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  1. Good news, was pretty painless to implement! Download: Carnage Indicator.zip Nexusmods: www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/448/
  2. I'd love this, bad ingredient rolls suck! It seems that Vendor inventories are specified in LootListGameData in items.gamedatabundle, generally prefixed by "Store_" Cuitztli ought to be Store_05_Herbalist and will spawn a set number of items from the following lists: 20x Loot_Small_Consumable_Drugs 30x Loot_Small_Crafting_Ingredients_Heralism 30x Loot_Small_Crafting_Ingredients_Alchemy 10x Loot_Small_Crafting_Ingredients_Arcana 20x Loot_Small_Creature_Parts However, it seems that most of the referenced lists will only output a single randomized item. e.g. Loot_Small_Consumable_Drugs: OutputMode: OneRandom 1x Drug_Coral_snuff 1x Drug_Deadeye 1x Drug_Mouth_Cha 1x Drug_Ripple_Sponge 1x Drug_Svef 1x Drug_Taru_Turu_Chew 1x Drug_Whiteleaf So Cuitztli will spawn a 20 randomly selected drugs every inventory reset. In comparison, Loot_Small_Crafting_Ingredients_Arcana will only spawn 1-4 Palm Slats, so I guess Cuitztli would spawn 10-40 Palm Slats every reset. You should be able to make a static list of loot, though I imagine that it could be a lot of work going through all the references like this... I would guess that these unique items are placed individually by the developers, specified somewhere in the Unity files outside the scope of modding.
  3. Sorry to say, but the backer credits are rendered from .png images... https://imgur.com/a/KsY7MI2 So no CTRL+F
  4. Noqn


    Worth noting that Obsidian had dropped both GOG and Linux for The Outer Worlds even prior to the Epic deal and the Microsoft aquisition. Could be attributed to the publisher, but it's not like Microsoft will be any better in that regard.
  5. Can't do anything but agree your reasoning What's your opinion on the damage shield of Her Courage Thick as Steel? Scale or nah?
  6. Seems as if the MOD_Veil_Piercing item mod only exists to display the text, without actually doing anything. The two status effects of the general_spirit_veiled ability only seem to care wether the incoming attack has the Veil_Piercing Keyword or not. "AttackFilter": { "KeywordsIDs": [ "1b6d77c8-1155-4d49-9c7c-548716f0d409" ], "KeywordLogic": "Not", [...] } I don't think it's possible to add new Keynwords to existing attacks through ItemMods, sadly. So it might be hard to implement.
  7. legendary soulbounds.zip In case you are interested and are on PC, download and extract this to your override folder, it will bumb them up from Superb to Legendary. Though I agree that they are formidable even in vanilla.
  8. It's explained in more detail here: https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/179141719626/poe1-the-wheel-is-a-naturalmetaphysical
  9. Nice. I triggering combat by getting self-Dominated from Wall of Many Colors, then spammed afflictions.
  10. Could you reconsider? Workshop exclusivity ****s over GOG, Origin, Discord and Mac Store users. Nexusmods' UX isn't perfect, but uploading a new .zip every now and then is painless and would be much appreciated.
  11. For the reasons @Elric Galad mentioned, won't fit his mod. (But maybe another one ) Nevertheless, I'm up for brainstorming this stuff! 100% agreed on Unbroken and Streetfighter. IIRC when you ask what he's been up to, first thing he mentions is getting into a barfight. Not sold on Cipher though. Less justifiable than the martial classes, story-wise. You also already have Serafen and Ydwin. I like these too, fits her personality. Agreed on Berserker. iirc, someone here wrote about this issue with the Ranger's design; because the animal has to be written into the story, it can only be a Companion class option if its mandatory. So while a Panther is not a bad solution, I still think it might be a bit awkward to never have it adressed in conversations. Maybe Rogue instead? Good picks. I'd say Debonaire also fits as his Rogue subclass, considering the undercover operations he has been up to since last you saw him. I actually expected Aloth to get a Barbarian option thanks to Iselmyr. Furyshaper fits lore-wise with Aloth being Awakened. You could argue for Priest of Woedica or Steel Garrote (which fittingly is an Aedyr-centric faction), if he ended up pro-Leaden Key. Otherwise he'd probably not want anything to do with any God. Kinda similar issue as with Edér, though I think it would be a cool parallel to the Cipher Rangas which adds another layer to the absurdity of Maia waging war against her country of birth. (Ok, I'm stretching it.) This might just be me but I always thought Maia's Gunhawk/Wizard option was out of place. IMO her secondary options should be Gunhawk/Assasssin and Gunhawk/Devoted, for obvious reasons.
  12. Excluding companion subclasses... 5 Barbarian 5 Chanter 5 Cipher 5 Druid 5 Fighter 5 Monk 6 Paladin 6 Priest 5 Ranger 5 Rogue 7 Wizard Single-Class Variations + Multi-Class Combinations - Inter-Class Combinations (5*8 + 6*2 + 7) + C(5*8 + 6*2 + 7, 2) - ( C(5,2)*8 + C(6,2)*2 + C(7,2) ) 59 + C(59, 2) - C(5,2)*8 - C(6,2)*2 - C(7,2) 59 + 1711 - 10*8 - 15*2 - 21 1 639
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