hope for the best?
  12. I'm not sure where the appropriate place to submit feature requests is. With the code apparently freezing sometime in February in anticipation of the console release, I thought it would be good to request this again. Given how many great subclasses exist, its a great shame that you can only experience them through your main character and hired adventurers. It would be nice if we could choose subclasses for the story companions and sidekicks (specifically those that don't have exclusive unique ones) when they are recruited. I am aware that it is possible to do this through console commands/mods, but it feels like it should simply be added as a core feature. It also doesn't feel like it would be massive amounts of work to implement and would be an overall easy win. Its likely that many people only play the game once and likely with the story companions - this feature would allow those people to see some of the huge variety of subclasses in the game.
  13. This is such an impressive mod - a huge thank you for putting this together. Just a few questions/suggestions. Would you consider re-balancing the L9 vanilla priest spells (in the same way that you did for Incarnate). The likes of 'Hand of Berath' and 'Revenge of Skaen' etc. are all very weak and I'd love to see what you could do with them - I would consider this (together with your mod content) to be the last essential fix that the Deadfire priest tree needs. As an aside, I've also always thought it strange that priests of any deity get access to all the other deities L9 spells. (e.g. Why can priests of Eothas learn Revenge of Skaen). I feel it would be good to change that and restrict each priest to only have the L9 spells appropriate to their deity.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I think this (^) is a good point balance-wise. The Woedicans already get several powerful unique spells so it would make some sense from that perspective. However my feeling is that this likely wasn't a conscious balance decision but an accidental omission. (Since we know the Priest of Woedica was originally intended to make it into the launch version at some point, maybe this skill tree was consistent with an earlier version of the Priest skills before they added the symbol spells and incarnates to the game). I'd personally really love to see them add a Woedica Symbol and Incarnate spell (particularly because I think the Strangler is a great concept and would be amazing to see them design). I also think it would just make everything more consistent. Maybe I'm obsessed with symmetry but I do feel it does take major tools away from a single class Woedica priest to omit these skills - and especially coupled with the lack of unique dialogue choices they have is a bit of a shame. On the topic of balance, a lot of the writs are very strong, I think AL7 writ of sorcery and AL9 writ of mending should be switched for example! (Also worth noting that the fact that other priests can't pick up the AL9 Woedica spell is also inconsistent on some level. If they are really running with the idea that all priests get access to all deity AL9 spells, they should let everyone pick up writ of mending and I imagine this would have been the behaviour had the Woedica priest class released simultaneously with the others. I can't remember offhand if Pull of Rymrgand was added to all priest skill trees at AL9 after Beast of Winter? I seem to vaguely remember it not being in Xoti's options. In general - I don't really understand the design decision they made that I discuss in bullet 3 above, namely allowing priests to have access to other deity AL9 skills. It just seems somewhat bizarre).
  15. I second the above (^), it would be great if wild growth affected ranger animal companions. Ancients could do with having 'more' than just summon sporelings and this would be a neat way to achieve that.
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