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  1. I had this too. VS Code has the ability to use third party "extensions" - formatters are a type of extension used to make the "code" look legible to humans. Third party! So you have to download them separately. Here's how: Launch VS Code. On the left there should be 4 icons. Hover over each in turn - Explorer, Search, Run-and-Debug, Extensions. Click Extensions. Now you see a list of installed/recommended ones. Ignore all that and type the name of JSON in the "Search Extensions in the Marketplace "box. You can see a bunch of different extensions for JSON - you want a Formatter. The one I use is called "JSON Formatter" by Clemens Peters. Extra info: FROM right-to-left In the bottom right corner of the VSCode window (the purple bar) is a Notifications Bell, a Tweet Feedback icon and then the format of the current document (select language mode). If you've done it right it should say JSON. IIRC You can also change it to JSON by clicking there.
  2. It's not simply a case of saying "Eder, Fighter -> Unbroken" in the files. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems ... In the ProgressionTables.GameDataBundle file, the characters have their individual abilities listed for each level, totally separate from the player classes. Which means you'd have to copy the Unbroken stuff for each level and use that instead of whatever they usually have. Oh... it might be a case of replacing one or two things with ... "AddAbilityID": "e97271cd-23b1-4078-8640-6544e1e6451d", and/or "AddAbilityID": "b238c8a4-7ddc-4142-a244-85139a764754",
  3. Every mod should go in it's own subfolder AFAIK. This is the sort of super-basic stuff that everybody takes for granted, but when you're new you simply don't know.
  4. I thought I'd post a topic for discussion about traps. Firstly, Does it count as a summon, is that why I can only lay one at a time? Would a NotSummon property allow you to lay more than one?
  5. I can't find anything that would let you do this. The nearest thing is: QueryPlayerForFeatureName ... but that's for islands.
  6. ChangeStrength is this part of the above post, sorry it's not so obvious: Xoti is Pro-Deceit with a Negative value on it. It's weird - but that's how you do a negative reaction to something. Being Pro-Deceit negative means she reacts negatively when someone says something deceitful. If she was anti-deceit she would approve when someone said something anti-deceit - like "I don't think we should lie" or whatever.
  7. I've uploaded it, but I'm struggling to share the credit with Noqn nexusmods, for some reason. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/546
  8. That looks like it's a copyright problem inn the making. How about this one...? An age-of-sail, piraty-style parody. The text needs another rewrite.
  9. Thanks a lot for that! I'm still struggling with the blasted thing, though. Did you make working version? This is a bit off-topic but the script hook you use there is really curious because when I check for the PC in a scene I use this GUID: "546e5d97-c2fe-42dd-a22e-e8cbd7888131" but yours is only partly the same; "546e5d97-c234-46dc-9439-b23aafc02198" I wonder why that is?
  10. I can't get it to work. I can't even get the item to appear. I have failed Here is what I tried: I guess 5249 is the button text - I had planned to change it later, if required. I've tried Quest or Misc filtertypes. I've tried adding it to an NPC inventory and the player using the tried-and-tested method that I used for lots of other items, but to no avail.
  11. The Item: "Trap_Item_BurningGround" (without underscore between words) links to this ability: "9532c2e3-ef26-493a-83de-0bd6866ee173" which is: "Trap_Item_BurningGround_Ability" and links to: "809b7234-8f81-4542-9d79-550572a2e7b4" which is : "Trap_Item_BurningGround_Ability_Attack" ... which indeed, has no duration. meanwhile the "Burning_Ground_Trap" ability links to this attack: "3999697c-0a58-4791-8291-6393c8ca7a7d", which is "Burning_Ground_Trap_AttackPulseAoE", ...which has this component: "$type": "Game.GameData.AttackPulsedAOEComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "Duration": 9, "PulseIntervalRate": 3, etc. I can't find any item that links to the latter, though, so ... maybe the former one is a later model?
  12. This may be grasping at straws... The companion dialogue buttons (speech bubble icon) seem to be dynamic - I've seen them appear after dialogue in a scene - would it be possible to open one on the player's portrait, perhaps?
  13. You're right that "a character/actor" can only have one summon, but please see the image above, where I prove that a summon can have it's own summon. Watching the behaviour of the clones created with the wand (they pop when they attack a second time because they can only have one spawn), you get a rippling pattern like the Conway's Game of Life. So after two(?) generations you get independence from the original creator. Those don't pop when the generation before the generation before them dies. Aloth is dead in the image, the clones don't just poof away. If you were to spawn a creature (A) that spawns [whatever you want], you can spawn [your other thing] independently. The other spawn [whatever you want] isn't "your" spawn. I didn't know that, can you point me to more info on this, please?
  14. ... unless you summon the first thing and then make that one summon the second thing ...? ... or make a variant of it that summons both in the same Attack? Is that possible?
  15. Confirmed. These are all summoned from a wand that summons 2 duplicates of the caster (it's aloth and .. oh look, he died a while ago).
  16. I like the idea of Empower, but even though the icon is a huge swirling and flashing circle, I forget it's there. I was thinking maybe of different spells - so at lower levels you get spells that ALTER other spells - so they'd still be relevant later in the game. For example one might put a statuseffect on the caster and the description could be something like "After casting this, the next spell is instant". Then you'd have several versions of every spell and one would be an instant cast which is used when this statuseffect is on the player... oh gaun, you'd have to make zillions of versions of every spell. Forget I suggested it. Unless a modifier could be applied instead somehow? What do you think should happen to keep low level content relevant, if anything?
  17. As you might guess from the title, I have been trying to make a mod that lets me open the party selection window because I have the game on a mechanical drive and the load times are ... long. Having to switch several zones to swap in a "Suggested party member" is a somewhat lengthy process that I'd like to enbriefenate. To that end, I've tried the following, but with no success. I made an item, put an itemmod on the item, put a statuseffect on the itemmod, put the item in my character's inventory, made a new hook that checks if the player is in the scene (as above) and if any party member ("b1a7ea1e-0000-0000-0000-000000000000") has the status effect from the item above, with the script to Open Inn (I couldn't find one to open the party selection window) with this guid: "19b74d83-b66b-4cd2-aad2-5f43a2a5b3fa". Does anybody know what I might be doing wrong or a better way to do it, please?
  18. Items.GameDataBundle ... has LootLists in it. Objects such as chests or cupboards or characters all have certain LootLists allocated to them in the same file. You can cross-check the references. Search for this in the file: "LL_ <-include the inverted commas! That will show you a Loot List (they start with LL_). Some objects have specific drops, some are random, but from specific LootLists. Some have LootLists within LootLists. (This is why my Bountiful Booty mod goes way over the top sometimes!)
  19. Random loot is very much a thing. Look in Items for things beginning with LL (Loot List) and most of them have, "OneRandom" as their .. eh picking er... value. Different objects (and characters) have different loot lists assigned to them, some random, some not so random. For not random the lootlist will say "All" instead.
  20. I think you need a Unity development kit to get at that stuff. I think some people may have provided some icon sheets from PoE1 on Nexusmods. Krystina Haggerty seems to have done at least some of the icons - it looks like their handle is Tigrin. You can find some examples on their deviantart page or personal website: http://tigrin.net/illustration Many thanks to Boeroer (below) for their work on the Community patch icons, which are a neat alternative for you: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/335
  21. Does anybody else have this bug where you've got your character model in the middle box on the inventory screen, and you switch some gear on them and they change height, and in some cases all their gear and skin take on a "white" appearance - as if something has reset?
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