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  1. Sorry for necro. I'm going to bump this because it's got useful info and I wanted to put this with it: Here are the Topics and ID numbers: - Animal Cruelty - 2a640694-a441-456c-94f6-043d101e35da - Anti-Eothas - 6eb833fc-5384-4081-a4b4-4dd14b583f3c - Anti-Eothasians - 2f84723b-2330-4248-a199-cde68fe4a005 - Anti-Gods - 51f0db73-b83e-4906-a47d-b5fb2f25f27d - Anti-Huana - 17d45c71-050f-463c-8719-2b0521e3cf66 - Anti-Leaden Key - 54839ad8-07dd-454a-9627-69e663201577 - Anti-Principi
  2. Perfect, this completely clears this up for me. I'll see what I can do about tweaking my mod to adjust the existing loot lists, because just overwriting the original one is bad for compatibility. Thank you very much BMac Ah... seems I can't substitute the LootList for the container in the first post. That's a shame. I'll have to be the overwriting method, after all.
  3. I was thinking it might be fun to add the companion/sidekick personalities to the player-made character options. Would I be right in thinking that personalities are just handled by a single guid? "$type": "Game.GameData.PersonalityGameData, Assembly-CSharp", in the characters.GameDataBundle? I can't find these in the other GameData files. would I be correct in assuming it would take a change to the assembly C dll ?
  4. Thank you very much for this. I've been putting items in existing lootlists by just putting one item under the existing header - is that possible, or does it overwrite the existing lootlist with mine? I'm rather confused how this "put what you want to change in the mod" thing works because ... how can you remove things from an existing list? So my guess is that I overwrite the whole of whatever currently exists with whatever I put in brackets? But that can't be true either ... my mind is tying itself in knots.
  5. I watched the "Road to Eternity" documentary... ...You're welcome. I had a go at yours, @cherryflavoredfunk
  6. Hello there! It's two years in the future here, how's thing way back when? Thanks for this info. I wanted to ask some advice - I'm trying to add something to the starting cupboard. I've identified it as : 546e5d97-c234-46dc-9439-b23aafc02198 ... and the thing I want to add is my custom item, so that guid goes into a custom LL (LootList) with just one item in it. I only want the item to appear in the cupboard once, so I did this; "RunOnlyOnce": "true", "SucceedOnlyOnce": "true", and I p
  7. Thank you very much for this. I've no idea what that Sprite Packer does that's special, but it fixed my problem WoohoO!
  8. Thanks doubly. This is the result of your encouraging words! As you can see, it's nearly there. I just need to figure out how to solve this weird quirk. Look at that - "No uses left", so I changed the number of uses to 10, then it says hey there's 10 uses but there's still no uses left. Haha! I'm guessing that the SCROLL has 10 uses, but the Ability(?) has none? It turns out, you need to also make a custom ability (I don't get why, but I'll go with it). Here is my test character hitting three of the Pirates at the start of the game with Citzal's spirit lance conjured fro
  9. Meh, I wanted to try to make a Citzal Spirit Lance scroll/item, but it seems to be beating me. There are so many interconnecting pieces >< which do I need and which don't I need? I've tried copying a scroll of Firebrand but ... Item -> Ability -> Attack -> What's all that keyword stuff in the Attack section? I did a text compare between the Melee Attack for Firebrand and the Melee Attack for Firebrand Scroll version. The differences were; a thing that only appears in scrolls, so I guess that's a scroll signifier keyword, and, a thing that points to
  10. I'd love this, but to what tutorial are you referring, please? [edit] nm, I found this: https://zilbest.com/tutorials/deadfire-modding-tutorial/ I'm just using VS code as a text editor at the moment and Notepad++ does a better job of that because I know how to change the language. [edit] your post has a LOT of great info packed into it. Thanks for taking the time.
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