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  1. Sorry, everyone. I've uploaded a patch: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/448?tab=files
  2. I did not know this could be the case with attacks, and turns out I was completely wrong... it is caused by Carnage Indicators... I'll remove the Carnage Keyword from the indicator and upload a patch (although that will mess with the Barbaric Blow indicator). Big apologies for improper testing and general idiocy on my side.
  3. I can proudly say that I'm getting this issue without Carnage Indicators installed It actually happens without Community Patch and Balance Polish too... vanilla bug?
  4. Issue is that any modifications to the AbilityUnlocks array of the BaseProgressionTableComponent will override the original entirely. Obsidian thankfully added the BaseProgressionTableAppendGameData which allows you to seamlessly add new abilities, but there's no way to modify or remove existing ones. Progression Table editing truly is a pain in the ass. Try this: wildstrike frenzy pl7.zip For future reference: Copypaste the entire PT_Druid object (almost 10k lines woo) in progressiontables.gamedatabundle to your .gamedatabundle mod file. Search for the four "PL 8
  5. Sorry for the late reply! It's just as you say, self-targeted abilities are messed up and it goes deeper than just conditional scripting. Regarding Holy Radiance, I can't make a conditional that checks for nearby Vessels, but there's a hacky way to check if there are any nearby Bloodied Party Members within X meters of the caster. The issue is that you have to make a specific script for each combination Health percentage and Distance you're looking for. I included 5m (the base radius of Holy Radiance) and 7m, but just tell me if you'd like some other values. Download here: ai_ha
  6. I was actually confused how some other users could do this, until I realized that you can copypaste cells from LibreOffice Calc / Excel Here's the sheet I used: Priest Spells 2.ods Berath is inconsistent on those points. A Servant of Death is explicitly about killing people who've overstayed their welcome, and I don't think Salvation of Time is appropriate in that context. Besides, the original table is certainly Death-themed: Touch of Rot, Rot Skulls, Spreading Plague (two of which actually are already shared with Rymrgand.) @bell88 also suggested changing Death Ring in Vat
  7. Arkemyr's Mercurial Madness and Wall of Many Colors were actually the first abilities I considered, but those spells only trigger one of several possible effects each Xth seconds, so there's no ensurance when (or even if) Dominate will trigger. You'd also need a combination of Res/Dex immunity and no Int resistance for best effect. From what little I tested I dismissed them pretty quickly.
  8. Ooh, these are really cool concepts. Ops. I agree, that would be optimal. I'm personally very much in favor of limiting Lv9 diety spells one way or another. Another option would be to remove all foreign diety spells, but giving the priests access to fitting Lv9 spells from other classes. (e.g. Touch of Death for Berath) Ah, you're right. I meant aesthetically with the whole placing a symbol, but yeah the effects are too different. How would you feel about taking inspiration from Garrote, giving periodic Paralyze + Raw damage?
  9. I do remember thinking that the Dynamic Priest mod had some good ideas, shame it has been hidden. On the top of my head, Spells that might fit the priests thematically regardless of balance issues: Berath: Necrotic Lance Dimensional Shift, doors? Touch of Death, as optional Lv9 spell? Boil Their Flesh From Skin to Bone Death Ring Eothas: Two Fingers of Daylight Sunlance The Light of Dawn Light of Pure Zeal Glorious Beacon Magran: Combusting Wounds Wall of Fire Fun Fire Spells idk? Rymrgand S
  10. I'd love to talk about this. Woedica is tricky indeed. I've been looking at spawnable creatures that could act as a substitute for the Strangler, but there are none that fits the bill. I vaguely remember someone throwing around the idea of giving Woedica access to Skaen's incarnate instead, and renaming it to "Slave Incarnate". What;s your opinion on that? Users have pointed out that a "Symbol of Woedica" might be redundant with the "Writ" line of spells and I've come to agree with that argument. But she definitely deserves some unique Lv8 Spell. Anyhow I'll post this
  11. *takes notes* Awesome thread, many thanks @thelee! Strangely there's a conditional that does exactly this, but for some reason isn't exposed to to behavior editor... If you're ok with mods, I did a quick implementation of it: ai_is_in_range.7z Mods do not disable Achievements btw, so you are safe. I recommend checking out the More Custom AI Conditions mod. Though it does not implement the abovementioned conditional, it has some incredible Quality of Life stuff such as a "Is Focus is at Maximum" conditional for Ciphers which might be helpful for the Ascen
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