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  1. Only way I have gotten my audio mods to work is by placing the files inside of a folder in StreamingAssets\Audio\Windows\Voices\English(US). Placing audio inside a mod's override folder doesn't work from what I can tell. I am really interested to see it might be possible to add new audio and dialogue!
  2. If anyone is interested in the process I'm using, it's pretty largly based on Phenomenum's photoshop guide, but using a combination of Photopea and PaintNet (only really using this for the ink filter) instead of photoshop. The workflow is a little more fiddly than I'd like, as it requires: removing the background using the site linked in the guide, then doing the Exposure and Photo Filter steps in Photopea, exported it without the paper texture, applying an ink filter in PaintNet (which annoyingly puts a black background), then taking it back to Photopea for final edits & clean up an
  3. These are pretty rough on account of a current lack of PC that can run photoshop. Anyway merry (late) christmas, and best of luck for the new year!
  4. Process of elimination really. Looking for a folder that might correspond to the location for the encounter or the place the character is frequently found. Skimming through the names of the files in those folders looking for anything that might match the name of the character (or even the name of another character in the same conversation), location where the conversation takes place, or a vague description of the encounter/character. Then opening up any file that seems like it might be right in Notepad++, and searching for a piece of text I know should be there. I'd probably have looked
  5. @AndreaColombo I believe 17_cv_principi_boss_portmaje_shallows.stringtable contains everything to do with that conversation, and 09_si_principi_boss_encounter.stringtable everything to do with the scripted interaction that proceeds it.
  6. The King's dialogue is stored in lax02_01_cv_huana_wandering_soul.stringtable which in the in lax2_exported. Steel Garrote class description should be in the cyclopedia.stringtable and abilities.stringtable files inside of the laxg_exported.
  7. You might have caught this already but just in case: The output_log.txt mentions this error with cl.druid.tornado.gamedatabundle: "GameDataBundleLoadException: Failed to load game data bundle '': The first property on a component must be '$type' (object: 'Lord_Darryns_Voulge_Tornado_AoE') (ln 59 col 34)".
  8. Looking around the usual suspects (global.gamedatabundle, laxh/laxi folder) I couldn't find any mention of that type of thing it. It might just be that since turn-based was one of the last things to be implemented in the game, it hasn't been exported for editing? I haven't got any experience of turn based, but are there any things already in place which grant extra actions? If so maybe it might be possible to reverse engineer to work?
  9. Gave it a shot And some edited Shadowrun Returns portraits:
  10. I think I have figured it out, both files appear to be missing the closing square bracket "]" and curly brace "}" at the end.
  11. Currently testing changing some lines in a conversationbundle that belong to the narrator so that (Story Spoiler) it will use audio files from a custom voice folder instead of the narrator. Thus far I have managed to make it so that the first line of speech is silent by changing the "SpeakerGuid": to just be a bunch of zeros, which makes me think this will be possible by replace it with the speaker GUID from the custom voice. The problem I'm going to have to tackle is figuring out how to make this easily toggleable for the player. The ideal situation would be that selecting the voi
  12. The description for the mod says "Does not prevent achievements". Though I don't have gog achievements enabled, from a very quick test making 5 potions the in game achievements that give points towards Berath's Blessing can be unlocked this mod enabled. As far as I'm aware the only thing that will actually disables unlocking achievements is the "iroll20s" console command.
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