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  1. Oh I like the idea of adding healing received modifier to Con! StatusEffects annoyingly can't have dynamic values based on Attribute values, only Skill values and a few more stats. Though it would be possible to add a StatusEffect with one child effect for each Con value in the 3-35 range with corresponding healing multipliers and conditionals. The StatusEffect could be assigned to an Ability that's only visible in the character sheet, and that Ability appended to all CharacterProgressionTableGameData(?)
  2. Regarding ParameterHash & FunctionHash, the game ignores these properties during deserialization*, so you can safely write ScriptCallData objects without those lines in your mod files! *Snippet from decompiled ParseScriptCall method: else if (text.Equals("UnrealCall") || text.Equals("FunctionHash") || text.Equals("ParameterHash") || text.Equals("Flags")) { JsonUtilities.DiscardNextBlock(jsonReader); }
  3. Oh I love these, especially Arcanist and Outlier! Regarding unique spells, I think alongside my Grimoire Learning mod the Arcanist could get access to those I have more comments/praise on these but I've gotta run to celebrate midsummer!
  4. Holy ****, this is just incredible. Just the idea that your soul would match your actual voice set adds so much impact to the scene, and the VA quality and how seamless it's implemented, I'm absolutely stunned. Crazy impressive.
  5. This console command should work: SetGlobalValue n_Strongest_Rival_Faction 2
  6. I hope I'm not too busy the following days but I'm otherwise up for writing some concise instructions on this for you!
  7. Seems like they are defined somewhere in the Unity asset bundle files (as some other store-related stuff is), which sucks. I'm curious about the rest of the mod though
  8. Ops nevermind, I accidentally already included all forms. Mods go into your override folder, which is located here: .../Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override (You might have to create the override folder if it does not already exist.) After extracting the .zip file, it should look like this: .../Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/Orlan Bear Spiritshift Scale Fix
  9. x3 Size multiplier x1.5 Size multiplier Download: Orlan Bear Spiritshift Scale Fix.zip This increases your size when spritshifted by 50% (see the lower image), should only apply to Orlans. You can change the size multiplier by editing the following line in statuseffects.gamedatabundle: "BaseValue": 1.5, This only fixes the (non-Shifter) bear form, is that ok or would you like all me to include forms?
  10. Maybe if you retrain him, but probably not since it was added at lv1. But there are no downside to changing the proficiencies for future playthroughs of course If you want to change it just for this playthrough, try this: rekke_pollaxe.zip It will fire a single scripthook which removes the unwanted proficiencies from Rekke and adds Pollaxe instead.
  11. I have been somewhat absentminded and forgot to actually post it here, but I finalized the Potion of Enlightenment mod! https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/501 A thousand thanks to everyone involved!
  12. Looking at the convo file, It seems that you... Must be allied with or have 3 or more Reputation with VTC. Must have 16 Diplomacy (w/ party support). Have restored the adra vein on either Hasongo or Poko Kohara. Ukaizo must not be unlocked ('b_Ukaizo_Unlocked' - I think this is set to true when a faction quest is completed, but I'm not sure). Try opening the Console and enter PrintGlobal b_Ukaizo_Unlocked If it prints 1, that might be the cause.
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