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  1. The description for the mod says "Does not prevent achievements". Though I don't have gog achievements enabled, from a very quick test making 5 potions the in game achievements that give points towards Berath's Blessing can be unlocked this mod enabled. As far as I'm aware the only thing that will actually disables unlocking achievements is the "iroll20s" console command.
  2. I don't know the way to achieve it using .ddl modding, but there does exist a .gamedatabundle mod that unlocks pets slot if that's all your looking to do.
  3. If you don't mind the conversation audio being disabled for her character, you can change Ydwin's voice by altering the "ChatterFile" and "ChatterPrefix" lines from the entry in speakers.gamedatabundle to those from the Noble Female. { "GameDataObjects": [ { "$type": "Game.GameData.SpeakerGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "SPK_Companion_Ydwin", "ID": "6bca91c7-7933-49e5-b27a-29d52d3304c2", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.SpeakerComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "ChatterFile": "1af15f4a-4a1e-435a-a597-9104adb8246e", "ChatterPrefix": "player_noble_f", } ] } ] }
  4. Hey if you are using the GoG Galaxy launcher right click the game, go to "settings", look if Seeker, Slayer, Survivor is in the list of DLCs with a check box next to it. If so you should be able just click the box to install it. As for whether you are supposed to have the expansions, check your email for the message from GoG from when you redeemed your code maybe? It should tell you in the email what edition of Deadfire the code granted you.
  5. This should be straight forward enough, though be aware this won't affect any versions of the item that might already be in your inventory/stash. Start by creating a new mod file in notepad (or your choice of code editor). Open items.gamedatabundle (if you haven't already you should format this to JSON for readability) find the item you'd like the effect applied to (The Dancer Outfit is called "Cloth_Outfit_Brothel" in this file). Copy all of the code for it and then paste it into your mod file. Then find the item with the effect you want to apply (Cape of the Falling Star can be found in laxd_items.gamedatabundle). Copy the "ItemModsIDs": line, and paste it over the similar line in your mod file. Then the usual: save your mod file as a .gamedatabundle , place it into a new folder inside the "override" folder. Start the game, find a vendor (Rebero sell the Dancer Outfit) or a place you can loot the item. The item should now grant the effects you've applied to it.
  6. Here is what I could find: Rymrgand: If you compare the start of the code for "WorldTime" to what you have copied from global.gamedatabundle , you'll notice that part of the code is missing. There are a 3 cases where 2 items share the same ID: "Recipe_food_cured_ysae" & "Recipe_food_cured_cuttlefish" = "9afb7427-e781-4376-9ca8-7d2907ed0d2a" "Recipe_food_salted_roe" & "Recipe_food_salted_poultry" = "c04d204a-78a7-4dca-a383-e9bef9bd3ee6" "Recipe_food_salted_snapper" & "Recipe_food_salted_silverfin" = "eeb412e9-443b-4ca1-ba85-3cfc1bb92e6b" Woedica: You are missing some of the mandatory code at the beginning and end of the file: { "GameDataObjects":[ ] } Item.stringtable: I am not sure if this is in your original file or something that happened when you uploaded it to the forum? But there are lot of unnecessary spaces in the code. Itemmods.stringtable: There was a "<" missing from the start, an "<Entry>" before "<Entries>", and some unnecessary spaces in bits of code. Stringtables are quite fiddly to edit as anything wrong just breaks stuff throughout the game, hence the spinning gear on load and continue. While the output_log.txt will mention the line it thinks is wrong ("Line 1, position 3" in this case), it only seems to do this with the first line it can find fault with. So you might find yourself opening and closing the game a lot hunting for the real problem. My only advice is just be very cautious while writing them. Hope this helps.
  7. Glad you've figured it out! If the file is getting too long you can create categories by grouping the code for similar effects into their own separate gamedatabundle files. You can also add comments by adding this line in the Components section of each effect: "Note": "", Write your text inside of the empty quotes. From what I can tell letters, numbers & punctuation are fine, just don't put extra quotation marks. Otherwise if something in the mod is not working as it should a good place to start is to check the "output_log.txt" file in the PillarsOfEternityII_Data folder. It's not the easiest thing to parse, but searching for any mention of a gamedatabundle's name will tell you if there was an error associated with it when you last loaded the game. Happy modding.
