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  1. its fine i thought that actully on the subject of the Crimson Helm i was wondering what would the description of the item be once its enchanted? I was thinking something along the lines of "wearing this helm fills your sight with a bloodied haze of rage as if you are no longer that of kith anymore but more akin to that of a Blood Red Fiend" just something I thought up
  2. I was saying that because Boeroer stated in his post on updates something about deltro cage helm enhantment and i was wondering what he ment by that as i thought it was the crimson helm that had the problem with the enchantment.
  3. But then if you look at my charecter with the build i plan on going (which i got through console commands for this demenstation) you can see that the crimson helm does not or do you mean that the plan is to change the enchnchment on the deltro cage slitly?
  4. in just wondering because heres the Deltros Cage Helm in the game right now with my current charecter build.
  5. Deltro cage helm? doesnt that already have an enchantment? dont you mean the Crimson helm?
  6. continuing on this point from my last post I forgot to also ask what changes the next update to the patch would contain for the game?
  7. may i ask how many update for the comunity patch are planned for the not so distant future how many bugs and items are you guys planning on fixing how many still do need fixing?
  8. All the changes this mod add are very intresting one thing im wondering is with the evenutial update to the crimson helm with the enchantment I take it the helm will also have a unique description to make the helm feel more unique also the only other thing I can think of is a helm for the One Dozen Stood armour to make that set feel more complete what do you guys think?
  9. aw nice thanks i think it would be a great addision im thinking an enchantment like when frenzyied you gain a 10% damage bonus just to complement the armours effect better and maybe a boost to one or two stats like a +1 to Might or Contitution or even both what ever seems more balenced.
  10. okay so when is the helm enchantment planned to be realeasd just wondering
  11. how long untill the release of the community patch if you dont mind me asking?
  12. Hi guys i just asked on the other forum about an enchantment for the crimson helm and someone said there is no mod for it and that i should come here to ask about such a mod and how to add it
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