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  1. No, there sadly is no such effect. Edit: after some more thinking, I'm not going to try to make something out of this. It would be insanely convoluted or most likely impossible to implement for abilities that generate continuous attacks, such as beams or pulsing AoEs. I love the concept of anti-confusion, but @Elric Galad's current solution is already superb and not to mention infinitely cleaner implemented, so I feel like this is something I'd only do for the technical challenge.
  2. Made a new (hidden) Keyword, added it to one of the Brilliant effects. Made a duplicate of the Fireball_Aoe attack named Fireball_Aoe_Brilliant, made it hostile-only and added it as an extra attack to the original Fireball_Aoe. Added a conditional to Fireball_Aoe so that it will ignore all targets if the caster has an effect with the new Brilliant Keyword. Added a conditional to Fireball_Aoe_Brilliant so that it will only fire if the caster has an effect with the new Brilliant Keyword. Basically makes the original attack ignore everything and puts a hostile-only duplicate on top if it whe
  3. Ok wtf, the Streetwise 20 check is in the scripted interaction with the traveling Dawnstars near Port Maje. Apparently there's variant of the encounter baked into the same convo file, where you find an abandoned wagon and some bandits instead... has anyone ever gotten this encounter?
  4. Alchemy 17 LAX03_02_si_fungus_table Through a cautious application of alchemical procedures, you purge the toxins from the beaker, replacing it with a potent admixture of growth enhancers. Arcana 20 LAX03_03_cv_enchanted_armor [Break the enchantment.] Athletics 22 LAX03_02_si_false_wall You throw the whole of your weight and strength against the wall and it collapses under you in a rush of dust and rubble. Bluff 20 28_cv_Kinnuq
  5. Hmm... Health: "Current target health percentage from 0.0-1.0" So I think it's working as intended, 20-120 base damage.
  6. No, that is incorrect. This is what happens when an Attack's Status Effect(s) are applied to a target: The game will iterate through each of the Keywords opposed to the Attack's Keywords (including the Keywords of its Status Effects) and each of the target's active Status Effects. If a Status Effect has any of the opposed Keywords, and that Status Effect's StatusEffectComponent.IsHostile value is not equal to the hostility of the Attack, then the Status Effect will be cleared from the target. The Attack Filter is irrelevant to the behavior of the Keyword Counter mechanic. Y
  7. Apologies, I should have specified that I was talking about a hypothetical Frost-keyworded Spirit Tornado. This was in response to your and @Boeroer's posts: It would not be countered by any Fire-keyworded effect, only hostile ones.
  8. Oh, and nice to see you back @Phenomenum , and the Community Patch getting updates! Since some of @Elric Galad's stuff was upstreamed, how about integrating Shield Bash Quality Fix into the Community Patch?
  9. If we're talking keyword interactions I think it's worth reiterating that keywords only counter effects of opposite hostility: So self-casting Flame Shield would not cancel your own Spirit Tornado - only hostile effects can do that (and abilities using the literal Immunity effect, like Wave Walker). To me it makes sense to add keywords to friendly status effects as long as it fits. In the case of Spirit Tornado, I think the Frenzy effect should not be tagged with Frost, only the attack. But buffs like Zandethus' Draconic Fury should absolutely have the Fire keyword, for example.
  10. Wow, that was not a comprehensive post in hindsight. I may be wrong but this link seems to be pre-DLCs?
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