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  1. Maybe if you retrain him, but probably not since it was added at lv1. But there are no downside to changing the proficiencies for future playthroughs of course If you want to change it just for this playthrough, try this: rekke_pollaxe.zip It will fire a single scripthook which removes the unwanted proficiencies from Rekke and adds Pollaxe instead.
  2. I have been somewhat absentminded and forgot to actually post it here, but I finalized the Potion of Enlightenment mod! https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/501 A thousand thanks to everyone involved!
  3. Looking at the convo file, It seems that you... Must be allied with or have 3 or more Reputation with VTC. Must have 16 Diplomacy (w/ party support). Have restored the adra vein on either Hasongo or Poko Kohara. Ukaizo must not be unlocked ('b_Ukaizo_Unlocked' - I think this is set to true when a faction quest is completed, but I'm not sure). Try opening the Console and enter PrintGlobal b_Ukaizo_Unlocked If it prints 1, that might be the cause.
  4. Nexusmods user SirDun recently noticed that one of my mods caused the game to stutter: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/481?tab=posts In the latest update, I had added a game.globalvariablesbundle file with a single new variable to the mod. Apparently, this is what caused the game to periodically stutter. It's very noticable and happens every 13 seconds at 60fps, with even shorter intervals on higher framerates. It is luckily very unusual that mods actually implement new variables, but I remember it having been discussed here before. Nevertheless, I want to warn
  5. I apologize to everyone for my inactivity, this week was more eventful than I expected... Fantastic, thanks! You wouldn't happen to have the translation of "Potion of Enlightenment" as well? I absolutely love the idea of restoring Empower Points, but to do it through a duration-based effect might be the wrong way to do it? Maybe if each character could empower more than once per encounter (and the game was balanced around that fact), but otherwise the effect would only be useful up to a certain amount of ticks for each encounter, which I think should be avoided for an Inspirati
  6. Thanks for the translations @Boeroer@Elric Galad@lewis_cb! I managed to locate vithrack luminaries in PoE1's stringtable entries, here are the official translations de Vithrack-Koryphäe es Luminar de Vithrack fr Sommité Vithrack I'm sorry to keep bothering you, but could you confirm that I've inserted them grammatically correct? de Dieser geheimnisvolle Trank wird aus gelösten Vithrack-Koryphäe-Hirnen destilliert und mit der Essenz eines unerbittlichen Adra-Animats aufgeladen. Sie erlaubt schier
  7. There's a list of all effect types here in case anyone is interested (warning - it's dense): https://eternity.obsidian.net/game-data-formats/enumerations#statuseffecttype It's hard to find a fitting effect that doesn't conflict with other Attributes/Inspirations... What I would put up for consideration: Suspend Hostile Effects. +X to all Skills.
  8. On another note, I've finished up everything with the Potion of Enlightenment! It'll spawn in the following shops, one potion per inventory refill: Vendor Location Bauble The Deck of Many Things Dimesa The Treasure Trove Fetid Spray The Forgotten Sanctum Fassina / Shop Imp The Dark Cupboard Neale The Crucible The last touch is the translations for the item description, @Boeroer@Elric Galad@lewis_cb I'll publish the mod as create
  9. I have to say I feel this too. Arbitrary duration cap breaks established design rules, and misses the crux of the issue - that the effect itself is too strong. Alternating between PL levels is a really cool, but we should ask whether letting Brilliant restore high tier spells is necessary to begin with. I think the Balancing Patch's current solution of restoring spells only up to a certain a PL is the most efficient and seamless we have so far. If not that, I think we should look back to what Boeroer started the thread with, and think up an altogether different effect for Brilliant.
  10. It's only possible to override Item and Ability icons, not UI textures sadly. Which font color would suit you the best? Do you want to replace player dialogue options as well, or just the white text spoken by other characters? I had some success editing the Assembly-CSharp.dll to use specific hardcode font colors, for now just play responses as a proof of concept, but I think it would be possible to apply this to all conversation text if you are ok with this solution: If not, I would try to batch search/replace in the conversation stringtables like you mentioned.
  11. I have a couple ideas on the top of my head: Add Resources when the effect ends (static duration of 30s), and also make the effect apply another copy of itself on the target when it ends. Take inspiration from Grave Calling, and only trigger the effect after a certain amount of stacks have been accumulated (in this case 1, ignoring the initial tick). Just a hunch, but maybe StatusEffectTrigger with OnInterval doesn't cause an initial tick? My gut feeling tells me that it won't be that outrageous to implement
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