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  1. Hi, to make low level spells relevant later on, i wouldnt go for to fancy solutions. What about level depending softskills like shorter casting time, more precision (dmg, pen, powerlvl), or more usages? Or maybe casting two spells at the same time.
  2. The main problem with the looting list thing i see now is, that if I add multiple versions of a grimoire, it is possible that more than one grimoire is dropping. So I need a condition, which desides for a grimoire and exclude all others after. I thougt about a bunch of lootlists, which are choosen idealy random, but if there is no such a condition, by a semi-random conditions, like time, weather and what ever. Ah, i read always on random, but this states ONE random, thats exactly what i need then.
  3. Aha, nice! I thought there would be somewhere else and well hidden. Thank you!
  4. Well, thats something! Do you know by any chance, how to edit drop of chests and people? Or if a items property which is filled with an ID (like the grimoires spells), only accepts an ID? Or might it be possible to add some "If then else here"? That i learned the hard way, i was so confused xD But now it works reliable.
  5. Hehe, that video is the reason i started to try modding this game. But there are lots of things I have no idea where to look at. Like inventorys for units or chests.
  6. I had almonst the same idea. Lots of grimoires added to a random loot list (if indeed there is such a thing). But i have no idea where to look at for random loot lists, or altering the inventory of enemys.
  7. 3.) Empty Entries in the spellbook are not working for me. Maybe there is a switch or global ruleset or something in datas like global.gamebundle (ideas?) After copy the modfolder and paste it again, it worked somehow. Maybe iam going crazy slowly, how knows? 4.) So that ist now the interesting question. I would love to add random spells in a grimoire. Is this possible? Is there a random function ingame, which i could use to learn from?
  8. 2.) It is possible to switch spells. I had some trouble editing Aloth grimoire, while it was equipped. Cheatet grimoires have the edited values. Interestingly Namechanges via ID work always. 3.) Empty Entries in the spellbook are not working for me. Maybe there is a switch or global ruleset or something in datas like global.gamebundle (ideas?)
  9. Hi guys, there a some questions, maybe you can help me with them: 1.) How to read output_log? Can I extract usefull informations from it? I found an entry which states "ERROR: Failed to load game data bundle C:/Spiele/Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire/PillarsOfEternityII_Data/override/Spellbooks\manifest.json.gamedatabundle." (Spellbooks is the mods name) I would assume this mod does not work at all with a failing load. But the mod works partly - i changed an items name and its fine, but at the same time, i swapped spells in Aloth grimoire, but that change has no effect at all. Leads me to the second question: 2.) Why am i unable to switch grimoire spells? Switching the ID of same-level spells should work in my opinion. Is there something i miss? 3.) Assuming question 2.) is solveable, is it possible to add empty entrys into a grimoire, or does the game use in cases like this the unmodded gamebundle as default? 4.) Is it possible to tie (spell)IDs on conditions? E.g a grimoire with random choosen spells? 5.) Is it possible to create a dummy spell, which has no icon, no description and is not useable at all (more like invisible) 6.) In the file item.gamebundle any item has an ID. My question is, are the IDs defined in this file or are they refering to another document? I ask because i changed an items name via "DisplayName" -> the number refers to the file "items" located in: localized/en/text/game/ folder. But if i deside to swap now the ID of said Item, its name got changed ingame too. That makes me think, that the ID hold additional and connected informations, which need to be defined somewhere. If so, where can i find this file?
  10. Found it. Probably. In my first attempts i made parallel folderstructure including the exported folder
  11. Hi, i try to learn modding with some simple stuff first. So i made a mod where i changed the name ID of aloths grimoire, i also swapped some spells. So nothing to serious i think. The name and spell ID comes from the grimoires above and below. I copied the item gamebundle and put it into the following folder: Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire\PillarsOfEternityII_Data\override\Spellbooks\design\gamedata the name of the gamebundle is - like the original - items. I can activate the mod, but ingame, aloth grimoire is not affected of the changes. What might be the reason? A wrong path, an invalid ID?
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