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  1. Ive defeated all SSS for Survivor as Helwalker with Stealth+Dichotomous Soul + Enduring dance with dmg on unconcious items. It was without Vela however, but maybe it is worth testing?
  2. So I lost all the no rest buffs for some reason on all my saves.. Did anyone figured out how to console them back? Find commands for buffs like 'find hylea' dos not work. Or I just Unity Console all the raw stats I should get from buffs and screw that altogether..
  3. You can get Scordeo and still side with another faction, that quest will not lock you into Principi. As for RDC, you will have to swap party members for certain quest if you want to keep them all
  4. Were you able to defeat megabosses with Devoted/Streetfighter? I wanted to do a playthrough with it myself but im afraid its too squishy/lack resorce reneval to fight them. For TB, you may check paladin or ranger/troubadour - there is one guy in The Ultimate thread that switches for TB for some foght - maybe there are some tips.
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