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Found 6 results

  1. I started POE II a few days ago and I am overall enjoying it a lot, since it feels like a step up from Pillars I in nearly every way. I decided to start with turn based mode because I prefer that gameplay style to RTWP general. I don't understand wizards in turn based mode though. Maybe I'm playing them wrong but the spell cast time in turn based is a very bizarre choice. I have only one spell which casts instantly. Everything else takes an entire 'round'(I'm not sure what it's called) to cast. It more or less takes 2 entire rounds to cast nearly any of the spells I have. What is so useful about spells that it justifies having such a long time to cast? Is the utility/damage output of one fireball or poison cloud so much that a wizard basically has half the speed of everyone else. If I have a fighter and I use the knock down ability. It just works and now the opponent loses a turn, which in turn-based tends to be very useful. Contrast that with a wizard casting say, jolting touch or crackling bolt since jolting touch is close range only, I have to wait a round where the wizard can be attacked, knocked down or interrupted the later of which resets the entire thing. What is there about wizards or even to a lesser extent Ciphers and Priests that make their higher spells worth doing nothing for at least one round, and possibly nothing for two rounds
  2. Is there currently a way to enable AI for summons in turn based mode? Thanks in advance. Dawson
  3. Hey, not really sure of the standard structure of forum posts on here. However, I saw a potentially game breaking bug. I watching a streamer play PoE 2 on turn-based mode. About half-way through the Port Maje content when he went to Gorecci street, combat initiated and enemies along with his player characters were unable to target and attack each other, instead the AI would simply just keep walking into his characters. No spells or any actions could be taken. Upon reloading the streamer encountered the same issue several times and even when attempting encounters in other areas the same issue occurred. Any time combat triggered this seemed to happen. I have not encountered this bug myself in either game mode, but it broke him being able to progress at all, as every combat encounter would be stuck. Any suggestions or idea why this is occurring? https://clips.twitch.tv/AmazonianWiseMochaDoggo I got a clip of it happening, should work but if the link doesn't I can try again.
  4. Description: Prior to today game would occasionally CTD when transitioning between areas. Previously, I would be able to anticipate when this was going to happen as there would be micro-freezes during conversation and combat. Exiting and reloading the last save seemed to handle this issue. After the random encounter in the Narrows where you fight with some undead and get the griffin blade and attempt to leave the area I get a CTD if attempting to leave the city. Traveling to another location in the city loads but attempts to leave the city are now met with more CTD and I am currently unable to progress in the game. Save games from before and after crashing have been emailed. Steps to Reproduce the Issue: I repeated the steps above (leave city from Narrows and leave city from other locations) a half dozen times to ensure that the error was reproducible. crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt Skoljorn DxDiag 9-3-2019.txt
  5. Hi all, I've looked everywhere I could think of and couldn't find any PotD solo turn based build so I've decided to ask for one here. I've already finished the game on PotD solo RTwP with a Devoted/Streetfighter and it was a lot of fun. However, this build obviously won't work on TB. I'm really interested in FINALLY trying the new turn based system but I only play solo PotD so here's that. A few points for this potential build: 1. I'm using Berath's Blessings so builds that are very weak at the beginning are still fine (I hope). 2. This build should be able to win against every boss (including expansions), including optionals such as the annoying Fampyr's Crypt. 3. I would very like for the build to be able to win against one of the Mega Bosses (I don't care which one), but I don't really expect to find one which does. :(( 4. Tested builds are preferred. Thanks in advance for anyone who tries to help.
  6. TL;DR - I love the turn-based system on the whole and would choose to start PoE III in turn-based mode if it comes with that option. I hope the devs will take some time to have some fun with exploiting the new options in terms of counter-play by making combat at the higher difficulties more punishing not by simply inflating numbers, but requiring the proper response to certain actions (interrupts, movement, prioritizing the right targets) --- Intro: When I first played PoE II I felt its combat (and combat balance) was it absolute weakest point. On PotD I mowed through enemies, hardly ever taking notice of their abilities or intentions as the game didn't require me to, and didn't really give me the opportunity to do so. After revisiting PoE II with turn-based mode, I thoroughly enjoyed the combat even though the feature is still in its beta stage and not without its flaws. These are my thoughts on turn-based after doing my second run-through (on veteran difficulty, up to level 15). --- LOVE + The depth of the combat with the ability to counter/respond to whatever the AI is trying. Though perhaps in its early stages at this moment, the knockdown/interrupt counterplay is really fun. AI could in future builds punish harder for failing to adequately counterplay their attacks. + Resource management feels more intense and tactical as you get to see a complete picture every turn. + Positioning feels more deliberate. Again, the AI could exploit or punish this more, allowing for more tactical combat. CONCERNS # The mode is very generous with free actions. these actions are obviously very powerful as they are all benefit and hardly any opportunity-cost, especially with no limit to the number of free actions per turn. A 'minor' action, taking 50% of movement or simply having just one minor action per round would limit their power and cause a little more consideration on using these abilities. # AI - The AI still misses some actions on their turn and doesn't seem to consider sequencing or combo'ing actions at all. This would be a great addition to the turn-based system as well. # Initiative - The transition from action speed to initiative feels fine if a bit blunt. Where action speed went from the most powerful and influential attribute to completely optional for most of the classes. Could require some finetuning to bring back the fantasy of having a nimble, fast-moving character rather than just the ability to go first in combat. (add movement speed/distance and disengagement defense as secondary bonuses of dexterity?) # Weapon switching - should probably be a minor action, possibly alongside (some) potions and the second wind (atheltics) ability # Turn advantage for the player - The players' party seems to get a free turn every combat on top of the movement advantage. # Show enemy actions - Even more depth in the combat system could be achieved by indicating the unit's action not just when they are casting a spell. On mouse over it should show the action (by name and effect), its intended target (area indicator or currently selected target). This would further reward tactical play and allow for more punishing results when a player fails to respond adequately. # Combat turn speed - I had the combat speed on the fastest mode all the time and still felt it could use a speed up, especially enemy movement. # Pushing/collision - Sometimes units get shoved from their position by the pathing of other units. # Out of range misses - Costly (melee) 'misses' often due to no fault of the player. As the system already detects why the 'miss' occurred but is also the 'cause' of the problem why not let it auto-correct by either providing the feedback before the attack or applying the attack as if the character was in range. DISLIKE - Pulling unseen enemies/the entire room. This partially if not largely nullifies the positives on better combat control. IT's hard if not impossible to tell what enemies are 'chained' when you engange an enemy, often resulting in all enemies piling on the party, even where they didn't in real-time-with-pause. - Enemy HP. The slower phase of turn-based combat makes it tedious at times to cycle through attack after attack while the encounter no longer feels threatening. --- Overall, turn-based is great update and addition to the game! Can't wait for it to go out of beta and do another run-through.
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