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  1. I'd like to hear others opinion on this, but I prefer Eyestrike at lv1 and Whispers at lv2 for the purpose of respeccing. Eyestrike remains cheap and potent (and the Mystic's only Perception affliction besides Searing Seal), while Whispers is cheap but outclassed and potentially replaceable by Ringleader/Puppet Master. I think it's preferable to have option of removing Whispers, especially since Ciphers have so many desirable lv1 Talents.
  2. The bounce damage falloff gets real bad at high PL, but I'm not sure if dual-class Ciphers even get that many bounces? Mind Blades should benefit from 5 PL at lv 19-20, which is 2.5 extra bounces, rounded down to just 2 (at most 3 if you get Acute or Brilliant) extra bounces.
  3. By the way, small fix to display the dmg/tick for Disintegration, and view the correct total damage after duration modifiers. { "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Disintegration_SE_RawDamage", "ID": "50ebdc84-eedc-456d-865d-b8a0be40d966", "Components": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "BaseValue": 48, "ApplicationType": "ApplyOnTick" } ] }
  4. You might already have had this in mind, but consider splitting the patch into different packages like the original, something like Community Patch Addon - Fixes (e.g. Shattered Pillar Lesser Wound fix). Community Patch Addon - Basic (e.g. Pallegina Five Penetration buff.) Community Patch Addon - Extended (e.g. Scroll bonus accuracy.) Community Patch Addon - Keywords
  5. You are absolutely right, I'll upload a new version with vanilla pray/eat rests and keep the current main version as an optional download.
  6. I checked the conversation file and both nodes that give you the bonus also trigger the Rest function, removing your food bonuses etc. I thought this would be covered by No Forced Rests but it turns out that I forgot to search and batch convert all instances of the plain Rest function. In my defense, this scripted interaction is literary the only time a conversation uses the Rest function. (Wael, you sneaky fker.) I've uploaded a patch for this interaction, you should be able to keep your food bonuses now.
  7. Path of the Damned, the highest* difficulty setting. (The scale goes Story-Relaxed-Classic-Veteran-PotD) *though there are several extra options to further increase the difficulty, such as Ironman mode.
  8. Ciphers This might be off-topic since single class Ciphers are already insanely gratifying to play, but something needs to be done about Haunting Chains. It's a spell that fills no purpose; it costs 3x as much Focus as Secret Horrors, which is far more effective at breaking down enemy defenses since late game Ciphers will only target Will and Fortitude, and is an AoE. If you want to single out a specific enemy from far away, you have Puppet Master, another spell with ⅓ of Haunting Chains' focus cost except a far more potent affliction. The only scenario where Haunting Chains is better is if you face a big target that's immune to Intellect Afflictions but not Resolve Afflictions... but if a single enemy bothers you that much you might as well just put Disintegration + Stasis on them. I personally have no clue what to do about it other than decreasing its Power Level (lol). But I think that would cause issues for ongoing playthroughs. It's just such a fundamentally ****ty spell for its power level, anyone got any ideas? Speaking of Ciphers, I noticed Mind Plague and Time Parasite bounces has NoRepeatTargets set to false, which I think is disadventageous since you want to hit as many different targets as possible with affliction spells. Though the current behavior gives you a chance to roll higher on old targets, of course. What's everyone's opinion on this?
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/385 Well, not true New Game Plus... but it lets you start the game at lv20 with all unique items. With level-scaling actually being a thing, I imagine it would be fun to try all the late late-game loot from the DLCs for a whole playthrough! Can be activated in ongoing playthroughs, which I imagine would be convenient for playtesting. "The experience and items will be granted through a script that fires whenever a map, other than the intro sequence, is loaded. To clarify: you won't be granted the experience or items until after you've exited the cabin in the intro scene. The script will only fire once per playthrough, so you can keep it checked in the Mod Manager without issues. However, you might want to deactivate it afterwards, as not to trigger on other playthroughs. You might have to save and quit to main menu once after character creation before the script triggers."
  10. 1 - Equanimity - Passive - -20% Hostile effect durations, -10% Beneficial effect durations 2 - Amkala - 2x damage received, 100% of damage received is healed over 100s 2 - Taijitu - Deal damage based on wounds, clear all wounds. 4 - Ansara - Fullattack with 90% as magic damage in 1/3 burn, 1/3 shock, 1/3 freeze. 4 - Serenity - Passive - While not under duration-based beneficial or harmful effects, +10% miss to hit, graze to hit 5 - Ahimsa - Vow - +5% damage per 3 seconds for 20s until you launch a new attack 5 - khanti - Vow - +5% attack speed per 3 seconds until you move 5 - Shi Tai - passive - 2 sec after a hit by a spell or ability, -2s duration on all effects (only applies again if the 2sec is over) 5 - Tranquility - Passive - While not under duration-based beneficial or harmful effects, +10 Accuracy and +10% negate all attacks 6 - Eversion - Channel yourself, counterattack with ranged bouncing raw damage 6 - Spear-hand Punch - You jab the target, interrupting their spell cast and preventing further spell casting. 9 - Transcendance - Become an unatargetable astral projection that permanently reduces opponenents' defenses when touched by your slow, non-damaging attack I absolutely love the sound of these. 9 - Omnislash - +900% attack speed for 6 seconds, untargetable, randomly attack an opponent every 2 seconds in addition to your weapon attacks 8 - Death and Rebirth - Rapid damage of amounts up to your maximum health (slash/burn vs. Fortitude), revive to full HP with all injuries, afflictions, and duration effects removed Cool concepts but sound broken in practice? 7 - Humble - Melee strike removes all foe's inspirations, makes them immune to inspirations for 30s. Full Attack that not just suspends, but removes Inspirations, blocks new ones for 30s and gives the Monk a 25 Defense bonus vs Afflictions is too good for just 1 Mortification, imo. I'd keep it to a Full Attack that simply removes Inspirations, which still is potent. 2 - Aiki - Reflect all attacks for 1 second Increase the Wound cost, imo. A high-Int Monk would probably be able to sustain it indefinitely in combination with Dance of Death, and a Shattered Pillar would be straight up immortal with this ability. Maybe change the cost to Mortification to completely prevent spam abuse. 3 - Stillness - passive - +1 all defenses per sec until next attack or movement, max 25 stacks I imagine someone disabling auto-attacks, equipping Whispers of the Endless Paths w/ Offensive Parry and just afk
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