  8. Hey I started work on this, but quickly realised it was going to be a lot more daunting a task than I had anticipated. It's not a complicated mod to write for someone with a lot of knowledge of the game's different skills (Which is something I don't really have) to make, as all the coding that is really required is changing the same line ("HideFromCombatTooltip":) from "false" to "true" for every status effect that needs to be hidden. To that end, here's a template of the code needed to hide an effect from appearing in the tooltip: { "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectGameData, Assembly-CSharp", "DebugName": "Template", "ID": "EFFECT_ID", "Components": [{ "$type": "Game.GameData.StatusEffectComponent, Assembly-CSharp", "HideFromCombatTooltip": "true", } ] } You'll need to find the ID & DebugName for each effect that you want hidden. This can be found by searching part of the name of the boon/effect (ctrl+f, or ⌘+f for a Mac) in statuseffects.gamedatabundle (dlc effects will likely be located in a .gamedatabundle file with a name like lax*_statuseffects), or in Spiritual Successor's status effects section if you want to avoid the step of setting the file to JSON formatting. This will take you to the DebugName & the ID will be right below it, or if you use Spiritual Successor it'll in the right hand tab once you have clicked the name. Hopefully that makes sense but just in case here is an example of how this would be used to create a mod that hides the Paladin's Zealous Charge: Hope this is in someway helpful.
  9. https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/366 This mod offers a choice of the 8 voice sets from the first game that can be used alongside those already in Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire! The installation is quite simple*, the zips are set up to extract all the necessary files to the correct directories. And won't require overwriting any of the default audio files to work. While there are some lines unique to Deadfire - such as acknowledging loot picking up & equipping rare loot, and rare selections lines for every voice set - ideally these should all sound quite close to how they did in the original game. I had actually intended to release this alongside the custom voice guide I wrote several months ago. Something that would act as a simple proof of concept. However each voice seemed to have their own weird quirks that ended up adding up to more work than I had time for. To a small degree I still think of this as a bit of a work in progress, but overall it seems like it is in a stable enough state to be released. There is one thing I'd really like input on; In PoE 1 were there lines that played when a rogue or fighter used an ability? A lot of actions share lines, and despite playing a rogue for over 100+ hours, I can't remember if the character says anything when using a non-standard attack action. Otherwise the only issue I'm immediately aware of (and not able to fix) is during character creation, if there are 16 (By default there are 14 male voices and 13 female voices) or more items in the voice list it expands outside of the UI. Which really makes pressing the next button without selecting one of the Vox Machina voices a bit of a challenge. As can be seen in the above video this is only in character/adventurer creation, so existing characters aren't affected by this issue. Thank you for reading! * - Currently this mod is setup with Windows in mind. I am not at all familiar with MacOS or Linux so I have no idea if it will work for those versions of the game. If someone has an answer for that either way please let me know!
  10. This might be information you're already aware of, but here is what I can find: It looks like how much a crew member consumes is handled by the entries under each member's "ShipCrewMemberData" in ships.gamedatabundle (laxc_ships.gamedatabundle for dlc crew). I don't know where to find the piece of code that is tallying these amounts and then subtracting them when the crew is aboard. Possibly might be under a very obscure name in one of the gamedatabundles. There are some entries to do with ship morale under "GlobalShipSettings" in global.gamedatabundle , and if you look under "ItemRepairSettings" there is an entry concerning damage done to weapons (The GUIDs in the brackets point to "Weapon_Damage" entries in items.gamedatabundle).
  11. Right using these should allow for simple changing of the poses of Rekke, Ydwin and Konstanten. This avoids the issue of removing pose options from the player, simply by creating an extra copy that the player character and adventurers use. Though if the player character or adventurer is currently using the Average (The Default Pose), Energetic, or Erudite poses you'll have to reselect it though the ingame customisation menu for the correct idle animation to play. Konstanten: KonstantenWorkAround.gamedatabundle Ywdwin: YdwinWorkAround.gamedatabundle Rekke: RekkeWorkAround.gamedatabundle Rekke's has a lot more code as there are several characters who use the Average pose. All I've done is change the "PersonalityID" of these characters, which should work since none of them are (from what I can tell) stored on the savefile.
  12. If you haven't recruited them yet: If you have already recruited them: Konstanten (Energetic), Ydwin (Erudite), and Rekke (Average) are all a little fiddly to change if they are already in your party. By default they use player personalities instead of personalities dedicated to them. Currently trying to figure out a workaround that keeps the personalities intact for the player character to use. Hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions.
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